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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Im officially done with 1st semester 2008! =)
except for my context essay, which is due on friday.
spending the weekend at Maddi's house because she needs help with an assignment.
i keep forgetting that I'll be working the whole bloody holidays :( and it's going to be AT curtin, which means, i never really get a holiday away from uni. GAH. lol.
why oh whyyy did i agree.
think of the cash dammit..
but lots to look forward to, what with Sex and the City movie on Friday, oh yeah we're all set with our tickets!! =) went and bought them on Wednesday in advance, so no matter what, we're so in. :D
Had a movie night with Moe and Mads yesterday, we watched a creepy movie called The Plague. it was really quite odd. Watched Road Trip after that, supposedly it's the movie which came before Eurotrip. But if you ask me, Eurotrip is a WHOLE lot better.
Road Trip's storyline is quite odd, kinda lame.
But I can't help it, I'm a Eurotrip enthusiast. :) IT's just better on so many different levels.
This morning we watched White Noise, which the ads made look really scary, which prevented me from watching, but it wasn't that scary, just quite odd. But still, quite glad we watched it in the morning and not last night. After moe left, mads and i headed out for a lovely lunch at KFC.. unfortunately, it started to rain lots.. but we still managed to sprint to Supre. hahaha.
Supre has become majorly expensive. But I managed to buy a nice long hooded vest thing and a simple black tshirt top like thing. Oh and a black scarf! lol. so devo that they don't have those big tulle skirts anymore.. wish i had money to buy them when they were still around =( but i do have material to make it which i bought in spore. =D which reminds me, I should do some sewing these hols. or these hols weekends, the only time i'll actually be free from work. gah.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

just a quick one whilst i am taking a breather from spirit marker renderings!
ruby room yesterday was wickeddd... i love it so much! it's such a nice chic place.
but more on that later.. we only got back at around 3am and then i slept til about 10 but I was still really tired.. so therefore study day just went wOOSH. so now i am making up for it, even though i am still really sleepy. this is hell gonna throw off my groove for the week! :(
baddd idea.
but fun while it lasted!
watch this space for the actual post on the night.
not enough time to elaborate right now. =)
in other news, i got paid on saturday after work and i'm ready and set to go with Wii Guitar Hero!! :D all i need now.. is another guitar.
get ready to rock and rolllll

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

long overdue post...
but anyway.. here we go.
so last saturday moe, mads and i headed off to the ruby room for Jo's 19th! =) was a pretty good night over all =) the ruby room is pretty damn cool. quite 'classy' lol
after working on saturday moe picked me up from garbo and then we proceeded to her house.. got ready there, and left at around 6 to head to maddi's. it was moe's sister's birthday the next day, and she was going out with her friends to NB, and Moe was bullied into promising to meet them there at 1am.. haha
maddi was highly shocked to see us already ready haha and she was quite devastated that we didn't wait to get to her house to get ready lol.. (pic taken with her awesome imac =D)
 anyway, we left for burswood at about 8.30, with glow stick bracelets which we used to wave the taxi down haha
the taxi driver was highly amused with our form of getting his attention, and it was very nice of him to give us 50 cents off our cab fare:P
went through the casino to the Minq bar, which was a wicked little 'private' bar, with dim lights and a very chic ambience. but we didn't stay long, as Jo had given us our VIP invites and it was nearly time to go to the ruby room..
the ruby room was such a nice place compared to where we usually head to, namely the Shed.. but haha after all the shed is very much 'country' orientated. 
yes i know, terrible photos, but it's not easy taking pictures without a flash in dark places!
but it was funn dancing away, and sitting and chatting to people on the really comfy couches. maddi's friend came to meet us there, although i think he may have felt like he was a little overage hahaha..

it was cassie's birthday the next day too! partied away with her too 
maddi and i being bored. hehe
three of us =D mads and i rang up vini to yell and scream when her favourite song in boarding school came on, and she was quite drunk haha
 pretty mads and moee.
drunken mads and moee?
audrey had a red vodka cruiser which stained her lips and it was just funny
after the ruby room, we headed to nb to meet up with moe's sister and her mates at the Paramount. mads's friend dropped us off and it'd been raining so he was majorly soaked when he went to get the car.. haha

mad's at the paramount. =D about the only photo i got
the paramount paled in comparison to the ruby room. it was grosss.. there was puke and broken glass everywhere. bleghh. the music was hell trippy on the top floor.. lol. it was good when they played the trippy version of My People though. =D highlight of our time there
and then moe's sister didn't even rock up so we were pisseddd off at her friend who told moe she had to go or there would be bloodshed. lol =P no not that drastic. they were far too drunk and tired to make it to the paramount.. but my sources tell me they were at a karaoke bar beforehand. haha.. so we decided that we'd go to black betty's.. unfortunately, it started to piss down, and the line wasn't moving, so we just had to make a run for it.. i had to take off my heels so i wouldn't slip and die, and there we were just sprinting for dear life (or dear shelter) and we were stuck in the pouring rain waiting for a freakin taxi! unpleasant, to say the least. had to take off my fake lashes as the glue started to rinse off. and basically i looked like a very goth drowned rat, which is ever the fabulous combo. =p and after waiting what seemed like forever, we finally we arrived back at maddi's at about 3am.. haha
totally threw off my last week of uni because i was just too tired to do anything.. =)
but it was a pretty good night, fun, despite the rain and the rank Paramount. :P

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wii Fit is funtastical! :D
Although it has made me a wee bit tired hahaha
Good fun though..
And K-mart has Wii Guitar Hero back in stock YAYYY..
But I gotta get it before next Wednesday or else the price is gonna go up by $20!! And there's no way I want that to happen! :) at least i get paid then hehehe.
the bloody thing was so heavy I thought my arm was going to fall off haha
in other news, i have a bone to pick with the weatherdude.
he said severe weather warning for today
it looked as though the weather was going to get worse at 6.30 in the morning, but then when I got to uni, there was freakin' blue skies.. Not completely, but SOO far off from calling it severe weather! on the plus side, it was nice and cold.. but i was wearing my big waterproof jacket which makes me look a couple of sizes bigger, which is something you don't want! and carrying a big mother umbrella when i could've just used my usual small folding one. GRRR.
After uni, worked for about 6 hours.. WOOPEE cash rolling in =D and i'm working saturday too so even more cash!! :D definitely have enough for wii guitar hero ohhyeahhh :D
and miraculously, i managed to predict tonight's powerball which was no 13! =O
i just knewwww it.
unfortunately, my predictions for the other 5 numbers needed to get $30 mil totally screwed up.. haha i managed to get one number. :D but they don't give you a prize for being a dumbass
i predicted last week's powerball too!
no 42.. =D the answer to life, the universe and everything :P
and i really should be doing some study.. for tomorrow. prepping for my essay due in 2 weeks. :S
and i may be getting another job, but only a temporary one, filling in for a secretary who is going away or something at auntie mich's dept at uni. =D so i have to stay back after classes tomorrow and be shown the ropes by someone.. lol. gonna be so dead.. and mads and her lil sister are coming over too! woooppee =D i should tidy the house abit, it's abit of a shithole since i've been feeling a little.. well, to say the least, SHIT. but oh well. :)

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Got paid yesterday! :) booyahh
argh. but also had a really bad headache and felt like total crap in the evening..
Going to buy wii fit today!! tis on speciale at kmart =D
and i'm also saving up for

ohh yeah.
i could get the double pack on ebay for 260 but i think it's actually cheaper if i get the single pack, and an extra guitar from ebay. :)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

listening to mugglecast right now, and WHOA

Who knew little ol' Malfoy sang?
Well, Tom Felton, not Malfoy.. lol
His guitar playing is excellent, lyrics are a little random but his music is pretty relaxing. Haha his british accent comes through so strong, but nothing wrong with that! :)

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Today was a really random day.. haha.
After bloody ages, my poor ol' digi cam got a workout from all the nonsensical photoshooting at uni today =p
chilled with audz for about 2 hours before my class started, so we had lunch at the basement cafe, which to say the least was a major sausage fest :P
personal joke
Then, we headed to our fave patch of grass (lol) and proceeded to take some modelling style shots of audz. very cool. and also shows how bored we were =D
Twas a beautiful sunny day, with not a cloud in sight..
leaves on the trees are starting to go red and orange, just the way autumn should be :)fallen leaves were scattered the ground on which we sat bahaha
but we were boiling after about 15 minutes of sitting in the sun haha =) where's the cold weather man!!
But first, the fantastical audz tries to put on make up, with no mirror, and using MY resources =P
now i don't see how she's going to mascara her eyelashes with glasses on.. ;p
i did the mascara in the end =p

and the amazing eyeliner girl =D
she didn't actually end up putting any on :p
ahaha the sun blocks out her face completely.
NAWWW doesn't this picture just make you go NAWWWWW.
audz shows slight versatility in facial expressions
e.g. deadbeat
and... WTF? i'm not even sure what this is.. hahaha
it's like o.o
i took this random shot too, i think it's pretty cool =D all blurry and random =D
and the sun is reflecting through her spectacle lens... grooove.
and who could escape without some lovely camwhoring shots

my skin tone is blehhhh.. BAD sunlight. :(
this one is acceptable. lol.
but the light has chopped my hat off :S
AHHH well.. :P
headed to class after all the phototaking, and only stayed for about 25 minutes.. tutor was ill today, but we had the unit coordinator come in and tell us what to do and blah blah blah. After that headed to Utopia with Audz for some bubble teaaa =) Utopia is just asian central man.. hahahaha.
audz and i were talking about how she should set up a bubble tea drive through =D
that would be a total hit with the asian community! :)
Or at least, we like to think so hahaha =)
there's some entrepreneurship for you!! :P
Although it's a pretty bad weekend to have a partay to attend, I find myself looking forward to it, veryyy muchly =D Next week is pretty much hell, 3 tests and a draft essay due.. Ok, so not as hellish as what I had going last year, but bad enough for me to refer to it as hellish aiight;p
and just one last thing before I go awayyyy.
5th June 08 5th June 08 5th June 08 5th June 085th June 08 5th June 085th June 08 5th June 085th June 08 5th June 085th June 08 5th June 085th June 08 5th June 085th June 08 5th June 085th June 08 5th June 08
Yeah you know it :P

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Haha after all these years of hating on BB, I find myself addicted to BB08.
But it's heaps different, lots more exciting. :p and plus Ben and Nobbi are the coolest things since sliced bread =D The girls are just.. meh. really don't like Terri despite everyone going aww she's so gorgeous and holding up so well blah blah blah. still can't stand her.
And I should really get back to study. haha.
went to freo today and had lunch and walked around the markets for awhile =) haven't been there for awhile now.. only couple more weeks of uni left WOOO :)


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Should be doing my readings at the moment, but I'd really like to be out with friendles in nb. :(
but i knowest my priorities specially since end of sem is coming up shortly! However amidst my boredness of the evening, I currently have very heavy false eyelashes on my eyes, which make me look and feel like a llama. =D wonderful.
Spent today doing chores, lunching with Audz at garbo during her lunch break, and spending about 15 minutes helping out at work hahaha.
bossman was baffled when he saw me in the booth lol.
but i was only there cos the other dude asked me to go in for a couple of minutes because he was busy looking for something and couldn't serve customers and there was only another chick there who was on training.
OOH I get paid next week YAYY..
Can't decide if I want to buy Wii Fit, get a new dress for next saturday or save up a little more for Wii Guitar Hero, which may come back into stock in about 2 weeks. lol. =D
decisions, decisions.
i would've bought wii fit today, but mum was all like neh neh neh. so i didn't.
But I soooo want Wii Guitar Hero.. The songs are AWESOMEEE.
I also got Saturday lotto, filled in my own numbers..
SO CLOSE to winning a Div 5 prize. lol.
I practically bounced around the house when the lotto numbers came onto the TV because i'd forgotten all about it. was so very bummed when i realised i didn't win anything =(
And was so irritated on Thursday, because i SO would've got the powerball if i'd just filled in the last board. 42. GAHH.
lol ok enough about lotto.
I MUST get back to my readings.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Manager rang at like 11.15pm last night, I'd been asleep since like 10pm so I was totally like blerghhhh ? hahaha
Went to bed so freakin' early for me! It was odd.. But I was waking up early so meh.
Had to go into work after uni today, but went to Kmart first and bought my long awaited CD!!
The Last Goodnight - Poison Kiss.
Look at the friggin' awesome graphics man... i love it. looks like they've gone wild in Corel Painter or something.. but it's exquisite =D
Listening to the album now, and contrary to the name, the songs are not at all poisonous :P but very relaxing songs, and the lead singer's voice is surprisingly soothing.
a perfect fusion of percussion, guitars and electronic.. effects? lol. instruments? whatever they're called.
my fave song by them is Stay Beautiful. They're only just starting to play it on the radio now.. I liked it first!!! hahaha just kidding :P
Pictures of You is mildly overplayed, but I still like it muchly.
anyway, it's an excellent cd for chillaxing to.
i'm gonna have a nice round of cd burning to do... :) which blows cos my laptop is freakin' slow.
I was on my feet for so long today my legs were about to die haha.. Quite busy today, by the end of the day my brain was totally switched off and i nearly stuffed up some dude's lottery order.
and stupid manager got me hooked on freakin' bingo scratchies. GAH. At least I sorta won my money back :P He was doing one that had the last 2 registration numbers 88, (chinese lucky numbers), so i thought I'd be cool and get the unlucky ones 44 :D And i'd get my kicks laughing in his face when i won something and he didn't :P
but we were both unlucky..
so much for reverse psychology dangflabbit. haha
well i really shouldn't be here, but i figured i hadn't posted for awhile, and plus i'm bored stiff researching freakin' pop culture and wedding dresses. GAH.
Ok, i'm off, got to do a couple more things before popping off to bed.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well the weekend has left me drained, I'm planning to head off to bed after I finish watching the latest episode of GossipGirl! :)
Stayed at Mads' house basically the whole weekend, from friday night to sunday arvo.. we were supposed to get dvds out on friday but instead we just bummed around on her iMac, which is sooo wicked. I went to bed hell late and woke up pretty early too on Saturday.. lol. Saturday was spent doing some uni work and also going out to the shops to look around and get groceries.. At around 6pm Moe came over and the Cato came over soon after and we had dinner and started getting ready to go out to the Ruby Room.. however, plans changed when we drove past and saw the line was mega huge, so off to the Shed we went! :) the shed again.. (: it was alright, cato and i left at about 1am and then waited up for mads and moe to get home. we drove through maccas before going home! :D funness. it was a good weekend overall! Going to the ruby room in 2 weeks for jo's 19th =D should be good! vIP access alll the way :D
Ok, too sleepy now. lol work tomorrow wooo!
p.s. Gossipgirl = wickedest show out!!! =D LOVE it so much. DVDs here we come

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogging from Mads's wicked cooool iMac.
It's freakin' awesome.
We fiddled around with iMovie and Garageband.. But not really sure how to use either :P
But I think it's awesome.. the screen quality is so good.. now all that's missing is a good graphic tablet and i'd be good to go! 
Oh no wait.. i need my own iMac first :P
but i loveeee it.
wish i could just take it away.. hehe. my laptop has been giving me shit the whole day. been carrying it in my backpack the whole bloody day.. gah.
it's so slow.. makes me want to throw it out the window.. or across the library.
not sure about this imac flat keyboard though.. it's a little odd, i always liked the higher raised keys. this one is a bit too much like a laptop keyboard.
anywho. i shall go back to our movie project now. :P 
slow motion stationery fight :P

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Yikes I really shouldn't be on right now, but I figured since I just spent a good 5 hours doing freakin' photoshop assignments, I'm allowed to be here. :P
I start working for real next week, moooola :D
I went in yesterday from 10am-3.30pm and then went to visit moe at reddies.. Bought a straightener with my lunch moola from yesterday, must say it's pretty damn good quality for 20 bucks! my old straightener is still good, but it's gonna conk out sooner or later. Stayed until 5.30 anyway because i went back to the booth and he was training up this other chick that came and gave a resume on my first day of training. and she needed a lil help, so i just offered to stay because he seemed mildly pissed off haha. my powerball tickets didn't get me anything either :( POO
yeah, and i was only supposed to have $1.30 worth of powerball.. except this freakin' lady came and did her order, realised we didn't eftpos, and said she'd be back so i just kept the ticket in the cupboard.. but she didn't come back, and by the time i remembered, it was too late to cancel the freakin' thing, so I had to buy the stupid system 7. not cheap brother.
but at least it wasn't that expensive.
went to uni sooo early today.. but since boss man didn't ring me on wednesday, i figured he wouldn't need me today.. so i dressed like a total bogan hahaha.. it's like the big brother house threw up all over me. speaking of BB, I'm appalled to say I've actually watched this week's episodes. haha. only because i've been too distracted by my work to change the channel.. usually do my photoshop stuff whilst watching Friends, then Neighbours.. And now it just goes to BB, so meh. I can't stand Terri, the old one, she reallly annoys me.
anywho. work was alright today, i think it's an awesome place to work. pity i only get one shift because they're too stingy :P :P just joking.
they only have 5 staff right now in total.. 2 lads and 3 lasses :D
one of the lads has a sco-ish ack-cent.
GAH i'm hungry.
And only going to get about 5 hours of sleep before the cruel sound of the alarm clock reverberates in my ears.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Training course this morning at Subi! Nicee and early. :D
Family friend was nice enough to drop me off at the actual place, instead of the train station which I initially asked for help to be dropped off at :D How nice. :D
I thought the stupid buses ran earlier than 8.15 grr.
Anyway, got to the training centre at about 8.35am, and waited around with the instructor til about 9am when the other 3 people came in. yes, there were only 4 of us in total, and then we were joined by this guy who was a little late. At least I knew K, she's the other trainee at my outlet :p
But the machines weren't too bad, I feel so bad we wasted so much freakin' paper though :( But me and K got the hang of the machines pretty fast.. the dude was totally questioning the machine, and K and I were just like 0_O. haha
but it was great, instead of like 25 other people there were only 5 of us, so we got a chance to have some one to one time with the instructor, who was a very nice lady :D
the new lottery machine could be potentially awesome, it just has a couple of drawbacks.. but it's alright.. :) can't wait to start working for real, lunch money is killing me! haha
oh and my family friends who were staying at mine for a week bought a lottery ticket from me and they won $10.50! :D but they gave it to me. hehe. :D oh the joys.
i wouldn't normally encourage gambling though.. if my grandparents came to perth they'd be coming to buy from my outlet so much =D hahaha oh well.. not my problem if people want to buy lottery.. and caris said she's going to buy her first lottery ticket from moi! :D haha i shall make all my mates buy at least one.
or scratchies, scratchies are all good.. even if I'm not sure I wanna sit there and do the crossword or whatever happens haha. :)
Tis dad's birthday tomorrow, or in about 2 hours, haha, not sure what to get for him with the $20 I have left from "lunch money". Hmmm. Some sort of voucher maybe.. A nice pair of high heels.. hahahaha yeah so I can wear them :P He does fit into my shoes though, that's how mum buys me shoes when I'm not there.. the sales people probably look at her and dad really weird.. like they're some sort of cross dressing couple. hahaha =D but i don't think she's ever made him try heels... Just sneakers, and maybe thongs hahaha.
Arghh don't know what to get !!

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

LOL of the night.
Whilst I was preparing my dinner tonight, with the news playing on the tv in the background, my attention was suddenly caught by the news story of the Greek island of Lesbos.
Oh yeah, I kid you not.
And if anyone actually caught this, they're petitioning, or have gone to court? about what the good people of Lesbos are called.
Yep, you guessed it.
They're trying to make people recognise them as "Lesbians" as in residents of Lesbos, and not gay women. Or something along those lines! But I think the damage has been done.
No one of this time is ever going to recognise them as "Lesbians", without thinking they are a whole island of gay women, perhaps a rather Amazon-esque sort of idea haha.
What tickled me pink even more was that one would be able to say
"That man is a lesbian"
which just seems plain odd. :P
I've got nothing against the residents of Lesbos, or actual "Lesbos", I just reckon we can't change what gay women are referred to as.. I mean, it's just a tad late to create another name..


Photobucket 10:02 pm ♥

Friday, May 02, 2008

Just a random jumble of pictures that were in my digi cam which I hadn't used for awhile now!
One of my visualizing assignments, not so proud of it because it's a little shoddy, but I spose I tried my best here! :P

Spirit markers are sooo freakin' stinky.
They make me feel nauseous.
But they are, on the other hand, a wicked (albeit very expensive) medium to use.

New uggies!! :D 29 from JJs, my old ones have lasted me ages, and are now succumbing to age, and friction. haha :P
Anyway, uni's back to business, and it's been pretty good! This semester has been awesome, we have the best group of people, so fun and hilarious to hang out with and "learn" with in class. haha
have to go for the lotterywest training course this Sunday, extremely early too gah..
hope I do okay..
I think I'll pop over to Murdoch library tomorrow, have to get started on this pop culture essay, because the weeks fly by REALLY fast. :S
In other news, I bought myself the Step Up 2 CD!! :D With my "lunch money" hahaha
It's a wicked mix of rnb, hip hop and rap, and just great to bop along to when I'm on the bus or studying. and actually dance too of course! they're all songs from a dance movie.. haha I just don't randomly start dancing in the library or on the bus.. lol.
So shoutout if you'd like 2 scab it off moi :P
And lastly..
Mon Piece de Resistance (du jour)
Our next visualising assignment:
And I really can't draw people, let alone add tone to them.
But I reckon Ewan Mcgregor turned out alright hey! :P

His face is kinda retarded though. but MEH.
It's the best thing I've done in forever!
Me so proud :D

And don't you just love green jelly. :D
So.. Jurassic Park! :P

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