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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

watched the latest ep of GG just then!!
ohhh i love love love it so :)
I want to go to fashion week!!! wanna be a photog at fashion week!! ahhh
just had to come ramble.
it's so dramamama, i loooove it.
i want season 1 dvds!! sidereel has stuffed up the eps :(
also watched latest heroes ep.. interesting... sylar = semi good? lol weird ass.
ok, best be off, got to continue doing stuff now!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Despite being just about broke, I went and caught 2 movies this weekend with audz!
caught the House Bunny, it was stupid, bimbotic and retarded.
but funny all the same! :D was pretty good, but very girly! lots of pink.. stuff.. and some really random bits, but it was pretty good overall.
caught this on sunday:
it looked better in the previews, but it was alright. probably could have waited for the dvd, but too late now. and plus, we got a 2 for one ticket deal! :D so it was like 7 bucks each. or something like that. :D good shit.
the head girl of the boarding school was so irritating.
we brought in mee goreng from old shangers heheh possibly NOT the best idea, because it exploded out of it's plastic container into the plastic bag, so when i got in it was all nasty inside the bag. and whoo the smell was a wee bit strong! but oh well.
now tute free week has begun, but dangflabbit i have so much to do. apart from MASSIVELY cleaning my house, I have to do loads and loads of uni work :(
only 4 more uni weeks though!! :D after the tute free one. lol.
can't wait to head back to S'pore :D :D and audz will be visiting moi wooohooo

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this lady who works in garbo came up to moi at work today and gave me a double pass to go see:
for tonight!!
my verdict?
yeah, that may or may not have made sense.. lol.
made last minute plans to go see it
1: because it was free,
2: because i'd seen the trailers and it looked pretty funny, but i had no means to go see it
(e.g. i'm pretty broke)
3: i haven't been to the movies in FOREVER.
which makes me sad.
and there are so many movies out now i want to seeeee :( someone give me free movie passes to all the moviess!!! gahh
but anyway, back to The Rocker, it was hilariousssss. Rainn Wilson has the worst drum playing expressions though.. hahaha. but it was so funny, gross, sweet and hilariousss.
and we got to see at agessss before anyone! :D
and audz and i absolutely ADORED the music. it's awesome music from the band A.D.D.
and ZOMG it's teddy geiger!! i didn't even realise..
gonna get the cd when i have some mooollaaahh.
well, i did just get paid, however, I also bought tix to go to:
bday weekend rock onnnn :D
should be funfunfun, going with my girlehs :D
now i must be off.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Presenting the retarded fruits of my labour.

turned out alright, considering i had no clue what the hell i was going to do until 7pm thursday night. :D
but i don't think it's that effective a design.. probably should've worked on it more.
oh well
random pics!
audz. sleeping at uni :D
the supercalifreakinawesome cookies and cream cheesecake i had from kirribilli cafe :Dit was so well presented. :D
moe and meg walkin around trying to do their photog :Danywhos. i must be off, gotta get ready to head to the city to help moe with photog.
yet another slack weekend. but at least I don't have anything major due next week. in fact, it's one of those rare weeks where I don't have anything to worry about! :D


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Saturday, September 20, 2008

i was unaware of the fact that there was such a thing as International Talk Like a Pirate day.
arhhh me hearties. (for yesterday :P although it may still be sept 19th in some places)
anyway. did my report and process folio like mad hard on thursday. i got a pretty good start on my report on wednesday, and then used my 3 hour break very wisely, so pat on the back for that.
but as per usual, misjudged the magnitude of my process assignment. and payed for that with an all nighter ! i was just sitting there watching the clock go to 6.03 am, and i was just like yEP. been awake for 24 hours. yay me. but i got it done in the end. turned up for my first typog class and there was like 5 people in total who turned up. which was great, you know, since there was supposed to be like 15 altogether! haha no one came because of process.
at least the tutor thought my design was good. lol. pretty good effort for someone who didn't know what they were doing until 7pm the night before! i should start my next process one nice and early, shouldn't i? :)
at least it was individual, no one else used plasticine characters. hehehe
so yes. now i'm still real tired despite having caught up on some sleep.
all nighters drain me so bad!
when i got home i decided i wouldn't have a nap, just so i could sleep properly at night. so i did some weeding. and MAN do we have a lot of weeds. our front yard looks like a forest.
damn you weeds.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

i would very much like to go to sleep now.
i think i will. despite the fact i have quite a number of things due this week.
but i s'pose I can do some tomorrow morning and tomorrow night to make up for the lack of doing stuff. started typography too, it's boring, even more so than last year. but oh well.
ok well, off i pop now.


Photobucket 9:20 pm ♥

hahaha i've been hearing staccato rollercoaster .
it's actually stuck on a rollercoaster.
yep. that definitely makes more sense now.
this is in regards to Katy Perry's song Hot n Cold. i like it much better than I Kissed a Girl. and i'm also quite proud i figured out the chords all by myself :D but it's actually really easy, so not that huge a feat. :P
it's been a musical weekend. other than all the cleaning i did, and i did a SHITLOAD of cleaning.
my uncle asked me to see if i could play this by ear.

ordered her cd on friday. :D
she's so inspirational. i wish i could compose such beautiful music.
she's just absolutely sensational.
she's only SIX.
so, i've been stuck on that. recorded it with my phone and have listened to it many many times. so far i've figured out the melody (not completely, because there's a couple of times where its more than one key and my brain goes crazy), and i can play 30 seconds or so of it with both parts, but then i get really confused. so i'm gonna have to wait for the cd for a clearer version. mine is abit muffled. :D but i can do it! :D it's absolutely beautiful music.
i really should be asleep.
i only fell asleep at 5am last night, or rather, this morning. just couldn't sleep. i was organising my closet until about 3am, taking out stuff i never wear to give to charity/sell. lol.
alright. back to the guitar.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

This ain't gonna be wordy.. I'm feeling kinda ill so I don't have much to say right now!
i just spent about 2 hours editing moe's and my roadtrip vids from April.
longggggggg overdue for our shared blog. which neither of us have touched for ages. :P
so i leave some random pictures I took with my viewty :D
flying out the window :D
we eez pweetty.
got a new pair of sunnies! mine finally died. must've been the longest surviving pair i've owned :D
i swear i have a sunnies curse.
me likey. :D

Richiepoo likey too.

he's so cute.
i can't wait til I can have my own puppyyy

retarded bffns.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

you know what i love?
those mac ads with justin long.. and the odd PC dude.
just watched like 20 of them :)
i kinda felt like blogging today, after all i haven't written much for awhile!
we finally got our group presentation over with! wHEWWW
hugest sigh of relief EVER
finally got in contact with sportsgirl, they kept referring us to the wrong people, i got the necessary information the day before we freakin did our presentation.
oh well, we're eternally grateful GG. :P
now i have to do some design process shit, digi design crap, context reports, and on top of all that, we start typography on monday! woohoo. fun times for all.
and speaking of a different GG, i caught the 1st and 2nd episodes of Gossip Girl 2nd series!!!
whyy oh whyyy can't they bring Gossip Girl to free to air tv, instead of 90210.
fast track it dammit!!
but good ol' sidereel. you're ever so faithful :D
gotta love gossip girl. :)
well, i oughta stop procrastinating for now, and get going with my design process. designing a fruit juice label is quite frustrating. can we PLEASE just do a couple of designs and not like 50 completely different ones.
i'm gonna be studying up a storm this weekend!
finally had my 5 hour shift back for work.. haha i'm so broke right now it's not funny
and bossman told me he was taking french lessons! hadn't spoken to him for ages so i was like huhhh? when did this start
told me he went on a cyber date, (i mean, how else was he meant to go out with a French girl?! was his reasoning) funny stuff.. :D
corrected some of his french pronounciations.. haha sometimes i had no idea what word he was saying.
and he was very proud of the fact that he made up a perfect sentence all by himself in class:
demain matin, tu me chantera une chanson.
i was just like hahahha. good job, good job.
but anyhow.
alright. i'll be off now.
might blog again on the weekend.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

well, this should be interesting.
i've momentarily lost the will to blog.
haven't been taking pictures or going anywhere remotely interesting.
the most exciting piece of news i have is that my timezone card has been upgraded to VIP.
sad, but true.
however, i shall be back. at some point in life.
and I have about 8 weeks left of uni. I have to buck up now, or I won't be able to keep up my grades :S
Will be back soon


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