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Friday, March 28, 2008

it's been a total movie fest since yesterday for me! :D
went to watch Hey Hey it's esther blueburger with Audz in the afternoon yesterday.. it was pretty odd, good in a way. :) bit sad though.
but i REALLLYYY loved this:
ohh it was absolutely excellent, i couldn't stop laughing! :)
REALLY REALLY well done, i actually want to see the old version it was remade from.
i love the music in it, and the storyline was just hilarious. so awesome. :)
but I'm thinking it's more of a chick's movie. went and watched it with moe.
i lovelovelove the uniforms! hahaha probably because everyone wears it differently heh.
i'm so tempted to get a black hoodie from supre and iron st trinians onto it :D :D
i love the graphics:D
going to see Drillbit Taylor tonight. lol. :D
we were tossing up between that and st trinians. so glad we chose st trinians though :D
twas wicked.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Disappeared for a couple of days haven't I :D
Went to Moe's farm in Varley and her house in Esperance for the Easter weekend!
Started our road trip on Thursday after uni, which was a pretty pointless trip to uni! haha

Start of the trip, somewhere on the road. ;p
we arrived at her farm around 4-5pm, after stopping at Narrogin for Chooks :D
We headed to the Lake King Tavern in their land cruiser with her brother, and 3 backpackers who were working for them at around 7.30pm-8pm, where we had fun chatting and meeting the irish backpackers who were working on her farm lol :D

LK Tavern:D Simone is mildly pissed.
Met the workers on her farm, they were all there to farewell this guy who was leaving.. to go somewhere. lol. he was pretty smashed!
Moe downed quite a few beers and was kinda drunk by the end of the night, it was hilarious! had to help her down the stairs, and she was singing on the way back to the farm.
she woke up the next morning with memory blanks haha
Thunder, Moe's brother's Siberian Husky. he's so gorgeous ! =) so gentle (:
Cute labrador that belonged to one of the worker's on the farm :) it's name escapes me.
i love labradors, i so want one!! :)
absolutely love the sunsets in the country :)
they're stunning
the skies are so gorgeous :)
the country landscape was so huge. absolutely picturesque, even though it was kind of dry from the lack of rain in summer!
After moe recovered the next morning, we went bush bashing in the land cruiser! =D

we nicknamed the land cruiser "The Beast" =D

Moe in the belly of the beast =p
first, we went to the LG church for Gd Friday mass.. lol everyone from the farm was there.. and so many random people.
visited this old abandoned mine with this really green water :) it was pretty
the terrain was so rough though, we were sent on many a bumpy ride.
we went to a couple of other sites that day, one of which was the Lily McCarthy rock, which was a pretty good climb.

Moe taking pictures with my film slr :D
halfway up the rock. :D
in the middle of the bush somewhere

we even had lunch in the middle of nowhere

moe the carnivore attacking the salami roll.
headed to esperance the next day, where we stayed at her holiday house along with her mum, her mum's bf and her uncle from Sydney! :)
he is the coolest uncle everrr in the history of man.
a total barrel of laughs, and he is of the gays. =D
the weather was a little dreary when we arrived, and it continued downhill during the stay :(
picture of a beach. the skies weren't very clear :(

sammy the seal at the jetty! so gorgeous
that night we went out to the pub/tavern/nightclub! :)
moe did karaoke with her uncle, and a fight broke out whilst they were up on stage! lol
but they didn't notice, and neither did anyone else! :S

moe and i on the way to the pier.
my eye is like wonky. haha.
anyway, we had a good time dancing the night away with her uncle :D
the next day was extremely dreary, rained basically the whole day.. moe drove me to church in the morning, which was really random..
kind of kept to the back of the church in the shadows LOL, but it was a nice church..
then we spent the rest of easter watching dvds. haha :)
her uncle left to return to sydney, even i was sad to see him go :( lol
we headed back to the farm on monday and then headed back to perth on tuesday. :)
even though i had a great time, it's always good to be back home! in my bed.. :D
well, mum's bed. hahaha
now i have loads of uni crap and cleaning to do.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Well, this post is basically gonna be a jumble of random pictures. haha
Audrey can sleep pretty much anywhere. :)
Early one morning whilst we were waiting for our classes to start.
Pretty sure she'll kill me if she saw this here. :P
New Shoes!!
Getting prepped for winterr.
My 2 fab bargains, I've been wearing these thongs to uni like all week. $9!
Best bargain EVER! $2.50. Oh yeah. I bet you're wondering howtf i accomplished that. :P
was very proud of meself, i was. :P
Kardy tav
went 2 the K tav on.. friday.. with mother, jerri and MOEE.
moe enjoying her nice cold carlton draught. hahaha
I had bloody fantastic sizzling garlic prawns, although, nothing has beaten those at Witches Cauldron yet. Those are out-of-this-world fantabulous!
All gone =D
They gave me this pissy bit of rice though. HMPH.
mother had a rack of lamb. odd tasting, but not too bad I spose.
moe had beer battered fish and chips. they looked yummy, but she said it was a little much too oily. =/
Jerri's Hawaiian pizza. She's so fussy, it seems to be all she eats when we're out.
And she still picks the pineapples out!
And my friends call me picky.
Last but not least, our 16 month (i think?) SMC reunion last night!
Fed caris and moe with ribs and spring rolls, before we were fashionably late. :P
the galsss :)
it was also Hot Autumn Night, hence the large crowds and stage.
the year 11 band were kinda shoddy, too many voices singing at once.
we got 18+ arm bands! :D sorta reminds me of adventure world.
Hot Autumn Night this year had so much bloody security, you felt like you were about to meet the Queen or a President. lol.
Pretty stupid I reckon.
Reunion was nice. Saw a few people who I haven't seen in agesss and just lots of good friendles. :) although some of my good friendles weren't there, which was sad. :'( *tear*
at least we have a 5 year reunion, I'll make everyone go. hahaha
there was free flow of alcohol, but it was only like wine and champagne. but it didn't stop audz. hahaha she was highly tipsy when she left!

me and moee.

emmy and I!! :D

me and stephyy!! hadn't seen her for a looonng time :)
cassie and i :D she goes curtin too, so i see her from time to time. :P
saw a few other lovely people too, but don't have pictures with them!
anywho, after the reunion, caris and I left, and we had to sneak over the flag lines and barricades, which proved to be highly difficult when one is wearing heels and a dress. :P
we left moe with Emmy and Cassie and other peeps, they were off to freo to partayyy :)
caris and i stopped by maccas to get some sundaes, her idea of course. :P
caris fell in love with my Wii :D haha
after a few spirited games of tennis, she went off to bed, and I stayed up for awhile trying to wait for Moe to return, but it was futile, as my only companion was my HIGHLY interesting textbook. I spent about 1.5 hours reading and making notes about typography.
that chapter killed some of my brain cells. they died.. of boredom.
so i popped off to bed, until Moe messaged at 4am to say she was on the busbus.
so, that's basically all that's been happening!
I've to get back to cleaning the house and doing homework. gah.
the house is a complete shithole after we moved all the furniture around.
my old room is basically just a storage room for my clothes and random crap that used to be on my bookshelf and desk. we've moved my bed, desk and bookshelf into the guest room, so now it's in rental state. :p
and the large, very comfy guest room bed is in the home theatre, which is soon to be my room :D
we all like it more as a bedroom than a home theatre. :)
plus I get a cool purple feature wall! :D
cheerio darlinks

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Photobucket 12:21 pm ♥

Well, as promised (though long overdue ;p), here are my photos from the night we attended one of our old school mates' 19th at The Library in NB! :)
Here's audz, taking on the role of bodacious blonde. :P
Don't worry, the wig never left the house! :P
The three of us :) We're fast becoming our own little circle :p
I was having a bad camera day.. I didn't look very nice in most of the photos, and I looked better with my hair up.. when it was down it was like some drunk delinquent. hahaha.
for example, in this photo. hahaha. i look grotty. but i reckon the other 2 look fab, so meh! :P
i look drunk...
but i never touched a drop of the stuff.
dang camera flashes!! haha.
the interior of The Library was awesome, but I didn't happy snap everywhere. hahaha the staff would've looked at me weird.. called security to drag me out.. hehe.
randomizing by the window with Audrey.
Our friend had booked a whole function room, with it's own bar and everything! It was cool.. Except we were there so early, it really wasn't the time for clubbing.. we were hell early. so the party was still not started.. and since we had to leave at like 10.30 because audz had work the next day, it only started getting bigger when we left.. lol.
so it was quite dreary whilst we were there, although people we knew gradually filtered in. :)
i swear simone's not passed out.
bit of the room decor. the camera setting was on party. i reckon she looks abit photoshopped! hahaha.
simone, giving her come hither look. hahaha. nah not really.
and i manage to take, yet ANOTHER, squashed monkey picture.
stupid face.

i thought this was a funky (albeit dark) picture of Moe. Very schmexy. hahaha
I got stampeedddd :D
My proof of age card photo is SO bad, it really doesn't look like me.
it's like some swollen, even UGLIER version of me.
like hello, as if i'm not ugly enough as it is.
dang dodgy cameras.
Moe and Audrey got past the bouncer on first Id check. Then he was staring at me, then looking back down at my card. and he's like.. i'm sorry, but do you have 2nd Id.
GAHH i'm so freakin pissed at the dpi woman who took the photo! it's like she didn't know the first thing about taking decent pictures.
Ended off the night at 24 hour Maccas.
bahaha. :)
And yes, we are in the toilet.

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