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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here's some missing pictures from last Saturday when Moe Carrot Jerri and I went to watch The Simpsons movie! :D
Lovely artistic shot of our absolutely GIANT popcorn.

Caris stealing some of MY coke.. hehe.

My wicked ass Donut covered Hoyts cup :D

Moe looking all blurry but still demure and pretty!
Also wearing one of her purchases from This Fashion. :D

Jerri... Looking like..Jerri.

My darling RICHIE!! :D
Ok OKAY so he's not MINE per se... But he loves me!! :D

NAWW.. he's looking at me.
Or rather.. the camera. lol.

I discovered that by covering the flash on one's camera, your picture turns
edit// i took the photo away. i decided i look like a retard.


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Photobucket 8:50 pm ♥

Today's PR class was pretty boring, nearly fell asleep but the tutor was standing RIGHt in front of me so good thing i didn't!
Went to Audrey's house to see darling Richie who's grown so big now!! But still cute as hell! :D
Then off we went to Southlands to watch Knocked Up with Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl..
Pretty funny movie, but it totally put me off pregnancy! not that i was planning to BE pregnant in the first place or anything!! the acting was simply classic, and it was very dramatic with all the yelling and arguments. Then I had to rush home bevause JErri was waiting for me! Had to babysit lev and bran too. We played continuous Quidditch outside til it was dark! lol.
Pretty much all that went on today off to have a shower now! :D

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Photobucket 7:13 pm ♥

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yesterday evening, Moe, Carrot, Jerri and I headed to Garbo to catch The Simpsons Movie!
After waiting in a long line for quite awhile, we finally got inside, eagerly anticipating the start of the movie!
Overall, it was pretty funny and outrageous, as usual, with its many quirks and random moments! The plot, which has been kept quite a good secret, was a little strange, but nonetheless imaginative even though they did copy parts of the plot from different movies, e.g. the truman show.
nonetheless it was highly entertaining and humorous, but also touching!
Yesterday, I also invested in a Tarot Card set for $19.95 at a Newsagents while I was out doing the groceries.
The cards aren't as nice as normal ones, as they feature people photoshopped onto cartoon drawing like figures. But trying to do a tarot reading isn't extremely easy if you don't know everything! I had a strange reading the first time I did it, which was mildly accurate so a little freaky! Obviously it didn't turn out the same for the rest but ahh well! (:
Auntie Mich has been kind enough to let Jerri go over to her house to play, so she's out of my care for a couple of hours on the weekend! So i did some groceries, cleaned the house a little, then Audz came to visit!
So off we went to Bullcreek shopping centre to shop, and then we picked Jerri up after we were done..
Last night Moe, Jerri and I watched Hook, a movie I've been meaning to catch for a long time given it is nearly 16 years old! Pretty cool movie, I didn't know Steven Spielberg made it! But it was a pretty good movie anyway. And I just finished watching The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that was pretty awesome too. I haven't read the book even though i've been meaning to read it for awhile now, but can never seem to get my hands on a copy! :( i shall persist in my quest! :D
Had a pretty uneventful day so far, been to church [woo!] and the supermarche :P
And i'm feeling rather chilled.

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Photobucket 2:36 pm ♥

Monday, July 23, 2007

Woo Harry Potter craze has taken over me! :D
Dad's quite bothered that I've been taken in by HP gimmicks.. :) But it doesn't stop me going nuts and purchasing merchandise!! :D

Bless Popular for catching on and coming up with a line of HP related items edit// actually they are Warner Bros!! I found a goldmine there while I was actually simply searching for Dumbledore's army T-shirts.

Harry Potter Notebook: SGD 5.90

Front cover: Ooooh Harry potter :D

Back cover
Harry Potter Pencil Case: SGD 12.90
Been needing one for uni :D hehehe. what will people think... :P
Harry Potter wallet: SGD 9.90
Front of wallet
Back view of wallet.

The wallet was a little dodgy, but hey, I needed a new one. My Nightmare before Xmas one was starting to fall apart and die... :(

Fallout Boy CD! :D
SGD 11.90

I've been shoe shopping lately, and bought three pairs of shoes, which, coincidentally, all have stripes. What a careless mistake. Lol.

White and Silver striped with bows made of velvet-like material.
SGD 6 haha bargain! :D
And I got the last pair... ;p

Fake Keds-style shoes. With cute anchor.
SGD 15.90

Heels this time, black andwhite stripes with plastic? black ribbon stuff.
SGD 15

And last but not least, a cheapo LOTR CD/DVD holder :D
I'm still searching for HP Tshirts, so if you've seen any PLEASE let me know!! :D
I will be forever in your debt. :)
I used to have a Hogwarts crest one, but now it is crumbly. :'( boohoo.
And I had a Nimbus 2000 shirt, but it's bright orange... And kinda small now. :(
And I'm also looking for the 200 Pounds Beauty soundtrack.. So if you've seen that too :P

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Photobucket 10:36 am ♥

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Moe and I recently borrowed the Korean movie 200 Pounds beauty from Video Ezy, and I've gotta say, I don't choose to watch many Asian movies, although I know there are some good ones out, i absolutely loved this movie!!

There is a cover of Blondie's song "Maria" and I absolutely love it, which is the video above.
And the actress has such a good voice! :O Absolutely amazing..
Despite the fact we had to watch it with subtitles, it was hilarious and very entertaining.. :)
This is one soundtrack I'd love to have! :)
I wouldn't understand it, but the songs sound beautiful... :)

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Photobucket 2:45 pm ♥

YEAH Look what we had done today!!!
Tattoooos!! WOO
i LOVE my star :D

In case you are unable to tell, these are not real. Sadly.

Hamz got a cute little Chinese character which means "Love" on her ankle.

And I very much like Moe's dragon!!! It makes her look tough and gangsterish. LOL.
Hams and I were laughing away because she had such a demure outfit on and all of a sudden WHAM you see this macho dragon tattoo.

Taken just before we left home to send Moe to the airport. BAHAHA look at the skin colour contrast.

Yes, well, Simone has left, on her way back to freezing cold Australia!! *luckyy*
And after a tearful farewell (Ok, so it wasn't tearful at all, it was more a Starbucks sugar induced gigglefit farewell) we left Moe to go on her way, hopefully she didn't get lost in the airport! lolness.
After working for mother again, we set off for Tampines Mall to collect my long-awaited Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Needless to say, I started reading it almost straight away, and spent a majority of the day with my nose buried in it, even whilst standing on the train and walking amongst hoards of people. Finished it too, as i mentioned in the previous post, at 10.48 pm tonight! :)
I also bought the Fallout Boy CD which is one I've wanted for a long time! And it cost me $11.90 like WOO yeah. Moe also bought the Mika CD which I'd wanted, but oh well, she burnt it onto my laptop so meh..
After Tampines Mall, we made our way to Far East Plaza, where we had lunch, and walked around the place when we decided to get air-brushed tattoos!! :P
I think my star is a little too big, but I wouldn't mind getting a real one there.
Of course, I'm too chicken shit to even consider getting a real tattoo, wayy too freaked out by the description and needles!! :O AHHH.
But I'd like one if it wasn't so horridly gross and painful sounding. :)
Someone invent a way that isn't quite so eeky! :D

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Photobucket 2:26 am ♥

Saturday, July 21, 2007

On this day, the 21st of July 2007.
I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at 10.48 pm


Photobucket 10:50 pm ♥

Friday, July 20, 2007

It seems as though the Singaporean blogosphere is turning into a mish mash of wars between bloggers, what with XX's recent Top 7 most disgusting singaporean bloggers post. Yes and I know, how sad, I've been blog surfing again, but I just wanted to check out all these random blogs that I'd never heard of when I read her post. I discovered that they were all pretty mediocre, and really nothing extremely special... And I don't understand why they have such high readership... But anyway, she was going on about how she didn't like some of them because they were ugly in their photos...
But ugly does not = disgusting does it?
The first blogger she mentioned really does gross me out, with his try-hard personality and narcissistic? self-worshipping.
But the others she attacked for being ugly where simply average, everyday, girl/boy next door looks. Ok, actually the rest were girls.. So girl next door looks. And if there's no hope for them, where lies the hope for all the rest of us! But oh well, that's her opinion. In my opinion the girls are average, not exquisitely beautiful, simply average. Although one of them does look like a squashed monkey in some of her photos... Just like ME hehe. But she's a very skinny squashed monkey.
And so the backlash begins through comments on XX's blog itself, and on the blogs of the unlucky chosen ones. But the most retarded backlash of all, would have to be Chosen one No. #1, Mr Narcissus himself, with his 8 minuteYoutube video where he tries to insult XX by calling her a chicken pie.
I mean, WOW, that must be the highest insult on earth. I'd be appalled if someone referred to me as a chicken pie.
Will someone explain to me where is the sense in being called a chicken pie?
And he called her a midget, several times. When she is an average sized human whose companions happen to be taller than her.
What about real midgets, who were born with no hope of ever growing taller than when they stopped growing. :( Some people do speak without thinking.
But enough rambling.
My throat glands are swollen I think.. And my throat is sore, and itchyyy. Which is making my ears itchyyy. Which is highly unpleasant.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Even though I said I wasn't gonna watch this movie in the cinemas, many people told me that I should watch it because it was pretty good.
Now I'm not that much a fan of robot movies or anything, (but I did like I,Robot!), but Transformers turned out to be a little better than I expected. While Moe and I were supposed to go out to a shopping centre far far away from my house, we hopped on a bus to the train station, then decided we really didn't have the energy to travel that much! So we just ended up at one of the shopping centres near the train station. Had dinner at Billy Bombers, this cool retro American diner place. The movie was pretty good, lots of great effects and not too bad a storyline. And Shia Labeouf just so happens to be one of my fave actors.. :P I love his hair colour its so gorgeous. Yes well, I like chocolate brown hair *shhh*. Its my most fave hair colour! :D But it wouldn't suit me one bit.. :( Which is sad. lol.
Ahh, now my eyes are burning from lack of sleep, so I shall leave.

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Photobucket 1:12 pm ♥

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WELL. I'm back from Sentosa Island, and of course you wouldn't know that I was going to go there because it was all planned the day before we set off!
We only stayed one night, but boy I wish I could stay for a month!
So we set out early, at around 9 am, and stopped for breakfast at Tampines... After which we made our way to Vivo City and strolled around there til around 12, when we went to buy cable car tickets!
Then, after a little confusion, we finally found our way up to the cable car centre and set off all excited, video cameras and cameras ready, when Moe says, "Aren't we supposed to be travelling over a body of water??" AHH SHIT. Went in the wrong direction!!!!
So we hopped off at the next stop Mt Faber and caught the cable car in the right direction to Sentosa!! Upon our arrival, we were horrified to discover that we were very hungry. :P
So off to Subway it was! And since check-in time was only at 3pm, we decided we'd go and watch the 4D movie they had nearby. That was an experience!
The chairs rocked, wind blew, water was spat out at us and moving ropes simulated insects and snakes which was quite nasty... hahaha. After that, we decided we'd go check out the cool Merlion statue.
Yay for the Merlion!!
We ventured into this fake cave thing with mythical fossils (fake ones of course) and dragon statues and watched a short movie about the story of Singapore, after which we took a nice ride in the elevator to the top of the Merlion where we stood on it's head and also in it's mouth which was cool! :)
It was time to head to the hotel, Siloso Beach Resort, which was really cool albeit a little unfinished! We checked-in with just the slightest difficulty, only because we got a complimentary room from Dad's client!! :D:D But we did have to give a $50 deposit because Dad wasn't there.
But that turned out alright! (Ordered room service at night after having a nice swim at the very cool Pool outside our room! So they took the room service charge out of that deposit)
The room was very nice, and Mum and Dad came to visit with Jerri after awhile. Jerri, expressed her want to stay behind, but mum and dad wouldn’t let her. (thank goodness!)
Simone decided she’d like to have a swim, so off we went to explore the pool! Realised I’d forgotten to bring my bathers, so later at night after dinner, I went swimming in my PJ shorts and a black top.. hahaha. Went to Sakae Sushi for dinner, then sat on Siloso beach to watch the Songs of the Sea show from afar, but hey we managed to see the fireworks for free! :P lol.
The famous open air bar Café del Mar was directly outside our hotel, which according to Dad’s client was bad for his business initially because of the thumping music! :P
Oooo pretty and colourful! :D And wicked music too.
Asked Moe if she wanted to go in but she was like mehhhhhhhh. So we just headed back and went for a swim, sliding down the slides and being massaged by the Jacuzzi jets!! :)

A nice view of the pool from the rooftop garden where we had breakfast.

THEN we ordered room service, which took long enough to get there. Ordered a Triple Decker Club sandwich and Moe ordered a Heineken beer.

EEW beer. :P Yummy sandwich though!
The next day, we rose early in the morning to head to the complimentary breakfast we were given when we checked in. They had the buffet breakfast on the rooftop which was a nice experience, and the breakfast was pretty good too! After brekkie, we set off to do the Dragon Trail, a nature walk sort of thing with all these fake “fossils” and pretty fountains.
It was pretty dense forest we hiked through, and when we reached the end, we discovered that, hey the trail was supposed to be down hill not up hill like we just did!! But oh well, all the more calories burnt. Haha.
Wandered around the souvenir shop before purchasing tickets to try out the Sentosa Luge which is this sort of Skate-car thingamajiggy, I really don't know how to describe it! But it was fun as hell and I wish I could go on heaps more times... Unfortunately it cost $9 for one trip down and a skyride up. We were going to use the skyride to get back up to the cable cars, but since it started to pour mercilessly while we were having one last swim in the pool, we couldn't go on either the sky ride or the cable cars! Wouldn't really want to be on a cable car in that weather anyway! So we just hopped on the Monorail and went home from Vivo.
Lunched at Cafe Cartel before heading home by taxi and since we were both dead tired, we rested before going out to Century Square where we decided to watch Transformers! :)
Might be going to Sentosa with my dear hammz on sunday too, since she was very depressed that she couldn't go with us ! lol.
Sentosa Luge here we come! :D

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Photobucket 4:48 pm ♥

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's been a whirlwind of shopping, eating and sight-seeing these past few weeks as Moe and I wander around Singapore(occasionally looking like tourists with our shorts, t-shirts and running shoes complete with uber-cool knapsacks). The Great Singapore Sale has been taking much money from Moe, but I haven't been shopping quite as much! :P Which is tres surprising. lol.

But yesterday, after stuffing ourselves silly with Indian food at Little india, we decided we'd check out the 24 Hour Shopping Centre Mustafa. It's pretty much heaven lol! But a very crowded heaven... :P
And since I'd just earnt $75 working for mumsy I decided I'd get some things for my iPod.

Cool headphones iPod compatible, not actual Apple ones. iLuv i think was the brand. and they cost me $19.

FM Transmitter. I've wanted one of these for ages!! $28.00

Very fake converse shoe imitations. hahahaha. $18.50. With dodgy butterfly design on the side. but OH WELL.

And but of course, a lovely photo taken whilst very hard at work with Hamz on Saturday. :P

We took many random photos, until Dad finally got annoyed because we kept giggling while we had nothing else to do but take photos.

This evening, Moe, Jerri and I went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Moe and I had already watched it once before last Thursday, but we a little bit of the beginning, so we decided that we should watch it again! :P Only because movies are so cheap compared to aussie prices. I'd never watch the same movie twice in Perthopia (only at the cinemas of course.)! Never ever.. lol.
So, the first time we watched it, we were highly disappointed because it seemed like it chopped the book up so much and scattered it everywhere and tried to make it fit.
The second time round, it was a little better, but still disappointing! hahaha i mean, yeah i know, it couldn't have changed that much in a span of 3/4 days! So yeah, then we went to Ice Lemon Tee which was havin a crazy discounted sale. Bought 3 pairs of earrings and 2 mini photo frames for only $1.95 like WHOA. lol.
Weird Story
In the shop, two of the staff were looking at Jerri and I and chattering excitedly in chinese or something. The older lady came up to us, then the convo went something like this:
Older woman: "Where you guys from?"
Me: "Singapore, but we live in Australia."
Older woman: "Ohh, your mum is what?" (Bad english, but hey I didn't say it!)
Me: "Emm, she is Filipino..." o_O
Older woman: "Then your dad?"
Me: *feeling a little weirded out*"He is Chinese"
Older woman: *chatters excitedly with chick behind counter* "My friend here says you girls very pretty!" *proceeds to pinch Jerri's cheeks, at which point Jerri looks extremely uncomfortable. And the chick behind the counter is smiling gaily and waves*
Me: ???????? *wtf, right...*
Yeah, then they just keep chattering and smiling and patting Jerri's head and smiling at me trying to get us to buy stuff.
frickin strange. hahaha.
I'm guessing they were only aiming that comment for Jerri hahaha. Cos she got the looks in the family!
Big doe eyes, skinny and nice facial features.
I'm like... Quasimodo compared to her. And she's still young. lol.
I don't really care that I'm not skinny, I'm far from it.
I can't touch skinny with a 10-foot-pole! How unfortunate.
I have my friends, my family and that's all I care about.
I don't care about how I look, and I don't care what others may say, because my friends don't really care either.
I just wish that perhaps a special someone will come along and just like me for who I am. But then again, I have a strange erratic personality some times :P So it could be quite impossible. :D
Whatever will be will be.
Mais,maintenant, je mal a la gorge.

Haha. Woo, French is still in Brain. YAY.
Speaking of wishing, I love wishing when I see 11:11 on the clock, but it doesn't really come true much. :P
Once I wished for it to be 11:12, and GUESS WHAT.
The watch actually STOPPED.
Like WTF. I'm very unlucky. Which sucks.
Off to the Chinese and Japanese gardens tomorrow! :D woooo.
I smell like Henna because I've applied it onto Moe's hands with this weird rubber template, but it didn't turn out that great. too light. and i've tried to make a weird butterfly on my left fore arm but it just looks like a slanted smudge.
Hmm. How so very interesting.
I've finally watched Mistress of Spices with Aishwarya Rai in it.
The book was better. :P
edit// and just because I feel like it here are my Semester One uni results:
Graphics Communication 111: (Photography, Typography, Visualising): High Distinction :O 87%
Public Relations 102: Credit :( 68%
Journalism 111: Credit :( 68%
MCI 101: Distinction! :D 71%
My Photography results were crazy./beautiful Wasn't expecting that good a mark.
Sadly, the units i had to study for I didn't do as good. But hey it was almost a distinction for both! But my rents were a little peeved that once again, my arty subject took more time than my study subjects. :( It's like Year 11/12 art and design all over again. :(

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Today I finished reading this very thick book which I found in Mum's bathroom.
(Yeah, of all places!!)
It had a discount price tag on it, apparently Mum had bought it for $5 only!
But I didn't ask her that..
Anyway, the book was called The Secrets of the Jin-Shei.
By an Alma someone-or-other.
I was like, hey, no idea who this Alma chick is, but the book cover looked strange and interesting. So I picked it up and started to read.
I was enchanted by the strange world I had immersed myself in, with unknown terms which seemed like hanyu pinyin but yet so very different.
The jin-shei was a sisterhood, and had their own script and writing, loosely based on the secretive women's language called nushu, and only the women knew how to read and write this language.
The names of the characters confused me as I could not find proper pronounciations for them, but I grew to recognise the characters.
The book was supposedly set in medieval China, but the back notes told me that the author had created her own version, a modified version of China which she named SYAI.
The book was well-crafted, enchanting and most of all mystical.
It bore a strong message of the love created from the bonds of sisterhood of the Jin-Shei.
Within it I read of pain, joy, love, death and suffering, and found myself falling in love with the book with each page I turned.
Lost in it's imaginary world, I continued to read on, and finished it just awhile ago.
And now, without a doubt, I can say that it is one of my most favourite books of all time.
There are only a few certain fictional books that I think are absolutely beautifully written, with a sort of elegance and total intrigue that just reels you in so deep that you feel that it's pretend world is real, or could have existed.
Obviously, I have not made so much as a dent in the great selection of books in this world,
I would never be able to accomplish this effect in anything fictional I have written or will write.
And that, is the only thing I can hope for.
And now, I have an urge to start my own jin-shei. :)

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Yes, yes, I admit I've been neglecting my blog... But that's because I've been busy going around Spore with Moe! And also constantly updating the new travel blog with video blog entries! So you can't blame me. :)
So here's a couple of lovely photos..

We brought Simone to the Tampines round wet market, where she sampled some local culinary delights at the most shockingly cheap prices.. (attempted to make that sound sophisticated, but i think shockingly cheap sort of lowered the whole quality a little!! :P)

Carrot Cake
Ok, this is quite sad, but i have NO idea what the hell is really in this dish. But hey, i think it's the best in town. which was possibly why there was a hell of a long queue there this morning, and in fact EVERY single morning people queue up to eat this.
Then for dinner, after mass, we went to Hans Cafe in Marine Parade.
Set meals came with delicious coffee cake slices today.. Mmmm.

Moe decided to go for Chicken carbonara, which was supposedly quite peppery!

I went for my usual, black pepper chicken chop!

Tasty, Tasty.

Jerri had fried rice, which is absolutely divine. Salted to perfection. hehe.

I have such a salty tooth.. Hmmm. I'll probably die of something caused by eating too much salt.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Been wandering around lots of shopping centres and stuff for the past 2 days!
Went to Tampines Mall and Parkway Parade on Monday and Simone did major amounts of shopping!! :O :O
Bought really cheap lashes for $1.90 but then yesterday I found a whole bloody box for $12!! :O
ANd also bought a really cool Dragon ring!!

Moe and I christened it 'Priscilla' yesterday. We had a good laugh. I'll probably give it another name. hehe.

And here is the bag that I bought on Monday!! Oh so silver and pretty.. I've needed a silver bag for awhile now..

And what better activity to do than take mindless, money-wasting sticker photos when you're in Singapore :D

We got some done yesterday with Olivia when we met her at Far East plaza and they had bloody GLITTER on them!! :D So yeah, more wandering around Singapore for today and the next few days! :)
Supposed to go to the CBD and CHIJMES today to take a lookie around.. :)
Oh, and REALLY full details can be found at this new blog.
Simone's Trip to Singapore.

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