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Saturday, April 28, 2007

i just realised i forgot to write about how moe and i went to watch The Reaping yesterday.
it's quite chilling and suspense-ish, but it was a pretty good movie! :) and the theory disproving the 10 plagues of egypt sure was interesting, and there was quite a few twists, which was annoying in a way, but oh well, what movie has no twists? haha
i did my semi-annual? haha wardrobe switch, putting all the wintery clothes in my main cupboard, and the non-wintery ones in the secluded one. haha. oh god winter is here i'm so very happy!! :D actually, i think it's still autumn.. so wintery weather is here yay!! :D
i have an overload of doublezip tops from the yr 9-10 era of the double zip tops, and i only bought one/two.
the rest were so very kindly supplied (in BULK might i add) by mother. haha.
and i have sooo many dresses now. the only dilemma is that now its wintery i'll have to stock up on inner layers and leggings and shit. and i'd like flat boots, but they rarely look nice on me, so i might just give up. haha.
Can't wait for Maddi's 18th on the 12th of May, which reminds me i need to buy her a present. lol.
going BOWLING and then out to a cafe after that! :)
oh god i love bowling. and i haven't been for fricking agessssss.
but we have to wear opshop dresses. and i don't particularly like buying op shop clothes, i'm much more of a jewellery person. maybe, i'll pass off one of my old dresses as an opshop dress! :D actually that'll never work. actually it might. :D moe is probably the only one who knows my wardrobe back to front because she's tried on basically everything, so she'll have to be killed.
i'm sorry moe i'm just joking.
but meh.
better run off now and continue to clean my wardrobe and put things away nicely.
it's gotten out of hand since uni started again. (:
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Tis finally the weekend.
and i have FINALLY finished both typography and photography assignments
which leaves me with MOndays free wooo!!
but thursdays horribly full. :(
i am struggling to keep my eyes open now, so i shall make this quick!
have to finish this horrid PR group assignment for Tuesday cos that's when we're presenting.
i'm seriously considering dropping PR because everytime i'm at a lecture or tute i can feel my brain cells dying of boredom.
I'll stick it for the year.
Bring It on 3 is fricking cool.
i love crumping.
if only i could actually dance.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Am in much pain today.
Headaches the whole day, and to top it off another stressful jaw ache.
i discovered i gave myself an underbite of sorts when i'm stressed, so my jaw muscles are totally painful :(
Had to get ready for a dinner party, but i was so tired, so kept getting yelled at for not concentrating on what mum was saying.
had PR group meetingfinally and was also out of it there, they were laughing at me because i was looking zoned out while they were rapidly discussing.
Need to sleep, but must finish cleaning before that.
i think i am also slightly dehydrated.
yay for the rain. :P
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just a quick one before i hop off to bed.
Mum totally freaked out when she saw the hair, and she was like AHH that's messed up.
lucky for my professional hair snipping skills, i snipped off some of it to make it look slightly less retarded. so i think i can bear with it until it gets longer again.

edit// obvious disdain shows as i chop the unneccessarily long part the hairdresser left.

Better than before, but still nastiness.

//end of edit//

i also snipped jerri a fringe. HEHE.
i threatened to give her one like mine if she didn't hold still.
Ah gotta go my eyeball is hurting.
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh god.
Relief has slowly washed over me throughout the day..
shall i regale you with my boring tale?
MEH you're gonna hear about it anyway.
well, i've been up to my knees in photographs trying to complete the stupid assignment. the living room was atrocious, all the photos and papers and books and pens and other various things were strewn across the couch and the floor and the tables. i should've done more on Friday night, because i knew i could, but was too tired having gone to Garbo in the afternoon to collect a number of photographs. Started the day by freaking out because i'd forgotten the receipt from Kmart, but it turned out they only needed it to make things easier for them! :S sorry? haha. did the groceries for sunday morning too as my dear friends were coming over to stay!
got home, poured myself onto the couch, then after 2 hours i decided it was time to start work on this massive project(unwise to have started so late). don't get me wrong i had already started, i just had to put it together, just like the old Year 12 Art and Design days. :S
saturday was no better.
i spent the morning trying my best to multi-task, doing the laundry, hanging the laundry then putting in another load, as well as trying to do my assignment. rushed off to Blockbuster to get some movies, the found out i'd missed the bus that only ran every half an hour!! so i had to walk all the way home again fromWinthrop Village, and it was pretty hot and i think i got a little overexposed AGAIN. Got home, hung out more laundry, then after awhile i had to leave to go to Curtin, because my PR group was sposed to be meeting to discuss our assignment. however, when i arrived at Curtin, they all msged to cancel the meeting!!! thank god the returning bus came quite soon after i hopped off the other one. grr.
so that was another thing off my list, but i still had to waste 40 minutes of my day getting home. bought a couple more things for sunday and saturday night, then went home and tried to do some more of my assignment. on the way to curtin, carrot made me ring her, and said she wasn't going to R's for certain medical reasons. so i decided i'd stay home too, plus i didn't really want carrot driving me around cos she looked like death warmed up!! the girl was on the floor sleeping... hahaha. so we just had dinner, i made veggies and spring rolls (ably assisted by carrot) and heated up RIBS!! and we had a good meal just like old times, while watching Bring it On on TV. which was weird because i'd rented out Bring it On 3 haha. so after dinner, we cleaned up and watched bring it on 3. well maddi and i were "studying" and doing assignments. after they'd all gone to bed i stayed up until around 2.30 trying to do more.
next morning, i woke up the earliest, trying to get a head start on a busy day,. but no one else was awake, so i just did more of my assignment. we cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast, accompanied by mushrooms and tomatoes and Munchies!! hahaha. carrot left afterwards to go on a study date, so mads and moe watched movies while i continued on with my assignment. when caris and maddi had left, moe stayed for another night, as it was raining and she didn't really fancy walking home in the rain... haha. we had pizza for dinner. Mum and Jerri came back , and i got blasted for not cleaning the house properly. HELLO assignment due??
and i already vaccuumed the part which needed it, you're lucky i managed to fit it in.
stayed up all the way til 3am this time. still doesn't beat mine and vini's record of 4.30am doin our first yr 12 art assignment!! i had gotten so tired that i'd started to write down what i was thinking on to the page. and i even started dreaming at one point and started to write what i was dreaming about instead of stuff about photography. slept on the couch because i was just so tired and there was so much stuff on my bed from all the laundry i had done! got up at 7.40 and struggled through trying to finish it. realised i needed more photos, so headed off to Kmart in garbo with moe cos she needed to go home. i'd finally finished my assignment, and we went to hand it in at the office.
and that's where the post started, with relief washing over me like a wave of warm water. Ahhhhhhhhhh.
We got our hair cut today at Fringe Benefit @ Curtin. i look like a knob.
i forgot to ask explicitly for a long side fringe, not one of those short fringes swept to the side trying to be normal side fringes. so guess what i got.
that's right.
a short fringe.
which makes me look like a church girl according to moe.
a chuch girl.
and the fringe is highly disobedient.
it resists bobbypins, constant sweeping aside, and even hairspray.
Oh well, i'm trying to be optimistic.
it'll grow. my hair grows fast. :S
!helpp mee!
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Been running round like a headless chicken trying to get photos developed and get through the uni days, i'm so glad it's friday, although saturday is possibly going to be worse.
have to wake up early morning, do major amounts of housework and photography assignment, and then in the arvo head back to uni again to do a group assignment :( then gotta rush back so i can go to riti's 18th, and also got to get dinner ready for friends coming over before riti's 18th!! GAH.
How nightmarish.
Went to Garbo today after class, to pick up my Kmart photos and make new ones instantly. And also went to drop off my film to get it developed. at uni, i realised that i'd forgotten my receipt to get my photos!! freaked out so bad cos it was going to waste time for me to get home and then go back. but the nice lady at the counter let me retrieve them! :D so that went alright. :)
then went to visit moe while waiting for film to develop and watched Mr Bean the movie!! :D oh god i haven't seen that for ages..... i love it. he's so freakishly strange but funny! :)
Oh well, better get a head start on photography, was real stupid to have left the work journal til now. :(
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stayed over at Auntie Mich's house yesterday, had the worst sleep because i slept on my shoulder so it aches... And it was unbearable in the morning.
Had a very tiring day today.
PR was boring as shit again, just about fell asleep.
Then hung around, went to the Noodle house for lunch.
Hip hop was alright today, slower song but still pretty fast music!
Got to do more photos for photography it's all due nexzt monday and i haven't done my work journal so i'm basically screwed!!! :( and i have typography due that week too. well i think so anyway. and my photog tutor says he likes the ballet photo i like, but i have to do more!!! :( but thank godddd limpy is coming to my rescue. even though she doesn't have ballet classes she's going out on a limb to help me. love u limpy!!!!! :)
meh. better stop procrastinating :(
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, holidays are officially over now.
And i've had a HIGHLY unproductive 2 weeks, which is really bad. :(
Having breakfast, and i have just found a STICK in my muesli.
I knew it was all natural, but GOD i didn't expect to have a STICK in there.
WTF man?
edit// god i'm getting forgetful. i forgot to write about our bike ride.
well, we didn't get very far, because after going up this big hill, moe felt really faint, so we rested for awhile then had to go back home. but meh. next time lucky! lol.

Auntie Lo and Uncle N's gala was much fun. Took over 400 photos, of which only about 100 were good. :( the rest were just strange. haha. but not my problem Dad's digi cam is so retardedly spiffy. Took a funny pic of Bran trying to be Spiderman and climbing the wall. this kid sure has an obsession with spidey. but i understand, after all Spidey is my all-time fave marvel hero. bran was so obsessed with the big camera, because Peter Parker is a photographer and my camera looked like his. So he was beging me to let him take millions of pics like Peter Parker.

The amazing Spiderman!! of sorts..

haha i despise Superman. He wears his undies over his tights. who does that? oh right, superheroes do that.
Never mind that, i still can't wait for Spidey 3 to be out.
Got really tired around 10-ish, then reached that overtired state around 12am where you're so tired that you're hyperactive, so started dancing then. hahahaha. only got home around 3am, where i shocked Moe by jumping out at her when she came to see who was making noise hahaha.
Next morning, woke up really late, haha, then got ready to head out. But the weather was so unbelievably shit, so while we trudged out under our small umbrellas, our jeans were getting very soaked. Went to Garbo, where we caught the movie Disturbia. It was sooo awesome, but very very suspenseful! i think i just about ripped a hole in Moe's jeans (well, mine actually) cause i was gripping the jeans when it was all suspenseful. haha. And oh god Shia La Beouf has grown up. haha. I like him alot better now, but Moe liked his hair when he was younger and in Holes. That was a little overboard for me, nothing against curly hair though i love it!!
He's got sort of a dreamy, rebel-ish look. hahaha.
well, snapping back to reality now.
Gotta go get meself ready for uni now. :'(
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'd just like to give a nice big shout out to my two wonderful friends
Happy Bloody 18th Birthday!!
Hope you have an awesome day. :)
Love y'all muchly !!
And, just if you were wondering, NO, they aren't twins.
I can't wait for my birthday, but i gots to wait all the way for October to come. :'(
Haha.. Oh well. At least i'm not the last to turn 18 out of my friends! :)
Well, on the 21st of November, we'll all be out clubbing to celebrate good ol' Carrot's bday!! :) Poor darl. haha.
I really don't see the point in sneaking to clubs when you're underage, lots of people i know do it all the time, and i don't see the point, because by the time you're actual of legal age and can go in completely guilt-free all that hype and excitement has died down. so i think it's an extremely STUPID thing to do. Hmm. There's my little rant for the day. Keep young while you can.
Moe and I are off bike riding soonish. I shall come forth with tales of our adventure probably tomorrow, because it's the GALA today!!! :D
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

edit// So i just remembered i didn't write anything about my babysitting venture. haha.
Had the kiddies over, and basically left them to watch Spiderman, Spongebob Squarepants and the Hot Chick or go on the computer while i made popcorn, mee goreng, spring rolls and choc chip cookies! hahaha. Then Audz came to visit me, here is a token picture of her trying to play the guitar and sing my song. Bahaha Audz i lov ya.
Then Moe came over, and decided to stay the night. We then decided to make a welcome song for our most beloved joint blog. :D Haha.
After an early morning rehearsal of several old classic songs, followed by the chipmunk-ation of those songs, Moe and I headed off to the movies! :)

Had Red Rooster for lunch, then after that we had our newly instated tradition of having a go at the arcade games at the Hoyts cinemas. Gosh i love Hoyts for putting those there! :D So we wasted $2 on Daytona racing, where Moe beat me just at the last few seconds!! I was like DAMN i was beating you just about the whole way.. Daytona is evil. Ok, not really, i'm just a bad driver.
Then we went on to play Ghost Squad, which is officially my FAVE shooting game. Believe me, I'm not naturally violent or anything, I just love these random shooting games. But the guns on this game do tire you out after awhile. And my gun wasn't working properly today!! ): Wouldn't let me shoot sometimes so Moe was getting all the shots by herself! haha. Poor Moe. Then after loitering around, made Moe take her 1st ever NeoPrints with me! Neoprints in Singapore are SO much better. The lighting was hell dodgy in this one, but meh. I promised i'd take her when she comes to visit me like how Mads and I went crazy with them! Heh. (: S'pore is hell pro. :P

THEN, we finally went into the movie. After a couple of film trailers, it started. On the whole it was a pretty cool movie, however, the cinemas were full of raging hormonal teens, and it was pissing me off so much how they were carrying on. And there was people throwing popcorn. I felt like standing up and just throwing my drink at them or something. FCUKING TEENAGERS.

OK, Haha whatever I'm still one of them blah blah, but i think i'm just slightly more mature, at least i don't throw popcorn and i'm aware that there are other people in the cinemas who would like to HEAR the movie, and enjoy it in peace. OTHER than that.
The movie was pretty cool, as i said before, however, Moe and I weren't sure if the soundtrack was meant to be that quiet, and all the other sounds be extremely loud? We could barely hear the music most of the time, but the dancers?/ actors made up for it with their coolerthanubercool dance? moves. Well, the thing they were doing in the movies wasn't actually classified as dancing. Twas called "stepping", and i've only vaguely heard of it, so i was like what?
But yeah, pretty good movie, pity about the music!
I gives it 3.5 stars! :D

After the show ended, Moe and I parted ways, and i spent a shitload of time trying to get Auntie Lo & Uncle N a present for their 25th anniversary. In the end, I got a pretty white/cream photo album, obviously meant for weddings! (close enough) and decided i'd use those rub on letters and some pretty silver stickers i found in Kmart. Also, went to both Diva and Equip to buy some silver jewellery for their gala. haha.

Here is my new jewellery! :D Just really loooong silver earrings and a cool silver bangle ($7.99 from Equip).

Close up of awesome long earrings! ($12.95 from Diva)

After leaving Garbo, took the bus back home and went to Gone Bazaar. There i purchased two beautiful blue wine glasses for Auntie Lo for her 50th birthday. I figured she needed something spesh, and they were pretty cheap!! (: Only $2.95 for such pretty glasses. And i got a blue box and silver tissue to package them in.. (:
So prettily coloured!

For the album, i bought this mother peach coloured box and also some black and silver tissue to package it in. (:
And a nice card, some funky silver ribbon flower thing and white ribbon with silver love hearts! (:
I like the card and the silver rosette muchly (:

Look at pretty hearts on ribbon!

So pretty damn pro, or so i thought. Got home from Auntie Mich's house not long ago, (ok, so maybe about 3 hours ago) and started to do the photo album. Stickers went alright, except my rub on letters turned out WONKY!! And their an absolute bitch to scratch off, clean and scratch back on! Good thing i bought so many darn packets. So as a result, the album is a little smudgy, and also quite wonky. But hopefully, it still looks ok. (:

Here is a picture of the album, I think it's so pretty! :) And it looks ok in this angle.

Wonky or not? :S

And here is a nice random picture of this years Easter hoard!!
Yayy a grand total of TWO chocolates!!

Yes, there are too many Easter chocolates to count. :\

Hahaha. I don't like chocolate that much anymore, the most exciting present I got was the cool Yellow Mini Cooper. Mini Coopers are my dream car. (: Someone buy me one!! haha.

Haha! Look, Mini Cooper can open it's doors and it's bonnet!! How swanky..

And i love that new Mini Cooper ad with the genie, i think it's soooo random but hilarious. The genie is totally nuts and makes weirD noises like Moe and I. hahaha. And cos i'm such an absolute darling, I made easter presents for Auntie Mich's 3 kids and Moe (which by the way you left here Moe!!!) full of around 8 Cadbury easter eggs!Pretty gold tissue!!
i'm so good aren't i. hahahaha. jokes.
Well, that's about all for today. I haven't done any assignments for uni yet, so I'm basically SCREWED. Hopping off to bed now, so i can wake up and do some work!!!!
Arabian Nights to y'all! (:
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Got woken up at around 9 am this morning because auntie mich called and wanted some help to modify the movie presentation we'd been doing since Sunday.
So hopped out of bed and took the bus there to give them a pleasant surprise! :D haha
Audrey came to visit once I was back, and used my treadmill, hahaha.
Been helping Emmy look for funk tattoo designs :D
I wish i was brave enough to get a tatt...
i'm too chicken shit to even think about getting one!
i hate needles muchly, and i wouldn't be able to handle a needle going into my skin lots and lots and lots of times!
So i just settle with helping people look for designs. haha.
Babysitting tomorrow, going to be baking cookies and making pasta for kiddies. :D
I need to sleep soon though or i'll be buggered having to run about and chase kids around. haha.
going to sleep after watching Numb3rs and drinking a cup of tea. (:
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Monday, April 09, 2007

i demand that everyone goes out and watches Hot Fuzz now!!!!
It is frickin hilarious! slightly gross... but still hilarious!
It's got a fairly odd storyline though...
Hmm... i don't like public holidays.. everything is closed!! haha but it's good for those who work in the shops i guess.. (:
Going to watch Stomp the Yard with Moe (i think?) on Thursday.. Can't wait!
The other night, i got really bored and decided i'd make another blog...
This one has random photos down the side.. hahaha.
got the URL listening to a JT song, it's the randomest bit in the chorus.. and it's one of the songs me & moe dance to in hip hop! (: which makes it so uber-outofthisworld-cool.
if you went to my profile you can access it, except i have no clue how to get there seeing as it's not on the skin! oh well.
Read the Mistress of Spices today and yesterday, finished it pretty quick.. Been wanting to get the DVD out for ages and saw that Mich had the book in her study so i borrowed it.. Twas a little strange, and just a tad confusing, but it was overall pretty good.. Babysitting on Wednesday, so i shall return it then.. (:
Now that i'm in to the 2nd week of "holidays" i think i better start doing work for uni again, just cause i have pretty big load of unfinished assignments! Mostly photography though... *grrr.*
My PR group hasn't set a date for when we should meet to start our PR assignment, and i just remembered all these library books i have that i need to read and reference for my MCI101. Holidays have completely put me off my uni routine.. Oh well, i'll find the motivation to do my readings at some point before the hols ends!
Have auntie L's and Uncle N's 25th wedding anniversary gala this coming saturday! (:
(ok so it's not really a gala, just felt like typing it!) Helped Mich with the movie/slideshow thingy while i was at her house.. Took ages, my eyes started to burn.. Uncle N invited me while Uncle Phil was sending me home... Was feeling to sick to join them for their "wonderful" Easter 3-course dinner, which consisted of more than 3 different foods.
The theme for the gala (heh) is black, white or silver. Which should be fun seeing as i have crazy amounts of black and white in my closet. Actually, not that much.. Fair amount though.. haha. and i even helped with the invitations using my most marvellous typography skills. HAHA yeah like hell i have marvellous typography skills. but i did the font layout anyway, and auntie Mich seemed to like it.. haha.. so yeah there's my saturday gone, and since i called it a gala, it calls for.. fake eyelashes!! hahahaha. i just want to wear them somewhere, i'm really not that superficial.
i wish july would come, i miss my friends so much. ):
and i miss my vini!!! )':
VINI you better be coming to S'pore or i shall go to KL and poke you to death.
Don't say i didn't warn you..... (:

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter all!:)
Something is wrong with my fricking blog i can't see it.
went to church last night, and couldn't bring myself to go today as well..
it was SO long last night, every 5 minutes i'd check the clock because it felt like frickin 1/2 hour each time!!
then went for dinner...
Woke up this morning, stayed over at auntie mic's house..
did the easter egg hunt for the kids and wrote funk clues and such.. lol!
then spent like the day doing a movie presentation on Windows Movie Maker..
Been feeling slightly nauseous and i haven't even attacked the easter choc yet!! hahaha..
nah i didn't get much which is good..
i'm not such a big chocolate fan anymore.. :S
Hope all had a good easter..
i love Reeses. that was my choco fix!! (:
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Friday, April 06, 2007

Got bored last night so decided I would try putting fake eyelashes on!
On NYE last year i tried, but the glue was fricking dodgy as.
Bought ChiChi ones, and the glue is excellent! Very mild, but strong.
And they make my lashes look considerably longer too!
And obviously, I went all out and put on eyeshadow as well.
And I put liquid eyeliner on the top and normal on the bottom. AS well as pretty new cream coloured? eyeshadow by PRESTIGE. i love this brand! :D My newest eyeliner is from there, but it bleeds abit. Had to use eyelash curler on the fake ones so they went in the same direction as my normal ones!

and when i was fixing up some pics on Photoshop, i decided i'd like to have green eyes.
so, TADAH, Angie with a green eye. bahaha.

Photobucket 8:00 pm ♥

Tis Good Friday today.
Only got out of bed at 12! (: Which means i totally missed out on the hunger pangs of fasting for half a day :P I also have another excuse for not doing it ok!! Ladies, you know.. Made a lebanese bread 'pizza' (ooh unleaven bread!! actually i'm not sure if it has yeast) for breakfast, while watching 8 Mile. hahaha.
The bus schedules were all demented today, so i missed the 2.08 bus, by like 3 minutes, so decided i'd trek to Audrey's house. Took me about 20 minutes to get 3/4 of the way there when she drove to pick me up because she didn't want to wait anymore! Damn that road was long. haha. Went to Church with them, twas SO damn bloody crowded, and plus i basically couldn't hear anything. Good things Audz and Em were there, we just entertained ourselves.. lol.
Came home, and decided to go blog surfing.
now what really annoys the HELL out of me, is when those asian teens mostly write on their blogs or friendster profiles (whatever) like so.
euuu arr sho cute, miiee lyk euu. zzz.. i dun no hu euu arr plx go awaee. wat i sae is the truth larr.
like OMGWTF.
can you not spell?!?!
must you make life HARDER for everyone by putting unnecessary letters in your words!!!
arghh this sort of thing is so damn annoying.
i'm am SO pissed off.
Photobucket 5:59 pm ♥

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Been in a really song writing mood and since i couldn't sleep at one am in the frickin morning i finally found the inspiration to write a song.
i've wanted write a song for ages, but i haven't actually pulled it off!
this one even has music. hahahaha
strumming round on the guitar sure makes my arms hurt.
Vini's song took forever and we sort of finished it.
it's a little unpolished but oh well.. haha
hmm well that's alll.
Photobucket 6:29 pm ♥

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monie and I have been writing a song for Viniii
for her birthday! :)
It's soo funny and we've been strumming on guitars for like 6 hours.
so my fingers hurt.. haha
we decided we might go to the Vault to try record it ! :D
our lyrics are so random and hilarious..
music is love.
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