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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Went to their show tonight.
Haven't laughed soooo much for AGES.
Mum bought the DVD for SpeedMouse their previous show can't wait to watch it!
I'm in LOVE with them! :)
Holidays have started wooooooooooo :)
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Well today i found out that we had an in class test just 1/2 hour before the class started!!
Freaked out majorly good thing we didn't start the test til we were well into the class.
we got our essays back!!! i passed! 66% :D:D which was above the class average of 60%.
Tegg and I got the same mark so we were like woo!! but 10/15 sounds a lot better than 66%! :P
So that's what we're saying. :)
Test was absolutely killer of the day. :(
But oh well. Only worth 10%
Then went to Main Cafe where we lunched Italian.
Molly came and joined us and then Tegg had to leave, so Molly and I left to go to Garbo! :)
Garbo was abit of an adventure today, haha, because we decided we were going to catch a movie!
So we rushed to the cinemas, and saw that there were a couple around 2.45 which i thought it was at the time. So we got our popcorn and stuff and then went into the cinemas.
HOWEVER. when we went in, we realised that the movie was already on! so we were very very shocked that we'd missed so much! But we just sat through trying to follow the movie. it was still pretty funny :) it was Wild Hogs. i do recommend it for a laugh! :)
Then we'd sat there for about 40 minutes when the movie ended.. After which i looked at my watch and said, "Hey that can't be right, it was only 40 minutes. " and THEN i realised that my watch read 2.45. Meaning we had gone into the theatre at 1.55 watching the previous show!!
Molly and i walked out of the theatre smothering our giggles, and then collapsed outside laughing. That was the stupidest thing i'd done for awhile.. read my watch WRONG.
So we went to the arcade games for awhile, where we did the driving game and i beat molly righttt at the end cos she crashed! :P
and we also played Ghost Squad which is a totally wicked game! i likes it better than Point Blanc now!! HEH.
So we went in at 2.50 to watch the movie which was REALLY ours.. :) And i have to say it was awesome, really cute and funny. although Meet the Robinsons is still my fave movie right now!! :)
After the movie, went to the foodcourt and saw Audrey working, and she made me buy her a McFlurry. Then left to go home, where i started to get ready for Uncle Phil's birthday party!
Lots of spicy food, rounds of pool and good ol' Singstar, followed by some rowdy adults dancing to bhangra music, which was slightly disturbing but mildly fascinating.:P
Overall, twas a nice night. :) Except Jerri was being a shithead again and throwing tantrums everywhere. I really wish she wasn't here sometimes, because she's so rude and annoying and i just wish she could be respectable for once? Is that impossible. I think it is, she doesn't even know the meaning of respect. she acts like she's the Queen of Sheba, and she's certainly treated like a spoilt princess. It's a wonder she has friends sometimes.
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just got back from watching Meet the Robinsons in the cinema!!
it is absolutely my most FAVOURITE animation of 2007!
it was quirky and funny and a really different storyline which was great!
and there's some nice twists which is fricking excellent :)
wonderful movie and i loved the characters.
So yeah, just go watch it if you like animated movies! :)
had really slow day today.
CAQ test was blehh today only got 6 1/2.. would've got 7 if i'd scribbled out Iraq. :'(
haha. but on the bright side, we got our assignments back and i got 70% for my article!!
i'm so bummed that i made a spelling error which took FOUR marks off. :( but oh well. and she said i had a good lead WOO hahaha.
then went to the library cafe to get lunch and met Moo at Vege patch..
Had TWO hot chocolates today.. :) but made the BIG mistake of wearing uggies. it wasn't cold enough most definitely. so i spent the day sweating in my uggies!! :(
and while i was on the bus, Corrine called up from the Santa Art Department! and they want to enter one of my art paintings into the Shaun Tan awards for the Curator's award or something.?
Methinks it wasn't that great but they seem to think it's good enough to be in the running? :S
it was real shabby i thought. so very confuzzled. but anyways, like it'd win a prize! lol.
Mother darling got tix to the Umbilical Bros on Sat!!!!! :D
SOOO excited. they're gonna do their Velcro World act!! so so so excited!! :D
And mum has treated Moo to tix as well, because they are so happy when she comes and stays when i'm all on my lonesome.. haha..
and HOLIDAYS are nearly here?!
YAYY i survived my first uni term! hhaha.
Last day of 'term' tomorrow. :D but i get my argument frm MCI101 back and i REALLY don't want it back. like REALLY.
Uncle Phil's bday tomorrow, and he's having a 'surprise' party. Well what the surprise is that he thinks only Mum Jerri and I are going when really Auntie Mic has invited a whole heap of people! hahaha. And the theme is ''Indian'' which means indian clothes, food etc! hahaha. Helped jerri pull together an outfit in the afternoon, it looks slightly more Gypsy but oh well! No can do (:
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

handed in my assignment today..
i have a feeling i've done it wrong.
but ah well...
had lunchies with moe and josiee :)
then went to help mic do some invitation for fam friends.. haha.
then went to library to shoot photos for first photog assignment.
mum got my photos put on disc except i don't know if there are some missing ? :S
the ballet photos weren't very successful :( so i hope the ones i took at the library turned out ok..
my victorian studio photos turned out nice though! well not all of them.. haha
here's a photo.

yeah it's not extremely good quality but oh well.
i've got some ballet pics on my deviantart account.
check it out if you really wants. (:
better go now.

Photobucket 8:28 pm ♥

been quite busy these past few days! :)
went to fremantle on both saturday and sunday.
on saturday, i went there to take some photos for photography, i hope they turned out ok! (:
then on sunday i ventured there to go to Spotlight for photography (again) to get some material and stuff for studio session tomorrow! and also spent the rest of the weekend trying to finish a stupid PR assignment.. I don't even know if i've done it right, but oh well.
then monday, busy busy day full of photography!
went to studio in the afternoon, and shot for about 2 hours. god my left eye hurt after awhile! i think my studio looked pretty cool, and people kept commenting on it! lol.. but my stupid feather 'quill' wouldn't seem to stay where i wanted it to, and tegan kept telling me to stick it in the boot! haha.. my subject was mum's very Victorian style ankle boots, and all the girls were like 'those are cool'. too bad i can't fit into them! lol. so i hope my photos turned out good for my studio because i really liked the layouts i chose! hehe.
then after packing up i left the building, and then realised when i was already halfway out that i'd forgotten to give the blue light filter back!! so i had to trudge all the way back.. dragged myself inside and returned it to the tutor who seemed highly amused.. hahaha.
then went home, rested for awhile, and had to go out again to go to my friend limpy's ballet class to do my first project! i'm not sure how that turned out because they were so quick and light footed and obviously i had no idea what they were doing so i just had to randomly snap. hahaha. but their teacher was very nice.. she said she understood why i needed some help because she'd done a design degree in uni.. lol,that was lucky. haha.. but i did get some pretty funky ones of their ballet pointe shoes and with limpy and their teacher doing some dance in the background! hahaha.. but they were really low shutter speeds so they might've appeared as black blurs in the background! hahaha. but i hope the pictures turned out okay.. :(
then i got home, finished my assignment, which was hard because i had to do referencing in Chicago style, and do you think i had any clue what they were talking about? NO! but thank god for a Monash website i found.. hahaha. then hamzz came online all distressed because she'd accidentally deleted her nearly completed assignment!! since i'd finished mine i decided i'd help her.. stayed up til like 2.30am helping her! (: then hit the sack, was sooooooooo cold that night and the blanket kept falling off i think i nearly died.. hahaha.
so yeah, busy busy past few days, very tiring too! i'll put up photos as soon as their developed which should be tonight.. haha.
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Friday, March 23, 2007

the library at curtin is fricking huge man..
we had to go find resources today and we were running up and down...
overall, tis been a boring day..
had fish and wedges for lunch, but now feel extremely nauseous.. D:
might go home soon, or go see simone/audrey!! :)
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well, showed my typography designs to the class, and they liked them , but were criticising my apples!!
i didn't have time to blend yellow and green in with the reds to make them look more real ok!!!
oh well... but they said the rest were good..
after a little procrastinating, i got to work on my article. i PRAY it gets a pass.
got 8/10 on my current affairs quiz!! yayyy
improved from 5/10 last week.. lol.
nothing much going on today.. went to garbo for awhile with molly after uni..
pr lecture was more entertaining than usual, but only because elly n nikki were going nuts beside me! hahaha.
leaving for dinner soonish ..
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well, today was highly interesting, as Molly and I started our lovely hip hop funk dancing class!
Twas just slightly random.. We did a routine to Temperature by SeanPaul, not the whole song of course, we've only learnt a snippet of the routine! lol.
Before that, i went to my PR tute, and we just did some stuff there, boring you wouldn't wanna read about it! lol.. Then headed off to the Noodle House to get me some lunch before going to meet Molly. I was wondering whether Molly wanted some food from there, but i figured i'd get the wrong foood! So i just got her a spring roll.. Met her at the VEggie Patch where she got her lunch and we sat down wondering how to kill time.. haha.
so i ended up attending one of her education lectures! it was very strange being in the as the lecturer was talking about Piaget or something and i had no idea what the hell he was going on about. Anyway, i was just minding my own business and doing my PR and Typography work! hehe. Molly made me go, because apparently she gets lonely. hahahaha.
and i had nothing better to do, so meh.
Then, we went to Cafe Angazi, very cool chic place and got some slushee like things. Mine was mango, and a little too sweet and tasted more of orange! Molly got an espresso one which smelt oddly like irish hazelnut coffee. she gave me a strange look when i told her that. haha
god knows why i know that smell, cos i barely consume coffee, only icy versions :P
Then, we went exploring down to Mega Zone, which is this cramped little hallway in the squash centre with a heap of arcade games. blew our coins on Point Blanc, a shooting game, and a very expensive game of Daytona USA! After that, we headed to the common room where we sat until four, then decided we should probably go get dressed for hip hop.
Hip hop was interesting, and after that we strolled to the bus stop, where i decided i'd take Molly's bus today. We were pretty right on time, as the bus arrived 5 minutes after we'd sat down at the stop! That bus takes so much faster compared to mine!! so unfair. then i rang dad and asked if he could pick me up and send Molly home.. And while we waited, guess what we got up to?
Yes, that's right. Put the ipod on full volume and practiced our new dance in a fairly secluded parking lot. hahaha.
So yeah, that's about all for today.
Tomorrow we begin a new adventure.
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Check out the funk motion blur picture i took of Jer today! :) lol.
We have to do that kind of stuff for our first photography assignment.
She's on a swing by the way. :P Pretty low shutter speed gives you nice motion blur. :)
And this is one of my fave pictures from the Freo field trip, even though it hasn't got much to do with Fremantle itself, i like the low depth of field :D
Took this one on Friday night, got the films put onto disc today! :) I like my peanuts :D The lighting is a little yellow, but meh.
And my last fave pic, the coffee beans! :) I set a pretty low aperture for this one i think.
So, aside the photographs, today was okay, we got to explore the photography studio, and we get to start doing our studio photography next week.. So sad, photography is ending :(
Meh. I was thinking of doing this old style Victorian studio shoot, because Mum just bought herself new ankle? boots which remind me of the Victorian era. lol. :)
Have some nice cream lace or something.. hahaha.
PR Theory is so fricking boring.. I can't bring myself to read the text. :(
Well, i best be off. :)
Arabian nights to y'all.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

i finally watched the whole French movie Love Me If You Dare which Madame wouldn't let us finish watching last year in class!
It's sooo good and it's officially my favourite French movie of all time.. :)
Aww i'm in love with it..
Bah, ok no more blog postages for the day! lol.
Photobucket 1:59 pm ♥

So, went to Hot Autumn Night with dad, jer and Molly last night!
Twas pretty damn fun, except we missed the year 12 band D:
and apparently they rocked the house! :(
Oh well, at least we got to see Slim Jim and the Phatts they were pretty cool :D

Saw carly, amalie, andie, lisa n steph there too :)

Check out this cool pic i took of molly!! :D I love the lights in the background they look awesome :D
Have a WYD meeting after church today, audz is being a bum and not going but i'll see emzz :D
Meh, oh well.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

handed in first ever uni assignment today.
although it was a pretty badly done one.. :(
but meh. i struggled through the evening doing it although i was 3/4 asleep. lol.
just hope it gets at least 50% :S
wagged a lecture today, although it was a pretty pointless one, so whatever to that.
it just repeats everything we were told in the morning, so that's pretty damn shit.
next up i get to write an article! woo.
Here's my lead so far:
A man has been critically injured after crashing his utility (ute) into a train last evening.
Woo 15 words exactly, and i can't seem to shorten it anymore so i'm just going to leave it at that! lol.
And i have to design 3 labels for typog. woo.
Off to fremantle tonight to take more pictures for photography, might go to Garbo or something tomorrow to get them put onto disc or summat. so very cool. :P
Well, i best be off now, because i should really be getting ready to leave instead of sitting around here. -_-.
ciao bellas :D
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

just finished my very FIRST uni assignment...
Tis due tmw :)
Well, i did have a typography thing on wednesday, but turns out it's only due at the end of the unit so i may change everything if i wish. :D
My thing was pretty damn shit.
Get to write my first article due in next Thursday woo.
and on the dim side, i only got 5/10 for my current affairs quiz.
i've been so tired and unable to keep my eyes and ears open.
At least i didn't get 1.5/10 which was what the girl beside me got!! :S
my short argument thing was pretty shit. i figured you can't argue much about paranormal crap because you don't even know if its real.. so i just went into my nice rant about perfection and the media. blablabla boring but OH well. least there's a ton of evidence.
now i must leave you all, before me eyeballs fall out of my head. :)
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Introducing, Snoop Dogg Brownie Vision. BAHAHA.
Ok, no not really.. They're really just normal chocolate brownies..

and NO simone, they are NOT hashbrownies.

Just a couple of pictures taken at Pt Walter, made very strange by my camera! :D

This picture is so weird yet cool.. It's just of Audz sitting under a street light, so i had to turn the flash off. My digi cam is very prone to camera shake while flash is off, and Emmy decided she's come and try to freak Audz out. The result is this ghostly figure behind Audz! Haha talk about scam..

And this picture of Moo crouching beside the light just looks funny, yet eerie. hahaha.

So yeah, Pt Walter was fun.. :)

edit// skin was stuffing up once again. i don't know if its my laptop but it was.. So have changed it yet again. -_-"
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Limewire decided to work today! So very happy. :) Now i have lots of cool new music.. :D
Dad & Jer came back today.. So i spent a good chunk of the afternoon cleaning and such.
Car battery died, so RAC man had to come along and i had to sit and wait with the bloody car because i couldn't drive it around, and neither could Molly cos she's only on Ls too :) well, i mean she could've driven it.. Just not by herself! lol. watered the plants and did stuff in the garden while waiting for the hour to pass. Mollly left at around 12 and so i was left alone after. Then, vacuumed the house and tidied and shit before walking to IGA to get some neccessities. Bumped into Tash there with her dad, and finally explained to her where exactly i lived! :) hahaha.
And i can't believe, she told me she missed having a uniform. I'm like woo free dress everyday!! It's heaven.. and who cares what you wear to uni.. I just wear shorts and a tshirt.. haha.
I like wearing my looong earrings to uni though. i never got to wear them much, so i'm putting them to good use now! hahaha. who cares if they look silly... hahaha not ME.
So got home, and shortly after, dad and jer arrived.. Cooked pasta for jer while dad slept (something i really really need) and made fried rice and spring rolls for dinner.
Yay they liked it! hahaha i'm not half bad a chef then. hahahaha.. Fried rice is pretty simple though.. Spring rolls are an art. hahahaha.
Well, now i finally have my SLR camera for photography! :) What dad didn't tell me, was that he'd bought me a dodgy second hand one (lol) which was a film one, and he's keeping the spanking brand new one for himself. understandable though, that one cost shitloads! So yeah, starting 2nd photography assignment tomorrow on field trip to fremantle tomorrow! :D yayy.
dad also bought this really really collapsible tripod which folds and sinks to make this really short thing, but can be unfolded and separated to make this long tripod about my height! it's so cool! Might have to take it along with me hey. hahaha. He also bought Photoshop finally! Woo and it came with this other program, which is Premiere Elements, which you can make movies with! How exciting... haha :) i'm gonna have me some fun. :D
Well, i best be off now, because i have to wake jerri up in the morning.
We're back there again.
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Friday and Saturday have been busy busy :)Well, firstly, my Friday uni timetable goes from 10-12 and then a 4 hour break in between.
So I decided i'd go grocery shopping to make fried rice for saturday afternoon..
auntie mic picked me up, (so nice of her :D) and took my home so i could go across the street to grocery shopping.. went and got my stuff, twas so heavy!! :(
Then i realised i had forgotten to buy milk, and since Moe was stayin over again, i needed to get some so she could have her morning coffee!! :S
But i figured i bought enough to carry across the road already, and decided i'd go after uni.
so i got home, did the mundane things like watering the plants and feeding the cat..
Then, i got out mum's watermelon baller! :D and i made watermelon balls. not bad for my first time! lol.. it's not actually that hard.. so i made those, then cleaned up.. then i decided i'd take my watermelon juice, which was the excess of the watermelon! :) and go start the car cos it hadn't been started for awhile..
fcukin car battery was dead!!!!
Oh well.
So, i went back inside to get ready to head back, then auntie mich called and told me she'd pick me up and send me back to uni. still had quite a bit of time to kill, so i decided to race the clock, and make spring rolls! :) they were so yummy. haha. then she picked me up, then went to get her two kids from school, which took alot longer than expected.. -_-
i arrived at uni just before the lecturer started to speak!! And once again, we finished that particular lecture mucho early! i love that. hahaha.
so after that, took the bus home, and started to get ready for jayne's farewell party! :) and went to get milk and Maison hahahaha and also got a couple of packets of konnyaku jelly to make for levina’s party! :) as soon as I got home, I began to make the jelly so I could fill the molds and let them set so I could chill them overnight. Moe came earlier and she helped me place the slimy nata de cocos in the trays which she was not extremely excited about! :D and she helped me stir a little too. :)
audz came on over, and we left for the party.. twas a very happy yet sad affair, and we all had fun laughing and chatting and just being random in general! :) pt walter is still the same old place.. moe and i were relieving old high school memories! :D
left after about 2 and a half hours because audz didn't want to have to stay out late 2 nights in a row! :) then, after audz dropped us home, i began to prepare fried rice for the next day..
twas very hard to do it without help, so I enlisted molly to do the stirring! :D hahaha. Fried rice was pretty successful, but I mean you can’t beat the original!
After a long day, we finally hit the hay, preparing for an early start the next morning.
Saturday morning, we awoke, and had chocolate croissants for breakfast! :) mmm yummy. After a bit of preparation and packing, we set off to go to Caris and Maddi’s house, lugging this big chiller bag of food! It was challenging running across roads and running to catch the trains with that huge lump of a bag. We were supposed to take the 98 all the way to their place, except the damn bus terminated at Fremantle, so we decided we’d just take the train, and Caris said they would come pick us up! J so we did that, nice long train ride… -_-
Finally arrived, and Caris came and picked us up! :) had a lovely lunch with them, they made cool wedges and I brought the spare ribs and fried rice! After the feast we were all very much in need of a leisurely stroll, so we went down to the pool, where they tried to eradicate their white bather tans! :p Moe and I were a little warm seeing as we were in jeans.. haha well the morning started out chilly ok!
So we left the house, with a much lighter load, and satisfied stomachs. Then we raced back to Perth to catch the train back to Fremantle. On the train to Fremantle, we bumped into Caitlyn and her sister! :) hadn’t seen her for awhile so we all had a good ol’ chat until they got off at their stop.. we finally were on our way back, and we hopped off, and went back home.
Had a micro nap before starting to prepare to go to Levina’s party. Had a shower and had a little outfit dilemma, then decided I’d just wear what I wore to Steph’s 18th because no one going had seen me wear it before! ;p so we left, lugging another chiller bag with food, this time is was much lighter, and Moe carried it for most of the way. And me being the stupid dingbat I am, forgot to bring the birthday girl’s present!! Like WTF? I must’ve forgotten about telling her how we had to walk quite a fair way in after we hopped off at the bus stop, and we began to take the long journey to Auntie Mic’s house! However, we were distracted by the sound of a car horn around the middle of the walk, and I realized it was uncle phil coming back from picking Ol up from work! What a coincidence.. we gladly ran across the road to hop in the car, which zoomed right into Auntie Mic’s garage. ;p
We were just in time for the cutting of the cake, and one last game before all the little kids went home! :) ol dragged moe into playing with her, and they ended up getting kicked out of the game first because their feet were too large to fit on the folded bits of paper together! :) but twas a funny sight to behold. After the cake was cut, we had a nice lil game of pool! :) Twas a very very close game, and I won by my gazillion fluke shots! After, we went to play Singstar. Moe, being the singer she is, whooped my arse more than a couple of times, a good effort for someone who’s NEVER played Singstar in her life! :o or has she….. -_- hahaha.
I probably only beat her once, with my stunning rendition of “What About Me” by Shannon Noll. I currently hold the top score thank you, I AM the Singstar.. Hahahaha.
Singstar is fun, but really it doesn’t stand for how well you sing really, because even if you make a vague mmm-ahhh sound into the microphone, you still manage to hit the notes and you could still win. Which is quite silly, but nonetheless it is very fun. And some songs are terribly hard to sing. I can hit the notes most of the time, but god knows you don’t wanna hit playback and listen to my god awful singing voice! My normal voice is bleghh enough! :o
The night went on, and we had some dinner. We brought the extra fried rice for Moe because she can’t handle hot food, and everything there was hot. The lamb briyani was excellent as usual, and the fried chicken was succulent. After dinner, Ol and I tried to figure out why the hell limewire and other various music programs weren’t working. Got us quite frustrated, but oh well. At least I managed to get my 2 songs by Kyo. It’s this great French band I heard about from my friend. I am in love with the songs, even though the lyrics are slightly strange, the songs are pretty.. :) not pretty pretty, rock out pretty! Haha.
After that, Moe and I played the piano, singing Somewhere Only We Know, and playing all the different duets we learned over the years! :) Then, a fun game of ping pong, where we sang and did stupid movements whilst hitting the ball around. Twas very fun. :)
Then, the music from the movie Get Over It, enticed us to go sit down with the kids and watch it! I love that movie it is hilarious, and the cheesy songs, although VERY cheesy, are also very catchy! :) After that, Moe and I were so sleepy, and were sent home in this awesome LandCruiser/ 4 wheel drive thingamabob. Hahaha. I don’t think I could ever drive one of those! They’re way too big…. -_-
Well, that’s basically what I’ve been doing these past few days. Tomorrow I gotta buckle down a little, do lots of housework, groceries AND fcuking uni work because I haven’t done that either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nite y’all!!
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Today, was the most HOTTEST day for awhile.
Actually, yesterday was pretty bad too.
it was excruciating to walk around curtin..
anyways, i went to dinner at my old neighbours's house today! it was very pleasant. lol
had a nice curry and thai fish cakes... i just remembered how very cultural they were, they're going to vietnam soon! how exciting :D
brb watching news
back for awhile. HAHA Mr Bean is in sydney that's so fricking hilarious! ;p
anyways, back to neighbour dinner thingy.
they invited their nephew, from dunsborough who's going to notre dame.
very nice fellow :) geeky sort of cuteness about him :p
and he liked music and lyrics!!! :D hee
and his car smelt like caris's bahahaha
a little caramel-ish lolly-ish.
i might stay at curtin to hear this talk thingy tomorrow, this indian writer who wrote three best selling novels. :)
hmm better go back to watching news now, i'm already majorly multitasking! lol
ciao bellas
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just returned home from a seemingly very long tutorial. In fact it was only an hour and a half. :)I felt like falling into a long deep sleep.....

Je vous presente, le mechant chat, Socks.
anyways, upon returning home, the cat, Socks, as usual, runs out to greet me (or whoever has returned) and starts to bug you for food by meowing incessantly.
today, was no different, except she suddenly ran into the nearby bushes and shrubbery and starts canoodling around in there. she emerged, triumphantly, with a small bird clutched in her mouth. i was utterly digusted and proceeded to make her let go of it, so the bird could fly away. but the poor thing kept seizing and wouldn't stop, the only improvement it made was that its bloodshot eyes went white again. it died... :( i was so sad. so i buried the poor lil fella, and now i am highly irritated by cats. although i still love them. :) and i do understand that its a cat's nature to catch birds.. but i don't like it.
i am so contradictory sometimes.
I still want my kitties when i have my own house.
One shall be grey/white and it shall be named Gandalf.
The other will be brown, and it shall be named Frodo.
However, i think i shall change the Frodo kitty's name because i recently discovered my dear friend Emmy has a kitty named Frodo. :) how coincidental :D
edit// Emmy's kitty Frodo died a few nights ago. :( So sad, twas run over by a car. i hate hit and run jerks, especially if it's animals they hit. :(
Wow, my blog posts have been very animal-ish recently. lol. :)
anyways, just wanted to randomly but up a photo of Molly's kitty, called ''Pavlova'' (me thinks?)

Isn't he just gorgeous :)

Photobucket 1:33 pm ♥

Monday, March 05, 2007

je vous presente, mon amour, RICHIE!!! :)
haha just felt like randomly writing in French, how very odd of me.
well i wish this lil fella was my doggie, but he really belongs to my dear friend Audz!!
I'm so jealous. I'm in love with her doggie :D
He's so cute and fluffy.. And he fits in my hand bag!!
OK.. That sounded awfully TinselTown-ish. No, don't think i'll put him in my hand bag :P
He actually looks like a dang toy in photos, but he's as real as life! :) And sooo gorgeous.
Hmm. I wish i had pets.. :(
I have the neighbour's cat who comes and lives in our backyard, but you know, it's not really mine.. I just feed it and play with it occasionally.. :( Wish i had a lil puppy like Richie.
Hmm. Ok i shall stop being sad and depressing now. :P
Had a near sleepless night last night. Woke up at around 5am this morning with my head blocked up and my sinuses inflamed, which was a highly unpleasant experience. And so I couldn't get back to sleep, i just rolled around restlessly until about 7am when i figured i really needed to skull some warm water to soothe my sore throat. Then Molly and Olly (hehe) woke up cos they slept over last night, and we had breakfast and then watched Serendipity, a dvd i bought for dad a few years ago, but had never watched myself. It was a funny movie, but highly annoying because the characters keep missing each other by a few seconds. And when they finally found the book and $5 bill i was soo happy!! :) it was an awesome movie. i wish i could believe in fate like they did. that everything was pre-destined, and you just live your life without having to choose your path. but a good point made in the movie, what's the point in living if everything is already pre-destined? Might as well not get out of bed. :( i wish we could just know who our soulmates are early in life, and i wish we didn't have to go searching. but then again, where's the fun if you don't go searching? :)
i'm totally contradicting everything i say now, so i shall just leave. :)
Desperate housewives is on woo! :D
tu me manque, monique.
freaky dentist dude. *shudders*
Photobucket 7:14 pm ♥

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spent today doing not much, I've been a little sick.
I just realised the cause of my ''illness''. Turns out i don't actually have a 'cold'.
It's because of the ruddy air con, which brings in lots of dust.
I'm quite allergic to dust, it makes my eyes red and my nose extremely runny.
I just realised, after a terrible night off trying to clear my airways and waking up with a dry and horridly scratchy sore throat, that the cause of my suffering, is indeed the aircon.
Because, whenever i step out, my airways are magically cleared, and the sun shines brightly in my head. :)
then i go back inside, where it is nice and chilly compared to the heat outside, i get all stuffed up again. so i decide to turn off the air con, and voila my nose is cleared up in a matter of minutes.
but since it is unbearably heating up, i have no choice but to turn it on so that my two friends do not roast. :) so i put up with my suffering for awhile more, until before i go to bed, then i shall turn off the air con and put myself out of my misery. :)
i absolutely love Ugly Betty. it's classic.
haha just had to add that in.
be ugly.
On Tuesday, i took the 1 hour and 45 minute bus ride to visit caris and maddi far far away.
i HATE that they live so far away.
hahaha :)
and plus, when i was on the bus ride home, the bus terminated at Freo!! like GAH.
and i don't like being there when it is all isolated and only creepy people are strolling around. :s
had to wait another half an hour for the next one, and this creepy guy with a knapsack was seemingly following me around. i was looking for another bus which would take me somewhere, like garbo or something, and he kept going the direction i was going. then he finally hopped on another bus. thank god. :s
well, 2nd week of uni, this time the real work begins. :(
my eyes burn, i think i better finish off..
arabian nights to y'all.
Photobucket 10:25 pm ♥

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ahh, i've finally fixed up bloggie.
The skin went all retarded before, and it was pissing me off to the core.
So i've changed it to a fresh pink one. :)
I think its pretty.. (:
SO anyways!
Uni has been funfunfun!
ok no not really, it's been mildly boring,. but i've come to a conclusion that it has to get better. it's only been the first week anyway, and next week we're bound to do something better! :S
This week was just getting introduced to the courses and units and shit like that. we really only were told about the unit outlines and assignments (yes there are SHITLOADS)
ran into quite a few of my old santa girlies there, had no idea so many went to curtin! :D which is cool in a way because at least i know people there. also met a few nice people too :) uni is greatt.
i love photography, our 1st project is fricking awesome. We're concentrating on shutter speeds and depth of field, and we can take pics of anything we choose. the only thing is the work journal, which is JUST like art in high school, but in an A4 book. dang it. :( but i was thinking of doing some shutter speed pictures at my friend's ballet class, catch them piroutte-ing and stuff.. :) that could be cool. but no idea where to go for depth of field. hmm. and in one unit called MCI 101 we have to write fricking ESSAYS. DANG. i thought i'd left those behind in high school gahhh. :( oh well. at least it's like a write about anything you want essay! :) i'm thinking about writing about the paranormal, and how we're so drawn to it.. :D i have a norwegian tutor he's funny. and i even have a tutor from singapore! woo. haha.. she's a freelance journalist.. yippee. but she is very strict.. we had a current affairs quiz during our first tutorial.. mann that shit sucks. she pulled all the questions out of that day's newspaper, and man i didn't read that paper! i ended up getting out 3/10. hahaha i'm so intelligent and well-informed.NOT. so i decided i'd be needing a West subscription soonish. :p the lectures have been boring as shit, except the PR one where we watched a snippet of Absolutely Fabulous. haha.
and TYPOGRAPHy. like wtf man? the only thing mildly interesting about that is that our tutor's name is Doctor Love. hahaha. the sub we had that day told us we were forbidden to laugh at his name when he actually came in. so we did our giggling and laughing at that first session. :p
so enough about uni, i went to my friend stephy's 18th lst night, twas rocking:) hahaha not exactly, but it was very nice, and very sophisticated. :D haha. went with audrey because i am transportation-deprived at the moment, :P and we arrived there fairly early! caught up with heaps of lovely santa chickies, and the atmosphere was very cheery and happy! :) it was awesome with free flow of non-alcoholic drinkies, (u had to pay for alcos :o) and lots of yummy finger foods ! :D we couldn't stop eating those samosas.. hahaha.. everyone looked gorgeouss, and we had fun sitting around taking pictas and laughing and just having a good ol' chatty :) but i found out that (one of) my dear friend jaynee is moving back to spore for good.. :( i'll miss ya lovey but i'll also see you in JULY!! :) so overall, the party was very very nice.. :) i have a party in planning stages at the mo too.. except my bday is a looong way away. :( how depressing. oh well. :( i think i have a cold, my nose is running like a tap and i have a bad sore throat. maybe i should turn the aircon off ? :s hahaha it's not actually very hot outside so i guess i should.. alright, i'm off now. arabian nights to y'all.
i can't wait to be 18 :)
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