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Sunday, October 23, 2005

read 2 books this weekend.
The Supernaturalists by Eoin Colfer
and also The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
both very good. TTW very touching. :( and sad.
mum said she cried copiously after reading it. interesting. :)
should really be studying for exams. but can't bring myself to do so.
for starters i am still half asleep. :( couldn't get to sleep because vin was on the phone, and speaking loudly too. even though she probably thinks she was as quiet as a mouse. :(
gah. so now i am majorly tired. hmm. week 3 next week. exciting isn't it. only 3 more weeks to exams and i haven't studied. well done.
ok i guess i better get going.
c i a o

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Friday, October 21, 2005

guess what! i'm gettin the foundations of maths award! yayy
first award ever. :)
kinda stupid that the subject i don't need i get the award huh. hahaha.
yayyy i'll get a funky trophy thingo. ooh big deal. ;D hahaha
n e ways.
exams in 4 weekss. noooo.
ah well. least its not the TEE.. good luck to all you people doing the big Os. once again. :D
n e ways.
i'm so scared for chemistry. gonna fail with flying colours. and don't get me started on lit. gah.
oh well. hopefully for TEE i get high enough to get into mass comm.
recently i was thinking of becoming a movie/music publicist. i think it would be pretty awesome.
or maybe i've been watchin too much Jerseygirl. but u know. life changes, so do my choices.
:D ok well. nothing more to say.
c i a o

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

i'm sweet 16 at long last.
haven't blogged for a while..
anyways. bday dinner was great success.. very enjoyable and everyone looked gorgeous.
went shopping today! woohooos.
bought tops n jewellery. thanks ppl for ur pressies! :D they were marvellous.
and i got my long awaited IPOD!! nano! yayyyy.
i asked for it and they said NO WAY. but thanks for it mum n dad. :) muchly appreciated.
love yas lots.
anyways. back in school. and it was the first time i was in school for my bday! :D woohooo
anyways. exams coming soon. SO not fun. but u know.
life goes on.
aights. i gotta run now.
c i a O all!

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

went dress shopping todayyy
soooo many prettyful dresses!!
but ended up getting just black. :)
nice n sophisticated mama.
yayy i can finally wear me shoesss! yayyy
hahaha. n e ways.
got nothing much else to say.
mic's partay tomorrow night.
god knows what to wear. haha.
kk better go now.
c i a o

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

been re-reading harry potter. hahaha how exciting.
i have not even made a fricking dent in my 2kg chem book.
it is majorly pissing me off. so so so very much.
O levels commencing soon i think. so glad i escaped the system. but to y'all out there who are going through the pressure... best of luck yeah? i'm sure y'all will do really good!
believe in yourselves.
next year is my pressure year. how extremely wonderful.
anyways. got nothing else to rant on about. going dress shopping tomoz. woohoo. *waves flag*
mic's coming back tmw. ahh well.
better make a move and do something useful. haiZ.
c i a o

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hey all.
haven't blogged for awhile.
i've been so so so busy. doing nothing.
so much for busy holiday schedule i have not been keeping to.
after this i'm gonna get stuck into MATHS. but i really should be stuck into chem.
ah well. mebbe later. and i really should organise my timebloody well better.
maths is certainly not my number one priority. at the moment.
chem should be.
ooh Mum got me Monkey Business woohooo!
still wish i got to go to the BEP concert. :( ah well.
ok well, i should stop right now.
c i a o

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