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Monday, February 27, 2006

My life is becoming slightly monotonous.
which is pissing me off.
haha. i just realised i wrote about Jarhead twice in 2 different entries.
oh well. can't be bothered changing it.
long weekend in exactly four days!! yayyyy.
so exciting. not.
well i get to miss out on like five days of school at least... haha.
throw in a little shopping.. hehehe.
can't wait to go home for the holz.. hahhaha
ok, i dunno why i'm up this early. supposed to be helping my friend with her english. but she seems to be doing fine so i shall go and doze in my bed while she types away.
the sound of the keyboard is comforting in a strange way.
c i a o
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

hee. blogging twice a day.
tut tut.
just watched like 6 episodes of sex and the city in a row.
hell awesome. i love it. cracks me up.
totally loving James Blunt at the moment.
if anyone knows where i can buy the piano book for his music, alert me asap. hahahaa.
and Kelly clarkson. i love her music too.
i watched Jarhead the other day. so funny, but so crude n sex related.
haha. got us laughing our heads off though.
i shoulda done so much more homework today. i didn't even finish the bloody maths homework.
i think i busted my knee today. it'll be ok tomorrow. hmmm.
ok well i'm kinda falling asleep on the laptop now. hahaha.
c i a o
Photobucket 11:17 pm ♥

went freo to go shopping today.
look afta the cute year 8 girls.
actually, they are quite mature given the fact that they are year 8..
bought a pair of awesome black closed in pointies. sooo awesome. hahaha
and got some black slippers too..
and they have such frickin awesome stuff at target.
ok now going to oggle the clothes in supre website. hahaha
c i a o
Photobucket 6:24 pm ♥

Friday, February 24, 2006

helloo world.
i'm alive.
haha. sadly.
well it turns out.. WOOHOO i'm back to singapore baby!!
ok, that was random n slightly scary. haha
april holz i'm back.. weee.
coz i got no where to stay these holz. and the only available place is really unappealling at the moment... so i'm back to singapore.
and i'm gonna be home aloneee!!
ham n char lots of sleepovers n late nights!!
ooh forgot u guys have school.
but OH WELL.
i'm can roam free like a lone free ranger. wooohoo.
well i'm real tired now...
so ciaociao!
Photobucket 7:50 pm ♥

Saturday, February 18, 2006

my blogging is becoming less and less frequent. probably cos i've been busy, and had no internet access at all.
but we've had the year 12 ball.. woohoo.
t'was good, but my feet killed after. and my hair was like caked in hairspray.
i badly wanna go to supre now. summer sale man.
had such an unproductive weekend. tried to study but then we had an unexpected guest. hahaha. haven't seen her for a whole year.
today went for a hit of tennis. also very uneventful. we just kept missing the tennis balls. maybe will try again tomorrow. hehehe.
anyone else love james blunt? hahaha.
watched Jarhead on friday. funny shite. if you like war movies with funny bits, it's one to see. hahaha.
well i better go now, gotta go to sleep now.
c i a o
Photobucket 11:56 pm ♥

Friday, February 10, 2006

haven't blogged for about 10 days, but meh.
been back at school, had no time and i only just went out today. :)
been walking/jogging in the morn too. very tiring but refreshing. and the wind is exceptionally chilly. it's like a 1000 tibetan flea bitten monkeys clawing my face. hahaha ok that's a major exaggeration.
well tmw is the ball, and i'm so not excited. no one is really.
but we had a hell awesome reflection day today. go team! :)
we came 3rd today. hehehe.
our name was BKOWK. if you're wondering at all how it's pronounced.. just think of chickens.
don't ask me why it's spelt like that. i didn't do it.
haha. we had sooo many screaming rounds. my throat is like dying. gahhh.
now out at guardians house.. gonna go play singstar soon! hahahaha.
anyways. went to adventure world last weekend. jst sat around. waste of money. hahaha. only went for the non-jerking around rides like the monorail and paddle boats. other than that we slept under the trees. hahaha. okiee.
well i better run off now. i'm REALLY hungry at the moment. haven't eaten since like 12.30? which is quite a record. hahaha.
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