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Saturday, October 27, 2007

That last post was actually post number 400! I just realised.
Been blogging since year 10, so that's 400 entries in just about 4 years. nice! 100 on average each year..
So anyhow, I got back home from the GNI not long ago, had to make an early exit thanks to some lovely cramps. yes that's right. those cramps.
I felt like shit. And I've been having some odd pain around my rib cage so that didn't make me feeel so good either. But I went anyway, and even whipped up 3 pairs of earrings, one which my mother bought. haha -_-" and then another pair i made to match my outfit. and one pair that was sold! yes we sold someearrings. there weren't many people there to buy them, most of the older ladies refrained from wearing dangly earrings, but moe's mum bought two of the shorter pairs! :D and omfg i just realised i sold them to her for 2 bucks more than i should've!!! hahaha
but we only made 48 bucks, which I kindly donated towards the cancer council fund. :D tried to get a hell pro photo, but my friggin camera died!! my film one. :(
there weren't many pics i was kinda out of it for most of the night. but the brownie cake we made was a hit with people! :D ok, so i didn't do much. jerri and mum looked after that whilst i was doing some work for uni. which reminds me, i should get back into the uni work thing whilst i am still semi conscious!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

In the middle of my assignment doing, I watched some videos on xx's blog
They're FREAKIN HILARIOUS i nearly diedd. :)
done by some guy called buffalax on youtube, and he can hear english words even in the most un-english like languages! like russian, hindi/tamil and japanese! hahaha
the lyrics are freakin hilarious.
but the odd thing is, i can hear the english words when i'm reading the lyrics, but when i cover them or dont look at the video it just sounds like the actual language to me! hahaha how odd. :) anywho, back to work! :(

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Photobucket 11:11 pm ♥

One last freakin week left!
And I'm going to EXPLODE fully next friday!!
I whipped up a poster in about 3 hours and got it professionally printed at Curtin Print and Design. Woke up late today so i missed my PR lecture.. damn .hahaha
Also handed in my journo essay asbout the ABC this morning, finally! After spending hours slogging over it.. haha
Got a change of course form yesterday too, and found out my good friend Tegan is changing to the same Design course! :D But she's going to major in creative advertising.. My re-enrolment is next friday, so i have to find out if I have to go.. I have about 5 things left due for next week.
1. Design Process work journal and poster
2. Design Computing assignments and work journal
3. Theoretical group report
4. Journo tute presentation!! :O :O
Oh, ok, so four assignments left.. I think i haven't left any out? hahaha
Just watching Friday Night Download with Fitzy, Bree and.. i can't remember the other dudes name. They're showing lots of youtube clips which have gotten extremely popular. Tis quite entertaining.
Went to Garbo after uni to help Audz hunt for an MP3 because she lost the one we ordered on Ebay! :S lol. Also bought a 3 pack of DVDs for only $25, consisting of Step Up (which I have a dodgy copy of ! :D) Honey, and Bring It On 3: All or Nothing! I do love Bring it On movies, but i hated the 2nd one. the 3rd one made up for it though. (: And Hayden Panettiere seems to be a cheerleader in almost every freakin movie/tv show she's in! hahaha
Going to a Girls' Night In tomorrow at Moe's house, but not staying for long because I've gotta get home and finish my assignments, i don't think carrot understands the magnitude of what i have to complete by Monday 12pm. haha. Gotta pay $20 bucks to get in.. lol.. money goes to the cancer council. Mum's made her website for the earrings we've made, but you can have a squiz! :D http://www.freewebs.com/glitteravenue
Alright, back to work now

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Monday, October 22, 2007

An interesting piece of news this week from JK Rowling....
I've always wondered about that..
And she said he was in love with Grindelwald.
And the plot thickens...
I don't have a problem with that, but I know that soooo many close-minded people will.
In other news..
Ok, really there is no other news.
I'm just here taking deep breath before diving back into the sea of assignments.
ONE down, about 8 to go. Or maybe 7. haha.
I can't even stay for the whole GNI party I'm sposed to be going to @ Moe's.
Oh well, it'll be awesome anyway I spose!
But I do dislike op shop dresses.
I'm not even going to bother I have no time to go shopping.
Sad thing is I've been made official photographer for the night... And I'm not even going to be there the whole night! hmmmm..
I think I am going to change courses. Journalism is just beginning to p*ss me off as much as the MCI units have since the beginning of the year. RARR.

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Photobucket 7:03 pm ♥

Saturday, October 20, 2007

So, went to the Santa 2007 Art Fashion Parade with Mads tonight!
Wasn't as spectacular as I'd hope it'd be, paled in comparison to last year's but I spose they've lost many of their best fashion students to universities and the like! :D
Mads and I found it strange that we were sitting down in the audience being served hor d'ouerves ? and fancy champagne flutes by students.. :) Reminiscing the good ol' times when we used to be running around the top balcony with all the other art students involved with the fashion parade, then finally being on the catwalk. :D Something I'd like to never do it again, but mads used to love it! :D And she's going to make me make something with her so we can look like fools next year. :P
Some highlights were seeing Mads's sister Hayley on the catwalk for the 1st time! :D
She does Visual Art as well as Digital Art, and I couldn't catch her the first time she went on for the "pretty pinafores" they made, but I caught her in action when she was on the catwalk parading the skateboard designs they did! :D Bit dark .. But I didn't set it on the right setting til later when i realised there was the Party atmosphere setting on my digi cam
the Year 12s had to make tutus, and this one i found funny!
Marshmallow tutu! Well they did have to use unconventional materials, so there you go!
I do like this one, it had masks all over it!
No, I don't have a mask obsession...

This next red and white one below was gorgeous!
By far one of the best dresses the whole night!
I thought so anyway. There were some nice ones I just wasn't able to get photos because they moved too quick!
Like this Egyptian themed one, with these freakin' huge wings the chick wore on her arms, but it was the most beautiful thing ever.

Ooh lala indeed
That red and white one was of the theme Baroque Brides.
My favourite theme of the night! wedding dresses are my favourite kind of dress, once I had a dream to become a wedding dress designer..Now it's sort of turned into fashion photographer.. hahaha
These two were also the same theme, and I sorta liked them as well...
Although I do know Limpy doesn't like this girl in the black and white dress... hehe

OOO frilly. Love it

And that's all...
Well, it's not all but I didn't manage to get other nice pictures!
Checked out the exhibition too after, but the paintings and such were by no means better than last year's..
After the exhibition, Mads and I drove thru the nearby KFC because she was starved. Got an Ultimate Hot Rod burger meal; she took the hot rods, and i got the burger! After we finished, she felt like a HJs burger, so we drove to that general area, until she saw Baskin Robbins, so we stopped to get her some ice cream! And then when we reached home, she was unsatisfied because her Mocha was toooo strong, and she was still craving her burger. lol!
She is a dingbat that one.
Will be busy tomorrow trying to rush all my assignments due... Still have no idea what to do for journalism, and I've gotta start that good for nothing essay.
I think I do want to change courses after all. For a brief moment in my PR lecture I started to change my mind about changing, but only because she was talking about blogging, something I love. :D And my oh my I was the only one in the lecture theatre who had a blog. And when she asked what I blogged about, I was like ... Stuff?
I'm so lame..
I'm sorely tempted to just do a photography course, but I know that sort of field is SO hard to break into.. Maybe the design course... Hayley told me she wanted to do Graphic Design at uni! HMMM.
Decisions, decisions.
Anyway, I have til the 16th of November. Abit of time to mull over it.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

so, I've let everything pile up to the last couple of weeks of uni.
And I'm basically screwed..
Went to get passport photos done for my proof of age card today, and they're terrible photos.. My hair looks afro-like.
Not a good look, not really, no.
Gotta write an article for next week, and i've decided that i really don't like journalism. i want to change courses, but i'm a little scared to...
i hate interviewing people, i would absolutely love it if people just threw info at me and i made it into an article. :(
guess i've gotta throw away my feature article writing dreams now.

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Photobucket 11:15 pm ♥

Monday, October 15, 2007

Crap I'm missing Californication.
Quick post then! :)
Here are the orchids that Caris and Mads got me! :) They're pretty.. :)

New platformsss from Shoe Show
I don't care if they're out of fashion, I love them all the more so!

Rack of earrings Mum, Jerri and I were making !! I missed a class and lecture today, was feeling under the weather and made some more earrings.. haha

Mon Piece de Resistance!

The whole earring rack..

And voila, that is all :)

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Photobucket 9:25 pm ♥

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New blog song for turning 18! :D
lol how randomly random.
But i love this song muchly!
Makes me wanna jump around and dance.
Probably gonna get the Ministry of Sound CD with my birthday money!! :D
booyahhh $650 in total!
i'm richer than i've EVER been!! hahaha
This was the state my floor was in when I was doing my photog assignment :D
Just thought you'd like to see. :P
And here's some random collages from my 18th @ the kardy on Friday night! :)
I can't be bothered doing a reaaally long post with individual photos, so I just made some collages.. hahaha
Food! :D
There was the awesomest schnitzel, squid, nuggets and much more, no wonder they are voted to have the best pub food south of the river!
Beautiful shots of most people during the night! :P
Experiencing... the finer moments in life. :P
Old school fun! :D
Twas Karaoke night on Friday, and although the children ruined many good songs with their singing, it was pretty fun! :)
Moe, Mads, Ol and Audz sang Sweet Home Alabama, Moe and Mads got up and sang I Will Survive, and Moe and I got up to sing Bohemian Rhapsody! :P
Badness :)

I also got piano sheet music for Bohemian Rhapsody and The Piano Duet from The Corpse Bride from musicnotes.com
Bohemian Rhapsody is awesome (:
Also going to get the Hairspray and HSM 2 piano books when they're available at the nearby music shop :)

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Photobucket 5:53 pm ♥

Friday, October 12, 2007

Made a pretty background for my laptop, featuring Daniel Avakian's designs :D

I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.I'm 18. I'm 18.
Yeah got a little bored with the colouring.. :P
I've already scored $100 from my Godmother, a WICKED handbag from my sister's Godmother, (which I believe is from the US of A! :S) 5 bday wishes!! :D and it's only 12.37am. HEHE
Unfortunately, none of these people were actually with me. The ones that are with me, are dead asleep! hahaha. Mum actually got up at like 12.05am and was like DO THE DISHES DAMMIT."
Ok, no bday wish then! lol
OOH No.6 just came in with lovely Riti :D
Gah I should actually really be doing my PR Newsletter which is DUE tmw. It's actually late, it was due on Tuesday :P

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Photobucket 12:30 am ♥

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Since when was Californication a nun sex show?? BAD title. VERY.
No Kudos to the West Aust website.
Although I do agree it's not quite on a late enough time slot. I mean, PLEASE, Steve Carell's The Office shows after it. Now tell me, which one is more suitable for an earlier time slot?
Plus, the character wasn't even really a nun, it was just a dream.
Strange dream no doubt, but nonetheless, a dream.
If you knew it was against your values, why would you watch the show in the first place..


Photobucket 8:56 am ♥

Today's inspiration comes from Aussie tow truck driver turned fashion designer Daniel Avakian.
Making his catwalk debut at the Australian Fashion Week last night, he showed his formidable skill for designing, sewing and his impeccable eye for melodramatic fashion.
Some of his designs would probably not be worn by the "common woman" due to use of materials like vinyl, but hey, celebrities may catch on!
Needless to say, critics were wowed by his talent.
Saw him on Sunrise this morning, gave me a boost of inspiration, than anyone can become anything.
not that i'm looking to become a fashion designer though! hahaha.. I'd love to do Fashion Photography though! :) Tis one of my many photographic aspirations.. lol
You go, girl guy!
Check his funked designs!

This piece looks abit like a Christian Lacroix.. I designed a similar piece for year 11 art! :O

LOVE this

Audrey the pink Queen would love this.. haha

Not so fond of bubble style clothing, but oh well, he makes it work in a way!
And each of his pieces is self-made, with tender loving care. HAHA ok he never said that, but I spose it would have to be to look as fab as they are! :D
Definitely one to watch! (:

Sourced from: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/fashion/

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Got a little distracted today while I was sposed to be doing my assignments. :) Hehe


Photobucket 2:35 pm ♥

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

3 days!!! Woohooo
And yeah i blocked out all the details. hahaha :) Or deleted rather.
The 'G' in Angie is slightly retarded. hahaha
Celebrating with family and couple of friends. :D Just small gathering..
Can't wait!

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Monday, October 08, 2007

I've handed in my photography assignment, after toiling through the whole weekend. (:
But now, I have a shitload of other assignments to complete!
Went to uni to print out my cover pages and stuff.. And handed it in at 12.20 PM !
Went to Garden City to visit Audrey after uni, and she gave me free strips! :D
Bought a black crop jacket and a cute gingerbread man plushie :)
And had a nice loooooooooong soak in the tub.

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Photobucket 7:04 pm ♥

Friday, October 05, 2007

Doesn't mean I get any free time! :(
Went into the city today after uni and took photos, well tried to get some good shots.
No idea how they've turned out, need to get them developed!
After I finished the film I bought a pair of shoes from Shoe Show and a dress from Valleygirl. :)
Hopefully the photos turn out alright! :)
Look at this picture, you can see the frost on the window :D

Got my Mp4 player from Ebay safely! :)
But it's mediocre. :)

Pretty blue light :D

Watching How to Lose a guy in 10 days on TV, it's the BEST movie.. Absolutely hilarious.. :)
Funny shit..
Made a wicked pasta bake just then. :P

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Photobucket 9:51 pm ♥

One presentation down!
One Two to go! :(
At least my tutor was nice and didn't make me do it yesterday! :)
There was another dude who needed to do his, so we're both doing it next week..
Im guessing she had a trying day, she told us the laptop exploded in her last class! :S whooaa.
And another oral presentation in week 14 for journalism.. Meh.
Crap, I have to interview someone for an article. GRR i hate doing that.
I'm sick... again.
Went to take a nap last night at 8, was going to wake up at 10, but when I did, I felt like shit so I just decided to go back to sleep.. Had a restless night, and slight fever but that's all good today (: Missed the lecture for PR though, which isn't so good, but at least I can do my work for the next class.. Then off to the city to do my photography assignment!!!
I'm so last minute it's not even funny.
S'not like I procrastinated though, the city is awfully UNINSPIRING.


Photobucket 9:07 am ♥

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ohh my head is spinning with theories, global media and representation crap.
fcuking hate this unit! WHY WHYY ME
So i'm taking a short break.
Here's some lovely photos.
Crazy photo of my sister. We were packing the house, and I was intrigued by the giant roll of bubble wrap which I then proceeded to wrap her in! :D

There's another one of those some where..
New wallet thingy from outside PL This Fashion. It's not actually that good a wallet inside, it doesn't close up and doesn't have a coin section.. haha but i liked the purple silk brocade on it. :) And it enables me to flash my ID without a hassle. :D

YAY for my big fake Cons bag :D
Needed an uber huge strong bag for uni.
Look, here's the bubble wrapped statue of my sister again. hah
This time she looks strangely dead :S
I'm not a plastic bag either!
Bought that for Moe.. hehe

I'm going to miss you so house. :'(
Thanks for the memories.

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