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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ok, so I promised myself I wouldn't touch Blogger for the next 3 weeks.
But I had a nice productive day, and my fingers wouldn't stay off the keyboard and mouse when I got home, because believe it or not, I find myself searching for something to do...
because I have handed in my 3rd and 2nd last assignments.
And have ALSO completed my MCI essay which is due tomorrow.
So tonight, it's off to beddie byes early.
And tomorrow, after class a group of old friends and me of course :D are going to have a picnic! :D what a nice finish for the end of the semester.. lol :D
So I have to bake brownies some time tonight.. Staying at Moe's tomorrow too.
Wandered around aimlessly at Garbo today after uni, trying to think of a present to give Olimpia for her birthday.. But nothing came to mind, so I just wandered around with no agenda. lol.
I bought myself another keychain though, this time for my S'pore keys :D
I'm so annoyed, the cool skull on my keychain fell off, and i lost the little silver ring which holds it to the keychain. :'(
But i should be right fixing it :D
Got the same keychain, except the skull is white. I will get some pictures eventually, but right now i am too tired to get the camera and stuff like that.
I have just received an official complaint that i NEVER talk about CARIS on my blog.
Here is a section dedicated to Caris:
Caris, Caris Mary. What can i say about thee.
Before I get all Shakespearean, i think i'll stop right there. Wee.
Caris is my rock. (Or one of :D)
Caris is always there. (Actually, on the phone mostly :D)
Caris sends me a daily sms to make sure I'm alive. (Mostly just to annoy the shit out of me when I'm fast asleep.)
I've known Caris since Year 8, and I don't think she liked me very much then, and it's probably still true :D
Caris was the smart girl in the corner of the maths class. bahaha
Caris and I have jolly sms-ing relays while we are bored shitless at uni.
Caris likes lalas.
And I bet you all have no fcuking clue what they are.
Neither did I.
Caris likes coffee, and also ice-cream.
when she gave it up last year, we thought she might die.
But she survived.
Caris also has a nice beach house :D
Caris makes me edit her work, which is good fun.
Except the technical words hack their way through my brain leaving millions of brain cells concussed or even dead.
Caris likes Big Brother.
I can't stand it.
But despite all our differences, i still love my Caris. :D
There you go, now you can't say i don't talk about you on my blog!!
~GAH :P~

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well, I'm here to announce a 3 week hiatus, as i dive headfirst into the exam period.
But first I will party to celebrate the end of my first semester at uni :D then get back to work.
So you won't be seeing me around for about 3 weeks.
I still have my goddamn 3 assignments to hand in.
Article is non-existent, however, my photoshop and 1500 word essay are pretty much done. well the photoshop one is actually done, i just need to print it and burn the disc :D i printed a trial one today, hair was wayyy too dark so i changed that. :D
and i need to do those powerpoint slides. other than that... The article is the only thing that is getting on my nerves at the moment.
i wish you would write yourself and be done with it.
I despise this kind of journalism muchly. :( poobum.
so off i disappear.
edit// i may pop by on Monday just to put up pictures from Olimpy's 18th :D
the theme is "Superheroes!"
should be interesting.
early wishes. :D
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I wanna be a pirate.
Who wants to be one too ? :)
Photobucket 11:04 pm ♥

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates ...
Fcuking awesomest movie EVER.
and Orlando Bloom...
Johnny Depp was frickin hilarious as usual, and Keith Richard's cameo was cool :D

And here's some lovely pictures of him to swoon over :D
this movie was action packed and very very funny. :)
the Pirates trilogy is tied with LOTR :) i lovelovelove it.
And i would be forever in debt to the person who brings me the trilogy in DVD form in a special edition package once the third one is out in DVD :D
lolface just kidding :D
I'm so very happy because i've nearly finished my visualising assignment in just TWO days :D
then i have to do my article (CRY.) and my essay.
best be off then :)

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Two assignments down, three to go until the end of semester! sort of end.. i still have my exams hahaha
but then those aren't too bad :D
i've got a good head start on my Visualising, if i'm lucky i'll get it done by tomorrow so i have the rest of the week to work on Journo article and MCI essay! :D time time time.. :S
and i'm taking a break to go and see the very very long awaited movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3!! :D:D i swear, it seemed like forever waiting for this movie! :D but it sure sounds like it's hope the damn wait! :D
then its back to work after the movie..
bought a funky tshirt from jayjays today because we had to go buy the tix beforehand, and also a keychain for my house keys and a cool pair of earrings, specially for Pirates! :D hahaha they were in the reduction rack at Equip.. lol.
They have a skull and crossbones on each of the earrings! :) lovelove.
well best be off to sleep so i can get an early headstart. :)
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Monday, May 21, 2007

After a late night, then having to wake up and get Jer ready for school, i fell back asleep and didn't get out of bed until Carrot sent me a message telling me it was time to get out of my warm bed and talk to her (well... correspond with her over sms's). hahaha. NAUGHTY girl.
Had a nice shower, finished watching She's the Man and had a hot chocolate. Then played around on Photoshop with some photos, trying to make the majority black and white and only certain bits coloured :D PRocrastination at its best.
Unfortunately, leftovers for lunch made me feel highly nauseous, which further put off my assignment-doing.
Turned the radio on, which i haven't done for AGES, and had some fun prancing around in my cool knee high striped black and white socks. It was fun while it lasted, then decided i'd crack down and do some work.
but now i am procrastinating again.
which is absolutely wonderfully stupid.
but there's only so much time you can spend looking at printed fact sheets without feeling like you're about to die.
Photobucket 3:40 pm ♥

She's the Man will forever be the most classic teen movie in my books.
Amanda Bynes' comic timing is perfection :)
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

in the midst of watching Ugly Betty..
God the magazine industry can be ugly sometimes.
spent today trying to finish photoshop assignment, but since i totally suck it's taken heaps more time than it should, so i've given up for today.. plus its about time i started my journalism presentation assignment..
Been listening to heaps of Hamish and Andy Podcasts, they're my most favourite radio hosts? ever! haaha.. they're so gorgeous.. lol
and after listening to one of the podcasts, i realised something..
so many men are SO VERYVERYVERY unromantic.
it's disappointing really.
hmm well, back to Betty now :D
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

found a couple of evil grass seeds on my uggies, one of which stabbed me last night when i pushed my uggie aside! it made my toe bleedy.. :( haha.. and a prickle got stuck in my toe! OUCH.
Grass seeds are no fun.
on the brightside, look what i made for Carrot!! :D
i'm so cute. HAHA WHATEVER.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

woke up at around 8-ish this morning after having had 13 hours of sleep from migraine last night! Had brekkie at Curtin with dad then rushed off to class, which was relatively pointless because we talked about films i had never even seen, well i had seen a few, but some which were really only for film students! then waited around for moe, did my tracing of weird skull image for visualising.. went to Booga today, and Moe and I caught Because I Said So, which sadly will be my last movie until (ok, not my last because i am so watching Pirates next week!!!) end of exam period.. -_-.. so with the exclusion of Pirates which is a MUST SEE OR WILL DIE for me hehehe.. Because I Said So was such a gorgeous movie, soooo cute and so very funny (: loved itt we did, but i think its definitely more of a chick flick as the whole cinema was girls. and this lil old lady in the front row! lol.. naww..
then, was sposed to go bowling, but i forgot you had to book the bowling lane first, so we might go tomorrow in the afternoon instead.. -_-
went to James St kitchen for dinner, and i took some photos, but now i just can't be fcuked.
must go and sleep now, regardless of my 13 hour, or thereabouts, sleep yesterday!! :D
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just woke up and remembered i had to get something off my laptop.
It is 11.58 pm at the moment and i have just slept off a migraine, and now i have an aching jaw instead. i think i was clenching in my sleep..
whatever it is it feels like hell.
had migraine since 1pm, and had to stay at uni til 5.. then got dad to come pick me up because i was feeling rather dizzy and in general, very ill.
hopped into bed, oh i longed for it so during the day, at around 7..
on the brightside, i got great marks for my photoshop assignment!
2 Very Strongs and one Strong, Very Strong being the best :D and i got strong for the quality of my print and mounting of the A4 paper.. i strongly suspect i should have got a black board thingo instead of white.. and plus i got some nice fingerprints on the white board because i had a bloody newspaper. haha. ok, save that for later. and my new project like OMGWTF. there's this weird still life with a skull, some bones, a plastic LEI and some plastic balls, like those from ball pits! and we have to render that. OMG. i think i nearly died. well, i should've seen that coming Teg did tell me about it.. -_-
I also got my MayDay article back today.. Only got 65%, would've got 69% if i had remembered that the ALP was spelt LABOR not LABOUR. Jeez they take off lots of marks.. -_-
well i best be off, i can feel another headache starting :(
sleepsleep now.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well, after some toiling, i managed to complete my photoshop assignment with the dodgy photoshop elements prog dad bought.. (really should have used CS2 but that's expensive and i couldn't get into the labs yesterday!!! :( )
and here is Mr Grassy Cube, i am very proud of him :D
and now i must go and get ready for uni to print out mr grassy cube and his friends, party hat, Jupiter and dynamite. hahhaha. perhaps pictures of them will be up later, but Jupiter looks BAD. so perhaps not. :)

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Monday, May 14, 2007

another tiring day, this time i actually got into the labs, it was just the simple mistake of swiping my card the RIGHT way. :)
and moe also informed me on how to place the animations on my blog.
so here they are, extremely shabby because i didn't have enough time to do lots of frames :)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is the first one i did with more frames, i think there are 15 frames all up..
And my masterpiece!! bahaaha.. its only a masterpiece because there's like 30 frames.. and it goes wayyyyyyyy too fast but oh well.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
so yeah, that's my shabby work, and don't worry my friends don't normally look like that, i just manage to capture some very charming moments of theirs.
And don't mock my stick figures!! it's not easy to do animated real looking things, the real heads were challenging enough! hahaha. actually, it's not that hard.. hahaha. i love Fireworks someone buy me the program! haha..
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

to all mumsies out there :D
Woke up this morning to the sound of my sister's voice saying "it's mothers day it's mothers day!" strange how she only wakes up early for special events.
she was the first up which was weird. haha
so we started to make pancakes for mother, they took ages to cook!

Here are our shabbily cut love heart pancakes and also some round pikelets because we just couldn't be bothered anymore! (yes they look retarded because our frying pan is mildly retarded)

And here is my sister holding mums present, as well as the complete tray we brought in to serve mum! :)

Jerri sitting on the gold lion outside Foo Gwai in Applecross, was fairly crowded.

Here's our lovely table of food... blegh i feel sick looking at it now, but it was pretty good.

Fried prawn dumpling things. YUMMO (:

Fried Wantons, not as good as Spore. (Frankly, you can't get food at Spore standard here anyway)

Now this i like!! CheeChongFun (aussie-fied? :P) sooo good.
Check out my mum's "hip" boots. she's even followed the trend of long boots with leggings. hehe
overall a good day. now bumming around, procrastinating as usual but i feel mildly ill so there's my excuse! (: better go now, i think i'm going to lie down for abit. ^_^

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Friday didn't exactly go according to plan, was sposed to study and then practice hair and make up for next day with mosie! :
mum and dad decided to invite people over for dinner, which means we couldn't do either.. ):
but after dinner we had some fun playing Fish with my cool Cadbury cards from the Cadbury show bag :D then we played "Batteries", same thing as Spoons but we didn't have any spoons in the room, so i just grabbed whatever was nearest. :D haha.
Then the card game novelty wore off, and Mosie suggested we play 26 Pickup. obviously i had one thing on my mind....
heh. then she proceeded to flick half a deck of cards at me.
"oh i get it now, we have to pick up 26 cards"
so we started to flick cards at each other, which then became a huge card war!!
**dum dum dummmmmm**
childish i know, but it was so much fun :D i think we must've paper cut each other lots. haha
it was fun, we had to wear safety glasses.
next day, got up at around 10-ish, and Mosie felt like making pikelets, so we headed over to the shops to get self-raising flour. :) also picked up pressies and cards for sarah t and ruthy!
oh btw,
yeah i doubt she'll see that but ahh well, all in good spirit :)
and also got Maddi a cool Birthday tiara! :D which she wore for most of the night too :D
so, we got home, made pikelets which took pretty long.. wish i got some photos! but i did make them today for Mother's Day for mum :D so i'll get those on later on another post.
so anyhow, Mosie and I researched some funk 60s make up looks, then started to get ready to rumble!! Oh alright, not really. We did start getting ready. Moe's hair was frickin awesome when we were done :D real 60s babe (: my hair was just nasty.
hahaha. but i put some major fake eyelashes on, i think i'm addicted. and i had MAJOR liquid eyeliner. hahaha. it doesn't show that well in photos :]
so, after rushing to Mads and Carrot's place, we got there in time! (:
made our way to bowling with Mads parents, where she opened a very cool present from her lil sis.
yay.. (: and also a very cool birthday card that sings happy birthday to you. haha.
she was highly amused. :P
arrived at AMF Bowling in Morley, and carrot was highly mortified but she got over that :D
everyone was running late to bowling, so carrot and i waited outside to wait for them, but it was way too cold.. (:
soon everyone came, and they all looked gorgeous :) and caitlyn and chloe definitely were best dressed in op shop apparel, complete with higher than waistline pants and a pink top with fur collar :P
Me with Birthday Girl Mads!! And her cool Happy Birthday tiara. hehe

Carrot the PRO bowler, i believe she won the first game overall, and got quite a few strikes! (So much for not liking bowling carrot!)

3 very beautiful ladies and my besties :D lov u guys!! :)

Bowling was pretty fun, i love it muchly and i also suck muchly. i did get one strike and lots of spares though. hahaha. lovelovelove.
i think i came third in the 2nd game. yay!
and the ball also nicely ripped the top of my thumbnail off. haha. it was absolutely lovely.
After bowling was over, we all headed off to Retro Betty's near Innaloo shopping centre.
it was a fun ride in the car because we had two cars trailing and we were all hyped up hoping they would not get caught at a red light, we had to stop once for the last car to catch up! :)
twas a very cool retro restaurant cafe thingy which served burgers and nachos and pancakes haha. i ordered a "booty"(wtf? haha) burger, which had chicken, lettuce, cheese, mayo and bacon. mmmm.
caris had a nice big bowl of wedges! hahaha. i think she actually succeeded in finishing them lol.
so after lots of good ol catch ups, tons of photos and very full stomachs, we left the place and headed back to mads and carrots place.
kudos to mads parents who shouted everyone's meals and drinks! :D thanks for the lovely night!
got back and mads, cato, carrot and moe had lovely half frozen strawberry daiquiris.. and after about an hour i headed home.. (: so overall it was pretty good fun catching up and bowling and eating :) thanks maddles !! :D
and Mothers Day post will be up later, now i have to go an assemble some weird thing mum bought for herself because she is unable to do it by her lonesome. :P heh. and i also have to finish shitty PR report for tuesday.
ciaociao for now!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Long day at uni...
Really need to do visualising assignment but i am so bad at that shit.
got MCI tomorrow and group meeting which i just remembered.
on the plus side, headed to Garbo after uni and went to PriceAttack.
bought some funky eyelashes as well as light pink nail polish and lipstick for saturday's partay! :D i figured since i can't do 60s outfit i'll do 60s hair and makeup, which could be interesting... :S
haha. also bought pearl earrings for me and moe and a round brush to tame my retarded fringe.
After that, went to watch Spiderman 3. a couple of tears rolled out of my eyes near the end, which was annoying because it made my mascara run. not that that is a problem, it just made me look like this sleep deprived panda. hahaha. so i was like BAHH.
overall twas pretty good. there was some really random moments, and it was reaaaaaally long.
other than that it was pretty good.
now just about ready for bed, i am so sleeping in on Saturday.
moe is staying over tomoz so we may practice our hair and stuff for saturday! :D
gonna be lots and lots of pics from saturday yay! :D
carrot and i are being co-photographers. heh
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ooh double post for today... :)
Just before i forget to shout out..
for yesterday..
so it really should be.
wow now aren't you all spiffed out you got double greetings? :D
So here's a couple of pictures...
Caris trying to be all spiff with the first bottle of champagne Maddi bought as an 18 year old :D
Look it's all pretty and fizzy..

Maddi with her "surprise" birthday cake.. She really had no idea we brought the cake!


So, we had a really nice time just the four of us pals chatting and eating and being happy in general.

We had nice food from the chinese restaurant across the road it was good. :D
edit// went to Brumby's in the morning and bought Choco croissants and a cheesymite scroll for breakfast for me, moe and maddles. (: and last night we had a good ol chatty when caris went to bed, but mads had alcohol breath and moe had garlic breath. and poor me was in the middle. (:
Left their place at 9am and now i am procrastinating.. <- yes caris i know you hate this word, but it is in fact what i am doing.
was sposed to go to Journo lecture but i am so wiped out, and plus i have to do my journo article, which sucks because i'm pretty sure i'm going to fail it anyway. i best be off then.
see you on the dark side.
Photobucket 3:59 pm ♥

Introducing a new member to our family:
He is a popcorn machine, and he is so uberly cool.
Dad got him for his birthday from Auntie S and Uncle N! :D
Here are pics of Cornelius at work..

Cornelius makes popcorn really fast. :S
He makes it gooood.

Cornelius in action (complete with popcorn falling out of Cornelius hehe).

And that is the end of introducing Cornelius.

Photobucket 3:50 pm ♥

Sunday, May 06, 2007

MayDay Festival today was so tiring..
Lots of alcohol and smoking going on i felt quite ill.. SUPERSIZE-EDIT//it wasn't me doing it, twas the people around me.. :D
Courtney and Chris Murphy were there performing with Murphy's Lore which was their band!:D

Voila! Chris and Courtney! :D

Chris Murphy rockin out!

Courtney Murphy jamming on the keyboard.
Was a little later than i wanted to be, but i managed to catch up to the marching crowd! :D and i caught this cute little poodle on camera..
The protesting poodle gets comfy on the fire engine...
Jumping on the bandwagon.. :) Close-up shot.
The festival itself was ok, there was basically heaps of stalls belonging to the different unions in Australia.. The whole feel of the festival was highly Anti-John Howard, and there were lots of tshirts being worn which said things like Sack Howard! and I Paid $35 for this shirt to help get rid of Howard..
and other nice things... :)
there's lots of things going on that i have had no clue about.. but i don't keep up to date much with the news too even though i've had to recently.. :S
i had some fairy floss, damn did i feel sick after! :)
well, got really tired towards the end of the festival, and i managed to record a couple of speeches and stuff on video, so i'll have to replay those and get some quotes..
Now, i'm off to flop on the couch and die.
Photobucket 9:28 pm ♥

Twas Dad's birthday todayy he turned the big five-O.. (50)
Got up mucho early, (actually no twas 8.45 but twas too early for me!!:P) decorated the house with streamers, banners, flags and shiny little '50' cutouts, and not to forget, a large bunch of red and yellow balloons which said 50 on them! :)
Mum went out to buy breakfast, nasi lemak for dad which was basically the coconut rice, a sort of chilli thing (sambal for those who understand.. :P), an egg and a chicken wing. i must say singaporean cuisine reigns over all asian food here. nothing even compares.. ):
so anyway, after awhile of just hanging around, Mum sang Dad a song, and got all romantic and such while Jerri and I practiced the song we wrote for dad, which was practically the same tune as vini's song, just different words. but as usual, jerri was annoying the hell out of me with her attitude. in fact the whole day, she was annoying me with her attitude.. so what's new.
went to Fremantle, Old Shanghai for lunch.. Dad ordered Pad Won Sen from Siam Kitchen..

Pad Won Sen: Thai Glass Noodles with chicken and vegetables. YUMMO! :D
And he also ordered Tempura! :D Tempura prawn is love.

Tempura Prawns and Vegetables.. The Best!! :)
So after lunch, we headed to the Fremantle Markets, so that they could get some fruits. Meanwhile Jerri and I walked around aimlessly by ourselves, and i bought some cool things for mads and caris. finally jerri asked for a redskin, so we went to the lolly shop and purchased some Redskins, which were only 40c each.. Good Ol' Lollies.. :p
The sock shop interested me greatly, because i was in need of socks as my toes were feeling a little blistery. Bought two pairs of sexy->( hahaha) new over the knee socks (Haha! Pics soon.. i totally forgot..) and also just normal ankle socks, one pair with stars and another with Playboy bunnies!! hahaha. and mum wanted a pair of Playboy bunny ones, i was like wTF??
So anyway, after Fremantle we went home to start getting ready.
Once again, we ran late, very late, and everyone was pretty shitty in the car..
But here's a token photo of me testing the camera! Lol.
Say hi to ugly betty!! :D (Oh god, the fringe..)
Reached the restaurant, and a couple of people were staring as we made our way out of the car because of the huge pile of balloons which seemed to tumble out of the car when Jerri hopped out.. The Dorays were already waiting for us inside, and then we proceeded to order.
The dang food took soooooo long to get there, by the time we got our first dish, many of the people who were at the restaurant had left.. oh gosh... ol and i were so ravenous i think we might've polished off a large fraction of the fish together which was served first. Dinner was uneventful, with everyone starving, and bored out of their minds waiting for sustenance.
After dinner, we headed to Gelare and we cut dad's cake there! :)
Dad's Cake: Vanilla Sponge from Michel's bakery.. It was very light and beautiful, I'm sort of sick of chocolate cakes... :P
Uncle P's cappucino, it just looks pretty! :D

Me, taking my new boots for a spin.
Ok, so i ordered an Ice Coffee at Gelare and was merrily drinking my drink which was superbly delicious.
i discovered something.
See, Ice Coffee is so pretty!
I discovered these lumps in my drink, and i thought they were ice cubes, however, upon further inspection, they were far from ice!! They were in fact...
:P eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, :P
Never ever seen such a thing, the only person i've known to eat frozen milk is Moe. lol
then ol and i got bored, and decided we'd make a documentary about Bran and Jerri, who Oliv and I think will be married when they are of age. They were chasing around and beating each other up or something, and so we made it "The Lover's Quarrel." hehe. we're evil. jerri wasn't too happy about it, but oh well. (:
Tutored Moe's sis yesterday, however it wasn't too great becasue i didn't rememeber an extreme amount of discrete!! -_-" Might be helping Ol tmw if i get my infor done for the MayDay festivities.. well, i best be off. :)
Goodnight all! :)
Photobucket 2:05 am ♥

Friday, May 04, 2007

after approximately 5 hours of sleep, i woke up to finish my assignment due in today.
i officially HATE annotated bibliographies..
went to the library after lunch with moe. we found a new eating place even nearer than the vege patch called The BAsement.
and ooh guess what Moe is coming to Spore with me for two weeks!!!!
i'm so pumped.. and we're going to visit vinipoopie yay
and moe isn't a shopaholic so we'll be going to the wonderful sights..
with only a tad bit of shopping. lol.
so tired now, watching Prime at the moment just because i have to return it tomorrow..
it's cute.. lol..
PCD show was yayness. i hope Melissa R wins woot.
melissa s is bitchy me no likey.
best be off to concentrate on movie.. (:
Photobucket 10:47 pm ♥

Thursday, May 03, 2007

today was sooooo tiring i think i nearly passed out..
stupid current affairs quiz only got 4.5/10 cos i was so tired and wasn't concentrating while reading the paper.. lol.. had a style quiz that wasn't too bad, and got my stupid article back.. at least i passed, 62% did worse than last time which was bad. :(
then had to go to the library to look up some references and shit, then went to the labs cos my USB thingo wasn't working in the lib.. Photoshop class was blah, but he showed us how he made things look 3D. i took a whack at it just now, it was really bad, but then again i only have photoshop elements on this comp.. which is bad and annoying.
made my way to garden city, where mum purchased ankle boots for me, and a pair of those Converse wannabe shoes! :P
started to read XX's blog again after not reading for awhile because she'd stopped her frequent blog posts, and remembered why i was such a fan. because she is randomly humourous just the way i likes it :)
now, going to do pointless MCI 101 assignment which is due tomorrow.
Photobucket 8:02 pm ♥

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

well, these few days have been very stressful.
firstly, on sunday, mum hurt her calf whilst we were making our way out to head to church. so we didn't go to church, which isn't my main concern. we had to look after mum, so i made dinner and all that stuff. then my sister had to start behaving like a brat as she does, and i lost it totally because i was so sick of her.. rang moe and fully broke down. had nice swollen eyes in the morning.
i guess i really miss the having friends right next door aspect of boarding school, not so much all the other shit haha.
emailed carrot too, and felt better after.
next day had to drag myself out of bed to get my sister ready, and guess what she gives me shit again. same thing happened this morning, more bullshit. and both days i had to get myself ready for uni, and i ended up being late.
i really don't understand why she is so full of shit.
and yes i know this entry has more shit than it needs to have, but i don't care right now.
had my PR presentation today. we decided we'd go first so we didn't have to field so many questions, in fact we only had 3, 2 of which were from the tutor clarifying something on our slideshow. then , i met moe for lunch at the main cafe, and we were going to go to the couches and flop there and die after, but we decided we'd go and play some pool at the squash centre. however, all the pool equipment was out, so we settled for table tennis. upon reaching the table tennis arena, we found that these guys had already set up there, playing on the only good table in the court. so we used the dodgy wobbly one, with lots of help from them to set it up.
i have realised i pretty much suck at table tennis, and should just give up totally trying to play it properly at all. haha. i love badminton though, at least i can aim (sort of.) heh.
that sucked all the energy out of me, so after our hour was up, we flopped on the couches at the labs. however, we were so buggered, and moe needed to go home and do her essay. so we decided we'd skip out on hip hop for today.. went to Coles when i got back to get some stuff, and when i got home, dad had arrived from the airport! :) finally, someone else to help me look after jerri. i think i might've run away from the house if she'd given me anymore shit today. 7 years of her crap, and i'm getting sick of it. (7 because until she was 2 she was the best sister in the world.)
cooked up a cool pasta thing for mum who has gone on a no salt diet to lower her BP, it was yummo i loved it even though it had mushrooms.. i just avoided those. lol.
then went to Lee Palace, where the food was mediocre, my usual sizzling black pepper beef was not a success, though i still ate it.
got tai chi tomorrow, not looking forward to going to uni, i hope i'm not going to be buggered. i'll head to the library while waiting for the journo lecture i guess..
i still need to find an event in Perth to write about for journo!
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