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Friday, September 30, 2005

went to the show today finally!
spots of bad weather but overall a fab day. :) got like a hundred and one showbags. but only 2 for me! :D hahaha. so weird aren't i.
the show is awesome. me n mads went on freaky ghost trains. the 2nd one had weird people jumping out and stroking our heads and pinching our ears. SO FREAKY. they also had a half naked man in a mask. hahahaha. SO weird.
it is soooo awesome. so wanna go again. in comfy-er clothing and footwear. not that i was dressed for a ball or anything. hahaha.
but my jeans are all terribly deformed at the moment. and i don't think i ended up taking my candies out of boarding. SIGH.
ham, iz and char. i got y'all a showbag each! just gotta find em in my huge pile. :D
so yeah. gotta go now.
c i a o

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

hey y'all.
got stuck into chem today. no not really.
did a LIL eeny weeny bit.
its more like a pebble from the mountain.
i'm so seriously bored. been giving out testimonials for people on friendster. don't wanna sleep and yet my eyes burn. wow.
had a sudden craving for prata.
did some heavyduty gardening today. weeds are so annoying.
BEP concert today. and i'm not there. ;'( let's have a cry.
watched a movie from my childhood today.The Nightmare before Christmas. didn't remember most of it, but i thought i better rewatch coz the 2nd one is coming out. well it isn't really a sequel, just the second from this producer in the same format. its the cutest movie ever. i wanna go to Xmas laand. haha. i love the easter bunnyy!
had Nandos tonight. sooo good. and i had bubble tea too. yummo. but can't finish the sago. bit too much.
my GOD i miss singapore cuisine. i guess i should hit the sack now seeing as we have to go do more things tmw. i am SO not on the schedule i'm meant to be following at the moment.
SO NOT COOL. so unfunny. i'm gonna fail exams and fail them MISERABLY. and it REALLy doesn't help that only me and mads have to stay there for the whole durationn of exam time.
so UNfun. so NOT the highlight of my life. at least Lit ain't the first exam this time round. that was a killer.
aight. i guess i better go.
c i a o

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

haven't blogged for awhile.
serious studying has yet to commence. instead of history i cleaned my room.
*sigh* so many distractions, so little time.
meant to go to Perth Royal Show today but mads is sick. get well soon darl!
so we going on friday instead. :) and guntaa might be coming.
guNta you mad kitten.. hurry up and cough all your furballs out and get better~
everyone is sick except me! what a nice refreshing change.
not that i want everyone to be sick though.
i have an urge to bake something.
how odd.
anyways. i guess i have nothing better to say.
c i a o

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

went shopping today! got a cool longish brown peasanty-boho skirt, a BIG buckle belt and a green singlet.
very casual-cool.
i just realised how close it is to the O's for those of you in singapore.
BEST of luck for all of you.
you will all pass with flying colours~
i know for a fact i would have already died under pressure if i was in singapore.
so hats off to all of you who survived. :) and best of luck for all your future endeavours.
Bonne chance mes amies! Vous ferrez tres bien!
at least i think i got that right... hmm.
k gotta run and cook dinner!
c i a o

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

last day of skool tmw y'all!! yayyy
then commencement of "study break".
or better known as HOLIDAYSSS
well this has been an eventful week.
yr 12 brekkie was superb! absolutely incredibly well done.
claps for all us year 11s.
they loved it. and there was so much good food! :)
but my arms were so sore from moving couches.
then, just for an extra oomph in injuries.
got smashed down on parquet floor by cato in self defence! woohoo. major bruising on elbow.
and for some strange demented reason, my stomach muscles kill.
spent the whole week attempting to rub tiger balm all over my aching body.
AND couldn't laugh without having a seizure of pain. hardest thing EVER.
and vini got sick for the first time in two years.
what a milestone to hit. first days in sickbay. ain't that right vini? :)
ne ways. i seriously gotta hit the sack, can barely keep eyes open! :)
planning to watch choc factory and european gigolo ASAP! :)
ne one wanna come? ehhehe
yowch just killed my elbow on chair. ##%#$^%@
kk gnite y'all! :)
c i a o
Bon nuit tous les mondes! Je vais aller a mon lit maintenant. C'est tres confortable. et mon pere est regarde un tres bizarre film. je peux ecoute ca.
don't know if that was right but the accents are missing! :P ciao!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hey all.
yr 12 brekkie tmw.
how exciting.
me n vini made peanut butter cookies.
they only contain 3 things.
peanut butter (Duh)
how marvellous.
they taste absolutely delish! :)
this weekend is work work work.
so exciting.
can't be bothered. last weekend of this term though!! :)
sigh. gotta get my french speech done.
Dans l'avenir, je serai tres tres stupide. Mais, je suis stupide maintenant.
alright. just can't be bothered.
c i a o

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

hello peoplez..
how've you all been?
well i went to watch Red Eye today.. SO ABSOLUTELY awesome!
but VERY vERY thrilling.
Cillian Murphy freaks the Sh!t outta me.
his eyes are so unnaturally blue. not that i don't like blue eyes.. i think they are gorgeous. but he just fully weirded me out.
hahaha. but overall, a must see movie. very very excellente.
ooh! we dressed up as The incredibles last night too! and we WON! yayyy.
there were like so many repeats but no one thought of our magnificent ideaa!
all thanks to MOI. ahahha.. just joking guys.
i went as Violet. hehehe. had my face hidden half the time.
caris was the mum, moe was the dad and maddi was Dash.
jack-jack was non-existent.
well... i was gonna dress up teddy. but they didn't let me! :P
hahaha. but we did pretty good! :)
we cut up a WHOLE bunch of stockings to replicate really long black gloves! me n caris wore real long boots and maddi and mo wore school shoes! :P
and black undies/bloomers/ extra bit of stocking! over our hot RED pe shorts.
ultimate fashion statement. over stockings too. we looked HOT.
hahahaha. jokes.
we did maddi's hair too! :D my idea. :P
we sprayed it with a couple of cans of hairspray and straightened it outwards so it looked like her hair was permanently being blown by wind as she "dashed". hahahaha.
and caris did the most hilarious re-enactment of elastigirl's walk. it was so awesome!
and well... me. i just hi behind my hair trying to be invisible! :D hahaha.
monie was awse... she stuffed her self and gave herself a BIG potbelly and slicked her hair back. what a sport. u go moe! :D if i find a photo i'll attempt to put it on! :)
ahh well. i better run now.
OOH ! tuesday! we have choir practice all day while everyone gets bored outta their minds at the sports carnival! hahahaha. woohoooo.
ok really going now!
c i a o

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Friday, September 09, 2005

blogging at skool..
am so bored..
dress up night tonight..
ok got nothing much to say..
c i a o

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

what a lovely boring day.
been doing art since 11am. i should really do other stuff. like history.
i think i shall start after this. my arse is numb from sitting on it for so long. sigh.
on the bright yet dim side, i passed me foundies test which i didn't complete!! hehehehe. highest in class too. how sad. 74% isn't really the greatest. and i passed my lit orals too! hehehe. 70%.
boy am i tired of mediocre marks.
stuff them. school is so last century. :P
damn it.
i better go start history so as to ensure i do not fail it. that would be a most unpleasant experience.
50% does seem to be my ideal number these days. not MINE but the tests i do.
organic chem rules.
c i a o

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Friday, September 02, 2005

haven't blogged for awhile.
this weekend is going to be so scrumpdidlyumptiously BORINg.
and on top of that i think i am drastically running out of cash.
how sad.
did vinn's hair yesterday! looked gorgeous. :D
and we hid her liquid eyeliner from her so she couldn't ruin maddi's master piece of green eye shadow.
seriously. she looks so overrated with eyeliner. liquid.
she went to the AC DD with some dude from singapore. used to go to Dunman! i was like hahaha.
made her realise how good it is to get OUT of the boarding house once in awhile! ehehe
also. found out moe's evil plan to unknowingly sign us on with NOVa 93.7 "Rock for Schools" competition. although i tried to dissuade her. i don't tink it worked.
i was like NO Fricking WAY.
and she was like YES fricking WAY.
so yeah u get the drift. moe won, pinned me to the ground with marvellous self-defence tactics. now i am in hospital. nah not really.
but yeah NO WAY do i want to be aired on radio! although there is like a one in a million chance we'd actually get picked. u never know. i always seem to get picked for stupid draw out of a hat things. what makes this any different!? and just for the record miss moe joyce.
so yeah. just venting frustration. seems fair enough.
well i better run. gotta make a start on homework.
I DON'T WANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ITS FRIDAY NIGHT. i wanna mooch around doing absolutely nothing!!! whyyy mee.
ahh well.
guess i should start. i mean, i ddint' do ANYTHING last night. and i totally forgot that maths was due TODAY. i am so upset. arghh.
c i a o
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