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Friday, November 30, 2007

Made 2 more comics for maddi & simone...
Moe's one would be a little odd to any other person :P
maddi's is slightly less odd, hahaha.:) that's the one on top.
trying to finish watching S&tC before sat so i can return it to caris&maddi's house! lol.


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Thursday, November 29, 2007

decided i shall make personal comics in the style of those cyanide& happiness comics i absolutely lovelovelove for my friends featuring a personal joke between us, or just a random funny scenario that occured.. :P

this one here is the first one, and it's for darling carrot who has just returned from phuket :D. yeah, everyone else will probably find it quite stupid, and not know what it's about. hahaha. :) but that's the thing, it's special, and funny, or i hope it would be! :P back to the thinking board. although i really do want to head out to the shops seeing as it is late night shopping today. lolness.

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Photobucket 4:20 pm ♥

got up niiiiiiice and late today, after being awoken by audrey calling me!!
silly girl, she had an exam today, overslept and woke up 1/2 an hour before it started! she is such a knob sometimes.. haha.. 6th season of S&TC won't work, it shtuffed up my lappie. :(
hanging at caris and mads basically the whole weekend, and going out at night! :D weee.. so finally, audrey's exams be over, and she can come over and entertain moi. lol.


Photobucket 11:40 am ♥

been sweeping out the nooks and crannies of my room lately. (haha ok well, recycling old papers and shit) and finding heaps of xmas, bday and various cards and letters i've received over the years, and just re-reading them all! :) tis amazing the amount of letters i found. my cleaning has been slowed down by me stopping to read every letter i come across. :) random letters from boarding school, from old friends in Singapore and just other random things. i felt so sad when i read the letters from my exbestfriend in singapore, because now that i read them, i can see that she really was sad i wasn't around, and when i told her i wasn't comin back to study, i can see that she was really really sad. :( makes me sad i couldn't see it before. :( and i miss one of my other old friends muchly too; i haven't seen her in forever :( ahh. i'm so tired i can't write anymore. been watching way too much S&TC because i'm trying to get all those seasons over with so i can return them back to maddi by friday! :D which reminds me, i've gotta ring maddi tomorrow. lol. ahh, the season 5 dvd keeps stopping and starting it's starting to piss me off!! D:
on a happier note, simone, emily and i have decided we're going to be having a halloween partay next year :D a harry potter themed party! :) with all things potter, including a harry potter movie marathon. :D
complete with butterbeer, cauldrons and loads of other awesome shit! :D hehehe.
anyway, best head off to bed. well, once this episode is finished. :P

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

angry day today.
i just felt like chucking some belongings into a bag and going somewhere. anywhere.
but watching 2 dvds worth of sex&thecity cheered me up immensely.
my eyes feel puffy and swollen...
wish i had a friend, any friend here today, but oh well. spose they can't always be around.
also found an excellent youtube series (on youtube, obviously) called Quarterlife.
There's only been 4 episodes, each about 10 minutes long, but it's pretty good, and the characters are interesting. It's made like a reality tv thing, but it's not, it's scripted and all that..
edit.. i've watched 6 eps so far, and i think i am officially addicted. i love the character Jed played by Scott Michael Foster, and him & Dylan (who's a girl btw) are so great together, altho jed loves someone else, who is dylan's best friend and roommate. lol.
you know, sometimes i wish i could move out, but heaven knows i wouldn't be able to support myself properly. i'd end up on the street without a roof over my head. so it looks like i'll just have to grin and bear it.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Back from Moe's house today, internet didn't work there!! lol
i haven't been taking many photos lately, because i just couldn't be bothered everytime i went somewhere! lol. Had to wake up early to go to church because Mum wouldn't let me stay at Moe's if I didn't :( grr. We visited Auds in her new house too! and played with richie, darling richie :D.. he's rather scrawny but so cute.. kinda jumpy tho.. lol.
Went to Maddi's last night for dinner, and we watched abit of Harry Potter before the Idol Final started.. :P YAY for Natalie Gauci! :D i think that's how you spell her name anyway.. she is an awesome singer, so glad she won ! :) Had chicken strips, chips, pizza and salad for dinner (yeah real healthy!) basically, anything available in the freezer. lol :) When we got back to Moe's we chucked That 70s Show season 4? on... officially one of my favourite TV shows! Yeah, yeah i know it took me awhile... it's funny :) Also borrowed some Sex and the City DVDs from Maddi as well as HSM 2, which Moe put on this morning!
so sad, esperance is off now, cos jessabee can't make it, but we'll probably go in Feb or summat. :)
Can't wait to go to Spore noww.. And i just want the design interview to be over. i'm still confused as to what i'm going to put in the folio.. one of my friends told me to take some photos and manipulate them, but i highly doubt that's what they want in the folio :S. I should probably ask Teg, who did the interview last year but turned them down to go into Mass Comm.. :S:S
I received my Harry Potter box set movies 1-4 in the mail today!! :D:D:D in PERFECT condition, which reminds me, i've gotta leave some excellent feedback for the ebay user who sold it to me.
so now, i finally, after so many years, have all 5 original dvds :) so happy happy happy :D
And about 70 people have given Fred some lovin' on youtube :D yay!
Hmm, anyway, i'm off to continue more of Fred's sagas.
edit// new blog song! Shannon Noll - In Pieces. Shannon will always be my fave star to come out of the Idol franchise :D

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Went to the movies today with Mads & Moe to catch Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I must say it was excellent! The cinematography, art direction, costumes, make up and all that stuff was fantasmagorical :D and cate blanchett definitely gave an oscar winning performance as the Queen. it was such a great movie. Although we were getting slightly confused at bits... Mads and I hadn't seen the first one, but Moe had and she was confused too.. lol
I bought a CD called Tiesto: in search of sunrise? (i think) Ibiza Part One, and it has techno/dance/electronic songs, but they're very soothing ones, not that hard stuff vin's into... lol hard stuff.. sounds like liquor or something!
bought it off the itunes store, but oh well i can get around the drm anyway..
Design interview is drawing nearer and i have still got no idea as to what exactly i'm going to put in my 'folio'.. freaky.. i really hope i get in, i don't think i can stand being in mass comm for another year..
in other news, my wonderful pal EMMY is switching unis and she's gonna be at Curtin with moi, and even in the same building!! WEEE.. Oh happy days ahead... :)

p.s. K Rudd is the new PM of Australia. Congrats! :D

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ahh, it's the weekend. :)
And next week I might be off to Esperance!! :D woot! pumped. hope it all works out.. If it does, there'll be loadssss of pictures!! :) and i really hope jessabee can make it. lol i just randomly made up that nickname..
if it all ends up working out, i think i shall purchase the 2008 MoS annual on itunes.. or maybe actually buy the CD. boy would vini be proud of me. lol.
it seems people have been enjoying my random animation. Fred, as I named him.
Right now, Fred has also found some al foil. He has also stepped out of the comforts of his house. But i shan't reveal much more. :P I must go to sleep.

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Photobucket 11:08 pm ♥

Okay, so 2.10am is a slight improvement from yesterday... :)
Finished my 2 long hard days of labour just then, a lovely animation. Actually, it's far from lovely, it's actually rather strange at the end. And yes, dumbledore does appear. i'm not sure why... lol. i've also put one of the songs off the order of the phoenix soundtrack on it as the background music, and couldn't be bothered putting in sound effects. all in all, i must've drawn over 400 frames to put in it since i don't have all those flashy programs to REALLY animate stuff, i've hand drawn (okay, well "mouse drawn" whatever you call it :P) every single frame. which explains why the character's movements are so jerky.. hehe. i just made a 'slideshow' of sorts using premiere elements, and there's gotta be at least 3000 frames in the whole thing... it's driving me madd. so go watch if you have a chance, and see what happens when i get bored:P
aside from the animation, i actually cleaned my room today, and i can now see the floor! :D not that i couldnt before... but it is completely mess free. i do however, need a chest of drawers, a large CD rack and mucho mucho hooks on my walls to hang photo frames and the like.
i also want to rearrange my room, although i'd probably need a rather strong person to help.. lol.
my eyes are actually drooping now, i should probably go to sleep now, but i've just gotta watch the quicktime movie of the animation.
and i'm back.
most of the music fits perfectly, i'm so proud :D but the end bit gets abit odd.. lol.
but the quality goes so shitty on youtube... hmmm.. and it's a really random storyline.. haha..
i managed to get around itunes bloody protection mwahaha so now the track is happily playing on my animation.. mwahahaha. and the quality is still bloody excellent. anyhow.
tally ho!

p.s. here is the video... when you're as bored as i was, give it some lovin'.
lol. (:

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

it is currently 3.16am.
photoshop is being a bum.
i'm working on a little picture/slideshow/animation. i'm really not sure what exactly to call it? it's rather random lol. and it features dumbledore for some odd reason... i was in a strange and bored mood today. i was sposed to be cleaning my room. hehe.
and i'm also insanely hungry.
but that can wait. i spose i better go to sleep. heh.
i sorta wanna get away from perth... somewhere other than perth.. hmm.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

well well well it has been a busy busy day!
after being violently awoken by moe's message, i got up and completed the short movie thing we were working on yesterday. (not her final movie, which was a hell of alot cooler!) but you can find the dodgy one i made on Manny&Moo (our shared blog). :P
then, she dragged me off to curtin after lunch, where we spent approximately 3 hours staring at the computer screen trying to make her movie. and also improve her first one and add music. thank god the music worked on final cut pro!! i spose you have to burn it onto disc first. GRR to itunes. but the two tracks we picked worked so perfectly with the movies. perhaps i can coax moe to put them on youtube, i especially love the foot one we were working on :) after that, we headed to Baskins for the much needed sugar induced coma. had a brownie avalanche and nearly exploded. haha..
Auntie Mich and family came over for dinner, so that was pretty busy too. Whilst they were over, the 3 kids and I made a music video to Hilary & Haylie Duff's Our Lips Are Sealed, a song I haven't listened to for a loooooooong time but still know all the lyrics. So i'm up at this ungodly hour finishing it. (actually now i've finished it, just uploading it on youtube to share with family and friends lol!) It's pretty shit quality though, perhaps i should put really really awesome video camera on my xmas wishlist? lolll. actually if anything, i need the full adobe creative suite. that would cost a bomb, but moe and i are thinking of going halfsies if we both get in to Design!! :) still cost a bomb though, even though she's going to be able to afford the whole freakin thing after working one week on her farm!! so jealous right now.. hahahaha :)
I'll be going to Spore soon!! so pumped.
oh and yeah,
Lov ya soooo mucho
And I hope you are having a fun time in phuket!! :)
Gotta hit the sack now, i'm about to collapse!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Been helping Moe with her electronic arts assignment. Yesterday, we set off on a journey hoping to get to somewhere in South Perth where there is a but stop sticker that has been vandalised in an entertaining way :D However we did hit a few snags in the journey! After going to Santa (boy that was a trip down memory lane!) as visitors nonetheless, we headed to Curtin to try and get a video camera loaned out. I'd just collected my large painting which i don't like very much, and is definitely not good, and we had some trouble trying to fit it into the car due to the wooden 'planks' it has.. haha. here's a random sketch that the Facebook crew did! :D hahaha.

ANYWAY. off that tangent...
when we got there, Moe had to wait awhile for the electronic arts dude to come, and when he did, the battery was dead! :(
So we lost that plan of filming yesterday, however we did proceed to Gelare to have iced coffees.. hehe.
we headed back to mine after, and started to brainstorm... After awhile, we got the idea of a vaguely stop motion thing.. like heaps of pictures put together to make a movie :D not quite the exact same as a stop motion, but as best as we could with a digital camera!
And here are the beginnings of the thing. it actually starts with a movie of moe drawing that line onto her big toe.

Haha i realise it looks kinda sinister, but i promise that it's not really! :)
Anywho. Back to production :D hehe
Oh yeah and before I forget! :D
I purchased the HP&OOTP soundtrack on itunes. bad bad idea. i should've just got the CD.. i can't use them on premiere anyway! bad the soundtrack itself is pretty good. Must say Nicholas Hooper did a pretty bang up job! :)

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Friendster horoscopes are so LOL.
All the ones that I've read, happen to relate exactly to my situation on that day!!
Today's was "you've only scratched the surface on this new endeavour, keep digging through!"
and i was like hahaha.I'm attempting to clean the house today.And also my room, which is in a disgraceful state due to me trying to clean it yesterday, but hardly succeeding other than arranging my stationery drawer! :PSO.
Tis quite relevant. I haven't got through much of the cleaning and i shall now return to the task at hand. (:


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

edit.// new blogskin!! :) But I'm having minor technical difficulties... lol. like the profile button ain't working.. and i can't figure out why the hell the links are blue when i specifically put the colour code for purple!! GRR. Oh, and I've decided I'd like a random streak of purple in my hair, like one of those fakey ones. hahaha

WooHOO! I'm free from examinations!! :D
Hopefully I achieved the minimum of 16 out of 40 to pass that unit.. hehe.
I also bought the HP&OOTP dvd on Wednesday when I went out to lunch with Maddi, and had to resist the strong temptation to watch it as soon as I arrived home. However, I studied as best as I could, and then watched it on Thursday night, or rather, Friday morning! :P Heroes season 2 is quite exceptional I must say, very very good and has many surprising twists. :) Rushed home after the exam which I finished 20 minutes early, and ran out of the lecture theatre! Before the exam I went into the BEAD building to collect my folios, and they were having a student exhibition, I think they were the graphic design students, but anyway the things were excellent! Very nice... Anywhoo..
Went into the city with Moe yesterday, in the hopes of photographing her in her coughs* lovely material culture poncho :P but she chickened out -_-" so we just ended up going shopping, and she got her trages pierced (DANG forgot to take a photo :P). I could've gone into the little surgical room or whatever with her but i have a fear of needles entering skin, much less cartilege? so i opted to wait outside and be the bag lady.
we had lunch @ HJs, where we were surrounded by smokers. gross.. not surprisingly, they were all Asians. WHY do so many Asians in Perth smoke. It's really disgusting. At uni, Asians form the majority of the smokers there. sick. nasty. GROSS.

We entered Valleygirl which seems to be perpetually on sale, and we tried on some clothes! I really wanted this really pretty swishhy summery dress but it was $30 and I was feeling a little poor. hahaha, and NOW i regret it. So So So much. I have an urge to go back in to the city right now and buy it, but i won't. I got a purple top instead, with funk gold-ish shiny.. things on it. for $9.95! :) Then we headed back to mine where we proceeded to take pictures of Moe so that we could photoshop them onto the city landscape. bahaha.
Sposed to help her with electronic arts today..
And here, is the product of our boredness.
Well, MY boredness really.
Moe just indulged it. hahaha

The lighting went abit whack, and I don't know why but I tried to take the photos as quick as I could!
Gotta love photoshop! :P

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ooh I just remembered I've been neglecting my blog. hehe.
Been busy trying to do another website for my earrings! :P Not for sale of course, just to keep track of them. http://www.freewebs.com/spangiepantz . feel free to go click around! :P
Been ebay-ing lately, and so far, I've bought a digital photo frame, 4GB USB Thumb drive to replace my missing one (and it looks like a gold encased lipstick! haha), 2 harry potter keychains, a pink watch to give Audz for Xmas, a Celtic pendant on a necklace cord for Emmy for Xmas, a dodgy cheap camera for Jerri, which I've already given her and I think thats all.. Oh no wait, and an AWESOME hand made black and gold ring modelled after the Peverell's ring description in HP :D Its so awesome. Except the gold has started to rub off. ahh well, nothing lasts forever. It was made by this girl in the US and she made this awesome collection of jewellery which are in effect the Horcruxes in the HP books... So cool.
I've also gone and bought the Across the Universe soundtrack from JB HiFi, except I didn't realise Australia only has the dodgy soundtrack that has only half of the songs!! I was like GRRRR. But I've ordered the full version from the US and it is costing me just about the same price as this soundtrack was. GRR. That'll teach me to buy on impulse again. :P But the soundtrack, (or what I have of it) is great, and this new blog song is one of the songs off it. If you don't know what Across the Universe is it's a musical movie which has many Beatles songs in it, and it certainly reflects the 70s era well..But I thoroughly enjoyed the music; i'm not even a Beatles fan, I hardly knew any of the songs! I knew a couple though.. (: But the music is excellent, some people have even said that the movie's versions of some songs were much better. i have to agree, i wasn't a big Beatles fan.. But Jim Sturgess has a beautiful singing voice, as did Joe Anderson ! And Bono was in the movie too, I thought he looked and sounded familiar! Evan Rachel Wood sings well too!
My fave songs have to be All My Loving, Hey Jude, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and I've Just Seen a Face.
I don't think I'd be able to watch the movie again, it was slightly too odd for me, but I'll be listening to the soundtrack over and over again, no doubt about that!
Moe and I got really bored yesterday, and so we resorted to going to visit Caris :P Had a nice time by the pool, me going crazy with the camera of course! :) Made pizzas for dinner too, and just had a nice time catching up with Caris, and Maddi when she got back! Stayed at Moe's after because she was a wee bit tired to send me home.
Also received my Proof of Age card yesterday, meaning I can buy drinks from the bottle shop and have real ID to show them! except it's the most DISGUSTING photo I've ever seen of myself, I'm not even looking at the camera (STUPID IDIOT who took my photo grrr) and the lighting is so harsh and unnatural. Even the passport photos i got done are so much better! WTF. I hate it. As if I wanna flash the card anywhere! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. Stupid Department of Planning and Infrastructure.
In other news, I've handed in my application to change courses next year! :D Into a Design course, and I've got an interview on the 19th of DEcember, which is bad since i'm leaving on the 17th for Singapore!! :O And once again, i've forgotten to ring them.. grr. I don't understand why the f**k they hold the interviews so near xmas. senseless really.
Hopefully that goes well...
Exam on Thursday for PR... Gotta start study for that!! :) Been slacking this whole week trying to regain lost sleep, and shopping! :D And making earrings of course :)

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just been out with Moe to see Good Luck Chuck. Pretty funny, tad raunchy in many points, and oh SO WRONG during the credits! But it was quite an interesting movie..
Gardeners came to mow the freakin jungle of a lawn we have in the front and backyard so i had to wake up early to let them in through the gate.. then Moe came and visited and was astounded by the flatness of the grassy areas! lol.. Feel sick now, too much popcorn!!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Listening to Mugglecast! :D
And they're goin on and on about dumbledore's gayness.
uni's over!
But i have an exam, but OH WELL
Went to the Kardy Pri school fete today and sold earrings as part of the Craft stall. Way to celebrate my first day of freeeedom.. haha
This week has been a nightmare, and i really can't be bothered typing out the nightmare because it's just too long and boring.
Watched Across the Universe with moe yesterday, and it is extremely weird.
Despite what the critics go on and on about. i reckon the directors must've got stoned, filmed the movie, and edited bla bla bla, then when it was wearing off that's when the movie became a little more normal, then they went and got stoned again. hahaha
And now, i am cleaning my room.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

uh huh uh huh uh huh
Did my oral presentation, and also handed in the group report we had to do after a loooong stressful week. Now I just have another folio and also a test tomorrow, but after that, i just wanna sleep. SLEEEEP. for a looooong time. (:


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