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Thursday, December 31, 2009

xmas pressie blogpost!! :p
got a pretty good bunch of pressies this year :D
some are in perth tho.. haha so no pictures! but i shall sum it up. bahaha..
got a necklace & glitter eyeliner from auntie mich's fam, Smiggle stationery set from Smeggle hehe, New Moon 2010 calender + purple glitter/sequin clutch from audz :d
nowww.. presents from singapore! :D
well this one ain't from spore.. i picked it out in perth.. but it's from jerriberri. hehe. Gossip Girl brand :D LOVES
tis a bow bracelet with diamantes.. if you can't tell. lol :p

cool earrings from auntie ailin + fam

3x$10 vouchers for coffee bean and tea leaf from ninz.. imma bring ze ladies out for coffee/tea some time! :D hahhaa
ooh and $50 from auntie sue!! heheh.. i think imma save that for a gorgeous New Moon dvd from BORDERS. they do the most gorgeous packaging.. love it.
bunch of twilight/new moon stuff from ze grandparents! love the Volturi mousepad.. zomg. haha.. i also got a team edward poster, and on the back is a team jacob one! :D a double sided poster.. pretty cool :D
also got a random New Moon shirt.. lol
cute denim/wooden bag from tito v
awesome topshop handbag from cheche p!

320 Gb external hard drive from koko sk & siyin!! :D way awesome pressie.. even though i already have an external hard drive, ii LOVE the colour of this one.. the pic doesn't do it justice.. and its 320 GB for crying out loud! i have so much storage/back up space its INSANE. :D
gorgeous journal from @izyannn hehe it's just what i NEED! a plain page journal.. although my heart will break when i use it.. it's just so gorgeous.. haha
AND of course, Chandler, my MACBOOK PRO :D
i could sing praises all day bout it.. but i shan't.. haha.. i just love it lots and lots
i love the SD card reader slot, the magnetic charger which makes a satisfying click when u put it on and pull it off, and i looove that it is MINE MINE MINE. hehehehe
anywho.. that's it for pressies i think..
so the other day, when we were having dinner @ BBQ Chicken (Jerri's choice.. terrible service, muddled staff but food was ok i spose, nothing spesh.. won't be back for good service)
we saw this stall selling shoes outside! and guess what we found.. :D $8 white canvas high tops (sort of high tops) :D :D
so the next time we went to Popular bookstore.. i hunted down some fabric paints.. which was pretty easy cos they had this gianormous shelf. :D
got 4 colours and 2 paint markers.. these are a wee bit pricey so i had to choose carefully.. but now i dunno what design i should paint on the shoes!! i have to be very VERY very sure that it is what i want. hahahah.. ahh decisions decisions.. at least i have a sort of holiday project now..
anddd i also got my 2010 diary from there! it's totally one of my fave shops in spore..
it's a totally awesome diary/organiser though.. the cover is soo wicked.. and i like the yellowed pages :D
fancy gold on ze outside of the pages
so awesome.. :D it's all embossed and metallic.. so cool :D
love it!
i did have a blue 2010 organiser already and was feeling slightly guilty that it was being shoved aside for this better, more awesome diary.. but i gave it to charms so now it has a happy home :d hehe.
so i spose that is ALL for this blog post.. it is New Years Eve today. :D i hope you have a happy new year everyone, and that 2010 brings for you much happiness and luck :D
2009 has been a great year :) hope 2010 is better (although i'm not sure how much better it could be seeing as it's my last year of uni.. GAH..)
signing off for the last time of 2009

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

lol blog post number 690~ almost at 700! wowsers
anywho.. haha haven't had much to blog about really since xmas eve.. :\ it's been relatively unhappening.. however, i am bored. and i have found myself here. hahaha
i am just gonna ramble bout shit.. ahaha
one of the topics trending on Twitter right at this very moment is Stop Misspelling. :D which is plain awesome. because i found this article (which sooo many people are retweeting) which has the top 10 words you need to stop misspelling. and i just LOVE this bit of the article:

oh, how it made me LOL uncontrollably..
because i get sooo irritated by definately. it is NOT DEFINATELY.
omggg headache.. i get so frustrated with definately.. i even had a mini argument with a mate over this! hahaha.. i think i won.. loool.. or perhaps we just didn't finish it hahaha
and NO there are not 2 different ways to spell definitely.

anyway off that random tangent like thing...
say HELLOOO to my new macbook pro, CHANDLER! :D
got him for xmas.. his skin's a lil girly.. ok so ALOT girly.. but it could be his wife. Pat.
ahahaha the brand is Pat Says Now, which explains why it would be called Pat.. and I really don't know why my macbook is called Chandler, but i likes it :D hahaha.. my iMac has a name toooo, so macbook pro's gotta get one ! got Chandler for xmas :D best present EVER. :D
got alot of wicked stuff for xmas too, however, i shall do a photoblog some other time, when it's not early in the morning and i am more awake than i am now. and motivated of course. haha
so new years eve is tomorrow. i have no plans.
haha but of course, being friends with the last minute crew.. we shall probably decide what we are doing either very late tonight or tomorrow. or we might just end up some random place. oh the joys! haha.. i'm actually not that motivated for celebrating.. i do want 2010 to come, butttt i'm just so unmotivated. hahaha.. damn it. i ain't no party animal.. never was, never will be
i do wish i could bring my dSLR around on NYE.. haven't had much of a chance to use it these past 2 months. i miss ittt.. lol.. and i'm too worried bout damaging it and it'd be so heavy.. bah.
and i haven't used my small Nikon camera either.. it's getting so oldd.. i need a new one, it's starting to go spastic.. haha.. i already have a new one in mind! HEH.. however i have just tweet-horrea'd about this
so meh. haha

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

first things first...
i can't believe the year is ending already! soon it'll be new years eve and then 2010!
such a big big year to come :) however, xmas just went by so quick, and now i must blog about it or ..... ok well nothing will happen even if i didn't but HEY HEY i have photos, thus must blog :D
we just had our annual xmas eve family/friends party @ our house :)
usual food, usual people, overload of A&W root beer.. hahaha
i cut my thumb in the morning and couldn't really help out much with the food. i managed to chop some things before cutting said thumb though :) and i also felt quite sick for a good part of the afternoon/evening. lovely, LOVELY, xmas eve.. however once all the guests were here and the xmas food was out i sorta felt a teensy bit better :)

here are just some photos.. :)
cutesy lil bebe cuz Ramona. :D

Tito (which means Uncle in tagalog) Vic carving ze turkey
yummeh turkey.. turkey sandwich with gravy.. mmmmmm..
Jerri with her weird talk to the hand face.. hahhaha
xmas tree! decorated by jerri et moi for the most part..
we decided that this year the tree theme would be blue and purple decor! :D and thus it happened. hahahaha.. however there are some other colours on there, but it's mostly blue and purple.. just had to fill up ze tree abit more! :)
charms and hamz came over as usual, a wee bit later than usual, but oh well! :D
and we had funs on photobooth :D

showing off our xmassy nails.. :D mine's the lame peace sign at the bottom left corner.. hehe

overall, it was a pleasant night! :)
che che pei fong my lovely cousin :)
random ass piece of artwork that the rents brought from Perth to hang in this lovely hole in our wall.. lol.. been getting mixed reactions to it.. personally i think a large painting or photograph would be cooler.. but meh. hahaha

charms entertaining ramona :d her and hamz are in love with ramona.. lol
present time!!
charms getting her pressie from Jerri. which was red nail polish and an adaptor!
she was quite confused as to why she would need one of those... til she opened my gift for her :D
hehehe what's inside the cylinder..
ramona is intrigued too....
ZOMG it's a hot pink straightener!! :D
hahaha i hope she liked it lots :)
ramona, hamz and jer
i got jerri "Nightlight" which is a book which parodies Twilight :D
kinda weird stuff but i thought she might find it funny! :)
so anyway, once the guests were gone.. dad said hamz and char could just sleepover seeing as it was pretty damn late already! thus, we had our first XMAS SLEEPOVER! :D
hahaha it was good times all round me thinks :)
anywhooo.. i shall get round to presents another timeeee..
but once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

finally used Carrot's bday present!! a voucher for a manicure :D interesting experience.. haha it was all fanciful, not like the other manicure i had in high school! :) just chose a really simple colour, didn't want anything to vavavoom :d

ignore ze fatness of the hand.. ahaha
anyway, day before i left, had our uni peeps pre-xmas luncheon :) well there weren't many of us, the other peeps couldn't make it! but anyway, had a nice time @ Hog's Breath Cafe in Northbridge, which was delish.. :D
laura and cat! :) fun fact bout laura: she went to my high school! lol she was the year below me, but i'd never ever seen her there.. but she is a good friend now :D soo odd how that happens :)
cat and i had an epic badminton competition using the things that came out of the xmas crackers laura brought! there was a teeny badminton set sooo funny.. and meg got a measuring tape in hers! soo random.. but it actually came in handy! ahaha
naww laura & cat :)
cat with her xmas pressie from moi and xmas cracker!
i was like santa claus with a sack of presents that day ahaha..


my steak sandwich :D was pretty yummm.. and the curly fries are FABULOUS :D

random shot.. :D

meg on the street ahaha
random shots of laura and meg walking..
odd place for a photo but still a nice photo :D
megsy, cat, laura, ella! :) the hog's breath creww ahaha
met up with audz afterrr..
funsies in the car.. ahaha

this photo is super weird! look at my eyes hahaha
one is brown the other is black :D
anywho i am back in singapore once again, after a brief trip back to perthopia :)
watched 2 great movies on the plane!
Mao's Last Dancer and 500 Days of Summer
Mao's was soo incredibly beautiful & great, and it nearly moved me to tears in so many parts.. the lead guy dances sooo beautifully it was amazing.. and he had this childlike innocence and mannerism, but not in an immature way.. it was such a heartwarming movie, and you could really feel everything.. unc rob gave me the book for my bday so i shall be reading that these hols! :)
500 days of summer was so cute, unexpected and sweet.. totally unlike most other boy meets girl movies. and had a wicked ass soundtrack! wanna get my hands on that.. and i LOVED the lead actor in it.. hehe.. sho cuute.. :D :D
and i like the quote: colour my life with the chaos of trouble . :)
all in all, had an alright flight.. :) except for this air stewardess who was quite rude.. like her tone of voice and the way she looked at moi.. i was just like OK LADY WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM. GAH. and she was perfectly nice to everyone else!
i could totally write in an official complaint about her, but i shan't.
however VAL, from Qantas. you are on my list.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

just a quick one.. :)
finally got my hair extensions!! :D hahaha
so happy happy happy :D
i do like my long hair.. hahaha but i have to curl them all the time because it looks so fake straight.. specially since my own hair isn't entirely straight..
lol weird colour in this light!

thanks to these 2 lovely ladies who accompanied me to get them.. hehe.

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