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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Uni has been mildly hectic! Well, it's only been the first week. :)
But I'm really quite drained from these past few days! Guess I've gotta start getting used to the system again. Been out of whack for like 3 months! whoaa.
Moe and I decided to go watch a movie after we finished today, but first, we headed to the costume shop so her and her sister could get costumes for their mum's 'D' party! :) It's a pretty cool concept, her name starts with D, so everyone's gotta come dressed up in something beginning with D. :) Awesome.
Simone decided she'd go as Diego the drunken mexican, and her sister rented this really lovely Diana, Goddess of Love costume! It's real pretty. :)
Then, moe and I went and caught The Bucket List.
A little bit of a slow moving movie at first, but it ends up really good.
And a few tears rolled out of my eyes, smudging my eyeliner :P
it's the sweetest movie about 2 men, both with.. cancer? i think, and they make this list together, escape out of the cancer ward and go do those things before they die.
of course, Jack Nicholson's character is loaded, so they can do all sorts of things possible, like jet everywhere in a private jet!
but its an awesome movie, really funny, thought provoking, and just all around pretty damn nice.
but anyway, I've been too lazy to update anything, uni leaves me pretty buggered.
been carpooling with Moe. :D did i mention we have ALL the same classes? :P
We're in Group 1 Overflow hahaha :)
so i must leave now, got to wake up early to get to Garbo where moe picks moi up! :)
This morning, she nearly hit a duck, but it was really the duck's fault for flying up when it could have stayed on the safe pavement! stupid duck.
we burst into fits of laughter after it though, when the aftershock faded!
how lol.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I came across this video which parodies internet commenting, you know, those people who like to spam other's comment boxes and tag boards on blogs/forums/websites.
it's sooo random and funny! :)

PWNed! :P
"What does pwned mean?"
"What does you're a retard mean?"
That is the oddest word EVER.


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Friday, February 22, 2008

Moe and I were lounging around at uni for awhile after purchasing mucho expensive books for design, when we decided we would go watch yet another movie!
we went back to her house first though, and watched Wild Hogs on dvd
i love that movie, its so lol.
we decided to watch:
It turned out to be a really exciting, sweet, hilarious adventure film!
Matthew Mcblabla (can't spell his name right :P) and Kate Hudson are such a good couple in their movies! :) perfect comedy timing.
Fool's Gold has alot of adventure and excitement in it, highly recommend it if you like adventure/mystery sort of movies. and it's quite funny too, so that's a bonus! :P
there were teenyboppers in the cinema though.
So annoying.
We were never as noisy and irritating as them.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

it's been awhile. =D
well, not exactly, only 5 days. :)
it's nice to be back here, doing actual productive STUFF instead of ambling around the house doing crap.
well, not that I don't do that here too! :P just that i have actual stuff to keep me busy. haha :)
but i missmissmiss H&C. :(
so i haven't updated on the happenings of things before i left Singapore! :)
well, after days of harping on about the Apple ipod touch, i finally decided that i didn't really NEED one at utmost urgency. don't get me wrong, i would've LOVED to have one.
but i decided that for now, i just needed another ipod/mp3 player. (: so i settled for a sexy 8GB 3rd generation green ipod nano! :D
hahaha. it's so cooool :)
the video quality is pretty darn good too, I've put Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on it, as well as 2 eps of That 70s Show.
and there's lots of music on it :) far more than my old 1st gen 2GB ipod nano could handle.
And I've also got a printer, (well the rents got it :P) which is very awesome. with awesome print quality :)
and you can stick your camera SD card or whatevs and print from that too! :)
anyway, being back here and being able to sort out uni crap is an absolute delight.
because now I'm most definitely doing Design! :)
Moe and I were chucked in the exact same classes (: hehe. we're in Group 1 Overflow. Look at that, we're in the overflow. How sad!
we've got to go buy more books tomorrow, forgot to check if the online book lists had more books than were in the Design Survival Guide we got given at the orientation. :S AHH more money lost.
also went to the Tav for the first time on Wednesday! Lol how sad, exactly one year before i set foot in the tav.. but what can i say, i don't even drink! so there's not much reason for me to go there, is there? although their food is absolutely delicious! :) I had chicken parmigiana.
Dad went back to Singapore after just 4 days -_- but he got these odd lights put in above the kitchen island. not sure how mum is going to like it!:P
Went to watch Sydney White, (finally!) today with Moe.
I think it's absolutely AWESOME. and bloody hilarious. :)
I love Amanda Bynes's movies. they crack me up.
there was only 2 other people in the cinema with Moe and I, and I think we were the only 2 laughing. :S
I thought the storyline was terrific, and the dialogue was just so quirky and funny.
The dorks were so cute! Haha-hilarious!
I especially liked George, the scout who couldn't move up his scout level because he couldn't tie knots.
And Terence was mildly creepy and the beginning, but he's so meek and cute at the end!
so overall, a must watch! I'm so getting the dvd too :)
anyway, i best be off. (fixed the photos:D)

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

i just read about charice pempengco on someone's blog

she has the most fcuking AWESOME voice i've ever heard to come out of someone so young!
she sounds abit like beyonce, jen hudson, very dreamgirl-esque.
it's bloody AMAZING.
there's loads of vids of her on youtube..
she's so awesome..
and very lucky to be able to sing so beautifully.


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

After a near all-nighter last night, spent packing my stuff up, I fell asleep accidentally at around 5.30am. :)
I woke up at around 9.45am and quickly jumped into the shower.
Dashed out to TM after that to catch P.S. I Love You.
My verdict?
I thought it was absolutely, beautifully, fantastically done.
i can't remember a movie that affected me so much that my tears never stopped throughout the whole entire show.
it's just so much sadder when you're watching it rather than reading it!
i only NEARLY cried while reading it.. but my tears just wouldn't stop falling throughout the show!
and p.s. i LOVE Gerard Butler
critics were saying Hilary Swank wasn't so good at the romantic part of it, but i think she did really well! and they totally changed it from the book, about the only thing that was the same were the letters. :P
but i freakin' loved it. i'm sure all the chicks in the cinema were crying, i definitely heard some sniffling! :P
valentines day today, lots of couples EVERYWHERE! hahaha i had no idea there were so many couples in Singapore! :P

i absolutely love the Google thing for Vday, it's sweeet. :)


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentines day to all!


here's hoping every one of your days is filled with the laughter, friendship, joy and happiness of love.
to those with significant others, hope you enjoy your special day! :) celebrate your love and happiness, and may it last forever, or at least much longer :)
to those who are single this Vday, enjoy yourself anyway, because there are so many other things you can do to keep yourself happy. :) plus you'll always be loved by your family and friends, so enjoy the happy day! :) and you'll find your significant other one of these days. :)


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Monday, February 11, 2008

tonight i ruthlessly cut down my friendster pictures from around 66 to about 20.
not sure why, guess i'm just sick of the old photos! :)
i did keep some of the old ones.. lol.
perhaps i was bored?
making more room for new memories i spose. :P


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

went to my uncle and aunt's house for lunch yesterday arvo.
food was excellent as usual! :)
and as usual, i couldn't resist taking out the camera and taking pictures of the wonderous delicacies that awaited our stomachs.
supposedly "cold dish" but all of it was warm! :P
sharks finnn soupp <3
fried rice-icles. =D
veggies. which i didn't eat. :P
wasn't in a particularly veggie mood.
we were sposed to go visit dad's very old uncle, but then we stayed too long at my aunt's place, so we just headed home. had more guests coming and we had yet to cook anything! so home it was.
mum made chicken curry.
beef rendang.
roast chicken. for the unadventurous who don't can't handle spicy.
char siew (bought not made) for the unadventurous.
and pappadums. yummmm.
the guests were dad's childhood friends. i think it's awesome how long they've been friends, dad's over 50!
Actually, maybe he's only 51. hahaha. or not even! 50 yrs and few months. :P
random picture of me and jerri from yesterday. had to take it from that level because i was too tall and she was too short. wore very high heels. :P
i think my aviators look wicked in b+w. :D
riding in "the world's longest tunnel" according to dad.
not sure if he was bullshitting me or not! =P
today, hamz and char came over to bai-nian lol.
we were sposed to go watch a movie and then have dinner, but char had to go to her grandma's house for dinner instead, so hamz and moi just headed to bugis street. (hahaha yes again! :P)
she had a list of things she wanted, and we found that not many shops were open!
dang CNY hols! :P
but we found a place that does eyebrows anyway, and she liked her brows after they were done!
she also went on a mini shopping spree. :D
well, she bought what seemed like lots of clothes. really, it wasn't that much! :P
i bought 2 tshirts. exactly the same but different sizes :P
one's for emmy though, for her birthday! :D
hehehee. <3
and i also bought 8 pairs of earrings! for only $10!!!
wicked bargain.
yeah yeah i could've made them myself, but some were the kind i couldn't make! :)
i LOVED this bag shaped like an electric guitar i saw at 2 shops, but they cost $45. :s
they were AWESOME though. :)
we dined at Delifrance in Bugis Junction once we were done at Bugis Street.
I actually wanted to go to Indulgz bistro on TQL st, but it was closed for CNY. :'( boohoo.
had chicken bolognaise at Delifrance. yummm. although I wanted the meatball one.
it was sold out. :(
the chicken one had mushrooms in it. :S
hamz had a very cheesy lasagne. although she kept comparing it to mum's! :P
guess what we did while waiting for the food.
yes, we were taking mindless pictures of each other.
i love depth of field.
it's so rockin'.
RUNNNN. it's spange-zilla!!
bought a very very nice black scarf before we left bugis for $7.

don't mind the picture on the left.
it's actually very unglamorous.
the rest of my face was, i mean.
wasn't trying the agape mouthed model expression.
hamz and i are dinosaurs.
a new species of humans has surfaced with the invention of web cams, camera phones and lightweight digital cameras.
i call these 'camwhorausauruses'
no idea why i had to link the word camwhore to saurus. i guess it just sounds better than something like camwhork or camwhorang-utan.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

loads more guests today, as was expected! :)
more yusheng.
haha it's like we never get tired of it. doesn't lose it's novelty! :P
i managed to arrange it in fairly neat piles. :P
took baby cousin, sister and other cousin to the playground whilst the adults were chilling. lol.
today, apart from being the 2nd day of CNY, it was also my dear mother's birthday =D
Love you loads.
and since she was sick of chinese food, we went to Moti Mahal, an Indian restaurant. :P
the interior is pretty posh, but there's hardly anyone there when we go! :S hmmm.
the food's pretty good though. although chilli has been leaving me with an unsettled stomach.
something.. spicy. haha
garlic naan! yummm.
pilaf. (saffron rice?)
plain pappadums.

peppery pappadums. these were potent.
something else spicy? haha
plain naans. which my sister attacked.:P
i wore out my new red shoes, with the immensely high heels. :P
but they are actually REALLY comfortable. lol.
going visiting tomorrow, money's been rolling in these past 2 days, i think i have over $400. :D
I see abit more in my future. hehe.
hopefully, i can get it up to $500. WOOT. :)
more guests due at night too! dad's childhood friends.
their kids used to be my childhood friends too, but i haven't seen them in forever, we haven't really kept in touch unlike dad and their dads.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year to all! :)
Wishing you the best of luck for this year of the Rat. :)
Personally I don't like rats very much, hahaha.
hope you receive lots of money! :P
and have great times with your families and friends, of course.
and loads of good food. :P
So the past few days have been busy busy busy, as my family bustled around trying to get food prepared, house decorated and cleaned and everything organised in time for our guests to arrive!
On Wednesday was our reunion dinner, which was at our house. That went pretty smoothly, and i didn't really take pictures. haha. :)
well the next day, the 1st day of chinese new year, was rather rushed. mum and dad came home pretty late from going out for last minute shopping, so we were all awake pretty late. after much cooking and decorating, we rushed to put on more presentable clothes as our guests arrived! :P
new dress =D
usually, we have loads of guests, but since the family hierarchy changed since my grandma departed, we had to go visit dad's sister instead of her visiting us. =\
so it was a change, but we had dad's 2nd cousins, (or something like that) over for lunch. :)
As per usual, yusheng was a staple of the menu, as it always is during CNY. :)
Go wikipedia it if you don't know what it is. :P
We lo-hei'd :P
Yusheng is a rather messy affair, especially with kids involved. lol.
mum added a new dish to the menu.
The Cold Dish
usually found at chinese restaurants when being served an 8-course meal.
but of course, it was her variation.
lots more prawn salad than there should've been
but it was gooood. I mixed it, of course it was good! :P
Chicken rice for lunch, as usual.
After the guests left, we cleaned up, loads and loads of dishes to do!
i had a short nap, was feeling fatigued.
for dinner, we headed to my aunt's house. :)
now this was more like what CNY usually feels like, with our closest family. :)
more lohei-ing occured, of course.
i'm not sure how many times we're going to be doing this! :P definitely once more today i think.
pouring the plum sauce.
the higher you toss, the better. :P
or something along those lines! hehe.
even baby cousin was having a go. :D
my uncle and aunt are excellent chefs. :) they've truly mastered chinese cuisine.
battered prawns. mmm tasty.
fried sweet&sour fish.
broccoli. and something on top. :P
chicken drumsticks!!
yes, just about all fried. hahaha
but it only happens once a year!
their house is rather high up. 10th floor.
ours is on the 3rd.
my baby cousin. cuuuuuuuuuuute. :)

there isn't much to do at my aunt and uncle's house because my cousins grew up looooooong ago. :)
so the kids had to entertain themselves. with these bone shaped maracas. hahaha. :)
i must be off now, got lots to do, more family coming over today!
happy chinese new year once again! :)

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