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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wellll last night was pretty damn awesome..
so that the yr 11s could discreetly prepare for the yr 12 breakfast today we went out for dinner, yes all 33 of us, to kailis @ Freo.
the food was quite filling.. and i must say that it was pretty good. had yummo squid rings and chips. here are some funky pics..

alright. decided that i can't be bothered putting more up anymore!! perhaps some of the yr 12 breakfast?

here's a lil background info:

the theme was "Prison Break" after that new TV show. and we were woken up @ 5.30 am, yes AM. to the sound of a clanging metal pot and lots and lots of excessive yelling.

the yr 11s were dressed as police officers, well i guess they were more jail wardens. haha and they chucked in these lovely jumpsuits (kinda like paintsuits) with our usernames on them! that was pretty smart. haha. and we were handcuffed to a long rope and led on a long walk to the oval. we did a few fun activities and had to eat a lovely combo of stuff.. some had to eat away cream on a plate to uncover a clue only to realise it was no ordinary cream, but cream mixed with FLOUR. eurghh. and there was lovely gherkins, weetbix and parmesan cheese, which really, i must say are 3 things u must NEVER combine.

then off to the slippery slides on the figure 8, where the numbness of our feet kicked in from the cold, and as we ran, the pain sliced through even worse. (man it felt like prison!)

havin to do 15 push ups on a freezing cold piece of soapy tarp really wasn't a highlight, but when a few pairs were picked to wrestle, we began cheering like there was no tomorrow. the best EVER "wrestling-on-soapy-tarp" manouever was demonstrated by the one and only Cat Fethers, as she tackled poor Matto by the legs and brought her down. however, MAtto reclaimed her title by immediately attacking the now exhausted Cat.

well after that, we had a very slippery tug of war, which was won by Catherine hse, but then another race, and more burning sensations in our feet, we finally reached paradise! after enduring a crawl thru a dark tunnel, we finally saw the light! the dining room was beautifully decorated and the warmth and smell of the bacon and sausages wafting throughout the whole room just made us swell with a feeling of pure euphoria.

we were greeted with pretty treasure bags full of cool stuff, and we relished the new warmth of paradise as we sat down to GOOD juice and excellent food. even though it was only 8 in the morning, many of us enjoyed the delish ice cream covered with all sorts of lollies, chocolates, and of course the magnificent breakfast food made by the yr 11s.

we were entertained by the yr 11s with their skits, which were pretty damn hilarious, espesh the very excited and hyped up D.Joyce.!

and by also relating, the funny, mortifying tales and stories of us yr 12s on our journey thru high school.

it was an excellent morning, which left us all undoubtedly lethargic and sleepy, but nonetheless satisfied and very very full of food.

it was a really really good morning.. Thanks to all the gorgeous yr 11s, you did an excellent job.

Photobucket 7:14 pm ♥

Friday, September 22, 2006

whyy hello.. jack.
i'm sooooo exciteddd
ok no not really.
but its an exciting notion to be thinking about the year 12 brekkie on sunday this weeekend!
it seemed such a short time ago WE were preparing for it for last yrs 12s. hmmm
time flies when ur havin fun..
and we r goin out the night b4 so the yr 11s can be all sneaky n prepare for the next morning..
soo we're goin off to Freo for fish n chips! then mebbe ice cream..
then we're watching the looooooong awaited Devil Wears Prada?!!??!
excited much?
the only bad thing is we get up at 5.30AM. and go do any farcical nonsense they have planned for us to do b4 having breakfast..........
oh well.
s'til be fun.
shopping for a new dress was uneventful.. but MEH.
i still find it hard to believe how fast time has flown this year..
i have one last major history test before starting exams..
first exam next thurs.. greaat the day of the Mocktail party.
french orals..
shite! that reminds me.. better go learn that now..
stinking french tcher.GAHHHH
Photobucket 7:44 am ♥

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

we had choir day today..
about 5 hours of singing..
my throat was gettin painful.
but it wasn't too bad..
Chicago all the wayy
now i have the songs in my head..
aiight better get back to workk..
exams in 22 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photobucket 7:39 pm ♥

Sunday, September 17, 2006

well. this weekend hasn't been extremely eventful..
but i did manage to get some art done..
now i gotta study my a$$ off for a history test on monday..
DAMN history..
stayed up til 4am doin art yesterday.. got yelled at cos i had the tv on.. .lolness.
and American Beauty is by far the weirdest movie i have ever seen.
its the yr12 brekkie next week!!
can't believe how fast time has gone..
its like suddenly, high school is ending, and another part of ur life closes down..
but then again, another one opens up and ur life is filled with endless opportunities, obstacles and new memories..
i wish life could be less complicated.
gotta go sleeeep. or maybe i'll get some history in first..
btW peepss:
new word du jour
don't ask.
Photobucket 1:10 am ♥

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For someone who has not much attachment to wild animals..
or to the great 'Crocodile Hunter'..
i feel sad for Steve and his family especially..
i've never watched his shows or been to his zoo..
but i can't help but be saddened by the fact that he is gone..
he may have been seen as some funny daggy dude who's catch cry was 'Crikey!'
but he was so much more to Australia..
his contributions, humour and larrikinism will never be forgotten.
Australia has truly lost a great man.
Rest in Peace Steve! :)
Remembered for always.
at least he went doing what he loved best..
On another sad note.
it was the 5th anniversary of 9/11.
My prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost in the tragedy, and i hope they have the strength to soldier on.
and i hope that people see the need for peace, and do something about it.
on a happier note: t'was my uncles bday. shite, need to email!!! keke
Photobucket 10:01 pm ♥

Saturday, September 02, 2006

its back..
the same feeling i used to have in singapore.....
everytime i do something fun, relax, chillout.
i think shit i shouldn't be doing this.
exams are comin. final exams..
its hard to swallow that. 5 wonderful years in aust.
i don't want to plan my future..
it's too early..
but it's not.
i just wished that time moved a little slower sometimes.
in a flash it's just gone like that.
i feel like i haven't even experienced everything fully.
i guess i just miss being young(er).
Photobucket 12:20 am ♥


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