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Saturday, July 22, 2006

i just started to watch the 4400.. OMG someone get me the DVDS!!!!
it's sooooooooooo interesting... whooo..
went out to town 4 dinner with the girls today.. pastamania yeahhhh.
t'was a lil filling.. and i bought the High School Musical soundtrack!!!
has funk ass posters n a cool free tshirt!!! it was awesome..
DVD on the wayy YAYYY.
it has a karaoke disc too.. hahahaha .. funfunfun
now i'm sooooooo tired..
leavin tmw night... SIGH.
don't wanna go... don't want the hols to END..
ok gotta go now...
c i a o
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

we're soaring, flying, there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.
AHHH i love high school musical!!
days of endless boredom have led to me knowing the steps to the last song in that movie.
what a sad life. hahaha
i can now singalong AND dancealong. really really sad. hahaha
ok well i really should be doing something useful..
c i a o
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Monday, July 17, 2006

i don't want the hols to end!!
and i really really want the High school musical dvd
oh god nothin else to say.
c i a o
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

been chilling and getting over the term lately.
nothing better to do at the moment but i spose i better get working soon!!
omg High school musical is THE cutest live disney show..
i'm in loooovvee with it!
ok nothin better to say..
c i a o
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Sunday, July 09, 2006

well.. back in singapore now..
it's nice and Rainy. not much of a difference than perth i guess!
cept it's hotter.. but not too hot. :)
my little sister is being an annoying little sh!t so i'm hoping the hols don't go too slow.
but what difference would it make since she is going back to aust too..
i'm so sleepy.
and i really wanna watch Pirates of the Caribbean two!!
too many good movies..
on the plus side. FIFA world cup finals tonight!! hope i can stay awake through it..
Allez les francais!!
not sure that's spelt exactly right but it'll have to do..
stinking diving italian soccer players.
c i a o
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i feel like i have been scrunched up into a ball like paper, chucked in hydrochloric acid then into an incinerator.
i am so depressed that one of my bestest friends is leaving good ol'boarding school to live with her crabby no good arrogant uncle who has no life, and nothing better to do than torture her with his tyranny and put her under pressure to do well.
honestly, it is f***ing bullsh!t that this idiotic man has so much power over her.
seriously.. what is with Asian families and they put SOO much emphasis on doing well and studying hard and becoming a frickin doctor or somthing boring like that.
why the hell do u need so many doctors in one family??
not dissing anyone or anything. but some people (mostly parents) just have to get it thru their frickin thick skulls that not EVERYONE can be super smart nerdy brainiacs. u can't hav all ur kids super smart and at the same intelligence levels.
sure it would be good to be a smart kid, that way maybe ur parents cut u some slack.
and to my friend's parents: no offence but u need to see that ur daughter ain't destined for medicine or dentistry. honestly, who'd want to spend their life digging around in people's bodies or sticking hands in mouths? Gross i say.
she only says she will leave because that f***ing b@st@rd pressured her into thinking that if she said no, her parents would abandon her. now which parents in the right mind would ever do that. so what if he refuses to help her anymore. it's not like he was much help any way.
GOD that man p!sses the sh!t outta me!!!!
now, she already has lack of social life, and her social life comprises of chattin with us everyday.
and that's about all.
now she is gonna have no social life at all. zilch. nada.
and i don't consider being watched like a hawk by some bald terrorist wannabe evil man, and having to discuss work with him as social life.
she wouldn't be around any people her age except in school, and she already does enough study there let alone in boarding school.
i just hate her f***ed up uncle who thinks he is better than everyone, and that everyone loves him because he is such a small cute innocent man (so u think u idiot!!!).
ok enough ranting. i think i hve had my little anger attack and explosion..
breathing calmly now....
c i a o
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Sunday, July 02, 2006

how depressing.
neither england nor brazil got in..
damn u salazar!!!!!!
ahh well.. there's always the next world cup.
and aust didn't get in. altho i think it was highly unfair that they lost.
i thought that the penalty was highly unfair.
me n vinii stayed up friday night to watch the germany-argentina game..
but we were soooo tired she fell asleep near the end of 90mins and i fell asleep into that 15 mins extra time thing.. so we missed the penalties and woke up and found that wow tennis was on tv!
haha.. how random.
las vegas social was on last night...
soooooooooooo much bloody fun.
i shall put lovely pics up now.
so thats about all that's happening in my life.. meH.

Carrott and i!

fleecY and i!

me, moe, vini = 3 musketeers!!

aLLy and i!!

me and maDDles!!


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