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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, the end of study week is nigh.
and so far, I've just about completed my vector portrait. and nothing else.
which is really good.
spent yesterday doing that, and then audz dragged me out of the house to go to Carousel. walked around for abit, bought some mineral powder :D and also a pressie for bran, which i've yet to give him. was sposed to attend his bday dinner thingo yesterday, but was feeling sick and tired, and not very sociable at all.
also bought a funky black tiered skirt :D it's purttyy
at night, audz dragged me out yet again to go to timezone in freo :D but first we ate at old shangers:p
mee goreng to the rescue! :D
spent about an hour in timezone, wasting money on those stupid toy machines. lol. i can't count the number of times we played those toy machines. hahah
i lovelovelove skeeball :D
fun schtuff.
anyway, after that we went to cold rock, and then HJs to sit down while we had to wait for the bus. we then realised after awhile, that the bus wasn't coming until 11.02, so we had about 20 minutes to spare.. back to timezone to have a whack at the machines again! :P
the only thing we won out of those machines were 2 redskins.
anyway. i best get back to assignments and stuff.
bbq @ mazda's tonight :D

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Friday, August 29, 2008

So, study week has been mildly unproductive. And to top it off, I'm getting another weird sore throat! My throat feels lumpy, and when I poke them I start a random coughing fit.
after work on wednesday, popped over to audz's place and then we headed on to moe's dad's house for round 2 of photoshoots :D
this time it was the bath one, and so I don't get killed, I won't be posting any pictures. :)
But it was lovely :D
we went out to the newport after that, was relatively close to her dad's place! after so many many many times em asked me to go there, I finally did! :P hehe. it's not too bad, quite a fun atmosphere. saw sooo many old friends from high school :)
audz, freezing her ass off, and Moe at the cott train station :D
we arrived fairly quickly, and met up with some old pals inside! :D

twas a good night :)
the dancefloor is pretty good, until it starts getting overcrowded.
moe, cassie and another girl did some shots :D slippery nipple! kekeke

cass, audz, moe
audz was totally flying high after 2 drinkypoos, she just stood there wobbling. lol :D
we left at 11.45 to go grab some kebabs, then rushed back to the train station.
moe'd dropped her clutch into the toilette (very smart indeed!) so all her crap was wet inside! the ink of the sticker I put on her smartrider was all smudging everywhere, and because she was so distracted by that the barriers closed on her! :D so she let out this loud squeal, which made the transit officer on duty leap out of the office. hehe
they must get so bored when there's no one there.. lol
when the train arrived, we sat down and then I proceeded to take the usual camwhoring shot :D

then i saw something moving at the window and was like what the john. turns out it was the transit officer telling me that the camera wasn't put on us properly! :P lol
so he hopped on the train and took this for us :D
and he looks at it proudly and proclaims "now THAT'S a photo"
such a cool transit officer he was :D
must've been uber-bored.
the 2 officers on the train were a little freaky.
two indianos and they were asking us what uni we went to and stuff. then the younger one goes, "now i want to go to curtin, see such nice pretty girls at curtin." *waves in our direction*
and when we hopped off they were like, "aww you're leaving? awwww.."
we took a brisk stroll back to moe's dads, but only after we stopped for some chicken.

if you know what i mean.
well, really it was only moe. audz was on the sidewalk.
next morning, audz and i left early to go home and feed richiepoo
uni after that, met moe and teg to discuss our group assignment, but we didn't really get alot done :')
i mean, give us an assignment on procrastination, and we're all set! :P
gotta do some solid study tomorrow, well actually, today. haha.
won't be going out I don't think.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Lord audz is fat!

only joking.
that's just a cushion in there..
anyway, since I couldn't be bothered taking them out of my phone yesterday, here are the photos, which should rightfully have been posted in yesterday's blog post.
at the bus stop at midnight.
before leaving the house.
this may have been friday before going to cott.
frida the sheep doggeh! :D one of moe's aunt's doggies? she was sooo cute. :) i love their ears..
moe and audz.. :D
maddi! :D
lunching at moe's.. food was soooo good but I was soooooo full I couldn't finish my lasagna.
snoozing after luncheon. :P
off to the jetty. :)

just a wee bit emo looking. hahaha
well that's all for yesterday! today audz and I went into uni, she had some appointment somewhere so I headed into the mac labs. did some work on my vector portrait, which is looking abit like bellatrix lestrange at this present moment in time!! :P
not so good, really.
we went to nandos for lunch! :D yumyumyum
after that, we decided to head to ikea on a whim.
it's so bloody huge...
audz got me one of these!! and also one for herself. we decided to name them "Russell" and "Peters" in honour of our favourite comedian. :P
bought some awesome storage stuff.. hehe. and lots of Daim choccies :D and frozen meatballs of course ! :D
but it's always better when you eat there.. ahh well
after that, we decided we'd go to westfield innaloo, i don't think audz had gone there before, but I went with carrot! lol
bought a wicked ass set of 60 assorted pencils for only $20! there were charcoal, metallic, watercolour, sketching and artist pencils in the pack. So awesome! :)
and also got 2 belts from Ice accessories. i totally love that shop :D
audz's back was hurting, so when we found these $2 for 4 minutes massage chairs, of course we took the time to relish the opportunity :p
went home after walking around a little while more, and have just been bumming around ever since! I really should start my study, seeing as it is tuition free week! :P
edit// look what audz and i created! :D
audz did the drawing and I coloured it on illustrator.. and used photoshop. lol
so random.
yeah i know it aint' very professional, but I just had to whip it up randomly so meh. and the grey cat looks retarded because I couldn't be effed drawing out the fur properly :p so i tried to use the crystalise tool. which just made it weird. lol.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tuition free week! :D
after much procrastination on thursday, I got my report finished at around 2am. hehe. damn you facebook.
moe came over the next day so I could help her with her report and then we went to uni together! went to her dad's place in cott after uni for the much anticipated photoshoot! :D
it was hell pro, moe booked out the tungsten lighting kit, i SO want one! :p
and we used her dad's home theatre as a studio, wicked ass place to take hell nice pictures..
so the model for the evening was DJ moe's sister! :D she's so pwetttyy
got there at around 4/5 and then we started to do her hair for the shoot.. then i was left to finish the curling as moe wanted to go set up the lights and stuff.moe the demon make up artist! :D *she will kill me if she saw this here!!*
took about 2 hours or so to finish getting her ready with make up and hair, and then we decided to have some dindins before. moe's dad fired up the huge wood fire pizza oven outside the backyard and mads and i chopped up the ingredients for the pizzas. such bloody wonderful pizzas they were, once you've had wood-fired you never wanna go back ;p
so after that the fun times began! =D
moe had set up the "studio" with all the lighting and backdrop and stuff, so I went and did some lighting tests with dad's digi slr =D (i was taking mostly production photos, which is why there aren't actually many proper photos here. :P)
had a lovely purple bed sheet back drop :D
the tripod broke halfway during the shoot, so we had all these hell shaky photos.. lol

moey busy behind the camera and stuff :D
people tests! :D
mads was more than happy to lend a hand :D
purtyy pic. :)
moey's hair is unbelievably red here! the lights totally amplify the colour.
soon the delectable diva stepped in to start the photoshoot amidst the fun and laughter of our random lighting tests :)
perfecting the hair... :)
cheese? :p
i reckonzee that would've been a lovely photo if she'd not been holding her mobile phone! :D
trying some hepburn-esque style photos. :D
hehe. bit shaky.

light and shadow test. :D
i love this picture, one of the only ones where she looked genuinely happy because I caught her mid-giggle. well she wasn't supposed to be smiling really hahaha :-) i took a bunch of nice ones where she was laying down but i won't put them up because even though i took them it was by moe's direction! her hands were too shaky so I had to hold the camera.. (this was after the breaking of the tripod :P) we wrapped up the shoot at about 11.15pm and they toddled off to bed. i stayed up for awhile transferring the photos onto moe's laptop. also airbrushed one of the bed photos, made it look bloody nice! :D quite proud of myself. hehehe.
the next day, we went to garbo to get a couple of digi pics developed and moe's roll of b+w film. awesomeee as photos! but some were a wee bit shaky.. lol. but on the whole, a good effort from the team! :-D
went to audz's after garbo and had luncheon with her :) chicken katsuuuu
went home after with audz, did a quick shop at coles and got a 4 liner for the superdraw :D
then rushed back home to quickly tidy up my craphole of a house lol
my front and back yards are disgraceful lol.
i should probably mow the lawn, but i have no time to mope around the garden!
anywho. moe and one of her friendles came over before mads came to pick them up to go over to their house. they were going to start in northers, then make their way back to Freo where audz and i would meet them :D
audz and i bummed around until about 11.50pm, then we went to wait for the bus bus
metros line was aiight to be honest, we were exactly where we were last weekend. haha
and bloody people bogging the line.. god..
an old acquaintance from high school was standing in the line behind us, & i accidentally trod on her bf's foot and i was like GAHH sorry! and then she's like OMG Angelica! =D we got in fairly quickly.. not that quick but it was alright! i LOVE the fingerprint machine there, the security didn't even check my ID :D woooot
you just put your finger on the scanner and they ask you what your name is :D
fun stuff.
but it was hell expensive to get in after midnight.. dangflabbit. next time i'll get there at like 9pm, pay $5 then just go away and do something else fun, then go back when it's later. haha.
it was a pretty good night, audz and i went absolutely nuts when we got in they were playing Miley Cyrus - See You Again! hahaha
what the john!? she won't even be old enough to get into the club to hear her song play! lols
straight after that was like only my faveee song at the moment, Shake It by Metro Station!! :D
best dancey song EVERRRR. they had rockin music for about half an hour
then we progressed to the upstairs room, where usually they have a band playing, but I think we may have missed the bands segment, we only got there last night at the time we left last weekend. hahaha. when we reached the top of the stairs this guy shoved this other guy dressed as a red indian down the stairs and he just went flying down. god i just stood there in shock, but he seemed alright when he got up.
audz had a bevey of strange dudes trying to dance with her last night, I was like eeekk yeah let's move away now... the first one was alright so I just let them dance away, but the 2nd dude was like ARgHH. he pissed off after awhile, but he was sooo weird.. mads and moe rocked up at around 2.30 i think with mads's cousin who they met up with in northers. partayed away with them until 3.50am where we decided to get on the nightrider back home. was waiting at the bus stop when I get this message from Emmy asking me to ring her because she was ditched by all her friendles! :-( turns out she was trying to walk home, which would've taken a hell of a long time, in a short dress and heels nonetheless! not extremely wise/safe.
so i told her not to be silly, and that she could crash at mine for the night! so she found a bus stop and waved down the night rider :D
isn't it nice to help a friend in need :)
so my house was relatively full.. got home and it was nearly 5am. and I got about 4 hours of sleep. greaat. went to moe's house with audz and mads for a family luncheon! :) we were abit out of place, but it was good food all around. after that the 4 of us had a massive sleep on the huge leather couches. everyone came and bothered us and was laughing at us lazy fat piglets sleeping on the couch, but it totally couldn't be helped! we would've just passed out outside anyway! :P
audz and i left after about an hour of snoozing on the couch, and went to grab some iced coffee and coffee ice cream from Gelare. then we drove to the applex foreshore to sit on the jetty.
had a lovely relaxing time sitting on the jetty stairs, then it got a wee bit too chilly for our own good so we went back to mine.
had a nice nap at home, and woke up at 7.15, just in time to catch the first Australian Idol season 6 epi :D also kept flipping between channel 7 and 10 to watch the closing ceremony for the olympics.
i had absolutely NO idea that London was hosting the next olympics!!!! i'm SOOOO there!!!
well, i said that about Beijing too, so hehe we'll just have to see how that pans out.
audz told me to go to Europe with her and her 'rents next year, but I won't have any money!! gahh. :(
maybe i'll make my rents go too. hehe. they can pay for my trip :P
loads of study to catch up on this week! and assignments
and sleep.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Haha i know i'm a wee bit late, but
Singapore won a silver medal for table tennis!!
we haven't won anything since bloody 1960.
about time
australia is doing so great, i'm so proud.
i was watching synchro this arvo, it's such a random sport.. and cycling in the velodrum or however you spell it. but it really is boring as bat shit.
and China is just breezing through collecting those gold medals! i don't remember them doing so well ever... weird..


Photobucket 11:52 pm ♥

okay, soo I finally figured out what was wrong with my phone. keke.
finally more pics! =D
back to my rambling. haha
we had a lovely dinner of pizza with chicken, tomatoes, olives, bbq sauce and salami =D interesting.. haha i was trying to copy that dominos chicken pizza.. its yum as. :D
but anyway.. after that, we began to get ready to hit Metropolis Freo!
waiting at the bus stop, semi frozen.
we got there hell quick! it seems to take much longer during the day.. lol. maybe because i can actually see where i'm going during the day. haha
line was bloody long, and the people behind us were so bloody noisy! singing some random song when people tried to cut the line.. lol.
Metropolis is hell awesome, but Audz thinks Ruby room is better. hahaha, personally i liked Metropolis. wicked ass music, although it did start to get a wee bit too techno-ish. however, you can go up to the upstairs bar where the live band plays, and have different music there, with actual words! lol. it's a pretty good club i must say, carrot says she loved it there during new years! hmmm.
the highlight was definitely when they played Cry for You by september, one of my newest fave songs, and apparently one of the hottest clubbing songs right now. hahaha
audz borrowed my red top. :D
they have a random stage behind the dj, which they opened at like 11 or something and people just piled on and started dancing..and other things. hahaha
i like the upstairs balcony where you can look down at the dance floor. :D
i think audz liked the live band part better than the techno bit hahah
anywho. we left at like 12.45pm, as I was sick and tired, and audz was craving OJ from the 24 hour HJs lol. so we went there, and then went to wait for the night rider!
was sposed to catch up with my friend Cass in metropolis, but we just seemed to communicate too slow and miss each other! but it was so random, as I was just about to text her, I saw her standing near me at the freakin' bus stop! hahaha we had a good laugh.. :P got home near 2 am and then poured ourselves into bed.. haha and we had a nice sleep in the next morning.. :D
anywho. the next day, audz decided she would like to attend the psychic fair at Freo!
so off we popped down to Freo, yet again. haha
it was $5 entry fee, but as I suspected, you actually had to pay more to get readings etc done. and they were HELL expensive. but audz forked out the $50 to get a tarot card reading done.
well actually I forked it out first. hahaha then she paid moi back. keke.
trying to look mysterious in the town hall. haha
its actually quite interesting in there, very old style decor.. nice..
waiting in anticipation...
I just waited in the waiting area for her, but I could see her and the psychic lady from where I was seated, although I couldn't hear all that well, due to my ears being blocked from my cold, and from the blasting music the night before. So i only caught snippets of what she was talking about.
i'm a little bit of a sceptic when it comes to things like this, even though i have a deck of tarot cards meself. hahaha :) it was all in good fun when i bought it, twas on sale.. hehe
but the things the psychic lady told audz were just creepily accurate, so now i don't know what to believe. it was hell weird, she said to audz, "i sense you are now staying with a friend, it's a girl"
or something along those lines.. and it was true, she stayed over the whole weekend! i mean, that kinda stuff, if it was a totally wild guess, it was pretty freaky that you guess that well.
and apparently, i'm going to have problems in the future that are out of audz's hands. lol.
damnn i wish i could've got a reading done.. lol. but i was abit stinge. hahaha
audz also got told she was gonna meet her next BF, a 23 year old aussie bloke who would soon come to work with her! bahahaha
yayyy audz
anywho, after that we went and had lunch at old shanghai as per usual, and had a stroll around the markets, where we visited the lolly shop! :D i got her into Reeses, only the most awesome chocolate EVER :D hahaha
after randomly roaming around with no particular purpose, we decided to head to Timezone! :D
(this isn't actually timezone, it's at the cinemas before we watched pineapple express. haha but you get the gist. :P)
we had a great time there, playing all the games that earned points! :D
hahaha we ended up winning that piglet keychain audz wanted, and also a shiny disco ball key chain pour moi =D
then when we were left with only $5, guess what we used it on..
yes indeedio. retarded stickers! :D
ahh i love timezone.. next time i wanna have a whack at DDR, haven't played in mad long! :D
i so wanna go to timezone with a bigger group before going into metropolis or something and we can get retarded sticker photos when we're all like dressed up! kekeke
headed back home after the adrenalin rush as i was so exhausted and feeling quite under the weather.. had a nice nap until olivia rang moi to talk about the DD on friday! hahaha
hahaha i may be assassinated if she saw this here.
she had an.. interesting time.
slept until around 8.15pm, including audz who needed a nap too! and made a random pizza with sundried tomatoes and bacon. hahaha
so concludes my random schpeel.
and now more random pictures that didn't make it into the previous post due to my phone going nutso. :D
brekkie at miss mauds on friday! :D

it was bloody delish.

audz's sanga.

i love that i can draw on the pictures on my phone. :D
it is the source of much entertainment during boring lectures. :D
uni today was alright. first lecture was boring as bat shit, and having a cold didn't make it much easier to sit through!
digi design was wicked though, we started our vector portraits.. :D
cool, in theory. but mine looks like a mass of retardation at the moment. hahaha. tis a work in progress aiight!
shhhh. not funny.

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