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Monday, February 23, 2009

ahh first day of uni..
finally over.
it was bloody freezing in the morning, i expected it to be warm, you know, summery? lol
my legs were about to fall off.
but it got hot later.. haha good thing i didnt run back and put on pants.
was an alright day, i absolutely can't wait for photography.
let it begin!!!
and so far i like all my tutors/lecturers.
the first one i had was actually an American illustrator, but his accent had an irish twinge so i was trying to figure out where he was actually from, until he said, "we americans"
or something along those lines. lol
but he was pretty funny. good start to the day!
had a pretty eccentric lady for typog and eccentric man for photography. but i guess most of the design peeps are eccentric, which is all good ! hehe
now i'm so freakin tired.
must. sleep.
but want to watch 81st Annual Academy Awards.
WHYYY is it only being broadcasted here at 9.30pm?! WHY
depriving those who are sleep-deprived and don't have digital recorders and what not..
oh well, at least we get it.. :)
edit// ARGHHHH I'M SO PISSED OFF. They didn't bloody play the bit with Rob Pattinson!!! Stupid Channel 9. SO not impressed. but the Oscars were awesome anyway, entertainment wise. Hugh Jackman was excellent! :) end edit//
and everyone listen to the new song on my blog! well.. i spose it plays automatically, so you have no choice unless your speakers are off.
it's by Hana Pestle and it's entitled Need.
its hauntingly beautiful. and all Twihards want it to be on the New Moon OST, including ME! and Audz :D and go support her in her campaign thingo.
listen to it yeah! :)
OMG i can't wait for New Moon, seriously.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

I wish I could be doing what this chick is studying.
A PhD in Twilight, Harry Potter and LOTR?
Life would be so goddamn sweet.


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So, yeah you're a good writer and all. you've sold god knows how many books and they've been made into movies blah blah.
but everyone has different tastes, and S.M. just happens to cater to those people!
I personally don't enjoy your books.
But I love S.M.'s.
just because you don't like her writing doesn't mean she's bad. that's YOUR opinion.
who gave you the power to tell people if they're good or bad?
I say, it all lies in your ability to tell a story.
if you told a story, captured and warmed millions of hearts and sold a gut-busting number of books (and made into record breaking films), i'd say your story has to be pretty good. i think this power is what makes a good writer.
but that's just me. some people who write stuff that seems like incredibly boring drivel to me, may be a good writer to someone else.
if S.M. weren't at least a fairly good writer, her books would never sell and her stories would never have been told.
And don't compare JKR and SM.
SM never wanted to BE a writer, whereas i'm pretty sure JKR always had.
and JKR's writing is simply phenomenal.
and they also write DIFFERENT stories.
JKR chooses adventure, magic, friendship.
and SM chose romance.
totally different categories.
so it's not fair to say that SM can't write worth a darn.
because her books have their own different spell-binding appeal. the story draws you in, and it's not only pre-teen girls and mothers who enjoy these books.
her's is a story loved by millions of people.
and that's something you can't take away.
now i've said my piece.
off to bed now.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lol just a random thing I did when I was bored out of my mind today... :P

25 Random Facts/Bits of Info about moi.

1. I'm only doing this because I'm bored shitless.. Yep.
2. I like blog surfing. Reading about what other people do in their lives entertains me. Unless it's written in bad English. Then it just pisses me off.
3. I have O.C.D. (not the "medical condition", Obsessive Cullen Disorder LOL). This condition makes me addicted to all things Twilight.
4. I love piano and guitar. but have never taken a single lesson. i play my way because having to learn theory and proper methods infuriate me.
5. Can't stand blood, it makes me feel woozy.
6. Learnt French in high school. Unfortunately, my sponge-like brain has squeezed out much of what I learnt to absorb new things.
7. Can't speak Chinese for nuts (it's all been forgotten)! Takes me forever to construct a correct sentence. hahaha
8. I really wanna be a photographer.
9. One day I shall travel around the world :D
10. I don't like the water. I mean, oceans, seas, rivers, pools. eeeeugh. Baths are alright. hahaha
11. If I watch a tv show/movie with underwater scenes I can't breathe. Was quite edgy during Finding Nemo :P Good show though.
12. I love badminton.
13. Sometimes things you don't expect to hear from me fall out of my mouth, and may give you a shock. :D
14. My favourite colour is teal/turquoise. Followed closely by purple.
15. i love my iMac, George. (& i miss him muchly *tear*)
16. i love fake eyelashes. they make up for the fact that i don't have very long real ones. haha. but they're quite annoying to put on. plus they make me look marginally better.
17. My sister is a dork. =D
18. I love watching movies, musicals and stupid Disney and nickelodeon shows.
19. been studying in Perthopia since 2002. & loving it there! :) S'pore is good for hols though. :D
20. I wish winter was 365 days long. i love the cold weather so much. & would it hurt for abit of snow sometimes?!
21. I don't really like talking to people on the phone, because it takes me lots of time to think about what i want to say. i am unable to yabber on like some people can. i prefer.. writing letters/emails/face-to-face convos/msn... you get the drift. hahaha
22. Audrey Miaow is my BFFN. Til 2030. hahaha. YAY.
23. The song Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron&Wine is my lullaby. Makes me fall asleep real easy :)
24. I really don't have anything else to add.
25. Call me crazy, some of these things I wrote are a little on the retarded side.. Yep I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore, can't have you associating with people like me! So.. Just.. go away.. click the little clicky thing.. Yep that's it.

Am so retarded.


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So I realised, (omg) that I didn't do my best of '08 blog post!
And it is now February 2009. Oh the joys.

But 2008 was quite the awesome year, so I decided to just pick out the highlights :)

Best Event
Ok, possibly a tie between Jo's 19th or the Twilight Soiree. :D
Had a blast at the ruby room for Jo's, and I definitely had a blast at the Twilight Soiree! Met awesome new peeps/avid Twilight fans like me there! yayyy for the S'pore Twilight fandom.

Best Part
Probably.. starting my new (now old haha) Design course @ uni, because of the awesome people, awesome lecturers and awesome course! :D I had a blast, despite the assignments and copious amounts of reading.. At least it was generally interesting, across the board. :D

Most Hilarious Photographic Capture

A tie between this series of pictures..

And this one from the Potbelleez "concert" :D hahaha
That's the Sambuca burning their throats.

Best Buy
I think I'm gonna say
my LG Viewty KU990.
the first mobile phone i bought with money I earnt through my own labour.
(not gonna say hard labour. because i can't really call it that. haha.)
And I love it. But I really wish it had wifi.
now I can't help but want the LG Renoir KC910.
because it's just that a few notches better than mine.

Best Website
Pretty sure, TWILIGHTSINGAPORE takes this one.
i lovelovelove it.
and it's my source of Twilight news, info, pictures and awesome events and prizes!!
HEH :)

Best Music
I think I'm gonna say:
The Twilight Soundtrack!
Yep.That was an AWESOME mix of music.
and I think I need a new word in place of AWESOME.
But seriously, it has like this wonderful mishmash of different kinds of music in one cd.
i lovelovelove it.
Some songs took a little getting used to, but they're all fantabulous.
Flightless bird, American Mouth was immediately my new fave song though :D
I remember when me and Audz saw it in Sanity we started to squeal/scream and gave the people beside us a shock. Or we may have weirded them out. hahaha

And drum roll for the last thinggg:
I'm sure you can guess, me being a movie fanatic and all..

Best Movie!!

Alright this is going to be SO freaking difficult.
Because 2008 had so much awesomeness Movie-wise.
I'm choosing 3.
Sex and the City, The Dark Knight anddddd TWILIGHT!
That last one was SO not predictable AT ALL.
:P :P

So, yep, that's all for 2008.
T'was indeed a hard act to follow.


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