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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

had a random spontaneous photoshoot with levvi & jerr. =D
some of the photos were just happy snaps but meh. haha
watching Donnie Darko now, so I can't be stuffed finishing the post. hehe =)

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Friday, June 12, 2009

And yet another post I didn't have time to do during heavy assignmenting period!!
the night before the presets was Maddi's birthday dinner at the Red Cray! =D

moey and audz =Dme & audzz =D
the chicken which meg and moe ordered,.. =D
close up with flash.. not such a good picture..
apologies for the terrible shaky quality! lol.. the lighting wasn't too fab for no flash, and the flash just made it gross.. =( boo
audz's marinara spag. =D
me and caris had caesar salad!! preetty awesome stuff.. =D
came with cajun chicken.. bit more like satay chicken though.. hahaha
we were like huh what's this?!
anyway, it was a pretty nice night, lots of good conversation and chatter, and laughter =D
didnt get to take many photos with the bday girl herself tho! hahah
moe, me and bday girl maddimoo =D
audz & meggy! beeeg hugg =D
so yeah it was a pretty nice night.. after that caris and i drove thru a maccas and got choc sundaes to make a nice night even nicer =D hahaha
photoboothing after the dinner..
and to end off, a random photo of me off my phone.. hahaha
that's all folks! =)

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Photobucket 10:03 pm ♥

Ok, so like this post should have been done like FOREVER ago.. hahaha but you know, uni & assignments.. finally, some time to breathe.
butt anyway, here's the post from the Presets gig @ Challenge Stadium i attended on the 9th of May! haha =D
soo, it was me, meggy, mads and her bf who attended, and it was ssooo super freakin awesome!!! =D
like majorly.. they are absolutely fantastic live, and i would so spend the money to go rock out to them again! =D totally awesome.. but maybe when they have new music.. hahaha =) they had a wonderful stage presence, and the lights were just amazing, bit trippy, but still extremely amazing. the photos i took don't even capture their awesomeness!
anyway, here's the photos =D
mads, meggy & me before (or maybe it was after but it was outside challenge, so meh hahaha)

wicked lights.. i think this was a wee bit later into the concert, possibly after the first 2 supporting acts..
speaking of supporting acts, the first one, i don't even remember what they were called, but they were not incredibly good.. the 2nd supporting act however was amazing!
they had the sickest beats out, and everyone was just rocking out hard to them.. and every song was so individual and awesome.. they were called Bag Raiders i think, and they had this wicked, energetic stage presence..
here they are..

and again.. =D

oh i think these 2 dudes were the first supporting act.. lol. we actually left our seats to go look at the merchandise.. hmmm uninterested much. hahaha
anyway, here we are waiting for the presets to come on! lol maddi's bf looks so uninterested.. i don't think he was feeling the Bag Raiders like we were.. or maybe he was just sleepy..haha

meggy & i!
lol bit blurry, but 3 of us..
meggy & i and i totally look like a moon face! eeww
super psyched to see them live! =D mads and i have been tryin to catch them live since the release of their album Apocalypso.. i wasn't a big fan of their music until they came out with that album =D lol.
excited much?! lol meggy cracks up when she sees my face in this photo
the three of us again..
smokeyyyy.. =D
oooh sweet effects.. haha
i took so many photos using my video camera, because it has like a super powerful zoom. but the photo quality is not that good at all.. haha.. my little point & shoot digi can't zoom so close.. and i was having to hold it still for so long cos it was so dark.. haha
i took videos of them when they were performing my fave songs like This Boy's In Love & My People.. =D My People's up on youtube.. =D they're pretty good live, smashing i must say in my opinion, and i think everyone who attended would agree it was a pretty damn awesome show! =)
so this was possibly the best 70 bucks i've ever spent! =D hahaha =)
we had lots of funn dancing and singing along and snapping photos of course =D always a photo op at these things =p lol..
still wish i got to see lady gaga, but Presets were so awesome, i don't mind that i missed her..
i'll catch the gaga next time she's in town for sure though =D

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ahh this is such a procrastination post.. lol
i saw yet ANOTHER cat in our garden.. it's like the 5th one. if you include socky haha
it was lounging round on our non-functional BBQ..

it saw me with the camera and lay down in this pose! lol. didn't run away like the others.
s'been a week full of assignments, eew.. but i managed to finish one! lol it's shit as though, but i really don't care anymore.. all i need is 50%.. it's gotta be worth at least that!! lol
did photography on tuesday with mads and moe. =D turned out alright.. i've still yet to put it all together so i'll let ya know how that goes lol
and i made my front cover for the folio and work journal, that turned out nice =D
this is the photo i used, its got four shots from my four projects.
the fake polaroids from behind =D
socks was on the roof again! she's a silly nilly..
i got this photo of her where her eyes were shut so she looked kinda scary soooo...
badly drawn on sunnies! =D
anyway, been superbusy today.. cleaning and also helping moe out with photography! she was in mine, so i relented and helped her with hers.. even though i'm not too fond of being in photos.. lol
mads and moe found my stick on eyebrow stickers which came with one of my magazines and decided that they would like some moustaches..

hot to trot!
snapping random pics with my video camera with maddi in between shots.
and there's the photographer in the background =D
the storyline was, me and maddi were driving and decided to stop at a lake, (to make a video or take photos) i had my video camera out so we were making a movie haha and then moe's bf ben was the crazy psycho killer with a saw, and my plastic revolver which i used in my photography hehe. although he wanted to use my white parasol as a weapon.. so not dangerous! hahaha
there was lots of ketchup involved.. my jumper was just like soaked in ketchup. cos i wanted to die first! but then maddi didn't end up dying cos moe only wanted the minimum.. so we just ended off with like a final "dramatic shot" of maddi running away and ben chasing her.. supposedly, the story goes "maddi was never seen again" hahaha
and lastly, us in the car after we were done =D
anyway.. best skip back to my photog assignment!!
i still have a crapload of annotation to do.. oh boy..
i'm good at researching, but boy do i pay for that when i have to annotate shitloads!! =( lol
next semester = no more procrastination!
ok.. let's be realistic..
next semester= LESS procrastination

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