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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NAWWWWWW picture of the week =D
i hope these two are together they make an incredibly cute couple!
photo credits: laineygossip
note: music player is back baby! =D with sweet new tunes =D
whoa squealing angsty fangirls REALLY need to tone down, and shove gigantic chill pills down their throats! There's like a 99.9% chance that NONE of them are going to be Mrs Taylor Lautner. and they all go around bad-mouthing poor Selena. even with all the glamour and funness of their industry, i'm pretty sure celebs could really do without the paparazzi and squealy fangirls/bois sometimes. the two of them may just be good pals hanging out, it's all just speculation right now.. i really can't stand whiny fangirls who think they stand a chance with celebrities.. somehow i don't think that even if they had a chance to meet with them, the whole breathlessness and over-smiling and squawking and gawking would just really scare away the celebrity rather than attract them! it would be kind of like they were an animal in a cage, with all the humans looking in and screeching at them to do something interesting.
that's kinda sad in a way.


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Monday, April 27, 2009

well, today mads, moe & i were sposed to head to cott so moe could do her photography assignment! BUTTT maddimoo had to back out last minute, due to a last minute assignment she had, so moe and i were just gonna do it by ourselves. lucky thing meg wanted to get out of the house, so moe had a better subject! =D lol
so moe took the photos for her assignment (i look stoopid eeeew.), and then we spent like a half hour just happy snapping =D
well, i spent the half hour happy snapping while they frolicked on the beach. hahaha

moe & meggy =D
we met a new friend! Ruffy =D
he was so gorgeous! he just sort of ran to us and was merrily seated beside us on the towels
moe eez happyyy
stunning meggy =D
so, that was a nice change from being stuck inside infront of the my computer, even though i do love George very much. =D it was gorgeous weather, compared to yesterday's shitty cloudy weather. lol. yes we did try to do it yesterday too, but the weather did not permit.
today's sky was just gorgeous =D but i think i may have gotten a tad burnt. since i can't use sunscreen. face feels a little too warm. lol. bring on the aloe vera!
i best be off, gots to continue doing my uni work bleghh. gross. and i'm hungry.
gots to cook dinner too. lol. so very hungry.
uni is so argh at the moment.
i would just like a holiday right now.
anywhere but here
preferably somewhere in the European region or even American! =D

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

hehe my itouch protection case from smiggle!
it's awesome & really functional
and cute!
anyway, today a saucer fell out of the cupboard and one of the pieces flew and hit my toe. but i didn't realise it cut my toe until i noticed blood spots on the ground and was like WTF?
hmm. icky.
going to be @ moey's tomorrow, helping with photography =D i also need to do mine, but have yet to decide a location. arghhhh.
need. to. live. in. prettier. city.
there's this random white cat living in my backyard now.
eats Socky's food when she's done.
it's got a really grumpy face. which looks kinda squashed.
and it's really unfriendly and scared.
wonder if it belongs to anyone.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

I just found out by chance, whilst surfing websites trying to find out if we have Entertainment Tonight on F-to-A TV (which, we do btw, to my surprise and utmost delight), that the one and only Peter Facinelli, will be IN PERTH ON THE 3RD-4TH OCTOBER FOR THE GO3 CONVENTION!
(and with more guests to be announced, hopefully will be more twilight cast members?!?!)
but for now, Dr Carlisle Cullen!! who is so so sooooo good-looking =D
3 freakin words.
in other news, i bought some ankle boots i've been lusting after for sooo many months. on sale =D and meggy paid me back for presets so i had moola =D but now it's gone D=
had to read 3 chapters of my context reader tonight, because i neglected to do so on my two week break, as i was busy with other things. and OMG i nearly died, my brain nearly imploded.
i hate kitsch and camp. i don't even UNDERSTAND what camp is. who is the person who came up with camp nonsense?! if they probably weren't already dead, i would have liked to kill them!
or at least inflicted some pain onto them for making my brain spin and whirl like that!
and is it possible for a person to overconsume peppermint tea? because i may have.
ahh one of life's many questions.
btw, is it me, or is there an awful lot of fangirl screaming on my blog these past few posts?
eh can't blame myself.

oooh and i can't wait for Monday, cos ET is back on!!
lol. and hopefully, it's the correct show, with the NEW MOON EXCLUSIVE SET PREVIEWS!!! AHHHH
i think i nearly passed out tonight whilst watching the entertainment tonight which showed the ET sneak preview =D lol. overexcited much!?
yes, just a tad.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's the wolf pack.
Paul, Sam, Jared and Embry.
i read the article where this picture came from and lots of the commentors were harping on about how they weren't very hairy for wolves, and looked more like hairless cats.
well, in defence.
and they are not described as overly hairy people in the book.
they have to look somewhat normal, of course they're not going to have like shaggy hair all over their bodies even in human form
stop whinging!


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A special parcel greeted me in the mail today!! =D

it's fully awesome =)
my keychain is like so insanely twilight-ish. =D
in other news, got my VC marks back.
60% ! woo! would probably have done better if i had put in more research.. lol. (:
but i passed.. so WOO! and my tutor said my logo was quite good and well researched.
hahaa but lots of complaints on the logotype. which was fair enough, i never really thought i had a good design anyway, so if she said it was good, meh! wooot :)

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

i finally have.....
a spiffy iTouch!!!!!!!!!! =D

tis a 2nd generation one, so it has speakers!! and it is fully awesomeeeeeeeeee
the fajja finally caved. lol. actually he was just excited cos he got himself a tiny laptop with good specs for only $300, and probably on a technology shopping spree. =D WOOOO i love my itouch.
i haven't yet named it though. lol.
and i'm severely paranoid about taking it out with me because it is currently nakey.
as in, has no silicone protection or plastic sticker thingo for the screen. since it was a surprise buy, i couldn't order the stuff in advance from ebay. lol.
never again will i buy ipod accessories in shops. hehe. everything is so overpriced.
but the bad thing about not having the protection is that the silver back bit is gettin rather scratched already =( and the screen is insanely oily and smudgy. so i have to keep cleaning it constantly. =(
otherwise, my itouchy works awesomely. =D
and i loooooove the apps!! <3 tap tap revenge and trace.
& i have uploaded some movies into it too, unfortunately the file size was prepped for my tiny screened ipod, which i still love. haha. =)
but i loooove my itouch.
anyway, getting past the initial excitement. hahaha
ok not initial, i'm still superduper excited.
don't wanna go to uni tomorrooww =(
i just wanna sleep..
sleep is good
gonna get flooded with assignments again. my brain is fully exhausted from vis comm, and just needs a break from trying to come up with ideation.
damn it. i wish i could just do photography.
what i really came here to say, lol, is that whilst meggy and myself were procrastinating tonight, she came across urbandictionary.com.
and here is what it has to say about Angelica.
A girl who has the looks, the smarts, and is really into Paramore and Starbucks. Hanging out with her is the best. Plus, you'll be laughing all the way to Imagination Lane until you get crocodile tears or until water comes out of your nose.
(lol the Paramore & Starbucks thing is true! hahaha but that's about all =p)
a super dooper cool girl who atttends a catholic school. also known as angie.
(well i used to attend one? =) so it's semi true! =D)
NOT Definition 1 or 2
it's a man in the shape of a girl.
LOLAPALOOZA especially at the last one! hahahaha
well someone better inform me if i'm a man in the shape of a girl!
and the best one we found for Megan:
noun : the act of jumping from tall buildings with parachute pants and often at times an umbrella.
ahh procrastination, you bring us uni students much joy.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

After watching Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent audition, (which was absospiffingly spectacular!) I've started listening to Les Miserables songs on youtube again.
ahh the feelings of nostalgia, rushing back.
i miss musicals so much.
Les Mis was and will always be one of my favourites. =)
it just has such heart wrenching, beautiful music.
ok well it's currently 2.11am. thursday morning. T minus 8 hours to vis comm presentation.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

O M freakin E

just had to do some screaming.
because my borders exclusive arrived today! =D
after waiting like bloody 3 mths!! =D
its sooo awesome!! and i'm so glad our dvd players are PAL/NTSC formatted=D so i can watch it!!! WOOOOO :)
i watched the special features disc, have yet to watch the actual movie, no time today! and i need to watch the audio commentary too apparently that's awesomeee. & also gotta watch it with the Imprint podcast dvd commentary, so gonna be watching it many times all through the weekend!! lol! =) ooh and i also put it on my ipod already =D alll set for twilight madnesss =0
AND also received this yesterday! :)

Edward & Jacob bracelet!!!!!!!!!!
lol Jacob is biting edward. interesting
ok. enough screaming.
in all seriousness, it's really pretty. the heart is gorgeoussss, the pictures do it absolutely NO justice. and the wolf is coool.
except it's leg likes to get stuck in my guitar strings. hahaha.. damn jacob.
finally done with vis comm, just got to tighten my presentation in time for tomorrow..

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

quick post!

october 2009.
i know what i want for my birthday!! =D
god i LOVE Sceneit games!!

Vis comm is driving me absolutely insane. i feel like my head is going to explode.
and i have other work from other units to do!!!
damn vis comm.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

i watched Demi Lovato's music video for Don't Forget a coupla weeks ago, but i just remembered what i wanted to say. lol

i heart her 'new' make-up very muchly!
makes her look soooo much older.
love the grey eyeshadow too.
and watching it just made me want an electric guitar so much more. argh.
i. need. to. work.
but i have no time.
despite all my efforts at procrastination.


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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Went and caught this at the cinemas today with audz:

was pretty damn hilarious, a wee bit lame but overall pretty funny :)
we were pretty much surrounded by the elderly folk though, and we were, or perhaps it was just me, laughing the loudest in the whole cinema. the elderly folk only twittered quietly a couple of times.. and i don't mean Twitter. lol :P
maybe the jokes were distasteful for them? lol but i didn't think they were.. hmm
it was just all-round funniness and hilarity.
i may have just made up some words just then. 
before that we went and visited meggy! :D she was bored out of her mind at work.. hahaha
after the movie we just walked around the shops for awhile, got an awesome deal for Ferrero Rochers :D $9 for the 30 pack booyahh.. gonna give those out for Easter :D lol
also got an FM transmitter pack for m'ipod, but i can't for the life of me find any AAA batteries! lol. really gotta clear up my room.. 
moe came and picked up her Twilight dvd :D pre-ordered it from s'pore and my lovely fam friends who are staying with me brought it back, along with a crapload of my stuff i left behind :) hahaha. more stuff for me to jam into my closet.. gahh. need a walk-in robe, stat!
my borders exclusive Twilight dvd set has yet to arrive, however the website told me i should only expect it after April 13. sooooooooo long. still earlier than the aussie release date though! :) 
just made my version of prawn aglio. very.. prawny. and spicy! :D haha.. but i am now feeling slightly nauseous.. too many prawns perhaps. =\ hmm.
ahh well, i best be off. i have to redesign a company's brand identity for vis comm. or something along those lines. and boy, am i not liking this company very much.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

AHH was just ebay surfing and i came across this dress!
omggggg i lovelovelove it.

sooooo beautiful. and the colour is.. oh god. i love it.

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