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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Did this randomly on CNY eve.. :D
Jerri and her evil twin Irrej. the one dressed in black. :)

Ahh i love photoshop.


Photobucket 5:06 pm ♥

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Decided to try out this faceinhole business..
(when i was extremely bored of course! :P)
buttttttttt i didn't have a good photo, so it's extremely retarded!! hahaha

i think the uncontrasted one looks better.. lol
will try again when i get a better picture!


Photobucket 11:36 pm ♥

another exhausting day over.. and i'm just chilling on the computahh.
well, that's day 2 of CNY done.. had lots of rellies over today.. and some english teachers from china.
i think i'm in the overtired stage.. however, i have managed to collect:
good effort considering it's only the 2nd day! usually i'm not even up to there by the middle of the Cny period! :D but i think it's going to be slowwwinng downnnn alot now.
i'm also very very very sick of chicken rice. and CNY snacks. and F&N orange.
my skin is soo oily and it's eewy.
grosss. so not my fave part of CNY.
in other news.. here's a pic of jerri in her first pair of "adult heels"
mum was appalled when dad said to her in the shoe shop "it's about time you start wearing high heels jerri!".
then mum was like.. "what kind of dad asks their daughter to start wearing heels!!!"

they kinda look like the ones i had in year 11.. but mine were silver.
and they make her feet look big. in real life.
guesss what i bought the other dayyyyyyyy
(eeeew just realised my eyeliner etc is all smudged and i look like a panda)
it's schmexy RPattz!!
it's abit of a random book though... seriously, i only bought it because it has awesome beautiful pictures..
there are some really beautiful ones of Rob in it... like the picture is beautifully executed and the lighting is magnificent.. and some are just paparazzi shots but oh well. haha..

one of my faves..
but of course i can't put all the pages up! haha then you wouldn't have to buy the book! :P
dad chided me for buying it though.. hahaha
but OH WELL. the life and times of a twihard.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!
May the Year of the ox/cow whatever you wanna call it be a good year for you, filled with happiness and prosperity.... at least as much as it can be with this recession :)
Hope you have an excellent time with friends and family.. and getting moola!!
my home away from home. i miss you so.
and just something random.
if you have no clue what Twilight is about.. watch this.
i love it it's so retarded. ;D

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Photobucket 1:19 am ♥

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love this pic :)
even though you can't really see who it is.. :P

i love the water and the trees and the colour.
this is why i love photography. the camera can capture so much more than the eyes see.


Photobucket 9:06 pm ♥

Few nights ago, we caught Rodger & Hammerstein's Cinderella @ the Esplanade theatre! :) featuring Lea Salonga as Cinderella!:)
It was quite awesome. the singing and dancing were excellent, as was the acting! it was surprisingly hilarious, the only thing bad was that we were nearly at the very top.. so after awhile your neck got very strained.. not comfy at all.. so i was feeling very uncomfortable.. but still managed to enjoy it! Lea Salonga just blows your mind with her singing.. its so beautiful and just resonates through out the whole theatre.. haha magnificent :)
got a rat plush toy, i loved the rats! they were controlled by these 2 men who used long sticks connected to the rats to make them move.. absolutely adorable! :)

haha terrible quality.. used the front camera of my phone, the sucky one. :P
anyway, the other day i got this awesome skull ring :D i lovelovelove itttt

and i painted my nails this colour, then decided i would very much like a guitar this colour! :D
keep an eye out eh?
also bought this awesome blingblingy journal with wicked parchment like paper!! it's sooo cool
and i wrote on the front page.. i think it's kinda crappy though. lol. maybe i should just rip out what i've done so far. and start afresh. hahaha

went bowling yesterday, and it seems i have forgotten how much i suck at bowling! or maybe i never realised because i usually have the gutter rails up :p hehehe.
i REALLY suck at bowling.
but i still had so much fun with the friendles :D
i'll have to pack up and leave in awhile, back to uni soon :( and i will miss them so..

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Photobucket 12:31 am ♥

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some random pictures i found in my phone.. hahha
it's GARVER! :D again.
but i'm so sad i'm not the one beside him.
check out the mean green bodyguards
in ze ladies with ze girls.
hamz looks like a little kid with a toy..

check out my awesome twilight mug! :D i won it. hehehe.
and lastly..
char with the guitar! :D
lol there was really not much point to this post.. i just needed to update. hahaha

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Photobucket 11:37 am ♥

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

went to the 1st singapore tattoo convention yesterday! twas well worth my 18 bucks :D
saw many tattoo artists at work because people were getting their tattoos done in the booths!
even witnessed the art of Sak Yant, a thai buddhist traditional method of tattooing, where the "grandmaster" pokes the design into your skin using a long metal rod.. something i NEVER hope to experience. lol the dude said its a 100 times more painful than normal tattooing!
yipes man.
but the highlight was:

catching a glimpse (more like many glimpses! :P) of CHRIS GARVER from MIAMI INK!!!
:D :D :D

but most of the pics i took were pretty crapola, because i was quite far, and my camera can only zoom in so close :( however later in the evening, charms and i were standing no less than 2 metres away from him!! HEHE nice and up close :d
but we didn't get to meet him.. because of the freakin LONG queue..
we could've had the chance though, and we're still majorly angsty about this.
because if we'd just stayed there like we planned to..
charms was majorly bummed she didn't get to give him a hug and snap a photo with him..
but anyway.. I bought a poster with his autograph on it, for my dearest emmy! :D (hmm i hope she doesn't chance upon my blog and see this hehe)
hopefully she'll be mighty stoked. its a pretty cool poster! :)
also got a cool s'pore tattoo convention tshirt :D awesomeness... :D the design is so wicked :D
pretty cool convention overall, i thought :D
and one of the tattooists we spoke to said the wrist area was one of the less painful areas because the skin was thick...
maybe things are lookin' up and i can get one in the near future.. :D
(after i've moved out of home though.. because the rents may kill me. or disown me. or just kick me out. hahaha)
i've been wishing for my star..
i saw it in one of the tattoo artist's books!! :( :( how sadd..

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Photobucket 12:00 am ♥

Thursday, January 08, 2009

With a new year comes...

ok it's not newnew but it's different from my blah hair before. yes i'm aware i had bangs last year!! but i loveee them. even though the blow drying lady made them wavy @ the hairdressers. gah. i had to straighten my fringe. lol
went to collect my twilight fridays prize today!! WOOO
got a giant poster, a less giant poster AND a mug!!!
i've been waiting to win a Twilight mug !! :D
and then quickly went to Olivia's bday dinner!

the two little sisters.. being knobs.

ze lovely cake :d

"HEY HEY no paparazzi allowed"
Happy 17th birthday dear old gal.

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Photobucket 11:16 pm ♥

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i LOVELOVELOVE cafepress.com
it has bloody awesome fan-made Twilight merchandise.
just thought i'd say that.
wish i had a heap of money to buy all the awesome merch!
when i'm working again, i shall definitely purchase some of the awesome merchandise.
and HEHE my name was mentioned on the twilightsingapore blog!
only because i sent in a tip that the twilight dvd cover has been released.. sadly no release date YET. but i can't freakin waaaait ! :D
and OME.
i was one of the winners for the youth.sg Twilight fridays competition!!!
i get a mug and 2 posters!! AHHHH
so happy happy happy!
but i gotta go collect them, and the building is a wee bit far away. lol
so i have to wait for one of the rents to take moi.
but i'm still superdeeduper excitedddd!!


Photobucket 10:54 pm ♥

Sunday, January 04, 2009

went out to mon oncle's restaurant (lol, well the restaurant he works at anyway. haha) on new years day! :)
s'called brewbakers and it's like a branch off Jack's Place or something.
back to brewbakers.
this one is situated somewhere in sengkang in a sports complex kinda thing, which btw is freakin' awesome! :D
we ordered soo much more food than usual. lol.
mon oncle came out to greet us and recommend some stuff too! hehe
garlic bread was so-so, and the mushroom soup was alright.. usually i can't stand mushrooms but i can withstand dipping garlic bread into the soup.. lol

oh and excuse the bad pics. i used the camcorder, and the lighting was absolutely appalling.

mothers seafood spaghetti. which was ok. but she seemed to love it! lol
jerri's lasagna. utter letdown. it was much too sour, the bechamel was not 'milky' enough.
my caesar salad totally blew the roof off my mouth
yes it was that good :D
plate of chips.
like any other plate of chips.
good onion rings.
mums prawn and mango cocktail salad?
dad's chef salad.
not as impressive as mine was.
WELL ze oncle did warn him it wasn't extremely fresh.. haha
oops kinda late. hahah dad's lobster bisque.
i prefer the one moe's uncle made so much better. that was pure creamy heaven in a bowl!
our coke and sarsi floats
damn. i could use one of those right now.
so overall, the restaurant was pretty nice. the ambience was great and the staff were quite good.. so i give it 4 stars! ;d

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Photobucket 11:56 pm ♥

Saturday, January 03, 2009

"First post" of 2009 :)
anyway, tis currently 3rd day of the New Year! :D
2009 started off with a bang! had such a great time out with the friendles.

C & H's best buddies. hahaha actually they were freakin' terrified of these masked strangers.

Clarke Quay's NYE countdown party theme was "Carnivalesque"
had a good night anyway! :)
got home nice and early in the morning. hahaha
then slept until.. around 4.30pm.
anyway, just a random assortment of pictures.. from 08.
in other news: audz has returned home to perthopia, the extreme summer heat and richiepoopieboy! :D
ok ok i'll do the sad face now
but she does enjoy the xmas present i got for her!!!!
it says Audrey.
and its pink! :)
and here's the lovely spread we had at my auntie's place on NYE. before i went out with the friendles.
those noodles were EXCELLENT :D
ok that's all i got for now.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 kiddies! :)
May you have an awesome year ahead of you, and may all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true! Hope the new year brings you joy and happiness! :)
Wishing you the best for all your endeavours.
and hope you had a rockin' time doing the NYE countdown!
i know i had a blast!


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