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Monday, March 30, 2009

Current cause of procrastination:

Vampire Wars app on FB :D
Fashion Wars app on FB.
Now, if only the money I earnt on this was REAL :D i'd be living la vida loca :d
in other news,
i'm done with my image tech unit for this semester!! hooray for 6 week units!! :'D
i'm very proud of my last assignment for this unit. hehe.
completed my secret resolution to somehow incorporate twilight into uni! :P lol just jokes i didn't ACTUALLY make that resolution.. would've been a little sad. hahaha

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well, i thought, whilst i am procrastinating, i may as well post about this movie! :)
Went and watched this on wednesday with audz!
been waiting for freakinever to watch this, since i am an avid fan of the book series!

i gotta say, it got lots of negatory reviews, but i thought it wasn't too bad!
in fact, i thought it was rather good :)
it kinda held its own, not exactly the same as the books in many ways, but capturing the essence of the story just as well. and Hugh Dancy as luke brandon woooo i love him
Isla fisher as becky bloomwood was quite entertaining, she really does have excellent comic timing.. some of the outfits she was wearing were abit out there, but i don't think becky bloomwood would've been wearing very simple understated things anyway! hahaha
and Suze's bridesmaid dress was GODAWFUL. it was very.. circus-ish clownish. good god
but i totally forgot about the Denny & George scarf from the book!
so glad they decided to keep it in the film!
because it is absolutely stunningggg & i'm in loooove with it.
its in my favourite shade of green/blue. but this picture doesn't show the right colour!
it's my absolute most favourite colour and it was just so stunning in the movie.

i wants ittt..
god i'm such a shopaholic.. haha
but i would never get myself 12 credit cards.. that's pure insanity. hahaha
i wish i could just splurge sometimes.. but you know, these hard times aren't suitable for that kind of behaviour.. plus i don't have any money! hahaha
but i did love the movie, i thought there were some really funny moments and genuine chemistry between isla fisher and hugh dancy.
my twilight directors notebook arrived today!! :)
unfortunately i can't really read it right now, gotta wait for the next hols or break between assignments.. haha
but yayyy! i've been waiting for ages.. but i was really ripped off though.. i could've got it for like half price in kmart :( and EARLIER. so freakin' pissed. but oh well, i own it now :D and it is AWESOMEE. next book: Twilight Saga Official Guide in september! :D
this time, i'll refrain from pre-ordering on ebay.. grr.
edit// oh yeah! i forgot :) went into freo with audz for lunch, and scored a sweet pair of red heels/wedges from the op shop there! awesomeeee.. and a pair of $5 jeans i am going to convert into shorts.. audz got a sweet denim jacket and blazer top thing for only $5 each too! god you gotta love stuff you find in op shops sometimes.. most of it is dodgy, but you find the most awesome things sometimes! //end edit

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just had the most stressful weekend! 
since i had to go to S'pore for a week, I was soooo behind on uni work.. it's incredibly difficult to do my work in another country. and i missed George like mad!
stupid damn pc laptop is so frustrating now. i gotta switch to a mac laptop now. hahaha
any excuse will do. :D
i had a grand total of 7 hours of sleep from saturday night - monday morning. which is just wonderful considering we're supposed to get about 8 hours every night.
but at least i got my typography finished! and that's over with now. my photography was really scratch that EXTREMELY suckish but there's not much i can do when i can't book the studio out or take flash kits with me to another country. oh well..
i was like a zombie by 4am monday morning, and had to get up at 6.30. oh the joys.
so now i'm still really bleary and am in much need of rest. just thought i'd pop by since i haven't written anything for awhile! 
caught this with audz when i got back (the first time) from Spore! :)

was a really sad story, i didn't cry, but it was so heart wrenching at times.
it was beautiful though.. and dev patel was awesome :D i love him.. he has a british accent :D hahaha
the little kids were so damn cute, and performed wonderfully in the movie! so cute and sincere
anyway, i love the song Jai Ho, but the Pussycat dolls remix. :D its awesome i keep listening to it over and over. which reminds me..
i'm so bummed i don't have any money to go.. (ahem ahem early bday money parentals? :D)
LADY GAGA will freaking be there!? :( :( i love her music to deathh.
if i didn't buy guitar hero world tour i may have been able to go :( 
at least i'm going for the Presets!! 
with maddi moo and megan :D (and maddi's bf tooo haha)
Presets should be awesome though, i heart them, so at least i'll get to see one act i want to see this year! :D can't wait can't wait! and teg said we got pretty good seats despite the apparent distance from the stage.. so yay! :D
and me and Maddles (and maybe Moee) are going to catch The Uninvited at some point in time, when my assignments have ceased and desisted. heh. and i'm also going to make her/them watch The Unborn with me. 
yay for scary movie buddies :d
okay well it is currently 12.30am, i should sleep. might be catching Confessions of a Shopaholic with audz tomorrow woopee!! i've been waiting for that movie for bloody agessss.. hope it doesn't disappoint, because i lovelovelove the book series! :) i'm quite happy about the actor choice for the character of luke brandon though, i love him!! 
he's the dude who plays prince charmont in Ella Enchanted. :D :D
let's hope Isla Fisher doesn't disappoint.. the trailer looks quite good, so i'm happyy :)
arghh there's too many movies made of awesome coming out this year!!
(New Moon is the most highly anticipated though!! and good ol' potter number 6 of course :D)
ciao bubbies

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

you know what irritates me.
the salespeople who are all up in your face when you go into their shop.
like can't you just leave me to browse in peace without trying to pull out all sorts of random ugly shit and trying to tell me it would suit me. especially when they are all ugly sack-like dresses and tops which i know for sure wouldn't suit me. just because other people won't buy them, doesn't mean i will.
ok so really, i've only had this one experience. so i should scratch that and change it to salesPERSON. haha.
usually other people are nice, and just greet me nicely and politely. but this woman was just.. omg my brain was just going to explode with frustration. she was sorta kinda rude about it too.
but oh well. at least the shop had other nice clothes and bags, mostly.
like i know i'm not all skinny like you but i can still fit into other things available there which will not make me look like a potato sack.
jeezz.. it's like i'm bloody shamu.
enough with the complaining!
i really don't know how i'm going to get through this year.. it's only the beginning and i have so much crap to do already.
so much for my New years resolution: STOP PROCRASTINATING because it never leads to anything good! at this rate, i'm not going to have one ounce of a social life this year.
oh bloody hell.
i should probably get to it now.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caught Push yesterday!
I thought it was pretty cool.. but my rents didn't seem to think so. hahaha
but it was so open-ended.. so maybe there will be a sequel? i loved the SFX in it though.. storyline was abit random. like i feel it could've maybe worked better? but some of it was quite tricky, which made it awesome :D haha and DAkota Fanning was pretty good in it :) I'm quite happy she's joining the Twilight cast :D well, i should say New Moon cast now. haha
went shopping with mum yesterday. awesomeness.
pre-ordered Twilight dvd for Moe from Times too.. I don't get why Australia can't just get the bloody dvd the same time as everywhere else in the world? gahh.
oh well, i'm getting mine from Borders :D and it's awesomeee
Also got the HSM 3 dvd, (woo! and as usual it won't be out in Aust til near the end of april.) Taylor Swift's album and Fallout Boy's new CD, for only $11.90 each! bargainn :)
anyway. must get back to my uni work now. argh

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I've been missing lots of things lately.
I miss my 2 girlies.
i miss my retarded vinipoo.
(and this is a horrible picture of me, i confess. it's so very old though)
i miss baking.
i miss the cinema.
i miss Twilight. hahaha
i miss being in S'pore.
i miss the NYE crew.
i guess, i'm just missing being on holidays.


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Sunday, March 01, 2009

first week of uni is over!! :)
but i have a crapload of work already.. argh
how sucky..
but i did a solid amount this weekend, very proud of myself :D
ehh.. not looking forward to all the assignments.
had coffee (tea)/brekkie with moe and carrot this morning! was lovely catching up with them.. :)
i misses them sooo..
we're gonna make a weekly catch up sesh. :D lovely lovely.
oliv came over tonight, and we had a smashing time watching season 2 gossip girl :D
i love love love it.

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