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Thursday, June 30, 2005

just watched Tuesdays with Morrie on the Hallmark channel.
so sad..
i love that book.
c i a o
Photobucket 11:03 am ♥

well. tis a new day!
i am so seriously bored.
going to sakaesushi for lunch or dinner.
i miss my p i a n o.
i think i've already said that.
well i better run.
c i a o
Photobucket 9:28 am ♥

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

hello hello.
well. spent today, well most of today, shopping for material and shoes for the dinner dance.
then went to the tailor's to get me dress made! :)
i ended up getting baby blue material, like mads said to!
yeah maddi, u r hell good aye?
show me the way take me to love, things only heard now i want to feel.
god i have that song in me head!
get out damn u!
oh yeah and i got silver shoes! and silver blue jewellery.
alright.. well i better go.
i'm practising in my shoes now! ;)
god i wanna go to vic hall and play the damn piano!!
i miss my piano.. :'(
c i a o
Photobucket 10:09 pm ♥

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Screaming kids running around like crazy baboons.
why do people even have children?
that was just random movie line.
just finished my sister's little bday party.
it was cool. caught up with my friends etcetc.
c'etait tres bien.
good food, good company.
what more would you want.
alright. eyes burning out.
bon nuit! goodnight.
c i a o
a r r i v e d e c c i
a u r e v o i r
Photobucket 11:07 pm ♥

safe and soundly in singapore.
ear is dying from immense pain.
i love gerard butler
he is THE best actor. :)
watched Dear Frankie on the plane.
i love scottish accents
it is THE best movie ever.
cried a few 100 times.
i love phantom.
i love you.
its jerri's bday today.
hip hooray.
ok. this is turning out to be one sad entry.
retail therapy was good. not for my feet. they killed after awhile.
i got a new pair of jeans, a green jumper, green top, pressies for my friend, green tie up top with singlet for jerri, hits for kids cd for jerri, blue singlet lace top. *sigh* it was good.
i love shopping.
i love the colour green.
i think i better go now.
c i a o
Photobucket 12:54 pm ♥

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Going shopping today!! finally!!
I am so happy. time for some serious retail therapy at last.
but ohh how my eyes burn.
o and i finished my clay sculpture at long last.
finally. PHEW.
after days of arms and heads and legs falling offf.
and i am leaving on monday!!! woohooo and joy to the world.
and it is my sister's bday the day i arrive!
by the way hammie. and charm. u guys are invited to my sister's bbq on tuesday night k?
alright well see you then!
c i a o
Photobucket 7:08 am ♥

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday: 4:55AM
*phone rings*
"hi this is securus.. technical mambo jumbo#@@!#!@@@&!(... ur back up battery system has failed."
"mmph. ok."
"Thank you goodbye."
*checks time*
its so fricking EARLY!!
just thought i would replay that scene for you.
i am so annoye. tired. you name it. anything but well rested and happy.
at least i finished my assignment for RE.
Photobucket 7:09 am ♥

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ello poppets.
my friend is currently finding silly songs by adam sandler.
it is so random.
only 6 days til i go home.
i am so sleepy. i went to bed at like 6;45 and woke up at 8;30.. had a shower then had a bowl of noodles. was so hungry.
i had a killer headache. my head was pounding so bad.
watched a bit of the OC.
it is SO cold right now. no jokes.
oh i was seriously falling asleep in lit today. ms p was rambling on and on about the poem Snake by DH Lawrence. i don't mind his poems, but i was just too dead to focus. i was dropping off into a silent oblivion of sleep. so not cool.
good thing she probably wasn't looking at me.
so over my head.
i'm going to do my community service in singapore... 20 hours.. woohoo.
in some animal farm near my house. apparently full of yapping dogs n an absolutely riveting stench of dog faeces. but its all for the sake of community service. if mother teresa could walk around in puke n poo all day, the least i can do is handle the smell for awhile.
right gotta run.
Photobucket 6:06 pm ♥

Monday, June 20, 2005

Bonjour meS amieS. ca va?
watched Mr and Mrs Smith yesterday. most awesomest awesomest movie ever.
it was so cool. adam brody was on FIRE. :P
so many movies, so little time.
i wanna see so many things it is not funny...
i think it is a conspiracy. they send out all the good movies at once so that people spend all this $$ and are broke for a while!!! GAH.
i wanna see: Madagascar, Bewitched, Star Wars III, Lion witch and the wardrobe, hitchhiker'ss guide to the galaxy... etc etc. i CANNOT wait for the Da Vinci Code movie to come out.
back in school once again. one week til i go back to singapore!!!
holz come and go don't they...
fricking DH Lawrence is annoying. his poems are just weird.
OMG good news! i passed LIT!!! woohooo.
passed my oral too. thank god..
and i got an A for french!! woohoo! straight As for 3 years! :)
french was fun. surprisingly.
we did past participles.
sounds so exciting don't it.
je suis mort parce que je suis tombe de la montagne.
it was quite an amusing lesson.
can't say much abt the teacher though.
seems she gets more and more annoying everyday.
my throat hurts majorly. ouchie.
j'ai mal a la gorge. je suis tres froid aussi.
i don't know why i spout random french words all the time! i'm so random. tres tres bizarre.
hey ham if you are reading this man. lemme know if you want anything from here like bisc and Twix or sweet chilli sour cream chips k man? ciaociao
alright. have to run.
Photobucket 4:33 pm ♥

Sunday, June 19, 2005

it is sunday.
my parents are flying back today.. without meee.
'FREEDOM!! La liberte!
nah. i'll be back soon.
28th of june! write that in your diaries!! :D
i'm in such a weird mood today.
my eyes are burned out from lack of sleep.
my fingers feel quite heavy.
i hate folding laundry.
what is my world coming to?
OK. i'll stop this nonsensical rant.
lalalala. je suis tres tres bizarre aujourd'hui.
ooh. i'm going to watch Mr and Mrs Smith todayy!!
pOpcorn and Wheee!!
can't wait.
on the down side of today..
i have to go to skool tomorrow.
woe is me. *faints dramatically*
have that RE assignment to do. and what not.
why why why why.
turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light.
and listen to the music of the night.
let your mind start a journey to a strange new world.
leave all thoughts of the life you knew before.
let your soul take you where you long to be.
i love my phantom dvd.
dad's evil plan is to swipe it from me. haha no not happening.
my preciousssssss
i'm so obssessed.
i absolutely love Gerry Butler and Emmy Rossum's singing.
not such a big fan of Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman though.
right now... i own...
1. Original Version of the phantom extended
2. New Version of the phantom extended
3. New version of phantom (just songs)
4. Phantom dvd
5. Phantom piano book
i love numbers 2-5.
number one... is 2nd best.
i'm so glad they didn't get m.c. and s.b. back to do the movie.
i would've walked out and gone and watched Kung Fu Hustle with dad instead!
Emperor's New GRoove II is being made!!!!
however.. it's all about Kronk.
but who cares! i love the first movie!!
Beware the groooove.
squeak sqeaker squeak squeakity!
ok i better run now.
je dois aller maintenant.
ciaO*au revoir* arrivedecci* however u spell that.
Photobucket 9:43 am ♥

Top of the morning to ya.
its like nearly 1am. and i can't sleep.
i NEED sleep.
by the way. i did my English oral. finally. except i stuffed it up a bit.
That's actually a major understatement.
but oh well.
what's done is done.
i can say merde over and over again and it won't change anything.
c'est la vie.
je ne sais pas.
ok i'l stop using random french phrases.
they are stuck in my head unfortunately.
past participles and merde. GAH.
ok i can't be bothered typing anymore.
will blog another day.
and yes i realise i have not been blogging religiously.
too bad. oh so sad.
as you can tell i am in a rather bad mood.
je suis tres tres fatiguee.
ciaO* au revoir* a bientot*
Photobucket 12:38 am ♥

Monday, June 06, 2005

just watched Bride and Prejudice..
it was cool.
this stupid English oral is driving me absolutely nuts.
i hate lit.
just thought i'd rant.
the long weekend is nearly over.
NOOOO. :'(
ohh i think i shall just break down.
i have a headache now. so i better keep of the com.
Photobucket 10:25 pm ♥


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