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Sunday, November 28, 2004

i've just spent my weekend studying!!!
well. no not REALLY. which is DISAPPOINTING. considering my exams are next WEEK.
i am so SLACK. it is so NOT funny.
i've been mooching around.
not ALL the time. sometimes. and then i can never get back in the mood.
i haven't finished my maths notes. have 2 more topics.
have to finish s+e essay which we r doin in class for a practice.
which is so not funny if i don't memorise it.
so NOT funny. like seriously.
i need to do 2 English essays. GAHHH.
have to revise Physics and Chem which have fully flown out of my right ear.
i feel my brain turning to MUSH.
i'm finishing my essay now.
peaCe ouT*
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Friday, November 26, 2004

i haven't written for 2 days.. ohh well. laptop has been misbehaving. :)
Anthony is releasin The Prayer as his single!!
Well.. its finally the weekend. had a party for Geddi this morning. i think she was pleasantly surprised.. :)
School is gonna be OVER in a week.. Amazing.
a whole nother year. Just blew away.
Wouldn't it be good if it all just, blew away?
Quote: Mike Monsters Inc
I suppose i better start packing all my unneccessary craps.
listenin to No Me Ames. i used to love that song even though i had no bloody idea what they were singing..
i'm gonna go now.
peaCe ouT*
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i am SOOOO bored. ultimately bored. the peak of my boredom.
i SHOULD be studying. my eyes are drooping. i am SLEEPY.
i finished my English article though!
we were videoing random scenes of us doing funny stuff. then housemum walks in and we all crack up laughing like mad.
it was a documentary on Boarding Skool Life. it was quite random.
ok. OC in exactly 38 minutes!
peaCe ouT*
Photobucket 7:52 pm ♥

ok.. there is like NO relevance to the title.
but hey. everyone likes *pop*.
still brooding over the fact Casey won.
oh well. i hope Taufik wins Singapore Idol though!
ok. its hot in my room. haven't slept there for two days. OMG OC tonight!
last episode for the season.
Wahh :'(
its exams soon.
i really should be studying..
This is unbelievable. i don't believe it.
I am NOT stressed.
this is a disaster. i have to be!
or else i won't study!!!
Good news though!
i got 3 As in my English intertextual essay!
woopwoop! hooray!
its a MIRACLE.
what an absolute FLUKE.
i am so NOT that good at English.
Mebbe my teacher stuffed up.
i wonder.
well, at least it'll boost up my mark so i CAN do E. Lit next year.
how fast the year has gone.
next year all my singapore friends are in Sec 4.
how fast time flies.
and i'll be in yr 11. two more years to uni. how interesting.
i am GONNA work HARD.
i'm missing CNY though. that sucks TOE.
ohh well.
at least i'll do good and
"Bring my family honour"
Quote from MULAN.
Its quite hilarious. if people have never heard of Mulan, you quote the movie and they are like:
"I don't recall that bit in Moulin Rouge..."
And they think i'm an absolute oddity.
nah. haven't had that much. my group of mates love mulan!
just like me.
we all like similar movies actually.
Thinking about watching The Grudge.
Leaning more to the "WTF NO WAY!" side though..
Well. i better go. Bloody english assignment due TOMORROW.
Grrr. Argh. Hiss. Crap.
peaCe ouT
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

well. hmm. its been 2 days since i last wrote. laptop stuffed up yesterday. couldn't do anything. so pissed off. grr.
well. OC tonight!
the weather has been sooooooooooooooooooo bad. not fun.
cept we got to go in the pool last night.
that was absolutely fantabulous.
cept bloody *toot* wet vin's hair when she didn't want to wet her hair.
yes seems a lil kiddy to be angry over that.
but vin had a chem test the next day. stupid f***.
OMG My Boo just came on!!!!!!
Lurvvvvee usher and alicia keys!
mum bought their CDs for me for Christmas!
Dammit. don't get to listen to em til then..
oh well!
Casey won Aust idol by the way.
ohh well at least anthony was the runner up!
now i really really hope he'll pull off a shannon noll!
courtney was on the radio. he is sooo adorable!
yes in case you didn't know. courtney IS a boys name too.
okie.. better get back to studying.
bio test tomrrow. HaiZ.
you still ROCK anthony!
peaCe ouT*
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Sunday, November 21, 2004

only about 65 mins to the aust idol final!
i can't wait!
they keep mocking poor anthony on the radio.
i feel sorry for all the small people who feel hurt.
damn u radio people.
poor anthony callea.. :(
i hope he WINS. then he can't be mocked!
how can u mock the idol?
i just found out that Olinda Cho got out of Singapore Idol last Fri.
So disappointing. i was hoping sylvester would get out.
i really do not like him.
and if he were singapore's idol, i will officially proclaim myself australian
eeeeeeew sylvester.
go u taufik!
u even have fans abroad! well... Fan.
@ least he is GOOD.
today was. uneventful. it was so hot it took me the whole day to get into study mood.
i spent the morning reading. and cleaning and packing. then the afternoon i went for a swim.
had a shower after. did some study. and when i say some i mean the minimum.
then after dinner i started doing bio. finally.
the room is hot. even though there are 3 fans blasting. can't wait for the final man..
so i better get back to study. have to finish this ruddy essay b4 watching. i will most definitely be absorbed by it.
one last cheer for luck.
ok that should be about right. :)
go anthony!
peaCe ouT*
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sitting in bed under covers now. it is 8:22am. i CANNOT go back to sleep even though it is the weekend. today must study all day. :'( wahh..
have a really annoying bitey on my hand and it is really itchy.
i couldn't sleep so i decided to complain on my blogg! :)
well, today is Sunday.. AUSSIE IDOL FINAL TODAY! GO ANTHONY!
shit. i better vote at least once.
but my $$ is running out...........
have choc sundae from mcdonalds sitting in freezer. waiting. watching. waiting. ok.. maybe not watching. But definitely waiting. it is hot outside. i hate it. why can't it stay winter 24/7, 365 days a year? hmm? answwer that.
i get enough heat in Singapore. grrr.
so much for escaping heat.
monie has the fan on. got cold in the middle of night.
woke up this morning when maddi came in and was shuffling around monie's cupboard.
i was like WTF is monie doing up?? then i saw maddi and said "oh."
monie isn't a morning person.
neither am i but i'm more of it than she is! :P
i've been typing this for 8 minutes. geeez
i really really really really want to get my sundae. but my foot is gonna bloody hurt when i walk downstairs. Yowch. (however u spell that) Youch?
or as the great Goldmember(or was it austin powers?) says.
ok. don't say ANYTHING if the spelling is wrong.
i am tired, grumpy, hot and hungry.
my bite is worse than my bark right now.
i am unloved.
i have NO emails or messages on Friendster.
wahhhh :'( let's all have a cry.
ok. i better go now.
peaCe ouT*
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Saturday, November 20, 2004

i'm soooooooooooo sleepy today..... :(
well, my day started when i woke up in the morning and unsuccessfully tried to wake simone up.
but she wouldn't budge, so i sat up andn started playing on my laptop.
i made some dolls.. i think they were pretty cool. even though some of them looked demented.
then, i finally succeeded in getting simone up, then we got ready and has to wait 45 minutes for the housemother and then we couldn't b bothered waitin so we just left a message with someone.
finally we were on the way to freo.
we got there, and went to Target and Red Dot where we completed our purchases.
all this christmas appeal stuff.. :(
i'm so gonna go back to target to get CLOTHES!
ooh i bought a top there. its pink and very comfy. i LURVE it.
and no one, no one i say can make me hate it! :P
then we went to New Zealand Natural. (mmmm..) and guess what? simone got a MANGO TANGO again. *HaiZ*
and i got a mint choc chip Chillo. they are the BEST.
mmmmmmmm yumm..
then i wanted to go to the Freo markets, but simone was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO..
she was tired.
so was i.
but i LIKE the markets!! :'(
but we went back... :(
stopped at HJs for lunch and taked away. (i dunno how to put it in past tense!)
took away?
take awayed?
then we started the walk home. well, to boarding home.
bloody blister EXPANDED.
my foot has never been in so much pain at once.
have 6 altogether on the bottom of both feet.
and then me and monie got back. i was about 5 minutes behind her. my foot was so sore and uncomfy i couldn't walk very fast.
reached boarding house. found her in jammies. (PJz) she got really burnt juz from walkin. i got halter neck tan, very slightly.
got into mine.
she took a nap. i ate lunch. finished making dollz. lay down on bed.
must not sleep. must not sleep. must not sl..
Housemother walks in. me and monie both sound asleep. it is 4:45. dinner was at 5. she wakes us up. we get dressed. she says we have church at 6. go up to sylv. maddi sitting on bench.
wait for dinner to start. foot very sore.
makes way up to dinner slowly.
dinner SUCKED TOE.
(don't worry tis someting my friend says)
it was FERAL.
well, me starving. went to church on minibus. while walking into church one of the blisters burst. slipper was all wet and gross. didn't know what it was til i looked at my foot. kept staring at foot during church coz i was bored. monie was grossed out. accidentally flicked monie in whooping cough vaccination shoulder. sorry mone.
convinced Jess to take us to HJs. she had shower, i put skirt on coz it was so hot.
left for HJs on minibus. PROPER dinner for us.
got spicy chicken baguette. soooooo good.
also went to Maccas, got chocolate sundae. still waiting for me in freezer.
someone stole my frozen yoghurt tubs. Grrr.
came back, had dinner while watching Urban Legends Final Cut.
Gross movie. monie and sarah kept screaming. yr 11s quite amused.
thats my day.
now i shall go to sleep.
i'm still full of HJs.
Feeling sick.
Baguette was good though.
peaCe ouT*
p.s. Goodnight
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Friday, November 19, 2004

If you have not seen Bridget Jones Diary 2 you are INSANE, RETARDED, MIND BOGGLED and whatever other word meaning you are STUPID!
Go See it NOW before it is too late!
it is a HUGE crime if you DON'T
Take my insane warning seriously although you should not trust one who has PhD.
that by the way isn't the "whatever degree" its supposed to stand for!
its Permanent Head Damage. :P
just jokes.
no pressure to go watch it. just breathe.
mutters under breath *watch it now dammit!*
haha. i'm fully high just from watching it.
Funny Shit.
I don't want you to see my "wobbly" bits!
Quote: Bridget Jones
seriously, it is the funniest movie.
and we laughed so hard at the skiing bit. yes, even though we ourselves are just simply marvellous expert skiers.
*:P* just jokes!
i had fun tonight.
i think i wouldn't have enjoyed mooching as much. so, yeah. :P
well i am fully sick of movie food.
my nose is so blocked i couldn't bloody taste anything. :(
even my wonderfully cold PEPSI MAX.. aww.
at least i couldn't smell the apparent bad smell in the theatre. :P
i'm telling you it wasn't me! seriously. it wasn't.
well, i had fun.
i better go now.
i'm quite tired.
peaCe ouT*
Photobucket 9:15 pm ♥

its the weekend!!!!!!!!
no school for 2 days!
well. sorta.
but i can relax and mooch around now!
must catch up on sum sleep..
going to movies tonight.
better get clothes out.
but right now..
i'm just going to read my book in PEACE.
leave me alone.
peaCe ouT*
Photobucket 3:35 pm ♥

Thursday, November 18, 2004

my nose is killing me..
s+e due tomrrow.
can't be bothered.
ok gtg sleep.
luv yas
Missy Baby Thug cubis (p.s. this is my "hiphop name!" funny eh?)
Photobucket 10:09 pm ♥

ok. i am seriously sick of school. can't it just bloody END!?!?!?!
who ever invented exams. i am going to KILL THEM.
i think their main purpose wasn't to make people learn, but to make them SUFFER MISERABLY.
i am just so sick of everything.
And why can't my blocked nose just GO AWAY.
i've been blowing my brains out since last night!
assignments are overloading majorly overloading.
this weekend is STUDY weekend. other than the movie and my little shopping thing i'm going to on Saturday.
i feel like not going to see Bridget Jones. i haven't seen the First one dammit.
i feel like staying here and mooching around.
and possibly incorporating some "study" while i "mooch".
my eyes are heavy with lack of sleep.
the whole day i plodded along like a zombie.
i feel my head sinking into the bed.
thousands of things are running through my head.
(and no that wasn't meant to rhyme.)
i wish i could just sleep and not wake up for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time..
Forever would be a good option, but then i wouldn't have my fun times anymore.
so, i'll just take what i can get.
i feel like chicken schnitzel.
or spaghetti. the tomato base kind.
spaghetti napolitana from Terrazza.
mmm. i'm droolin all over the bed.
yes i am using a laptop, thats why i'm on the bed.
dammit. coughing fit again.
ok. pillow is calling my head.
good nite y'all..
PeaCe ouT*
p.s. Got invited to suLins parteh.. how awse. dunno if i can go though... :(
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

OMG tonight was sooo yummy... :)
i am satisfied, and i am sure i won't need to eat anything tomorrow..
well, it started with all 18 of us going Pizzabellaroma and we all sat down and chatted for a bit.
then they finalised the orders and very soon all the food started to come.
on the way to the restaurant, me n vini got into character n we were pretending to be a married couple. it was hilarious for a while then i got sick of it but she continued her character! and i was like ARGHHH
well the food came, and there was SOOOOOOOOO much in mine.
i ate like 1/4 of it and i couldn't eat n e more!
then i had sprite and diet coke which i just took back to boarding... :)
vini and caris's fisherman basket thingo was like chock full and vini was the last to finish.
i was like seriously sick!
lots of ppl had lemon lime bitters, and monie was doing an impersonation of this dude at her house who was drunk and was talkin to her and mads. it was quite hilarious..
then after that, we all left and went to either New Zealand Natural or Simmo's Ice Cream. Its amazing how some ppl can eat more after that dinner! :P
i had a mint choc chip ice cream.. mmmmmm... and i bought vini and fleece an ice cream. which they have 2 pay me back for! :P 3 bucks guys..
hand it over
Monie got her long awaited MANGO TANGO!
cheers mone.
all this week she has been saying, "i feel like an iced coffee" or "i feel like a mango tango"
well u got it~ so STOP complainin!
and if u REALLY want and ice coffee go make one u twit! :P
well, overall the night was fun. me and monie ran back to bert so we could save a seat for the OC!
YES! i actually didn't miss it!
And it was soooo exciting.. :)
My nose is hell blocked up.
Blocked noses suck.
Gotta tell Carlz that i didn't miss the OC.. :P
i was whinging the whole day! Can't help it..
Goin to Freo on Saturday with Monie.
Shopping. Might get a pair of bathers. depends.
she'll probably get a mango tango again! *HaiZ*
ok.. gtg now..
but before i do..
PeaCe ouT*
Photobucket 9:52 pm ♥

yayy tonight we're goin out for dinner at pizzabellaroma!
mmmmmmmm.. spag carbonara here we come!
but i hope we don't miss the OC!
PeaCe ouT*
Photobucket 4:44 pm ♥

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ooh! Forgot to tell y'all!
i am one of the six peer support leaders!
Yayyy. No N*! :) Yay! (if you don't get this neva mind)
MAN California by Phantom Planet just came on!
the OC.. so close, yet so far.
Yes, as you can see i am ADDICTED to the OC.
Sad, very sad. But TRUE nonetheless.
California here we come..
-SingS along Joyfully-
Has anyone read the Shakespeare play The Tempest?
I want to read it. Except my dad's od Shakespeare book isn't here with me.
i HATE seniorenglish Tasks.
stupid, stupid, stupid.
I only like the FEature article bit.
that's coz i like writing articles.
This is a tad random, but i just gotta say this.
i LOVE anthonyCallea.
People think he sucks, but he is the best singer in the world!
He sung the Prayer soooo well.
i love that song.
SentiMenTal moment...
I'm fine. Honest.
They don't like him because he is short and stumpy. Short and stumpy is CUTE.
not that i'm short.. i'm medium-ish.
i have a friend who is fairly short.
But i wish Courtney Murphy coulda been in the Top 2 with him instead of Casey.
Nothing wrong with her.. i just prefer Courtney and Anthony.
Note to Self:
If Anthony and Courtney make albums, MUST BUY THEM.
Mum insists i buy Anthony's album for her.
Mebbe if he comes runner up he can pull pff a Shannon Noll.. Hopefully.
i HATE GuySebastian. He can sing and all, i just don't LIKE him very much.
Anthony is mucho mucho caliente in my perspective.
Honorary member of the MMC society. :P
Well, better go. Gotta save a seat for me and monie in Rec Room for the OC.
Wouldn't wanna miss it!
Ooh tomorrow having dinner @ PastaBellaRoma or some thing like tat.
Hope we don't MISS the OC. Life will be over... It is the 3rd last episode! :)
Spaghetti Carbonara here we come!
California here we come, right back where we started from.
PeaCe ouT*
Photobucket 8:05 pm ♥

1 hour 15 minutes til the OC!!! :D
don't you just love it?
i'm BORED.
just say it.
Does anyone like that song that Christina Aguilera and Nelly sing?
It's awse.
i also love CARWASH. wit Xtina and Missy Elliot.
Very cool.
its been remade but oh well.
still good.
i've asked mum for the Alicia Keys and Usher CDs for Christmas. Exciting.. :)
And she is also gonna get me that brown boob tube i've been longing for to wear for Christmas!
(: Yayy :)
Well, i better go noww..
PeAce OuT*
Photobucket 7:19 pm ♥

mmmm yumm..
my KK gave me some milk and cookie chocolate... Mmm mm mm mm mm..
by the way a KK is a secret santa. we do it around xmas!
u give person lil clues and presents throughout the duration and at the end reveal yourself and give them a big xmas present! that way, everyone feels loved.
i like KKs.. its fun.
School was moderately OK-ish.
hmm. OC tonight. ExCiTinG. i saved a bit of chocolate for it! :P
well i better go, gotta finish packing.
PeaCe ouT *
Photobucket 3:47 pm ♥

hmm.. another start of a boring day.
the thought of the OC tonight is keeping me alive.. :P
alright.. i guess i better go put my uniform on.
Photobucket 7:51 am ♥

Monday, November 15, 2004

i am SOOO bored..
understatement of the century.
erm. nothing much to write.
i have absolutely nothing to do.
exams are coming i guess i better start studying.
wanna watch Ella Enchanted again. Aust is soo behind in movies.
am in random mood.
my throat hurts. :'(
ooh manda burnt the new Delta Goodrem album. Very relaxing
I lurve Delta.
Out of the blue, there I met you.
that's part of her new song.
now i have to burn Hilary Duff's new album for manda. Sigh *
i love her song FLY
and there is another one i don't remember what its called. but its track 15.
she sings it in Raise your voice. i can't wait to see that!
In a moment
Everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulder
For a minute
All the world can wait
Let go of your yesterday
Don't you just love the song?
i find out if i am one of the peer support leaders tomorrow.
Nervous. Anticipating. i dunno.
well better go now.
PeaCe OuT*
Photobucket 8:19 pm ♥

had maths test today...
wasn't too bad. started a coughing fit coz of bloody dust particles floating around.
had to go get a drink. wasted my time..
i didn't finish 3 questions. yes, i'm dumb.
i had inadequate sleep.
coughing fit at night too.
monie is biting me. ouch. and she is biting her frog too.
i think she has rabies. been infected by the dog.
but i don't know how a dog got in.
she is acting like a major retard.
i think she needs to see the Doc.
now she has converted into a CAT.
what is with her mood swing man?
she is goin crazy.
gotta go, need to finish my book.
Peace Out *
Photobucket 6:18 pm ♥

Sunday, November 14, 2004

finished my maths notes...
and i can't get hold of my parents on their mobs. so pissed off.
skool is NEARLY over..
i desperately want to go to Supre!
going shoppin for presents next weekend.
parents juz rang back.. finally..
ok well i better get going.
PeacE ouT*
Photobucket 9:08 pm ♥

argh. 2 days since i last wrote..
ohh well..
you'll live..
well i have a maths test tomorrow, so i better wrap this one up fast.
Pressure, pushing down on me..
i HATE maths. Absolutely DETEST it.
its warm today. nice but warm.
Chocolate is looming infront of me. i want to reach out and break off a piece, but it's not for ME.
it's for my KK. if i keep away from it by the time i get it to her i will reward myself with my own chocolate. but right now. i am dying. i will just satisfy my craving with Lemonade.
Not quite the same.. but ohh well. i'm just gonna have to contain my excitement.
Reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden for the first time.
Good book, very good. Next up is Hannah's Winter.
92.9 is holding this weird Bridget Jones competition.
It's interesting.
Watching The Edge of Reason next week.
Haven't even seen the first Bridget Jones.. Sigh.
Okie gotta get back to study now.
Did i forget to mention that i really really HATE MATHS?
Yes? No?
PeAce OuT*
Photobucket 2:16 pm ♥

Friday, November 12, 2004

has n e one else seen Centrestage?? What a cool movie..
i missed the first 45 minutes though... :'( *cry
i was on peer support training.. funfunfun..
i actually had so much fun.. tha detective game we played was awesome!
crikey. that means i spent 11 HOURS AT SCHOOL for one whole DAY!
just the thought makes me shudder..
ohh well at least i was having fun.
well i better runrunrun. time to go sleepies..
Photobucket 11:27 pm ♥

Thursday, November 11, 2004

haha... i just thot of something so weird and stupid i just had to put up a blog entry specially for it.
Well i was in choir today, by myself with all they other yr 10s coz all my friends were bring LAZYBUMs. nah but we're all friends in choir..
well we were sitting there doing nothing much waiting for the teacher to get her notes right and whatever else a choir teacher does, and she sayd, "have u heard of the song the Messiah or something like that? it usually is sung during christmas or easter or something.. and we're all like err.. no not really..
and she was like, "coz there is this real random line in it."
and we r like staring at her weird, trying not to laugh.
"its like all holy and suddenly."
we lean forward, trying to catch what she says next.
The line is "We Like Sheep".
laughter fills the room, and soon we are rolling around on the floor nearly in tears.
haha.. the simple life.
we are so sad.
LuBz LuBz*
gotta go hit sack now. Nitey
Photobucket 10:15 pm ♥

laa laa.. as you see by my random title, i am extremely bored.
My room mate monie has the stupidest song on at the moment. thank gawd she just turned it off.
its the stupid jc chasez one. can u think of a stupider song?
its my friend's bday today! happy birthday susu. if i'm not wrong tat means MILK in malay. haha... don't remember..
but her name isn't actually susu. :P
Well, i'm supposed to be doing other wonderful homework, but i am NOT IN THE MOOD.
me n my mate vini were doin english in her room and we were taking the most randomest pictures of ourselves, like us eating yogurt and apples. she has decided she will make an advertisment for the yogurt.
how extremely embarrasing.
OMG, i am soooo frickin pissed i missed out on Deepavali in Singapore. that is the best with all the food! Damm u celebration... why couldn't you have occured while i was actually THERE?
Well, i better go.. OMG double OC next week. i can't wait. it is such a bonus! double oc this week and the next.. sigh.. i can't wait..
Grr exams in 19 days.. ARGH
:'( whee let's all have a cry.
Peer support training tomorrow man.. Yeahh.. the only minus is that we have to stay @ skool til 9pm.. HaiZ.
As i said, i better go now! have to actually DO my homework now, be4 i reach the point where i know i am absolutely positively SCREWED.
Photobucket 9:26 pm ♥

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hi y'all...
me again..
haven't written for 2 days..
couldn't be bothered to do it.
and i haven't had a gd sleep since sat night.. GRRRR
OC tonight!! OMG OMG OMG.. OC was on last night too..
double whammy this week.. so exciting.. :D
well gtg
LuBz LubZ
Peace out*
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Monday, November 08, 2004

last night, something really scary happened. the aftermath of us messing around with the other world. i don't usually believe in this, but after last night, i am no longer sure if it really is my imagination. as far as i know, imagination isn't able to turn on a stereo while we were half asleep.
Well, it started with us playing the ouija board.. after a few scares we decided enough is enough and went to bed. the next morning, we spotted a dirty hand print on monie's wall. it didn't fit any of ours and looked like one of a 10 yr old kid. the 'spirit' we talked to died was it was 10. coincidence? imagination? now i am no longer sure.
we were pretty freaked out by that. then we went back to boarding and simone set up her new stereo and we were listening to music and then we hit the sack early coz we were all sleepy and i stayed up til like 11pm studying for an econs test. then i went to bed, still slightly haunted by last night, but i managed to get to sleep after about 15 minutes. b4 i went to bed i swear i saw something flash outside my window. but it wasn't like a car light flash, more like aghostly substance flash and i was a little scared. but i juz said it's all in the mind. it's all in the mind.
now, i don't really know.
then i didn't know what time exactly it was , but i was half awake. it was still dark, tho i thot it was probably 5am. monie seemed to be sound asleep so i tried to get back to sleep. then i was distracted by a bright blue flash of light which lingered so i opened my eyes and realised that it was monie's CD player. i thot wtf is she doing listening to music at this time. this was followed by a series of really loud screams from monie which made me jump out of bed and i ran to her and frantically tried to wake her up. she had gone white and she was shaky, i glanced at the clock and it said 1:01. dammit i thot. i thot she had a nightmare, but then she sat up and knocked her watter bottle off the desk. it was infront of the stereo. i was confused. monie what's wrong with you? i asked her. i turned on the light and i was lookin at the stereo in confusion. monie was shaking and nearly hyperventilating. "breathe breathe" i tried to comfort her. she looked as if she was in shock. i wondered what happened when she said shakily, "the player went on by itself and then my bottle cast a shadow of a man on my wardrobe"
if anyone has an explanation for this, please inform me immediately.
how could a bottle which looked NOTHING like a man cast a shadow of a man on her wardrobe.
i am confused, scared, shocked.
i don't know what to do.
but, i couldn't sleep in that room.
she unplugged the stereo, and we gathered our blankets up and explained to our housemum what happened. a yr 12 came down and asked if everything was alright and we said yes. we ended up sleeping in the housemums flat. we were too scared to go back. i got NO sleep. i basically watched and waited for the sun to rise and it did.
economics test! :( i was so worried i was gonna flunk, but surprisingly it wasn't that bad.
continuing this episode, in the morning we came back and we shined lights on the bottle from all directions and concluded that it couldn't have been the bottle.
i am scared, i don't want to sleep in this room but i don't really have a choice.
the bloody Ouija board. Grrr.. never touchin one ever. not like i played, but i am not encouraging anyone to play. i have concluded that the spirit followed us back from monie's house in her stereo. and then turned it on. what better explanation is there? i really don't know what to think.
imagination? i think not.
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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Well... continuing my most recent blog entry...
Well, after all that movie watching, monie, mads, cato, dani, mel, monie's mum and i decided that it would be fun to freak ourselves out by conducting our own personal seance. a ouija board as many ppl know it. i of course being a realy big sooky lala, didn't join in but offered to scribe for them. b4 we started her mum told us spooky stories of her personal experiences with the seance.. and we were like whoa that is scary..
so we got the letters and put them out on the table and her mum got a relatively heavy glass cup which they used. Well, it went on and the 'spirits' were being a nuisance not saying anything proper. finally they said well is there anyone you want to say something to? and it spelt out her mum's name.. freaky.. and her mum was like whoa.. and suddenly the cup started moving in her direction, past all the letters. and her mum was like EEEKK!!!! and every one let go of the cup. but, it didn't stop there, instead it moved back in the opposite direction. guess wot? everyone started screaming their heads off and cato jumped onto my chair and grabbed me by my neck! and we were all kinda freaked out but we still continued..
then finally on the 7th try, we got a 'spirit' of someone who actually used words not random letters and numbers. and it wasnted to talk to monie. some rather interesting stuff that made her really frightened. like it wanted to rape her and then it said it was just joking. it said 'monie' 'lust', 'boy'. and we found out this was a boy who died when he was 10. this also involved other details which i won't mention, and it turned out he turned 16 that day we had the seance. and guess wot? we were celebratin monie's 16th even tho her bday is always in the holz. well, this conversation went on, and we found out some interesting things. then suddenly we hear a soft 'bang' on the door separating the kitchen and living room and surprise surprise we all start screaming again! then monie's mum was like "was that you" and it responded 'maybe' and 'yes'. ok, that was it we were officially freaked out. but guess what, the show must go on, and it did. then the spirit had to go, and then monie's mum went off to bed. i was like "she is so going to come back and attempt to scare us". and she did! she hit the door open and they all started screaming. i was laughing my head off.. "what did i tell you?" i said.
well when she went off to bed for real, they started it again and coincidence the spirit who loved monie came back. and we were asking about monie's past life, and apparently she was married to him and they had 4 kids who died in the plague. how absolutely freaky.
and he was saying all this other stuff i can't be bothered typing..
Suddenly, mel and i hear this tapping noise. i stared at her and she stared at me and we all started screaming and they ran out. mads was in shock so i had to yell at her and tell her to move. she finally did and we ran out screaming. *shudder* that was scary.
her mum was like ok kids time to go to BED. it was like 3am. they played for 2 hours! :S
well.. scary weekend all wrapped up.
Never again will any of us TOUCH a ouija board.
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Well... As you know.. i had a little get together for my friend's sweet 16th bday on friday.. we got all dressed up, and left PRISON. (boarding skool that is.. :P) after her mum picked us up we went to the video store and rented out some scary movies. We got The Exorcist(seriously.. it's NOT SCARY. It's plain freakin gross.) Wrong Turn (Scary sh!t if you like suspense catch this one!) Blair Witch 1 and 2 (first one way better, second one extremely weird and odd.), RomaSanta(this one is about werewolves. kinda freaky.. but more on the gross side) and how could we not. Shrek 2, juz to make sure we got to bed all happy thinking about shrek and donkey and the rest of the crew.. :P After that we set out for Terrazza, which is like a block away for the video store and we had a really nice., satisfying dinner there. Thank you so much Mrs Joyce. It was beautiful. It was kind of dressy so we all had fun getting dressed up. The cost.. i won't even comment. we were forced not to pay.. :S When we left we all went in one shot, so carrot and mads sat on the car floor! but we had fun monie turned up the bass and we were bopping around on the floor. Her mum stopped at the BWS shop and they were staring at us! it was hell funny.. :) Then after tat we went back to her house and organised rooms etc.. i got a WATER BED. do you know how comfy it is to sleep on one?? the best.. and my friend vini slept on the mattress on the floor. the other 4 shared the double beds. but vini ended up sleepin in the water bed with me coz she got freaked out by something. well, continuing my story be4 we went to bed.. we got into PJs and went and cut monie's cake which was absolutely beautiful, yet sickening coz we were all bloated by the time we finished with dinner. it had these absolutely delish chocolate flakes, white and milk on the top which we all just picked off and yummy chocolate/sponge cake under that.. BEAUTIFUL. but that made me feel absolutely SICK tho.. :P the other 5 had a glass of Riccadonna(no idea how to spell it!) but i hate alcohol of any form so i just stuck with the cake. Cake and Riccadonna by the way don't really mix.
Then, the fun started.. We watched the Exorcist and had so much fun freakin the Sh!t outta each other even tho it was just really really feral and disgusting more than scary.. :) then we watched Wrong Turn which was when we got really scared and jumpy, especially monie even tho she had already watched it! it was quite funny.. then we watched around 20 minutes of shrek 2 and decided we should go to bed. this was at 1:15 am. so we all trudged up the stairs and got into bed. vini got scared of something so she crawled into my bed and we were talking about random stuff til about 3am! then we just fell asleep.
hmm.. rudely awoken by mads at 7:30 am. haha just jokes. no mads came in and crawled into my bed coz carrot was asleep and somehow vini ended up on the floor again on the mattress and we just lay there half asleep til bout 8 am and then monie and caris came in and started talking about the movies. vin got up got her pillow and went into cato's room and for sum weird reason thot she was gonna whack cato's head! but i found out she went there and fell asleep again, coz we were makin too much noise! hehe.. oh well. then we all got out of bed and watched blair witch project. 3 of us had seen it, so we knew when stuff was gonna happen, so we were quite prepared for it. seriously, if you ever wanna watch it don't watch it at day time it totally ruins the effect of it! After that we watched blair witch 2, which was i thot was kinda bad. it was weird.
then we had breakfast. Ham, sausages, eggs and toast. Mmmmm.. :)
Then we started watching RomaSanta. But after a while we decided that we would go to GC for a while. We went there did shopping and stuff.. stuffed around for a while then walked back to monie's house. After returning we watched RomaSanta. Then mrs joyce sent caris and vini back. we were sad they couldn't stay but they wanted to be squids and do their homework. :) juz jokin gurlz. :P After that the remaining 4 of us had a SPA in our bathers.. so fun.. tim tams and dove chocolate.. mmmm yummy..
then monie's mum came back and her sister and her friend came as well. they had returned the two 1 nighters and got more dvds. so we watched bring it on again, and the day after tomorrow. but we had to have dinner, so we paused it. we were joined by some of monie's relatives, her nan and pop, auntie and her bro. it was hilarious. her sister stood up to give him a hug, and he kinda patted cato's head! he didn't know it wasn't monie! he thot it was her.. it was so funny. what's more.. he even kissed her on the cheek! hahaa...daniella was killing herself laughing. she was yelling wrong sister!! and her bro goes all red.. her mum kept teasing caitlyn about it, and we were all laughing.
We had pizza, chicken, salad and bagutte for dinner, and after that we continued watching the day after tomorrow. that is an AWsE movie! i recommend that everyone should watch it.
Well, this has been a fairly long blog, and i got to go now do my homework. so i shall continue when i am free... but my paranormal experience has yet to be told...
*X-Files music plays*
:P PeAcE oUt
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Friday, November 05, 2004

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

its thursday everyone!!!
only one more day til monie's sweet 16 partehh!!
:D we r gonna have so much fun.. we're gonna go to a cool restaurant for tea and then we are going back to her place and watchin scary flicks ALL NIGHT! and there is even a thunderstorm forecast... ohhoohohoooh mwahahahaha.
okiee gotta run!
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

today was fairly boring...
nothing much to say about today..
ok byebye
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"Today started out average... And then I woke up.."
Quote: Freaky Friday Evan
Ohh, the truth. So raw, so honest.
I woke up, and by doing so destroyed even a tiny chance that this day would be good.
ARGH.. I was so tired that I walked around like a zombie. And even now my eyes are burning with lack of sleep.. I had NO energy whatsoever, i basically needed a crane to lift me out of bed. But since this wasn't an option, i dragged myself out, nearly falling out in the process. I think this unbalance of my body is due to me falling over as i got out of the bus with my friend and slipped on some sand and both of us landed in the sandpit.
Well, the rest of the day DRAGGED on.. It was like really tangled hair which refused to come out of knots. and i was the comb, which nearly broke from the pressure. Well, that's graphic enough.
And now i've had enough but i have to do my english essay and questions, study for an economics test and do a FRENCH assignment. Oh and don't forget that good ol maths test.
Well i better go now..
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Monday, November 01, 2004

We had awards night practice the WHOLE DAY today... the only plus was we got to miss out on SCHOOL! :D *snigger* and the bloody teachers juz kept yelling and yelling.. god i don't think they got much sleep either.. hmm..Oh and we sang our cool songs too.. :D But we had to get up soooo early to get there... :'( I was practically falling asleep there...
Then we had to sit thru the whole awards night which was obviously at night.. and it only ended at like 10:25 when it was meant to end at 9:40! Grrr... damn u people.. and we couldn't even talk coz we were like under the spotlight for basically the whole thing... grrr... and the lights were so frikkin bright! ohh well.. enough complainin.. time to go beddy byes before i start mispellin everything..
Luv ya lots like jelly tots...
**Bless us oh Lord for these gifts we're about to receive, and yea though i walk through the valley of no food, i will fear no hunger. Give us this day our daily bread and by the power vested in me, i pronounce us ready to eat.**
Quote: Whoopi Goldberg a.k.a. Sr Mary Clarence: Sister Act
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