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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Being superficial and greedy today. :P
Although I promise I'm not really like this. heh. everyone's allowed to want stuff.
Just because I feel like it, here is my current wishlist fuelled by my E-bay obssession, GOD i want an E-bay account..

So sleek shiny and oh-so-wicked HP watch all ze way from HK. (methinks?)
I've always wanted a Gryffindor patch :D just to randomly iron on somewhere.

Bit of change, from Supre, but I want ze longer (knee-length) version in black, which unfortunately, while the rest of Supre is on sale, is not at a price of $40.
Which is fcuking stupid since they've been around longer than many of the sale things..
I fell in love with a white skirt of the same design Nicole Kidman wore in Bewitched :D

If you're an overseas passerby, Supre is a wicked clothes shop that do online shopping too and deliver anywhere in the world, but you better have money before you start to order, because it's not extremely cheap for overseas delivery!!:) I reckon they should franchise out of Aust, all my friends who've visited absolutely love it and are always cut because it's only here in Aust.
Back to Ebay :)
Snitch earrings!! :D
Total love.
Haha Supre again.
Tulle dress.
If I can't get the skirt I'd get the dress which is pretty sweet too :D

Spent today re-reading HP & the DH, but this time not for leisure, although it can hardly be considered work! :P Had to type out all the good vocab phrases, came to a total of 12 pages... Why you ask, would I do something so stupid? Well, to earn $50 thats why! :P Any amount that can contribute to fulfilling my wish list! :D
Mum wants to use them in her phrasebook for students.
Life is boring.
Which is why I come up with lame wish lists which will never be fulfilled. :)
Don't we all.

Images sourced from ebay.com.au and supre.au.com

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Photobucket 11:29 pm ♥

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Found this pretty on E-bay.. :) damn i so wish i could sign up for an account but I ain't 18 yet... GRR only about 2 months more!!!
I've wanted this necklace/pendant for about ... 4 years.. since I saw it at the LOTR exhibition in Spore :) Of course I'd seen it in the LOTR movies, but I didn't think you could actually get it, seeing as I was still young and unknowledgeable (if that's a word.. :P)
This one shown above is only 16 bucks, plus postage of course, but thats only $3.. And I nearly died when I saw it.. :(
These ones here are clearer but they're going for like nearly 60 bucks.. more expensive than the one at the exhibition!! D:

But they're so GORGEOUS :(
Come on October 12 you can get here faster!!
Of course other HP related things lie among my E-bay fantasies.. :P like a wicked Gryffindor beanie, and Snitch earrings. hehe :)
Okay, waking up to reality now. *sobs*

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Today I googled myself. :D
Or rather my nickname: Spangiepantz
i found out that some of my youtube video entries from Simone's trip to singapore had been posted on to random video sites! lol
Californication started tonight, and I must say there is rather a lot of nudity for a 9.45 pm program! The american version of The Office is after it, i reckon Californication belongs in a later time slot!
Hmm. Finished reading HP&the Deathly Hallows for the 2nd time :) this time some tears nearly rolled out of my eyes. :(

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Been cleaning like mad today, the dust is all cloggy in my head.
went to IGA with Jerri today, boy that was challenging..
lev, bran and ol came over last night, and the jerri + 2 kids begged me to film their little movie... Or TV show episode.. lol.. It was funny..
but now Premiere Elements is fcuking up which isn't extremely good..
And lookiees i bought a dress on Saturday with this cute little girl on it..
although now i look at it, she looks vaguely emo.
Mum's back from Singapore, and she brought with her:
HP & the Deathly Hallows!
Which of course i plan to re-read... :)
And she also bought us the CDs for Jump In (which btw is pretty awesome!) and High School Musical 2! :D i've yet to listen/watch to HSM 2 but i hope it lives up to the 1st one! :D.
edit// so far it sounds pretty cool can't wait for the movie! :D

transfigured meself on Photoshop, no prize for guessing which fictional character i am!!!! :D

This is what happened the first time I read DH.

Not just Hedwig though. :'( boohoo.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Whilst I was sitting infront of the laptop twiddling my thumbs wondering wtf i should do, i began to type in random things infront of blogspot.com.
like for eg.
albuspercivalwulfricbriandumbldore.blogspot > this one was in Chinese and i wasn't expecting it to be an actual blog!!!
siriusblack.blogspot > this one was arabic or something!
bellatrixlestrange.blogspot> haha
sassypants.blogspot > wtf..
cheerleaderssuck.blogspot > HAHA...
imustbeemo.blogspot > hahahaha ok i just randomly put this one in..
The blogs i found were very old, and had probably about one post on average.. which is pretty sad (pathetic)
Blogger has so many bloggers, but so many of these blogs haven't been used since 2003/4?
Maybe it's best they are deleted to make room for new people.. lol. not my business really, it was just bothering me.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Hmm, nightmare yesterday, was inflicted with a splitting headache on the bus on the way home last night, so i decided i'd take a nap to let it ease off... Got up at 7.30 pm and commenced my assignment for PR which i stupidly left to the last minute... But it was confusing AND i had essays to write and things to do for photography.
I was highly dazed and took such a long time to put my thoughts into words, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep...
Digestive bikkies and cups of tea were my sustenance through those few hours, and finally when I hit the sack, it was the best feeling ever. :)
Off to uni today, managed to jump on the 7.45 am bus! Which left time for a hotchocolate :)
Talked to Moe on my break between classes and told her she should go for her hazards test, and she did.
Moe & Maddles
who both got their Ps today.
I'm sooo very proud :D
To celebrate, we went and watched No Reservations at the movies, it was such a gorgeous movie, with fantabulous acting by Cath Zeta-Jones and Abigail Breslin who shined as two of the main characters.. Aaron Eckhart did wonderfully too of course! :) It made me all emotional, but i didn't cry... i don't really cry in movies. lol :)
The ONLY movie i ever cried to was If Only which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was really sad, REALLY. good movie though.
And Moe dropped us off home when it was over, we were quite tickled that Moe finally passed her hazards and was driving on her lonesome! :D
really tired, and must catch up on lost sleep.
cleaning like mad tomorrow.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mental block has once again attacked me.
Now I can't find any words to write my bull-sh*t med release for my imaginary science research institute.
Went to King Kong with Audz today, and bought a nice sh*tload of crap, taking a small retail therapy break from assignments! :) Thanks audz.:)
Bought meself some wrist guards (for my weak wrists :P), a pretty book with a silk brocade cover, some photo frames for $2!! (I'm never going to buy anywhere else!! ) and some other random things.. Ehh.
At least I finished my essay which is due tomorrow! :)
Total piece of rubbish, but oh well.
i forgot to put the bins out.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm not sure why I've logged on to Blogger and am typing this post...
I feel sort of disorientated..
Been staring at the laptop screen for too long trying to put my ideas into words for my essay... Thank God its only 900 words.. I've written about 200 words of pure bullshit so hopefully I can continue that.
But my eyes seem to be falling out of my head.
God I dislike desktops now... Especially this one, it's making my head spin and my eyes sore!
But my laptop decided it'd be funny if it turned the wireless off when I went to collect printing. woo. so here i am.
better get back to laptop now.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Watched License to Wed on the weekend, twas pretty funny!
Of course, it set me back a little doing my assignments, but I've finally figured out what the hell i'm sposed to be writing about in my essay due Thursday!!
Believe it or not, I'm going to be using Mean Girls as my text. bahaha.
Not sure how that's gonna go but it's a shit unit anyway.. I haaaaaaate the people who came up with shit like essentialism and otherization and all that other bullcrap.
Was carrying this heavy backpack all day and had to get books out of the library so my back is in paain. :(
Now I must be off, have to watch Mean Girls.
haha what a scream, I'd never have been able to say that in high school :D

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Amelie is love :)
Everytime I watch that movie I'm reminded of why it is probably my fave movie of all time :)
And the cinematography is gorgeous.
Yay late night SBS
In other news...
Went to the city today, to do my photography assignment. Sat around for a couple of hours trying to draw inspiration from whatever I could, but the city refused to give me any. Depressing.
Then Moe came and helped me a little... But I don't think many of the shots were that great.. Been doing assignments this weekend, tis a nightmare indeed because I forgot about that stupid Design Process class I have every 2 weeks. GAH..
Eyes burning, must go sleep.

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Photobucket 11:30 pm ♥

Thursday, August 16, 2007

After a long day at uni, headed to Garbo to print some photos at K-mart for tomorrow's computing class (grrr) and check out movie times.
License to Wed had already finished, and the next time was 9.20pm, so we couldn't watch that. Instead, we opted for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.
Pretty funny movie, a little uncomfortable at points but still laugh out loud funny. More on that on Manny&Moo as Moe came along with us to watch it!

Another fairly long day tomorrow, have to start my assignments and stuff due next week in my random 3 hour break. Unsure about weekend, if I'll be able to get out of the house for a breath of fresh air, because assignments have fallen out of the sky and hit me straight in the gut, and I think things are sort of full speed ahead at the moment. On the contrary, I need to get into the city to do my photography assignment one. (GAHH)

Anywho, off the topic of boring old uni shit.... :)

Recently, (as in about 2-3 weeks ago), Moe discovered something called Mugglecast which is a Harry Potter podcast, with people who discuss all things HP and bring all news of HP to their listeners. I found this mildly interesting, and started to download the podcasts and subscribed to them, so I get a weekly fix of HP news and random discussions and theories.
Pretty sad that we only just discovered this as it's been around for approximately 2 years!
I love the HP books, but have never actually been that big a fanatic. Sadly, Mugglecast has turned me into some raving lunatic who relates almost everything to HP and can never give up the opportunity to say something random about HP or quote Luna Lovegood at random points in time. I think Moe finds this quite disturbing, and has expressed her feelings, and told me she should never have told me about Mugglecast. hehe. But thank god she did, or I'd have nothing but secular music to fill my ears on long bus rides to uni or long breaks in between classes. :)
Mugglecast totally opened my eyes to how major the Harry Potter fan situation is, and amazingly, they have even formed their own style of music (in a way) called Wizard Rock. Now there's something you don't hear everyday! :P
There's bands such as Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, The Remus Lupins and the Moaning Myrtles who sing about anything and everything HP.
Strange how we in Australia don't hear this kind of thing being in the news! It's like a Potter revolution! hahaha. Ok that's abit OTT.
But another great HP podcast, Pottercast has been doing a wonderful thing, and actively aiding the Darfur campaign to stop genocide, and I just listened to their podcast this morning on the bus about Darfur, and there are people, using HP as an excuse to band together as one, to try and stop the genocide in Darfur, as the politicians are not doing anything to help them.

Going on a tangent, speaking of politicians, a specific politician who is trying to form her UAP party, featuring her newest campaign against Muslims in Australia gave me a horribly bad start to the morning, as I watched her on the news being terribly blatant and stupid. All I can think about now, is HOW THE *fu-lalala* can you be so idiotic and racist. She claims she isn't racist, but staging a campaign against a specific race (and religion) and wanting them out, WTF do you call that? A welcome-to-Australia barbie? I think not.
Our planet is slowly dying, there are people being killed in wars, crime rates are high, and all you can think about is not wanting certain people in your country because maybe they don't hold the same values as you, or look like you. There are so many more important things, and you just choose to be a racist pig and do something as stupid as this.
Some people are so bloody ignorant.

Ok, rant is over for the day. Back to serious issues.



The HP Alliance is dedicated to using the examples of Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore to spread love and fight the Dark Arts in the real world.
Who cares that this is created based on fictional story characters?
This is a chance to help out with something horrible that is occuring in our world.

Ehh. i'm suchanerd.

edit// i just remembered, I thought of random Wizard Rock band names some band could have, because obviously, i have no musical talent whatsoever.
Eyeballs for Moody.
Dolores Filch.
And just for kicks, I thought a funny band name would be:
My Pet Rock

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One fine day, Jerri and I were bored.

One serve of lameness coming right up!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stayed over at Audrey's house yesterday and had nice cheap pizza! :D
Dominos was having a deal thing.. $3.95 for large pizzas wooot!
Then Audz's friend Ren came over and we went to Maccas at like 11pm because Audz wanted a milkshake... -_-"
This morning, she was sposed to go to the Murdoch open day but we ended up waking up at 9.30 ! :O (instead of 7.30... :P)
so we went to the foreshore instead, in applecross.

Drawing in the sand, roses! :D

Audz opted to write our names in the sand... I'm called Dumbass (on top of angie... )

We attempted to make the sign say No Dying but it didn't exactly work so we just covered NO and so now, we can go diving! :D
lol we're so lame
Here's Audrey trying to be a model... hahaha
The sky blue is so gorgeous.
And the witch has such nice nails!!! :O
fake ones thoughh.
Compared to my stumpy nails... :'(
Well I just cut them yesterday..
Lovely artistic shot while we were waiting in Wok in a Box. :D

Mehh, boring post. Very sorry.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here are the random shots I took yesterday featuring the earrings (and random strings of pearls and beads :P) of yours truly. :D
Out of 94 shots only these 11 made the cut.. haha.

Also made a random photoshopped thing...
I drew the girl, scanned her in and stuff, and the picture is from the Chinese Gardens in Spore, and I just added a random filter to it.. :)
Boredness of the world.

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Photobucket 2:49 pm ♥

Friday, August 10, 2007

Been assez busy this week with uni and hanging with Audrey who I've seem to have seen nearly everyday! lol.

Camwhoring in Audrey's cool car..

Haha i don't even know why I bother..

This is Audrey's favourite speed it seems.


Fabulouso new K-Mart shoes in tres faux photo shoot set up.
They costed me 20 buckarooneys.
And every girl needs at least one pair of shoes that have strange patterns on them. These are mine. :P

I fully aspire to own a shoe cupboard a la whatsherface in the movie In Her Shoes and also Jenna whatsitcalled from the movie Suddenly 30/13 going on 30.
I feel sorry for my future husband (if i ever get married?). not that it matters right now! no plans to do any of that yet!

On the brightside, (not that it was dull before?) Mum finally sorted out my Visa debit card debaucle, and I can finally start saving there for my plans for world domination!
Oops, I mean, world travelling.
Planning to travel around Europe, the US of A and perhaps a part of Asia? heh.
And I am NOT a dork, but if I do make it to the USA i'll be sure to visit the new Harry potter theme park in Orlando, Florida! :D Hopefully it'll be finished by then.... hehehe. Big plans, big plans.
And on the brighter side, my Visa debit card is PINK.
Audrey will be jealous.
edit// i am totally boreded out of my mind, I am going to conduct a photoshoot with my lousy camera and my lousy lighting and my lousy earring collection. which isn't that lousy. i think it's pretty awesome. but meh. who the f*ck cares about my earrings. i tell you who. ME.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Today whilst crossing the road back to my house, I was suddenly inspired to write a post about bloggers, and how to identify them. However, I am now really sleepy, and can feel my eyes burning for some rest. So i shall continue in my quest later.
Went to Supre today with Audz, and bought a grey T-shirt and casual dress with pretty colourful flowers, just $5 each! :D
Of course, it took a hell of alot of painstaking digging through the bargain bin, one of my most favourite past times. :P
Had lunch at Nandos, God i love that place, and burned a hole in my tongue.. :P (just jokes)
Then Caris came and visited, well, really she came to pick up the shoes we bought for her in Singapore, as she wanted to steal mine! :P But they were a size below mine, however she managed to get her feet in and stretched them a little so they were all good! :D
After having a coffee & tea we went to Charisma Cafe to see Mrs T , our former boarding school house mother, and had milkshakes with her! :) Had a good ol' chat and finally she dropped me off along Canning Highway so I could catch a bus home..
Dinner at Ohnamiya tonight, had terikyaki beef and twas GOOD . :)
Aiight, i gotta go sleep. :\

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

currently sitting at Audrey's laptop, which is so very small compared to mine so it's a little hard to type accurately!! I keep pressing the up button instead of shift..
hi its me audrey!!!!!! lets get drunk. oh yeah =]
ok, so now back to me... i'm actually sane.. not the one wanting mcdonalds milkshake in the middle of the night.. haha
i like mudshake vodka. they r da best drink ever in da whole world. can i please have some??? give money =]
yes that was audrey again......
anyways.. just a random post. :)

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Photobucket 10:37 pm ♥

Monday, August 06, 2007

Angiepantz has been SIMPSONIZED! :D
After a couple of days of waiting because the website's been jammed, the Simpsonizer finally decided to work! :D

Here's one, I'm wearing the same outfit in both, but the facial features and hair are different.
Haha i'd be a retarded Simpson character.. These things are so much more attractive than the real me! lol.

You can Simpsonize yourself too ! :D Just click on Simpsonize..Duh.
All you need is a photo of you facing the camera, not in weird camwhoring angles..

After a class and lecture I headed off to the library where I proceeded to finish watching the strange black and white French movie I started on Friday.
Twas called Orphee (with the accent on the e so it's pronounced Or-Fay).
Only had about 5 minutes til the end, so after that I watched Moulin Rouge! :D
Or rather, I listened to the songs while sketching Moulin Rouge inspired outfits.. lol! :)
I was attempting to do one nice enough to render on Photoshop to replace the random walking girls one I have on my blog now... But that didn't work.. I can't draw Can Can girls very well. haha.
I did draw some funky ones with a guy and a girl dancing, although they looked a little strange and not quite as proportional as I'd have liked! The guy had rather large muscly arms but sausage like legs... lol. I've decided I cannot, for the life of me, draw men. haha. If i was a designer, i would never design male clothing, unless of course they're designed on a girl, which just doesn't make much sense at all seeing as they curve differently and such.. :\
Or i could just use those retarded rectangular people like I had to in high school for yr 11 art and design. hahaha.
The Andy Warhol inspired dress i made was simply one of the worst things I have ever done.
But I made up for it with my Year 12 Heaven-Hell creation... hahaha. That could possibly be the biggest waste of tulle and satin EVER.

When will the flames at last consume us?
Le Fantome de l'Opera.

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Photobucket 10:07 pm ♥

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I was reading a random Chinese Zodiac site and I found these few charming paragraphs about The Snake.
Snakes are romantic and charming. oooh really?
They are deep thinkers and always mysterious. i think deep.. mysterious .. not so sure!
Snakes are graceful and soft spoken. awww.
They love a good book and appreciate all of the arts. ok freakishly correct
They lean towards all of the finer things in life. oooh really?
Snakes trust themselves above all others and are seldom wrong; bahahaha
but behind a sophisticated front, snakes are very superstitious! err.. yay?

Snakes are good with money and don't have to worry about finances. hahaha wow that's quite wrong
Somehow, when money is needed, it appears. OMG really where?!
In spite of their good luck with money, Snakes should never gamble. yeah, not my thing anyway
They could suffer big losses if they did, but Snakes learn fast. i learn fast. wheee
Once they have made a mistake,they never repeat it. yeah that's true!
They also never forgive you if you break a promise. hmm.. slightly true, but its more forgive, but never forget.
By nature they are skeptical beings but keep their suspicions to themselves. oh yeah.
They are very private and not concerned with the business of others. i am private. but i do concern myself with others' business's hahaha.
Idle gossip is not for them. aww but i do enjoy abit of tabloid! :P
Snakes can be possessive in their relationships with others. err.. no..
They are passionate but jealous lovers. wtf. hahaha.
You can never tell how far Snakes will go to achieve their aims. yeah... right.
They are relentless and their computer-like brains never stop plotting. hmm ok maybe a little true.
When you anger them, you feel their icy hostility instead of hearing any sharp words. WOW bullseye on this one, although i'm not THAT proud of it, it's completely true, and i'm a hostility master :P
They will bide their time for revenge, so watch out! yikes. i sound horrible.
Snakes are elegant dressers, well-mannered, and always discrete. ooh, i sure hope i am.
They always appear quiet and docile, but watch out, they never betray their true feelings. quiet.. yes.. docile.. maybe.. that last thing.. errr. no i can bottle very good. not a good thing tho
Their moves are planned out well in advance and they will hold their position to the bitter end. ooh creepy
They can be evasive, and just when you think you have them, they slip away. HEH. mebbe..

Snakes make good politicians since they can negotiate just about anything. eew i don't WANT to be a politician
Snakes also have a great sense of humor, and even in a crisis situation, they can lighten the atmosphere. i'd like to think this is true.
They never lose their spark even when weighed down by trouble themselves. mmm i'll get friends to respond to this one.
Being pillars of strength,they always maintain their presence of mind during confusion or crisis. and this one too.

Snakes have beautiful skin. HAHA maybe when i was a child!
They possess a cool and classic air about them. err. k not sure about this one.
They love expensive things,too. not really..
Snakes save for the real thing rather than buy an imitation. only in the case of CDs and DVDs :P
Snakes admire power and surround themselves with successful people. Yeah not really.
Their many talents and natural abilities make them sought-after as leaders. Again, no not really
People admire and support Snakes even if they don't understand them. whoa really?
Whatever happens, Snakes always strike out for themselves. not sure i understand this one.
They know how to use people and situations to their advantage. hehe.. i do?
They are destined for fame and fortune. YAY!

All zodiac related text from:

Wow. This zodiac is FAIRLY accurate. Regardless of the occasional miscalculations and randomness lol! I'm just gonna call them that.. Leave me alone aiight!
Some things are spot on, some things are slightly iffy, and some things are just wrong.
But I sure am proud to be a Snake :)

You have the emotional range of a teaspoon.
Hermione Granger.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

i've changed me blog URL! woo.
the other one was too long... :)
and also put one of Delta Goodrem's powerful songs on the sidebar! :)
S'called Last Night on Earth
Now you can listen to the pretty song! :D
*wanders away outside.*
"Don't worry Harry, you're just as sane as I am."
Luna Lovegood.


Photobucket 5:16 pm ♥

Bought an ex-rental from Civic Video of the one, the only
Watched it again with Moe today and we were chuckling away at all the funny one-liners :)
Also watched Drop Dead Fred, a really old movie which was pretty funny too! (:
Now i'm hooked back onto Music and Lyrics songs, which are just so feel-good! :)

Find a way back into love.
edit// added a new counter thing! :D the other one was just stuffed it said there had been like 650000 people/.. hahaha

That's awfully sensitive, especially coming from a man who wears such tight pants.
Sophie Fisher, Music and Lyrics

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