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Friday, January 22, 2010

met up with Denise in orchard road today!! hehe!!
i love meeting up with Oz friends in diff countries :D we were both running late, but i got to Somerset 313 first.. and couldn't resist walking into the bloody four storey Forever 21 shop!! omg. it is simply. amazing. pricey.. but amazing. hahaha.. well the accessories and stuff are affordable! it's just shoes. clothes. bags. which will kill your wallet.. hahaha
bought myself a light brown woollen knit beanie.. man i love beanies.. haha! i would've bought one in every colour! now if only i was rolling in the cashhh.. :p
after walkin round somerset 313 (which was pretty awesome imho :d) we headed to the heeren! but that place is now like a ghost town after all the new shopping places have sprung up in orchard road.. we were pretty much the only people there :s lol..
we settled on this random japanese italian fusion restaurant on the top level.. decided to be adventurous and not go for the typical Sakae Sushi/Mcdonalds option.. ahahah..
but oh boy did we regret.. hahha

the interior decor was kinda cool.. had all these plastic plates with plastic food in little round windows lining the walls.. coooll..
anyway we eventually settled on dishes which did not seem too exotic.. haha
wanted to try the potato salad.. so we did. haha and it was alot more onion than potato.. like.. ALOT more onion.. haha the mayo is deceptive..
but didn't taste too bad despite being surrounded by onions.. haha
and we decided on some ice cream floats to cool us down.. :D
you can't mess up a float.. you just can't.
my coke float (YUMMMM) &
Dee's mango float
food has arrived!!
what was really odd was that they put an egg in the middle of all the pasta.. strange.. haha
mine's just bolognese.. supposedly "safe option"
dee had prawn carbonara.. lol
we were met by a blast of salt to our mouths.. because that's literally what the pasta tasted like. salt. pure salt. it was so salty that it was sucking the water right out of my system and i was just left this dehydrated mess the rest of the arvo.. lol... made me feel soooo nauseous.. but i had to force myself to chow it down.. not that cheap a meal! :( damn waste of money.. we could've bought shitloads at Old Chang Kee and been happy and satisfied.. lol
after that disappointing, but filling meal, we headed over to Far East Plaza.. good ol' FEP.. you're my fave/cheapest place in Orchard Rd.. :D
saw this random shop, i think Audz would love it! :D the decor inside is soo awesome.. wanna decorate my room to look like it!! :D
here's my feet.. they were dying by the time we hit up wisma atria, had to sit for awhile.. lol
decided to get a couple of turquoise hair extensions!! :D been looking for a hell sick colour the whole trip and just found them today.. :D
my beanie from F21. :D man i'm in love with Forever 21 stuff.. haha..
in FEP, also got these funky tiny hats, the one on my head is for Megsypoo and the one on Jer's head is part of Moe's bday present :)
man i love singapore shopping.. gonna miss the cheapness and randomness when i head back to perth.. to the boring life of 3rd year design..
oh wellll..
anyway after the loong day of shopping and walking, went to DTE to meet the fam, and watched Tooth Fairy! it was pretty funnyy.. cute :)
we watched Spy Next Door yesterday too, with Jackie Chan, that was awesome too! actually liked it abit better than Tooth Fairy.. haha i missed a bit of Tooth Fairy because we went out a few minutes in to buy popcorn and a hotdog as i was starvingg. haha.. but both fun movies.. probably coulda saved Tooth Fairy for dvd though IMHO..
there was a gorgeous quote i loved from Spy Next Door:
"Family isn't whose blood you carry. It's about who you love, and who loves you".

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

soo as you might possibly know, vinipoo came to visit from malaysia!! :D
after many many years hahaha she still owes me more visits :p
butttt anyway, here's the first of her visits to singapore!! hehe
she stayed for bout a week? and we had lots of funsiess :)
the 2nd day she was here we went to Sentosa with friendles :) good times good times

playing some guitar hero.. :D
hahaha we failed epically at trying to do guitar and singing as a band..
*not my fault ahem ahem* :P
her and jerri playing some guitar hero..

vini.. eyeing the large box of Guylian chocolates.. hahaha
vini looking sad outside church.. yeah i don't really wanna go in either vin.. hahahaha :p
vin.. having a gulp of ketchup!? eew. hahah
walking to bugis street, the ultimate shopping place :D all tourists should come here for the experience at least :D you find some awesome bargains here.. :d
my fave building :d and vini's too! :D funny thing is i don't even know what it is! hahaha
one of the days vinpoo was here we went out with a couple of our friends from Perth! :D one of them studies here, and the other was on a layover from Heathrow :D havent' seen both of them for ages!! :D we went to some Egyptian place on Hajj Lane? or Haji Lane.. can't remember.. but the chicken shishkebab was SO GOODDDD.. i'd go back there for that :D
we went to this other place after dinner because they had some cheap beer offer too, and well they wanted to drink beer.. it was hell cool inside but i didn't get a photo.. hahah here's a random lamp tho :d i think it's kinda cool........ hahaha
random shot of my SILVER SEQUINNED HIGH TOPS :D man they attract alot of attention.. ahahaha. but i still loves them :D vin kept making fun of them.. hahaha she's like "oh don't worry if all the lights go out we can just use Angie's shoes to see!" -_-"
random ass shot of vin squatting on the floor of the MRT station.. hahaha
we went to Pasir Ris Park with vin's friend.. :d and had a jolly old time pushing her on various spinning and swinging things, which all of us were way too old to be even sitting on. hahaha
vin on the flying fox.. man i used to love the flying fox.. they've upgraded the playground, it's no longer the wooden playground of my childhood.. kinda sad. hahha
hahaha some random twirly spinny thingg we put vin on.. ahhaah
after all the randomising and emo-ing on the wave breaker, we went and had some dinner @ Summer Breeze :D
shared this jumbo platter thang.. was yummy! :D
ooh and when we got home, this was waiting for me!! :D
120 eyeshadows mannnn.. fully. awesome.
anyway, one of the days i wasn't well, so vini and her friend went off to Pulau Ubin.. and then Zouk at night.. IMHO i don't know how she survived.. hahaha i would've been so dead after Pulau Ubin..
anyway, vini's final day came very soooon.. we basically did nothing the whole morning, and then went to watch Avatar 3D in the arvo (her treat) :)
but not before some bubble eating! :D
oooooohhh bubblehh.
dancing in the bubbles
hahaha random ass moustache photo.. i know i look like a complete fool :D
anywhoo.. said byebye to vinipoooo @ midnight :(
bye vini!! will see you again soooooon lovely :)

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

just went to watch Avatar in 3D again, because Vinipoo said she wanted to treat moi :d hahaha
but man.. it just got so much more beautiful the 2nd time round.
it's seriously a stunning piece of cinematic artistry.. it's like.. a masterpiece..
i'm so in love with Pandora.. haha.. and i really like the score too! it's absolutely gorgeous.. gonna find the soundtrack and buy it! :D and definitely getting the dvd.. sad that i don't have a blu ray player because it would be so freakin' stunning in blu ray..
i really don't know how you could not think this was a fantastic movie.. sure it goes for a wee bit too long, but it keeps you entertained, there's hardly anything boring! well not too meeee.. i'm so enchanted by the planet.. hahaha.. if i celebrated halloween i would so go as a Na'vi person! ahahhaa.. the first time i went and watched it i was feeeling really sick, and didn't help that the dude sitting beside me reeked of cig smoke.. bleghh.. and the 3D glasses weren't doing a whole lot to help how i was feeling.. but 2nd time round i managed to last without removing the glasses (except when i took them off to scratch my nose.. they were making my nose a lil irritated hahha) .. pandora is so beautiful though.. why can't earth look like that!!!!
their creatures are quite abit scarier looking than earth's though.. hahaha..
anyway.. i just wanted to say that, it's definitely one of the most stunning movies i've ever seen, and probably up there now in the top 10 of my fave movies EVER. :D
that is all.


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Friday, January 15, 2010

been playing randomly on photoshop lately! :D hehe.. lots of fun when it's not uni related.. :)
look @ my eye! i wish it were really this colour.. it's purttyyyy..

and check out vinayyy.. full on photoshopped lashes and eye colour, and a hint of lip colouring.. bahaha

and i really like the thang i did on jerri's eye.. made it purple and then put some swirly thang in the middle and it loooks like electricity.. fully awesome! :D
anywho, off the topic of photoshop...
jerri's godmother found these kittehs near where she lives and they are living in her house right now til they get adopted.. i wish i could have them ALL.. :'(
the one on the left is my fave.. :D i'd call it.. Joey. hahahaha.. and the one with the half white face is Jerri's fave..
i love this one too.. SO CUTE>. it snuggles in the leg portion of the massage chair.. sooo cuuuute..
joeyyyy.. so cuuute
anyway just a quick post.. been so tired lately.. haha.. and not sleeping extremely well! so i best be off.. but enjoy the cute kitteh photos!! :D

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Vinipoopers is here to visit!!! :D ahhaha
she came on fridayy so she wouldn't miss our sentosa trip on saturday :D the last hurrah for char and iz because they start school tomorroww.. lol
but we had a fabulous time @ Sentosa. 4 cameras in total and about 1070 photos. hahaha
man that's gonna take awhile to go through.. anyway here's some.. :) no way are all of them goin on here! hahaha! :D
and i found this freakin wicked Vintage photo effect thing you do on photoshop from a tutorial, and i LOVE it. used it on some to test it out and thought it was freakin gorgeous :D
and vini made me photoshop her body abit. -.- stupid gal, she doesn't neeed it

ma girlehs :D

iz & char :)
i also edited the sky colours here.. doesn't it look gorgeous!! you should see the original photo..it's so blahhh in comparison man, you wouldn't believe it!
also did a full on photoshop job on this bahahaha.. the original looks SO BORING in comparison. the water now is so caribbean blue and i've totally replaced the sky.. hahaha
gorgeous charmainiii
gorgeous hamzi!! :D
anyway, we had a fabulous time @ Sentosa. and i'm super duper excited for the Universal Studios they are building on it, it looks super duper fabulous!!! :D ok way too much use of the word fabulous.. gonna watch New Moon.. with VINIPOOPERS! :D tomorrow :D heheh

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Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 is finally heeere we made it through the naughties decade.. :D
hope y'all had fun new years eves? i did :D
went to my aunt's house for dinner as per usual! :)
here's a photo of jerriberri98 with her new fringe. hahah the hair dresser made a mistake.. but she just looks younger now.. before she looked like a grandma.. hahahha just joking
random snapping away in the mirror.. haha
at tito's request, some photos of the lovely food he cooked were taken..
Paella.. YUMS
Hong Kong Bihun
after that, my cuz dropped me off at a train station nearby.. HOWEVER. things did not go as planned from there! haha it turned out that the STUPID FREAKIN TRAIN LINE WAS NOT IN SERVICE ON NEW YEARS EVE. now what kind of stupid transport system does that on one of the busiest nights of THE YEAR. so after about half an hour of failed taxi waiting, EVERY SINGLE ONE THAT WENT PAST WAS BOOKED OR ON CALL. i called dad and he came and picked me up and sent me to another train station, one that WAS functioning. haha..
however, with less than half an hour to spare before countdown i was rushing like MAD!!
i didn't make it to clarke quay before midnight.. in fact none of my friends made it there in time for countdown. ahhahaa.. next time my dears we will leave ALOT EARLIER. hahaha
anyway, after all the nonsense and rushing, and getting pushed round by the NYE crowd, finally made it to our traditional NYE spot..
woooooo :D happy times happy times
helllooo pretty Midori. :D tis the only thing i drink :D
iz, atiq and chars! :D
group photo of ze ladies

just found out mother's camera does the cool lights thing when you put it on slow synchro! we were highly amused.. hahaha.. i still want my Canon 100 IS :( but the 95 is aiight i spose.. hahah
random D floor shot :D
crazy lights!!
loves the lights in this photo!
anyway, twas a good night :) it has indeed become our traditional celebration place.. hahha and we have lots and lots of fun! :D i didn't do much dancing, was outside taking photos and chatting mostly.. hahaha but i danced to a Gaga medley, wooo happy :D lol
ended the night @ Subway.. actually, it was more like morning.. hahaha..

yummm meatballs.. hahaha
when char, ter and i left it was freakin hard to get a taxi home so we waited like a good half hour before one finally came.. and we walked a fair distance before we got one!! hahaha
so anyway, welcoming in 2010 was pretty goooodd :) had less drama than last year, and just more good times all round :) i hope 2010 is gonna be a good year for all of you!!
Happy New YEAR!

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