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Monday, January 30, 2006

happy chinese new year.
i've counted my cash already.. :D haha
not bad for the first day. :)
cept i only got 100 aust.
hahahaha oh well doesn't matter.
well now it's the 2nd day and i'm at my cousin's house. hahahaa
geez only like 2 days til i fly back. :'( sniffle
well i better run along now. hehehe
c i a o
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

wow.. just had a nice chinese new year eve reunion dinner.
chinese new year food is so unhealthy it ain't funny.
oh well.
i'm so tired now, we watched kung fu hustle on axn.. funny sh!t.
gotta change me earrings today, test to see if they get infected.
hmPh. damn sensitive ears.
been packing up these past few days.
me room's a mess. well it's slightly neater.
but i think i'm gonna be about 100kg over the limit!! GaH
i think i better go sort out all my clothes n crap.. take only the neccessary. hehe
well c i a o
and gong xi fa cai
nian nian you yu
and whatever else.
Photobucket 11:02 pm ♥

Friday, January 27, 2006

busy busy shopping day.
all the last minute shoppers lined up beside others like some kinda sardine can.
so very tired. had to wake up at ruddy 4:50 am to get jerri up cos no one else can. hahaha
started packing yesterday.
wee. i don't wanna goo.
oh well.
sooo very tired.
ahh well.
better sign off now.
gotta do last last minute shopping tmw!
c i a o
Photobucket 5:45 pm ♥

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

i just went to do some more comm service..
i smell.
i have the sneezes too.. lots of dust flying around.
well just a real short post.
busy busy week this is gonna be.
i'm leavin next wednesday? i think,
haha at leasst i get to catch another episode of Charmed and The OC.
heck they've started Lost on aXn.. coool. hahaha
well gtg now.
c i a o
Photobucket 1:17 pm ♥

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

so sleepy but don't wanna go sleep just yet..
spent a lot of the day drawing a pic tt just didn't work out. hahaha.
only one person actually resembled the photo.
haha. plan to do some more soon.
it's been uploaded onto deviantart.. so yeahh.
i just realised how close it is to going back to school time. :'(
WAHH. i don't wanna go baack.
ok i've decided it's no use blogging tonight as my eyes are going to fall out soon if i don't go to sleep.
c i a o
Photobucket 12:41 am ♥

Saturday, January 21, 2006

i'm so goddamn tired.
had to wake up at 7am to get ready to help mum with one of her seminars.
TOO early. especially since i slept at like 2am. heh.
but that wasn't entirely my fault!
we were watching all these ancient video tapes of me and my sister. hehehe.
boy was i weird and oddly high pitched when i was younger.
now my voice is a little deeper. but still sounds as retarded on video.
but is that really my fault? haha.
actually all the kids on the video had REALLY high pitched voices.. hahaha.
i gotta ciao soon so i'll make this quick...
having BEEg dilemmas at the moment tryin to get my friend to wakeup and smell the coffee on some issues.
OK. i really can't be bothered blogging now, my left eye has practically fallen out.
c i a o
Photobucket 11:21 pm ♥

Friday, January 20, 2006

went to watch In Her Shoes again. hahaha. this time i didn't miss the beginning.
i just had to watch it. couldn't help it. haha. and we did miss about 1/3 of it.
then i went shopping! hahaha. got mads a coool top. it just suited her sooo much.. she was the only one i could imagine in it. so mads.
and got a heap of beaded necklaces. :D so cool. i lurve Ice Lemon Tee.
anyways. got nothing better to blog about. and my eyes burn from lack of sleep.
c i a o
Photobucket 7:43 pm ♥

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feeling very poetic. for some strange reason.
Memoirs of a Geisha out today!!! weeeeee. hahaha.
i've decided to keep a poetry book... so i shall go and buy a really cool writing book! :D
ok better run...
c i a o
Photobucket 9:44 am ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

me and my limited edition Jack Skellington cushion!!! :D :D :D :D
ahh i love Nightmare before xmas stuff.. :)
went shopping today.
is Topshop heaven or what ?? :) but didn't buy anything from there. :(
haha. went to Parkway.. attempted to find jewellery for ze ball. then went to Bugis, got my JAck Skellington! :D and then went to Tamp to return a book.
got some $4 buck tshirts n also a pair of sleeping mini-mini shorts. also checked out awesome clutches in Metro and other random shops.
my Bodyshop passionberry lipgloss smells DIVINE. mmm.
i need to get some foundation among other make-up crap.. hmmm.
ok. well i better run off now. gotta run and have some sleep.
c i a o

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Photobucket 11:52 pm ♥

Monday, January 16, 2006

hehehe.. it's 11:11 on my com clock.
hold ur breath and MAKE A WISH PEOPLES!!
hahaha. anyways.
oh too late it just turned 11:12.
i wanna get outt of this hole...
wanna go to Bugis again. dumdumdum.
oMg. all the Nightmare before xmas merchandise!!!! there was this one stall!!! so very very CUTE!!! i can't wait to go back and actually GET SOMETHING!!
and i also want very very much a Gromit soft cuddly toy... :) like you know... Wallace and Gromit ?
haha. SoOooO cute.
can't wait to watch Memoirs of a Geisha. now i'm actually VERY confuddled because i'm not entirely sure whether it's NC-16 or PG. coz the internet and newspapers have different ratings. GAHH somebody un-confuse me!!
not that i can't go for either... :) but u know. just wanna be sure.... :)
i better go now.. Whose Line is it Anyway was awesome today! :)
c i a o
by the way: Pneumonoltramicroscopicsilicovolcanicoconiosis is the longest word in the English Language.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

just for laughs.
Ten Top Trivia Tips about Angelica!

1. It takes more than 500 peanuts to make Angelica.
2. Tradition allows women to propose to Angelica only during leap years.
3. Angelica can sleep for three and a half years.
4. Olympic badminton rules say that Angelica must have exactly fourteen feathers.
5. Some people in Malaysia bathe their babies in beer to protect them from Angelica.
6. Angelica is the world's smallest mammal.
7. If you cut Angelica in half and count the number of seeds inside, you will know how many children you are going to have.
8. The National Heart Foundation recommends eating Angelica at least three times a week!
9. Peanuts and Angelica are beans!
10. Cats use their Angelica to test whether a space is large enough for them to fit through.
how ironic. hahaha.
c i a o

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Photobucket 9:14 pm ♥

Saturday, January 14, 2006

weeeeee. just felt like posting pics on my blog.
front row: Akiel, Jerri
2nd Row: Ham and Char
3rd row: retarded ME

heyyy check out these pieces of artwork. pure magic. haha

pretty champagne shoesss. hahaha.

well went to watch In Her Shoes. surprise surprise we missed the first like 1/3 of the show. SIGH.
miscalculating the time really doesn't help much. hummph. But it was an alright movie.

well i better sign off now...

c i a o

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Photobucket 8:28 pm ♥

Friday, January 13, 2006

went shopping today. couldn't possibly get my dress tailored as seamstress was up to her ears in clothing requests.
but SURPRISINGLY. i found a dress which actually fits me.. what a miracle.
all the long dresses were in stores around xmas.
and got pretty shoes too. :)
sorry people who told me not to get pink as i already have enough pink in my wardrobe.. :P
but that was the only dress that was nice enough and fit. :)
ahh well. too bad. i better go sleep now, my feet are crying out for relaxation.
c i a o

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Photobucket 10:35 pm ♥

Thursday, January 12, 2006

my wonderful digital camera.
stare in wonder people. :P
just joking. felt like putting that on.
c i a o


Photobucket 3:03 pm ♥

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

well.. finally kick started community service again.
spent about 3 hours washing cat food bowls.
and the smell was undescribable.
haha. all for the good of the community.
but i made some gorgeous new animal friends.
like Sinkboy. the cat who wouldn't get off the sink whilst i was washing bowls.
and this Kitty who was picked up near Changi Pt. so cute.
ahh well. wish every kitty had a home. too bad i can't have one. :(
c i a o

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Monday, January 09, 2006

thanks to hamizah for this survey. haha.
just really bored.
1. When u looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? do i know you? haha.
2. How much cash do you have on you?: emm.. just over 20 bucks?
3. What's a word that rhymes with "TEST"? Fest
4. Favorite planet? Venus
5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell? don't keep track
6. What is your favorite ring on your phone? Hey Mama or Clocks
7. What shirt are you wearing? "I Rescued a Singapore Stray Kitten" white shirt
8. Do you label yourself? erm. no. i'm not that crazy to label myself with stickers.
9. What brand of shoes you are wearing right now? it's this real old brand called "I Have No Shoes On"
10. Bright or Dark Room? Bright
11. What do you think about the person who took this survey? she's the Queen of Randomness.
14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say? "Aww thnx! soz i didn't reply earlier my fone died lol xox"
15. Where is your nearest 7-11? loyang point..
16. What's a saying that you say a lot? "irritating". "idiot". "Rather". "What the hell". "o...k.. then". "Righty-Ho". "Stoopid"
17. Who told you they loved you last? haha not sure. Mum?
18. Last furry thing you touched? Akiel's KingKong toy? haha
19. How many drugs have you taken in the past three days? none
20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed? none. i have a digi cam! haha
21. Favorite age you have been so far? 16.
22. Your worst enemy? myself? haha. nah.. no one really.
23. What is your current desktop picture? Some ripple effect thingo. not v original i know.
24. What was the last thing you said to someone? "Why is your shirt on backwards"
25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly, which would you choose? million bucks. DUH
26. Do you like someone? hah what do u mean by that.. i like everybody! :P
27. The last song you listened to? The Scientist by Coldplay
c i a o


Photobucket 11:06 am ♥

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hooray! got the Charmed/O.C. fever once more..
thank god for star world...
haha.. anyways.
life's been pretty boring. just been hanging around doing nothing.. watchin TV. shootin hoops.
can't get outta the house sadly. stupidstupidstupid.
i REALLY should start my summer study. the thought of it pains me.
hmmmm.. got nothing better to do. i'm gonna upload some new pics from my brand new digi cam. :P hahaha.

me n my retard sister. well.... i think i look more retarded. hahaha. she's just more twisted in the mind! :P hahaha.

little sister at KCP. ahh the good ol' pond. the water's as nasty as ever. :) hahaha.

ahh. the lovely Mary fountain. where countless of rosary sessions were held just for the sake of it. always looked forward to May and October. :P God i look bad. haha. ahh well. at KCP for the last time.. :( too bad they're demolishing the building. :(

ok well that's about the extent of presentable photos i have. hahaha. see y'all around.

C i a O

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