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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

back in school.
what a whirlwind of events.
it just hit me.
n e ways.
happy birthday for tmw izyan! :)
n e ways.
dinner dance in exactly.. hmm.. 9 days?? round there.. haha
oh well.
can't be bothered blogging..
c i a o
Photobucket 9:19 pm ♥

Saturday, July 23, 2005

ok just a short one.
well its FINALLy the weekend.. :)
Yesterday was so much fun, we played so many games... it was quite funny.
i mean.. u know how games bore you when you get older.. these games were ultimate funness!!
my fave was this Dragonchain game..
we all knelt in this HUGE circle.. there was over 150 of us. and someone starts running around just pulling people up n they all have to run around in this huge chain.. its hilarious..
some people went flying everywhere! then we all got up n started pullin each other.. it was really awesome..
i better go..
going to watch the Elektra DVD now.
c i a o
Photobucket 8:00 am ♥

Thursday, July 21, 2005

wow. the week has flown by.
its Friday tomorrow! :DDDDD
n e ways.
got Reflection day tmw. god knows what we r doing.
had so much fun in study coz i didn't need to do any homework!! :)
oh well.
can't be bothered blogging.
c i a o
Photobucket 9:50 pm ♥

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Un ami dans la vie est comme l'eau dans le desert.
I think that is beautiful. from the back of a Baci. :P
it was our sentence of the day in French today.
Goh we had 5 exchange students from France.. they are cool.. :)
and we have some from Italy too.
One of them is like AvrilLavigne lookalike! even her eye make-up was like Avril's.
But she had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better skin.. :) hahaha.
ohh dear god.
have a chem test at 7:30AM!! Noooooooooooo
haiz. i been trying to study the whole holidays. and the fact that carrot (damn u salazar!! :D) got fricking 92% doesn't seem to calm me down.
i am officially s c r e w e d.
s q u i s h e d t o a p u l p.
D E A D.
actually.. this topic isn't the worse. Organic chemistry.. woohoo.
Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes.
wow. i know that much! ;)
why am i so unamused?
the wind is rather strong tonight. nice drafty breeze blowing in through my window.
still not helping me study for CHEM!!!!
alright. i better go concentrate.
c i a o
Photobucket 7:55 pm ♥

Sunday, July 17, 2005

leaving tomorrow evening.
still have to go last minute shopping unfortunately.
for PAPER. for ART.
my art piece died in the kiln apparently.
or maybe it was already like that.
ahh i dunno.
i don't give a flying fart in outer space.
ok. that is weird.
from what a girl wants.
i lurvve peanut butter oreos.. tastyy.
they finally mixed the two.. just like Parent Trap! :)
n e ways..
i am leaving and so probably won't blog for awhile.
so i just wanna say.
to Izyan and Hammie for their bdayss.. yes i know they r comin soon.
hope u both liked the presents i gave you.
will miss y'all lotsss.
and also.
good luck to all you sec 4s doing O levels! :)
i will be thinking of y'all and good luck!
lots of luck.
not that you need it that much. :)
good luck n e ways! you will all do absolutely fantastic!
gotta run.
c i a o
Photobucket 11:41 pm ♥

Saturday, July 16, 2005

oh dear god.
i'm leaving soon and i still haven't finished everything.
on the plus side. i found this totally awesome handbag shoppe at the pasar malam :P
small handbags.. guess how much!! :)
omg. what a BARGAIn.
absolutely GORGEOUS.
n e ways.
ooh i picked up me bb blue dress..
it looks ethereal on the hanger.. but exceptionally sack like on me! :)
yeah i know GREAT description.
my sister tried to wear it. unsuccessfully.
well.. i better go try to sort meself out.
c i a o
Photobucket 12:40 am ♥

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

only a few days til school starts. :(
i better start cramming for chem soon.
i hate it. hate hate hate.
i'm fine. really.
and i still gotta do art and history and lit and gawd knows how many other crappy things.
thank god i finished my french. that wasn't hard though. surprise surprise.
the weather is absolutely lovely. i think rain is going to come pouring down in torrents.
and the sky is that lovely shade of grey.
aargh. i better go do some chem before me parentals come n bite me head off.
just got a chem report that i have to do. GAHH. non capisco.
c i a o
Photobucket 11:52 am ♥

Monday, July 11, 2005

homework, homework and more homework.
not coming back next holidays, so the next time i'm back here is JANUARY. :(
oh well.
can't be bothered blogging.
c i a o
Photobucket 12:43 pm ♥

Saturday, July 09, 2005

hah. you're probably wondering why the hell i am blogging from KL.
no i'm not actually.
mum n dad were too tired and decided NOT to go.
woohoo. great.
that's another friday night wasted on packing.
oh well. at least i went to the movies today.
A Lot Like Love..
Haizz.. officially THE cutest movie of the year.
ahh well.
not much to say. but i better go now.
c i a o
Photobucket 7:54 pm ♥

Friday, July 08, 2005

well. haha.
just got back from KL last monday.
going BACK tmw.
what a frickin waste of time! MERDE. merder merde merde.
look at me.
cursing in french.
not that i have anything against KL. i just don't feel like driving long distances at the mo.
even though i am not the one driving! :)
ohh i got my report too.
:) that says a lot.
i shall rant anyway.
well.. surprise surprise. i got a beeg whopping C for Chemistry.
i'm SO good. not.
gotta step up abit with chem. gahh.. i'm so frickin PISSED.
i hate hate hate it.
what happened to the chem i used to love?
did ok on me other subjects though.
two As! that's pretty darn good for me.
for ME i said.
Maths and French. my two most PISS easy subjects.
And B's for Lit and History. Thank GOD i didn't get a C for history..
i scraped through!!!
*waves banner and throws confetti*
well that's all i gotta say.
suffice to say.. report = unhappy parents
ok. i better stop now. Ça suffice.
c i a o
Photobucket 9:59 pm ♥

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

well. back from KL.
Berjaya times square is awesome.
actually. i can't be bothered blogging at the moment. will blog later. :)
c i a o
Photobucket 3:23 pm ♥

Friday, July 01, 2005

well.. i'm going to KL tonight. woohoo. 9 hours on a TRAIN.
geez. i plan to read sisterhood 3 and da vince code (yes i know. again!)
(oh yeah bout the code, they've started filming!!! how awesome! who's comin with moi to watch it? :D its due out next may.)
so you won't see me for awhile.
plan to go do some serious shopping.
just found out one of the boarder's is leaving. i didn't get to say goodbye. :(
good gawd. just remembered everyone else got their reports today!!
i want minee..
hope they send it here n not leave it with watto.
i wanna see it! i probably didn't do to well.
well i know i got a B for Lit.. i thinnk i previously broadcasted that. :p
and i got an A for French and Maths. god knows what i got for the other subjects though.
*sigh* c'est la vie, non?
ow just poked meself in the eye.
alright better run.
c i a o
Photobucket 8:03 pm ♥


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