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Friday, November 27, 2009

aiight well this post is like. wayyy more overdue than charms's 18th and new moon stuff cos it's from all the way in SEPTEMBER?!
well i was too busy at that point to do any blogging :p but i did take photos and HERE THEY BE :D
it was very very last minute, and quite possibly fatal to my uni passing streak :p (but hopefully.. not? ;p) but ze family took a trip to SYDNEY! :D haven't been since 2004 i think, with school for our canberra trip? and haven't been since 2000 with the family; went for the Olympics! :D
we only went for a couple of days/ a week this time.. first and foremostly for my uncle robert's 60th birthday party! which was bollywood themed :D mother had fun buying indian garb for her and jer and dad, but i drew the line and just settled for a long dress.. and shawl to make a faux indian outfit.. hehehe.
you ain't never catching me in a sari!
but i do love bangles :D
but that's another matter, anyway, we headed off to sydney in my one week "tuition free week" break ;p mother and jer met us there from singapore; me and papi took the plane from perth..

awesome sky views.. hehe

arrived nice and early in the morning.. eew. ahaha.. and we got in a taxi and picked mother and jer up from the international airport! the domestic airport is SOOO nice.. lol :d totally beats perth's Dom airport which pretty much sucks.. then headed to our hotel, which was Holiday Inn Darling Harbour! :D
had breakfast at the restaurant while waiting for rooms to be ready..
goddamn hotel brekkie scrambled eggs are beyond awesome. i can never get mine to this quality!
they're so soft and squish and delicious.
room still wasn't ready so we left our luggage with the luggage people (bahaha their name escapes me) and went to PADDY MARKETS! :D which was literally a stone's throw away from our hotel. which was just freakin' amazing/awesome because it's my fave place in Sydney!!!
its kinda like a slightly more expensive Bugis Street in Singapore, and I can't really compare it to any place in Perth.. lol but i love it :D
anyway, at round 11 our room was ready, so in we went! :D
random city view from the window.. hahaha yes i'm aware it ain't that great!
$5 nerd glasses from Paddy Markets! :D Jerri has some too but she is just wearing my cotton on sunnies here.. hahaha
ooh the view in a nicer colour :p
camwhoring in the loo of the hotel.. 0_O
Jerri enjoying some frozen coke.. ;d
we ran into my cousin and some relatives opposite our hotel, and met her bubby for the first time! :D
je vous presente.. Madeline! :D
she's soooo cuuuuute..
we went to the Queen Victoria Building one day too, and found this freakin' AWESOMESAUCE shop called:
it houses THE MOST BEAUTIFUL cupcakes I've ever seen. and they taste pretty freakin' amazing too! :D

well we weren't sposed to take pics but i'm quite good at taking sneaky photos.. hehe. which makes me think i might make a good paparazzo. if i didn't absolutely hate them with my whole heart. hahaha
anyway, we also went to watch WICKED @ the Capitol Theatre, which was pretty damn close to our hotel.. come to think of it our hotel was in a pretty awesome location, and it wasn't such a bad hotel! the rooms were just slightly kitsch-y, but oh well.. hahhaa
anyway WICKED. it's name TOTALLY describes the show itself.
it was such an AMAZING MUSICAL. totally my idea to go see it cos i knew it was doing it's run in Sydney! mother was like.. hmm ulterior motive to go to sydney hey? :p
it had a gorgeous set, beautiful music and the actors were absolutely fabulous and talented!
we all loved it! and HAHA mother really loved it.. i told her it was gonna be awesome! i would totally go back and watch it again! :) i recommend if you ever get the chance to watch it, GO GO GO it will totally be money well spent! :d it's soo entertaining, touching, hilarious and totally awesome. ahh i love it.

us before Wicked :D we had outfits reversed in colour -_-
they had these awesome slushie cocktail glasses which lit up at the bottom and made it look like the drink was glowing! :p Jerri got a blue lemonade slushie, and I had a green 'alcoholic' one haha i think it was a Midori slushie. :d YUMCITY
hehe. the lights have to be turned off when the show starts :p
Dad got Jerri and I tshirts too! Here's mine :d jerri's is a different design.. :d
i do love Oz. :d

love the monorail and tram systems in sydney, but they are quite pricey! :(
mandatory visit to the Opera House! :p
it was covered in red dust from the huuuge dust storms which attacked sydney a coupla days before we went.. haha
some awesome water feature at darling harbour.. :p
anyway Uncle Robert's 60th :) it was held in an RSL Club function room which was pretty cool..
it was really random though; despite the bollywood theme, the food was totally Aussie.. hahaha
e.g. lamb/beef/pork roast, and roast potatoes and stuff! hahaha
there was this indian dance troupe which was the entertainment for the evening! they were completely enthusiastic and fun to watch.. they also gave "lessons" to the guests..
Jerri with her putu thing.
sooo many people.. all decked out in indian garb
indian dancey time!
jerri's outfit du soir.. we both got random wavy hair pieces from Paddy Markets at $15 each to complete our "bollywood look" bahaha
i'm purple yayy :d
jerri and I
Jerri... and the nerd glasses.
anyway.. our trip went really really quick :( I hope we can go back again sometime soon! i really do enjoy sydney.. and i enjoyed seeing my cousins again, hadn't seen them for 9 years.. so much has changed.. :) the 2 girls are now married already :D aww.. :)
i miss you Sydney!
oh and before heading back to Perth, we bought a crapload of:
I made lots of people happy :D
they're so sinfully delicious.. :d

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:D :D :D :D :D :D
after a YEAR of waiting. spoilers. trailers. news. photos.
at the Singapore Gala Premiere. all thanks to the fabulous twilightsingapore.com and their lovely new moon festa!! which was a blast :D
so that is what i shall be blogging about first and foremostly.. :d
the theme was masquerade! my 21st birthday party theme -_- hahaha
it was decided 2 years ago man. :p
i decorated a gold mask so it was Volturi crest themed. and Jerri's.. just purple themed.. hahaha
aren't we cool? :p

anyway, this time round, I made Jerri, Char, Iz and Hamz come along!! :D so we could win tix to the premiere!! :D last year i went to the twilight one alone.. but had some new twi friends there too though so it was ok.. hahaha.. and the seats were HORRID last year. this year EVEN MORE SO. but on a side note, NEW MOON WAS SO MUCH MORE AWESOME THAN TWILIGHT.
i can't begin to describe it. and i really cannot wait for Eclipse!! :o
ANYWHO. i also decorated the masks for C, H and I. :d
hot glue gunned them onto sticks though, because the masks are very squeezy on the eyes.
had a blast in spotlight -.- trying to hunt for stuff.. :p
anyway.. on the the NM Festa.. :) it was AWESOME. smaller than last years though? i think many people were too busy to come, but hey, they are the ones that LOST OUT. :)
it was a fun evening of quizzes and comps.. we won lots of stuff GO US! :D
we totes won sooo much New Moon merch! i have a bag, 1000 piece EDWARD puzzle, bookmarks, keychains, a tshirt (only says new moon tho :p) and magnets! :D gotta love it!
we won this video comp too, which was SO last minute. :p but i ain't gonna show y'all the vid! :p wayyyy too embarrassing. ;)
izyan and char. self proclaimed werewolf girls.
Jer, Iz and Char with masks..
Jer posing with my volturi mask! :p
jerri with her mask!
found out that iphoto has some pretty wicked effects.. :D
cool stage lights
in the loo waiting for the Festa to commence :p
in the car on the way :)

anyway, the Festa was a blast! :) afterwards the rents picked up Jer and the rest of us went to chill out at Tamp :) tried carls Jr chilli beef cheese fries. ZOMG. yumms. could so go some right now. hahahaha
(i'm aware this spelling is retarded, don't you worry)
honestly, i was not TOO impressed by TWILIGHT.
Despite the fact i can watch it over and over again.
it was just SO much cooler. and that's not even my fave book!? they did such an amazing job, ESPECIALLY CHRIS WEITZ.omg. have i not said how much i LOVE him.
the score seemed a little repetitive but it was pretty.. soundtrack worked well, but i still adore the twilight soundtrack much more! :d so much more OOMPH. + there's paramore :p
cinematography was GORGEOUS. twilight was very blue.. new moon was like COLOURR
TEAM VOLTURI. i love them. omg. just wish they had longer screen time!! :)
even the acting was better.. :) i LOVE ALICE CULLEN she's adorable! :)
and the werewolves were schmexyy :d
and the CGI was like. AMAZING. i totally need a new word for amazing..
omg. overall. i just loved new moon.
and i think overall most people like it better than twilight?
i can't believe how many bad reviews its gotten though.. oh well, never cared much for critics!
even though the guys weren't TOO big a fan of the movie (hahaha) they did talk about the wolves and the fighting, and they can't wait for more fighting in Eclipse :D
OH and one last thing. Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater. such a comic relief. sooo cute.. so sad he had to die in this film :(
i only had one qualm with the movie watching experience.
crapola seats. hahaha
but what can you expect from freee tix :p we were right at the front -_-
but we are SO going back to watch it at a normal seating level where we're not watching it with our necks craned up.. hahaha
and hamz, iz and I are attending twilightsingapore's TWILIGHT/NEWMOON MARATHON !! :D
both movies in the cinema back to back eeeee
so so pumped! :d

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WELL FINALLY :) after a good 2 weeks.. haha :)
blogging about charm's 18th birthday! :D which, although was EXTREMELY last minutely planned, went off without much of a hitch! :D
it was seriously only planned properly the night before.. hahaha but it was a blast either way! i don't think it'd have been any different if we'd planned it two months in advance.. hahaha :) but there you go, we're the last minute queens and kings.. hahaha
so me, izyan and (supposed to be) hamz were assigned the baking of the cake, while char's lovely bf seemed to be taking care of everything else! lol -_-
started a wee bit too late methinks.. but it wasn't TOO bad i guess :) hahaha
decided on a blue iced brownie cake. which was fabulous IMHO. but SOOO sickening. hahaha
so the party was held at the Scarlet hotel; my most FAVOURITEST HOTEL EVER. it's a boutique hotel in Chinatown, it's in an old shop house building, but the interior decoration is absolutely FAB. and it's black red and gold theme, which is just to die for.. it does have a reputation of being a more.. couples.. hotel.. hahahaha but MEH it pretty. i like it. and the party was gonna be held there. :d that was our plan A, we ended up with about 5 different plans, and were absolutely stoked that plan A was chosen and worked! :d
so, we arrived at the hotel pretty late, poor dan (c's bf) had to keep her entertained somehow and she was getting restless at some random place near the hotel.. we quickly put up very simple decor, and decked ourselves out in glowsticks.. which were a very good idea come to think of it, she loooves glowsticks! :D anddd we brought on the confetti spray. NOT SUCH A GOOD IDEA. ahahaha the carpet was in a right state.. so much crap everywhere!
i really hope the hotel staff could clean it up properly :S
so Dan brought Char into the hotel with her eyes covered, so she kinda missed out seeing the beauty of the reception area, but i do believe she went back down after :)
she was REALLY REALLY truly surprised. hahhaha lots of screaming/squealing ensued when he said to open her eyes! and of course she was met by shitloads of confetti spray :D
check out the confetti! :D

hamz attacking char with confetti spray :)
confetti rapunzel!! :D
anyway, soon after we light up the candles on the cake in a cupboard to hide from her.. she was being entertained/distracted by others.. hehe
we tried to make her guess what kinda cake it was :D and she said she'd never had a blue cake ever! :D come to think of it.. neither have i.. hahaha
oh and i was official photographer for the night :p atiqah took some pics with my cam too though :D so we both were in a way :D

cutting the blue cake! which was WAYYY too much for all 9 of us -.- hahaha

schmileeeee :D

some random glow stick shaking and tossing.. ;p

hamz avoiding the paparazzi.. :p lol
and mandatory portraits with the bday girl! :D
izyannn & char :)
atiqah & char
& last but not least.. HAMZ and CHAR :D
dancey time on the bed :d
at one point in the night only us girls were in the room, so some hair curling commenced..
charmain i LOVE YOUR HAIR when its curled ... give it to me now.
anyway.. lots of fun that night, too much to describe.. :) but i hope you had a great night charmaninipoo

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