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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back in Perthopia.
No more pretty condo.. :( I'm gonna MISS it so much.
And my friends.
And Auntie Sue.
And her million cats.
Haha ok not million.
Muffin was talking to me and going crazy rubbing itself on my legs. Perhaps she knew I was leaving. :S
And now I'm back here, stressing out about at least 10 different things. Drawing like crazy, so I can hand it in tomorrow. I really want to go to a Hairspray singalong session, but I have absolutely NO free time these next 2 weeks especially. :( 2 oral presentations which I have NOT started, for Thursday, same class. Other drawing crap due on Friday, MAJOR photog assignment due next Monday, and probably some PR and Journo shit due sometime in these 2 weeks! :(WOW i've dug myself into a hole..
You know, sometimes I just want to crawl into a hole, leave uni and just lie there for like a month. I really don't like one of my units, stupid theory shit I'll NEVER use ever again. I love photography, but this semester's assignments were shit. I'm holding out for years 2 & 3 which will be undeniably awesome. PR is fcuking bullsh*t and journalism is ok. I have a cool tutor for that. :) Okay, back to the drawing board. Or should I say, page.

edit// I bought the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume duty-free @ Changi Airport. It's so freakin expensive, $117 for a 50ml bottle. But hey, it's Chanel, and the smell is so freakin delicious, that it's totally worth it! :)

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I just checked out the draft timetable for exams this semester, and even though I have ONE MEASLEY EXAM... It just happens to have THE worst timing.
For an EXAM.
I shall slowly get over that.
Stayed home most of the day attempting to work on assignments. I am SO behind. I even took some notes onto the train so I could read and try to register what it is i'm supposed to be doing.. And I just found out, that NOW i have to go out and buy some Men's magazines to do my group assignment. GAhh..
And I don't mean like Playboy or Swimsuit Illustrated or whatever it's called, mags like "Men's Health".. WOOT.
DAMN those media assignments. DAMN them to the fiery depths of hell..
I'm soo buggered today, went to the very large this fashionand tried on some dresses, bought one of those, then headed over to the pasar malam/ bazaar thing as Hams and Char told me, bought a pair of flats, and 3 bags! One which says "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" for Moe, a WICKED Converse overnight bag (finky?) and a random silver handbag for Jerri. Oh and also a cool wallet thingy. :)
Been trying anxiously to ring Em's hotel room, as I left my shoes there, and I don't really want them to have this extra weight to carry back for moi.. :( Perhaps really early tomorrow I'll ring! lol. Anyway. I best be off. long day tomorrow, gotta prepare to go back to Perthopia. :(

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Tis Thurs - I mean Friday morning, very very early in the morning.. (2am) and I have not done two of my assignments, barely touched the 1st one due on Monday! Gahhh.
Well, it's been a whirlwind of shopping with Emily and her sisters, Cath and Jen who are sooo nice! :D After I got them from the airport, they came home and Cath and Jen totally knocked out while Emm just sat around for an hour.. :) Then we went out to Tamp, where they bought HEAPS of things!! :) Lucky girls.. Cath got an awesome plastic bag from the Converse shop with her news Cons.. :) and they're selling all these bags that say "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" :) Emm bought me some wicked black shoe laces with little skulls and hot pink stars, and also a pair of shoes which came in this 2 pairs for $15 deal @ Century.. :) I did insist that I pay but she refused! Went home after about 6 hours wandering around Tamp, and they loved This Fashion, (low budget, Supre-like shop! :P) Went to Sakae Sushi for dinner with my rents, mann that was good :) And had some good fun laughing at the weird motorised cow and dinosaur slowly making it's way around the level!
Today, I took them to their hotel, which is fabulous on the inside, and absolutely disgusting on the outside.. it's four stars, probably lost that last star because of the outside.. :S the pool looked maginificent! :) had a minor confusion with their bags, thought they lost two of them! :S Then we went out to search for brekkie :) we just popped into Breadtalk, and Carly came along!! :D Haven't seen her in agessss. After chomping on our food, drinking our canned Milos and wandering around the random shops, they decided they'd like to go visit Bugis.
they also realised that they left their hockey stick bag at my house!! hahahaaha and they're here for their hockey tournament :P LoL
So Em, Carly and I went back to Tamp where dad quickly dropped the bag off :D They were ever so grateful.. :) I took a couple of photos, but i can't be fcukd transferring them onto the comp. :) ahh well. We left Cath and Jen at Bugis and got a little worried when we were late.. After Bugis, we went back to the hotel, and then kept tryin to search for their bags which finally came.. They were probably late for their hockey game too! Once they'd left, I realised I was such an idiot, and had left my shopping in their room :'( boohooo. Decided to hang around the area, and try to contact them.. Had such a hard time contacting them, and I didn't even manage to, so I'll be doing that tomorrow :( boohoo. And my feet were crying out to me to stop moving.. haha.. I miss my shoes! lOl
Listening to Mugglecast now, I really should go to sleep..

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back in Singapore for a week..
Watched Paris, Je t'aime and Namaste London on the plane...
Paris, Je T'aime was a little too weird, way too many different directors, but it was interesting! I loved Namaste London, at some points I thought I was going to burst out into tears.. haha.. and the good thing is, i started watching that with the intention of checking whether it would suit my assignment theme, and it totally did and i totally enjoyed it! :D soo anyways.
Spent today helping Mum at the library workshop, didn't really do anything much apart from sit there and look gross.. hahaha I did take a stroll down to TM to get food, was sussing out any bargainous regions I may be able to take Emmy when she gets here!! :D Went to LP too after the workshop, and bought shitload of stuff mostly for Mum, but I bought some lanterns for the lantern festival! Which was tonight, so hams, char and I went around walking with my family holding lanterns and pissing ourselves laughing over stupid things just like ye olden days. :D haha
So sad i'm moving and they're totally devo too, I really like my house :'( boohooo.
it's comfy, even though all the walls are white, and all the furniture is simple..
I best be hopping into bed soon, Emm is arriving tomorrow at 8.55 am with her sisters, woohoo so pumped! :D they'll probably want to sleep though, so we'll let them rest. :) Lucky them they have to wait in Jakarta for like 6 hours! In fact they should be touching down there very soon.. :)

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Been sick since Tuesday, first time this year I've stayed home because I was sick!
LoL what a milestone ;p
Had to go to an after-hours GP on Wednesday to get an MC as I had 2 assignments due in the next day.. I had actually finished one already, I just couldn't go in to hand it in.. Wisely completed it before I got delirious.. I think i may have started hallucinating at some point during the night, or it could've just been some sort of weird dream/nightmare which felt horribly real. the thing is i don't remember what it was, i just remember experiencing something awful.. lol.
But I got my Snitch earrings from HK on Tuesday!! :D They're alot smaller than they r on the Ebay photo, it doesn't stick true to it's size, but they're still very cute!! :D I haven't had a chance to wear them anywhere though, I've been stuck home since Tuesday.. Well I did pop out yesterday but only to go to the video store with Moe so I could get the movies I needed to do my assignment. i was trying hard to do my oral presentation on wednesday but i was feeling too groggy and weak to make sense of anything, so there went that plan! so i just collapsed back into bed for the rest of the day, apart from when maddi dropped by to borrow some movies and have lunch.. :) well, pretty much a wasted trip back here since i had a grand total of 2 hours at uni this week!! i should be going today since i'm feeling abit better than before, and i need to return a recalled library book before they fine me and i lose all borrowing privileges GAHH i can't lose those i've got too many assignments to do!! well i best be off then, try and finish crap..

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Ahh, so I'm back in Perthopia after rushing from country to country! :P
The wedding was much funn, catching up with family, and seeing people I hadn't seen in ages, and were thoroughly surprised that I towered above most people in my family.. hahahaha :)
S'good to be tall. But I'm REALLY short over here.. Okay, well not that short, just very average height.. which isn't too bad either.. Arrived in S'pore on Saturday, and surprised Hamz very much when I came to deliver some chocolate delicacies all the way from Oz.. hehe.. Also shocked Charms, but I didn't see her for very long.. :(
The wedding day was just slightly hectic. Had to get up early in the morning to get ready for the "tea ceremony". It was a Chinese wedding, so the bride and groom had to give tea to the groom's parents and elder relatives before proceeding to the bride's house to do the same thing! :) Nonetheless, the blushing bride was gorgeous in her pretty white dress, and Jerri got to become honourary bridesmaid because it was rainy and there wasn't anyone to hold the bride's dress on the way up to the house! Everyone around them were holding video cameras or huge SLR cameras lol! Then there was me with an SLR and a tiny digi cam.. hahaha (:

Here, on the way to the lift. Pretty Siyin(cousin's wife)! :) And weird sister. hahaha
We viewed their wedding album too which cost them about $3000, but it came with EVERYTHING, including hair, makeup and outfits.. like whoaa. I so wanna aim for this industry! They had the most beautiful wedding album I've ever seen. The photos were actually printed onto the pages, and it was huge! They went to some places in Singapore, and I was unaware of how beautiful Singapore could be, even in the most random secluded places which they went to for the photoshoot. (: sighh
Pretty picture :D Bit dark though.
Forgive dodgy quality, there was a pro photographer doing their pics and I didn't wanna keep getting in his way, I wouldn't like it if people came barging in and snapping away while I was doing my job either.. And Dad was like GET IN AND TAKE IT NOW.. -_-"
So after the tea ceremony, we went home, had to go to CHURCH. Amazing, how mum finds the time to make us go, even on the busiest of days.. :
After that headed to TM to buy a shirt for my cousin, who had misplaced the one meant to go with his mandarin collar jacket! Bought 6 women's mags for MCI assignment, only cost $21, you'd never get them that cheap here! (: Also bought a little black crop jacket from Isetan to go with my random black and purple dress from K-mart..
Headed home, and tried to rest, but decided I'd better start getting ready or we'd be late. Well, we were late anyway, so it didn't really matter! :P
Did Jerri's hair, a very vague adaptation of a hairstyle seen in the movie Hairspray. She actually had one of her kiddy girl mags which had a how-to-do section for it, so i attempted to follow that with what little hair she had! :P
The final result! :)

Random photo of the back of her head in the car
Yes, lots of hairspray was involved :P
Her hair was totally as hard as rock!
She received lots of compliments at the wedding, and the only person who didn't like it was Dad, but he is a very au-naturel person... Which can be annoying.. Because he is highly anti-make up.
Fine.. You're fault if I look like shit and it's reflected on your genes.
Ehh, look crap anyway!
Back to wedding stuff :D

Here's a collage of the dishes each table received. WHen I heard what a hefty amount of money they paid for this whole wedding thing I nearly fell off my chair! :O I'd never have such a huge wedding, i bet you half the people they didn't even know because they were parent's friends.. :

Random shot of the happy couple pouring the champagne! :D

My cousin's sister, (so my other cousin!:P) nearly made me come on stage to do the toast, but I was like NOOO. Thank god. it looked highly embarrassing! :P
Siyin (wife of cousin) looked very glamorous, and I'm pretty sure she changed at least 3 times during the day! :D

Love the dress with it's colours. :D
I'm pretty sure, that for most Western weddings, the bride sticks to her white dress, but man Siyin had like at least 3 dresses! They were pretty :D Doesn't beat Malay weddings though, apparently they change at least 7 times or something throughout the ceremony and celebrations! :O
But the hotel did the wedding entrance and stuff very well, very dramatic, with the dim lights, candles and roses, and of course, the ever popular dry ice smoke! :P And the swelling romantic music and all that jazz.. And my cousin, silly man, kissed his wife on the cheek when the Justice of the Peace said you may now kiss the bride. so the emcee made them do it again when they came back in their 2nd outfits! lol.. And counted to 10, very very slowly. so the moral of the story is, if you don't want to be humiliated infront of the whole crowd, just do it right the first time. hahaha..
Just to end it off, here is the cutest picture of my baby cousin Ramona laughing. This is special, because usually she is the most painfully shy baby you will ever meet. (:
My cousin was quite drunk at the end of the night and his face was uber red hahaha :D it was funny, i don't think i've ever seen him drunk EVER! :P it was funny, i was laughing at him
After the wedding, went home and packed for early flight the next day!
The flight was quite full, but there were some free rows, so I plonked myself into a windowside seat for a few minutes to admire the view, and took some pretty pictures :D After awhile, I think the bright sunlight made me head ache.. So i went back to my seat.

Flying high, in the sky.
Lastly, I can't wait for this to arrive!!!!! :D
Apparently, my Snitch earrings are waiting for moi at the post office.
WOO!! :D

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Here I am in Singapore.
Tired, tired,tired.
But on the bright yet dim side :D
I watched most of HSM 2. But couldn't watch the entire movie because the power kept going out!! :(
Guess I wasn't destined to watch the whole thing tonight :( BOOHHOO.
I did get the Hairspray soundtrack!! :D
I really should be sleep because I have to be up @ approximately 6am. to get ready for my cousin's wedding. hmm.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

BEST musical movie ever!!!!:D
Have officially fallen in love with it.. And am going to purchase the soundtrack when I get back to Spore ASAP if it's available!! :D Like omg weeeeeeeeeeee :D
The cinematography was excellent, as was the singing dancing and acting! :) Nikki Blonsky certainly shone, and so did Zac Efron, JOHN TRAVOLTA and Queen Latifah, and all the rest of the cast who did spectacular jobs! :) Michelle Pfeiffer was VERY evil and convincingly portrayed a racist TV station manager :) And to my utter surprise, Amanda Bynes, my favourite comedic actress, SUNG! :) And it was awesome :D She sounded fabulous! :) And her character was a total crack up.. :) The entire movie made me laugh, and laugh and laugh and laugh some more! :) Now I really want to see the musical! The songs were absolutely fabulous, overall a fan-bloody-tastic movie! :D
And that's that for Hairspray! :)
Everyone go watch it!! NOWW


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In celebration of the release of High School Musical 2 I have changed my blog song :D
You Are the Music In Me
One of my favourites on the soundtrack.
Tis rather sad that, I have yet to watch the movie, but when I do, i'll be able to sing along throughout the whole movie! :O Which can be quite bothersome to people... Specially since I can't sing for nuts! :P
Seriously, my sister's played the soundtrack over and over and over so the songs are ingrained... :)
Now I must be off to watch the late news :'( boohoo. Current Affair Quiz tomorrow how annoying.


Photobucket 10:15 pm ♥

Couple of pictures from the weekend! :D
Twas rather cloudy on the weekend... Though it didn't actually rain.
There were these Freestyle bike stunt dudes there too doing some pretty nifty things. Here's a shot of one of the dudes doing one of his stunts!
Pretty awesome :D

And my favourite Doggie of Maddi's, Benny! :D
NZ Hunterway... So cute and gentle.

Pretty blue skies :) And Maddi's Red Getz Gertie in the middle of the canola paddock! :D

And Moe made a pretty Dandelion tiara :D

Can't wait to watch Hairspray tomorrow! :D

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Like OMFG Potter has whiskers! :D
Okay, so he's not Potter, I shall refer to him as Dan Rad.
pretty blue eyes & dark brown hair.. :P
edit// this just in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 will be showing on Disney channel when I'm back for the weekend in SPORE AHH I'M SO PUMPED! :D
wow. look at me. i'm a loser.
Bought tix to Hairspray today! :D:D They were nearly selling out so we're lucky we rushed there.. gonna need to get there hell early too so we don't miss out on wicked seats! :D Can't wait. For the record Zac Efron looks alot better with his dark hair.. :) Ohh I love dark brown hair.
Yeah okay, enough with the dark brown hair and blue eyes obssessing, i must be off to bed my eyes are about to pop out.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

GOD it's cold. i'm shivering.
Had a rather eventful weekend, road trip up to Koorda with Mads, Caris and Moe on Saturday! :) The night before, Moe and I stayed over at Mads and Caris's and we went to go get Dominos pizza. so we placed our order and after 10 or so minutes, our name still hadn't popped up on the screen, so they make me go and ask about it.. turns out it didn't process.. grrr. so we did it again, and after 10 minutes, guess what. it still hadn't processed!! so after waiting like one hour, we got 3 free pizzas.. hehe not bad for an hour's wait! :P
Twas okay @ the Koorda show met lots of Mads' relatives! It wasn't a very big affair, and after quite a bit of alco (not me.. the other 3!), I had to look after a nearly delirious, vomitting girl in the tent...also had no mattress and one thin rug! So yeah not much sleep, extremely cold! :S woke up at 6.30 and decided Maddi's car would be a much more comfy and warm place! so there i went, and was shortly joined by Mads! lol
But we met Mads's dogs and kitties and I love her NZ Hunterway benny!! :D so gorgeous.. :)
So the whole vomitting thing, and the freezing coldness
So now i'm finishing my assignment, nearly done, due tomorrow in PR. ack.. gross.
Was just researching HSM2 and I found articles on Vanessa Hudgens, about her nude photos that found themselves on the net.. and so many people are going crazy over it, sparking rumours and all that kinda shit.. poor vanessa.. it's just a nude body people, get over it. so what if she's a famous actress i expect you've all seen someone naked at some point in time. Not like she's made a sex video or something.. and it wasn't taken purposely for releasing into the public, so meh.
Planning to watch Hairspray with Mads and Hayley and Jerri on Thursday when it's released! :)
its lookin pretty awesome! :D watched Rove yesterday, and Zac Efron AND Daniel Radcliffe were on!! I was just like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :D And I cannot WAIT to see Decemberboys which has Dan Radcliffe pulling off an Aussie accent! :D should be a scream.. :P

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

By far, one of THE cutest movies I've ever seen! :D
Script was excellent, animation superb, comic timing was fabulous and the cooking was fantastically executed by the man and his rat :)
Definitely a must-see for animation lovers, and even food and cooking lovers! :D
Although one bit did irk me, but i shan't spoil it for anyone! :P
Road tripping this weekend with my the Fab Four (actually i'm in it, so it;s only three without me.. And i make it SO much less fab :P)
Off to the Koorda show, which should be fun! :D muchomucho pictures sometime after sunday! :)

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nothing much to say, except the photos turned out pretty good! :)
Not all of them, some were sorta dud. hehe :P
So here are my 11 fave shots, which I've had to edit because the ones on the disc it came with were shite quality.. So Photoshop to save the day! lol..
I bet this was what poor Em was thinking sitting under those hot lights.. :P

So, je te presente, my 11 favourite shots! :) OH and the blue filter didn't ruin them hehe.
Some are colour but never mind that.. I had to finish the roll of film okay!

This one on top is my fave but Em's face isn't in the shot, so I won't be able to give it in for assessment :( boohoo.

Yay! :)

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

GAH i'm so so so so so jealous of those in Singapore!!
Some of the Heroes cast went to Vivo for the Heroes World Tour gahhh!!
including my fave characters Hiro Nakamura and Dr Mohinder Suresh.. :( boohoooo
In other news... lol

We saw a pretty rainbow outside the house.. you never really get them like this in Spore.

Purchased this pretty peacock style candle holder as well as a tangerine lime candle which smells yummalicious. Cost $5 from Dusk! :)

And since we're going along the peacock theme, here are my lovely peacock feather earrings with gold beads from Freo! :D The Beads and Bangles shop, which may be one of my fave stores in the world along with Supre, Jayjays, This Fashion and any shop that sells shoes. :P

And last but not least....
Fluoro writing on a black shirt!!
What more could one ask for...
Actually what attracted me to this $15 baby from JayJays was the electric guitar.. hehe.

After uni, which was a total yawn, headed over to Garden City where audz got a discounted reddies meal for moi! :P Dropped the films off, fingers crossed for me!! I wasn't too sure if i was sposed to be using the blue filter while i had the black and white film in, so i'm a little sketchy about that... $9.95 down the drain if it comes out blue! I think i may just die...

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Thank you so muchooo eMmy for being my model aujourd'hui!! :D
Hopefully the studio photos don't turn out shit because of my bad photo taking..
Took photos with a black and white roll of film for the first time today! It sounds different to the colour film i think... or maybe that's just me being weird :D
After uni tomorrow I'm going to go develop the photos.. :) Can't wait!! :D
Emmy came with us for dinner at Lee Palace.. Toothfish was yummy! :) And we were discussing travelling, and her hockey team trip to Spore in 22 days where she'll be staying with moi for one night ! :D wooohooo.. Now I have a plan to go travelling in the USA in 2010, which is the rumoured release of HP&the DH movie so i shall be attempting to crash one of the premieres and em sounded highly interested! :D And also coincides with the predicted opening of HP land, which I'm not too fussed @ missing the opening, i just wanna go there @ some point in my life.. lol. Best start saving and also get a job (or a couple!!)
Must return to doing media releases now.. hmph.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Couple of days ago I was possessed to make a food blog :D So here it is:
The Idiot's Guide to Awesome Cooking"
Yay! :D
It only has one recipe on it at the moment, well two really, but meh. More to come! :D
Been thinking about going to study overseas through Curtin.. Go do some travelling while I'm at it... I could go to Singapore! :D But I don't think they actually offer that.. haha but that would be good.. Maybe France, USA or Canada.. hmm big dreams :D
So tired, today I felt like my head was going to drop off my shoulders... Something wrong with my jaw and cheekbones area. :( And felt like crap the whole day...
Didn't do ANY work this whole week which is total shit, now I'm wonderfully screwed for next week.. Sposed to think of what to do for photography.. GAH i'm so dead.
Ok, I think i'm going to be off to bed now.. ):

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