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Friday, July 24, 2009

he is doing FABULOUSLY with New Moon. first the freakin' epic-ly awesome trailer, NOW THE FREAKIN COMIC-CON SCENES.
they were leaked by someone who videoed them, and i am eternally grateful, because we may not have gotten to see them !! :P
they are freakin AMAZING.
November couldn't come any SLOWER!
He has done an amazing job with the directing, the cinematography and quality of the movie is just SO MUCH BETTER than Twilight.
it makes Twilight look like a homemade movie. omg. hahaha
wowweeeee nothing has gotten me this excited since harry potter. hahahaha
i don't understand how some people can say NM looks boring. omg.. insanity.
you can find the scenes here. (i LOVE this person for videoing and uploading the scenes on youtube)
ok, well uni is starting again on monday (booo :'( ) so i won't have much time/ much to blog about! sooo.. ttfn :)


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Saturday, July 18, 2009

sooo on Thursday, mother et moi went to catch Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince! :D
after so many many many months of waiting since the delay, I was bouncing in my chair in anticipation haha.. it was so crowded, damn school holidays.. full of children (well, mostly tweens & teens) and their guardians.. lol. thank god it was just me and mother so we found good seats together up the back so we wouldn't have aching necks.. hahah
well, my verdict is:
it was brilliant!
that is, if i don't compare it to the book.
because if i did, it wasn't that great in being absolutely faithful to the book.
but then, i have stopped comparing books and their movies, because otherwise, you're going to ALWAYS be disappointed with something. you're going to nit pick at everything until you get frustrated. and i don't want that. so i simply regard them as two different things.
so there's the AWESOME Harry Potter book series, and then the okay versions of the series in movie forms.
so as a movie, HBP was brilliant. effects were good, i liked the script & the acting has become significantly better.
i absolutely adored Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn, Emma Watson is just beautiful, she's a great Hermione, and Rupert Grint was just hilarious. Also some new members to the cast include the actors who portrayed Tom Riddle in his younger years.. LOVELOVELOVE Hero Fiennes, who was young Tom in the orphanage, he was simply excellent. and the other bloke who plays the older Tom in Hogwarts is really good too, I was not expecting such a low voice to come out of his mouth! lol. Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy was disturbingly trembly and nervous, well portrayed, extremely well done.

The scene i felt was truest to the books, was the Potions class scene.
it was brill. :)
they did add in some scenes which were like hmmm, yeah no.
i shan't write any spoilers yet.. lol in case someone stumbles across here and then reads them and tries to kill me.
but there were epic fail moments, and epic win moments, as there should be! tears welled up in my eyes a couple of times.. and the ending of the movie could've been done ALOT better IMHO.
but overall, it really wasn't THAT bad, I don't know why people keep harping on about it... some are treating it as though it's like the crappiest movie in the history of time, and i'm pretty sure it's NOT.
seriously, not that bad..

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sooooo.. (:
not much has been happening lately.. because i've been down sick! =(
was down with this irritating sore throat on tuesday, and then got really bad on wednesday.
tonsilitis! =( and a real nasty case..
i haven't been down with tonsilitis since bloody year 9..
mum flew back from spore to look after me.. hahaha.. i had not much of a voice and was just so weak she got really worried..
aww.. haha
anyway, went to civic video today, and got some movies to keep me entertained while i rest off this nasty tonsilitis..
and finally got the Underworld trilogy out! :D
it's pretty damn good. i'm watching the second one as i type.
it's really interesting, the sets are amazing and so are the SFX! the SFX are spectacular.
and Kate beckinsale is so stunning..
it's really gory though, lots of shooting, biting and bleeding since it's a vampires vs werewolves thing! hahaha.. and the werewolves (Lycans) are so goddamn ugly, they make the only New Moon wolf we've sen so far look like a tame bunny rabbit. and the hybrids are pretty creepy too..
but storyline is interesting, characters are awesome and there's lots of adventure and suspense.

the vampires are all evil/sexy looking hahaha, so very unlike the Twilight vamps.. and these vampires look very human until they unleash the "vampire" in them, then their eyes turn this bright piercing blue and their fangs come out! lol. good disguise!
and i've never really known a vampire to bleed.. or cry.. haha but these ones do! haha.. everything bleeds, and the werewolves and vampires shoot at each other with guns.. lol. very odd, but very cool too! they use like ultraviolet capsule bullets and silver nitrate capsule bullets. super awesome. :D

ok well that's enough rambling on about Underworld.. haha
i might be going to see Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince with mother tomorrow!! :D if i'm well enough of course.. haha i just can't wait any longer!! been waiting since last bloody november!! *cough cough warner brothers delay*
and it looks so good! i stopped watching all the exclusive scenes that leaked online, but still continue to get very excited everytime i see a TV spot while watching masterchef. :D
speaking of masterchef, i'm newly addicted!! :D
i can't wait for the finale!! :D i hope Poh wins i love Poh!! :D
ok, anyway, i must go continue watching the Underworld trilogy. hahaha

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Metros Freo on saturday! had a blast.. was quite an awesome night! (:
went for laura's bday.. danced alot. haha
best parts of the night were when they played Boom Boom Pow & Hush Hush :D

GRoup photo! and two random people... haha they just decided they wanted to jump in our photo too.. haha
pump it megsy!

best photo of the night! =D
hahaha meg freakin out when she realised there was more than one flash! hahaha
meggy & meee

had HJs after we got out, then had to wait for the night rider.. lol. freeeezing!!
and my feet were dying.. and ears were partially deaf.. hahaha
still kinda ringing right now. lol
so a good night overall! =)

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Friday, July 10, 2009

headed to Freo today! =D nice and early... haha.. the weather was so annoying.. the rain kept coming and going, and it was hot then cold, then wet, then dry, then hot and cold.
ARGH hahaha
had brekkie @ HJs! =D then went into the markets to get the poptarts for maddi, and Jer's itouch earphones with mic. =D then just walked around for abit!
i then remembered, that although Spotlight was no longer, the French bookstore might still be behind it, hiding in obscurity. =D
and so i ventured through the mysterious alley..
and there it was, still small and dusty as ever!
i found......

weeheee!! =D
Twilight en francais! =)
bit pricey.. but oh well. =D i started reading on the bus (not such a good idea, have a slight headache due to my lack of control) haha and i understood the first chapter for the most part. =D yippeeee! i miss French.. lol.
anyway, headed back home after that.. damn rain.. haha.. it was pissing down again!
also mailed stuff off to Jerri!
i got bored last night, and i couldn't be stuffed doing the designs i'm sposed to =( lack of inspiration.. haha.. but i just started doodling..
this lady gaga-esque thingamajiggy.

i love her hair bow, but i definitely wouldn't do it on my hair! i'd look like some kind of deformed minnie mouse methinks.. but she owns it! hahaha
then i doodled this on my book.. haha.. some -_-" looking girl with a ribbon (not a hair bow)
doesn't translate as well when rendered in photoshop =\ disappointing.
she just looks kinda weird now.. haha
best have a nap!

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

i woke up at 8 to get ready to head to uni to collect my final essay :S
and just before i left megs rang and said results were out!
oh nooooooo
i was already gonna leaaave.. haha
anyway i sat in the bus wringing my hands in despair.. i knew that i didn't fail anything cos apparently people receive you have failed letters! LOL
so thank god for that..
anyway, as soon as i got to uni i grabbed a hot choc and muffin (cos it was freeeezing) and went onto the library computers.
soooo yeah...
expected crapshit marks on the most part, however was pleasantly surprised by one design in context, which gave me the only HD for the semester! lol.. hmm surprise.. lol. next came VIS COMM with 71. scraped in a Distinction =D lol woooyeah.. seriously, it was my 2nd best score. how weird. lol. i was complaining and complaining the whole semester, it was the sole cause (okay maybe not SOLE cause) but for the most part, the cause of my grief and strife and stress.
but i scraped through. haha.. can't have done very well on my manual though =\
oh well.
next in was typography with 68 (meh, didn't put all that much effort), image tech 62 (not much effort really), and photography 59 (NONE whatsoever).
so all in all, i deserved the last 3 crap shit marks because the top 2 marks were the units i put the most effort in.. haha.. safe to say my efforts were spread abit thin among the last 3, but really, i'm just glad i've achieved "Good Standing" for this semester =D i would've absolutely HATED to have repeated any units.. argh.
so overall, one HD, one D, two Cs and one P..
only a P for my fave uni, how dismal. LOL can't say i deserved better. i put no effort in whatsoever! =\ next semester, i will. hahaha
however, my day was made slightly better, after i went to collect my context essay!! =D
as i shifted nervously in my tutor's office, he glanced over the names list and was like oh whoa.
and i was like *crapshitcrapshit* what is wrong!?
"You did really good!"
94% top mark in my class BOO FREAKIN YAH.
and also, that essay mark was probably my highest uni assignment grade ever!
and then i couldn't say much because my heart just exploded with relief knowing i passed.
so i was just like err thanks! thank you... thanks.. hahahehe. bye..

i'm such a dingbat.
anyway, so that was awesomeee.. also looked at the marksheet, i could've got even higher if i had just decided to comment on future direction for the company Apple. but 94% is just fine by me!!
haha. anyway rest of the day was ok.. my muscles are just not happy chappers at the moment, neck, shoulders, back aching and yesterday i managed to somehow injure the muscles in my chest, so that was really uncomfortable to sleep with =(
went to ikea (yet again) with maddi, her lil sis and cato for lunch! =d mmmmm meatballs
god i love the meatballs..
then to her grandparent's place to pick up something and then to harbourtown to see if they could find stuff for her little sister.. and just buy some wrapping paper etc. lol
then went to visit audz, to bring her some mags and nail polish.. hahah and stupid dumbass me forgot to bring her poptarts! lol
i'm tellin ya, i've been such a freakin forgetful dumbass lately..
methinks i'm losing my memory, and fast! =o
now... where the hell am i? and who are you?

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Monday, July 06, 2009

sooo, went out friday night with some friendles to Freo! =)
went to Zapatas for dinner first for bron's bday =D
hadn't been there before, but my verdict: IT'S FANTABULOUS =D
i loved the nachos. they were awesome. =D
i've been craving them since we went there! like so badly.. haha
bask in their awesomeness..
also got a taco on top of it.. was BURSTING after that though. haha.

then we went to el newporto =D
its pretty crapola on a friday night.. best day is wednesday methinks! =)

me & meggypoo
and again.
i look horrible in this last one, like i'm falling asleep.. well i pretty much was falling asleep! lol
i did, after all, wake up at 6am. =)
we planned to take like a gazillion photos, but then we couldn't be stuffed.. hahah
after that bron's bf picked us up and we made our way to Subi to the Llama bar! =D
it's quite a small place really, could do with being bigger.. the interior was cool though.. but the crowd was older.. significantly older. hahaha.. looked like there were a coupla almost grandparents. yeah. awkward.
pretty hip grandparents though!
then we decided we were over it and went home..
but when we did, megs wanted to watch Twilight! so watch it we did.
yes i still love it just as much as the first time i saw it.
but i did start drifting off to sleep in the end.. only cos i was just absolutely dead from waking up so early.. haha =) went to maccas for brekkie in the morning too! =D so all in all, a nice friday night. =)
rest of the weekend was pretty dull, i reread New Moon & Eclipse! =D hehe. in bed. woooo.. love reading in bed, it's so awesome and warm. probably make a start on rereading Breaking Dawn tonight =D god i love them. haha.. i have like a gazillion new books i bought for the sole purpose of reading during the holidays, and i choose to reread these ones.. :p LOL
2 days til i get my results too!! i am kind of fearful, yet jittery with anticipation. i hope i at least scraped the 50% mark for each unit man.. or i'll just pass out & won't wake up. because i figured i actually did try to do my best.. arhghhgh..
hey, deep down, i'm still a harry potter fangirl & that will never change.
anyway, my stomach is grumbling, i must go feed it.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

guess who i hugged today!!!
(one of the two people in this photo =p)
sourced from here.
and no it wasn't Jacob. =\ LOL but the 2nd option ain't too bad himself! =D
i woke up at 6am, and left the house sooo early to leave for the perth train station for the 92.9 em & sam mac show!! =) i used my weird FM radio ear piece thing to keep track of what was going on, but the signal was terrible, and then i didn't get any on the train! so i missed like most of sam mac's reluctant review of twilight.. although i'm pretty sure he said it sucked. ahh never liked him that much anyway =p hahaha em is such a huge twilight fan now, since she watched it on the plane! she's definitely not one of the oldest fans though.. and sam just didn't like twilight, and he was bagging on jacob's hair just as gil birmingham arrived.. hahaha so not cool sam!
gil played guitar and sang for the crowd, for a minute or something, and i attempted to video, EXCEPT, dumbass aka me, forgot my camera SD card and i could only get a short 15 second clip. although i'm pretty sure that the 92.9 folks had video cameras.. so oh well. :)

it was freeeezing, but worth it to catch a glimpse of one of my fave Twilight dads =D
and he's just so excellent as billy.. (:
i got pretty dodgy photos cos i didn't wanna use the flash and distract them while they were doing their thing =)
and after he was done, he so nicely signed people's books..
yet ANOTHER thing i was unprepared for. i left Eclipse at home in my drowsy state :( BOOO.. i coulda got an autograph.. ): *sniffles.*
but oh well. i managed to get a pretty shaky picture with him, but it is a picture nonetheless!! =p i look quite gross though.. bleghh for early morning puffy eyes and face.. EEW.awww.. yayy billy black! =)
and even though i am Team Edward all the way, i did like that Gil was wearing an I RUN WITH WEREWOLVES tshirt! =D so cute.. hahaha.. might get one for Moe for her bday, since she is strictly Team Jacob. =D
& good on Em for being such an awesome twihard! :D she was so funny, when her and sam got a photo, she was like I'M TOUCHING ROBERT PATTINSON!! that being said, Gil did say that he didn't actually touch him.. so she was just being silly. hahaha.. crazy em.
after that, it was SO COLD, i went to HJs for some brekkie. haha and then home againnn.. and now here i am, blogging. when i should be sleeping! =d
ok, best be off, lots to do today! and also need a nap, as i am going out again tonight.

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