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Sunday, October 31, 2004

this is a hell old j lo and marc anthony song but i love it!!! i just felt a lil sentimental so i had to listen to it... :(
"No Me Ames"
Dime porque lloras
De felicidad
Y porque te ahogas
Por la soledad
Di porque me tomas
Fuerte asi, mis manos
Y tus pensamientos
Te van llevando
Yo te querio tanto
Y porque sera
Loco testarudo
No lo dudes mas
Aunque en el futuro
Haya un muro enorme
Yo no tengo miedo
Quiero enamorarme
No me ames, porque pienses
Que parezco diferente
Tu no piensas que es lo justo
Ver pasar el tiempo juntos
No me ames, que comprendo
La mentira que seria
Si tu amor no merezco
No me ames, mas quedate otra dia
No me ames, porque estoy perdido
Porque cambie el mundo, porques es el destino
Porque no se puede, somos un espejo
Y tu asi serias lo que yo de mi reflejo
No me ames, para estar muriendo
Dentro de una guerra llena de arrepentimientos
No me ames, para estar en tierra, quiero alzar el vuelvo
Con tu gran amor por el azul del cielo
No se que decirte, esa la verdad
Si la gente quiere, sabe lastimar
Tu y yo partiremos ellos no se mueven
Pero en este cielo sola no me dejes
No me dejes, no me dejes
No me eschuches, si te digo "no me ames"
No me dejes, no desarmes
Mi corazon con ese "no me ames"
No me ames, to lo ruego
Mi amargura dejame
Sabes bien, que no puedo
Que es inutil, que siempre te amare
No me ames, pues te hare sufrir
Con este corazon que se ileno de mil inviernos
No me ames para asi olvidarte de tus dias grises
Quiero que me ames solo por amarme
No me ames, tu y yo volaremos
Uno con el otro y seguiremos siempre juntos
Este amor es como el sol que sale tras de la tormenta
Com dos cometas en la misma estela
No me ames
No me ames
No me ames
No, no me ames
No me ames
No me ames
No me ames...
Yes it's all in Spanish... But oh well... i still love it!
Luv ya lots like jelly tots
Photobucket 5:09 pm ♥

haha... i'm in a random mood this morning so i shall attempt to write a groovy halloween poem.
The witches cackle, the werewolves howl.
Frankenstein grunts and the black dogs growl.
Monsters roar, Dracula smiles
The headless man glides restless on the tiles.
Ghosts yell 'Boo', ghouls start to moan.
The white lady sings softly on her own,
Waiting for eternity, for her man.
The poltergeist makes a racket with a pot and a pan.
The night is young, the black cats screech.
Ghostly hands appear, but the treasure is out of reach.
The night is dark, the goblins pick a fight.
Suddenly, a ray of light.
"My, what great costumes!" The lady said,
a knife sticking out and blood trickling down her head.
The company smile, and hold out their bags.
"Trick or treat!" yell some old ugly hags.
HaPpY haLLoWeEn GuYs!
Photobucket 9:15 am ♥

~HaPpY hALLoWeEn EvErYoNe!~
hehehe... all the ghosts and ghoulies are gonna come and get ya today! :D
Hope y'all enjoy ya trick or treating! Don't eat too many lollies or you're gonna end up with the horrid green teeth of a witch! :D And don't egg too many houses or trash em with toilet paper! :D oops did i just give you another idea?? :D hehe u didn't hear it from me..
okieee gtg
Luvv ya lots like Jelly Tots!
Photobucket 8:47 am ♥

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Woooooh 1/2 an hour til Halloween.. :)
Had fashion parade tonight... Modelled my wrap and i was wearing all black and looked like a GOTH! And maddi's mum bought me a pretty white flower clip (matching with maddi's!) and we both had it in our hair! Thanks a bunch Mrs Leeke! Surprisingly it was fun! It was over really fast too! But I wouldn't mind doing it again. The lights were blinding me though! I think we did pretty well on ours.. :)
Dammit I gotta do homework and study tomorrow... :'( Let's all have a cry... i can't wait for next Friday! When we go out to dinner for monie's bday party thingo! :D I'm getting sleepy... ok gotta go now! Niteee
LuBz LuBz
Photobucket 11:30 pm ♥

Yay! I got invited to a sweet 16 celebration! my roomie's that is.. we're gonna have so much fun!! :D we're gonna stay up late, swappin womanly stories and in the morning, I'm makin WAFFLES! :D nah just kidding... we're gonna watch scaaary movies all night! :) and freak the shit outta each other! Ooh Halloween tomorrow! My little sister is going as a zombie bride for the costume parade! hahahahazz... i'm sooo tickled... :)
Okiee gtg!
::Gonna spread my wings, (sweet 16), its my chance to fly, (sweet 16), discovering so much more to lifeh!::
Photobucket 10:34 am ♥

Grr.... Couldn't get back to sleep.... I'm gonna be hell tired today... My roomie just got up, she was looking quite grumpy too and her hair was everywhere.. heehee... I might've woken her up with the taptaptapping of my keyboard.. She just collapsed back into bed after going to the Loo.. It's quiet... Too Quiet...
The trees are whispering, and the sun beats gently down on the land.
The creatures lay still, enjoying the fresh coolness of the wet earth.
The Leaves shake on the branches with the gentle breeze, their colours bright and vibrant.
But from those colours, will come cold, harsh death, leaving the land dull and colourless.
Frost covering the once warm land, laying its icy touch on everything
Freezing wind blowing hard across the earth, showing no mercy to travellers.
The fall of snow which covers the ground, slippery and wet, and blinding white.
As Winter slips its icy hands around you and engulfs you.
But then, out comes the sun once again, and the trees live once more.
A new beginning, the earth is full of colour again.
Once more, the trees whisper, as the sun beats gently down on the land.
So, how did you like my poem? I was feeling poetic i decided.. So i wrote this free verse poem.. Yes it is kind of random.. :) Well i better go now..
**La nature est complexe**
Photobucket 8:30 am ♥

::When I wake up in the morning... And the sunshine hits my eyes::
Well guess what peoples? One day to Halloween! Too bad it isn't an Australian tradition to go Trick or Treating... :'( I want lollies! hahahaz... just joking...
Ohhh it's so damn early.... The pain, the suffering, the woe!!.... hmmm.. i just wanna go back to sleep.. My roomate is still sound asleep... *sigh* I wish i could just sleeeep...Zzzzzzz...
OOh.. Yesterday we finished watching the Romeo and Juliet movie! (Rozza and Jozza according to my English teacher :P) It was the Baz Luhrmann version, and it was sooooooooooooo sad and romantic, and somewhat extremely violent...
**Oh Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo**
And I've been listening a lot to "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion... It's the most beautiful song. Although I consider myself a faithful listener to modern and contemporary music genres, that song just stands out... I absolutely love it... And Anthony Callea did an excellent version of it on Australian Idol... Well according to my parents... I was soooooo pissed off I missed that episode... I was in Canberra on a school trip... But Canberra was fun! I Love Anthony Callea! He is the most AWESOME singer! And he is sooooo cuuuuuteeee! :) ANd he's never been in the Bottom 3 ever! :D BoNuS... I hope he wins Aussie Idol! If he does I'll scream my head off! And I hope Hayley Jensen gets out next... She is the worst out of the Final 4... But I'm soo HAPPY that CHANEL got OUT!!!!! I hate her!! She oozes sex kitten appeal and thats why Mark when hubba hubba over her! It's sooooo annoying. So I'm glad she is finally out. But the loss of Marty Worrall was extremely sad for me. And Ricki-Lee. I swear that was a FLUKE. Its just like Singapore Idol when Jessea got out FIRST. And she was apparently the best Singer. I liked Emelia Rusciano too... She did a great version of If I Ain't Got You! It sounded really good...
Well I guess I'll sign off now and try to get some shut-eye again.
Geez... It's the weekend dammit... I NEED sleep.. ZzZZzZzZ..
**I Pray Each Soul Will Find, Another Soul to Love**
Photobucket 7:07 am ♥

Friday, October 29, 2004

Well, well, well... My first ever posting on my BLOG!! How absolutely exciting... What can I say... I've just had a very successful GiRLs NiGhT In wif a few of ma friends in boarding school! We had so much fun just having chips and coke and pepsi max and B+W m&ms... compliments of Cato... Thanks so much Darlz.. :)Ooh and don't forget the yummy pikelets caris vin and maddi made! thanks guys! We just had like a whole D+M session... By the way D+M means Deep and Meaningful.. :) heehee... :P But we had lots of fun.. Tomorrow night I've got a fashion parade... Modelling my bloody art WRAP! It sucks... The only good thing about it is it's COLOURS! Pretty Colours... hehe :) But I better go to sleep now... my eyes are already closing... :) I'll write again...
Til we meet again fair blogger! :) juz jokin..
Photobucket 11:18 pm ♥


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