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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

it never really hits you that you've finished high school.
all the memories, and fun times, bad times, tests and exams.
you never really cherish them until you're actually gone.
it just hit me today that i'll never have to go back to school again.
heck i just got notification for an interview at Curtin for art.. even though i don't really wanna do it, it was my last choice.
but it just made me realise that i have left school, and its time to face the big bad world now.
well maybe not completely, but in quite a large way.
you never realise how dependent you were in high school, until you leave.
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

just had a whole day of shopping!! :D
went to Freo with Moo, to Supre first of all!
Found some good bargains: yellow boob tube n white singlet, red top and boob tubes for my sis. and a wicked skirt!
then went back to Target, got a bloody awesome black top with colour foil design n also a red headband..
tried to get a floppy hat and new sunnies, but nothing seemed to look right on me.. in fact i looked down right weird in them! :S
Then went to spotlight.. got some material to make a sarong for the beach.. and that was abt all. saw a totally awesome iron on thing in spotlight now i wanna make a cool singlet/ boobtube
was gonna attempt to make a dress with a pattern.. then materials were overboard expensive, so i decided i'd just skip that.. hahaha
then just walked around aimlessly for awhile.
went th Garden City after, parted ways with Moo.
went to Jayjays and bought a cool dress n halter top..
so yeah that was all my shopping! :)
Happy happy FREE days.
man i really need to get rid of the boarding school mess.
at least i'll never have to pack up n leave EVER again.
Leavers @ Caris's gonna be FUnN
then we may go stay over at Moo's house after!
Being free is fun.
Photobucket 7:28 pm ♥

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh. My. God.
It's finally over.
and i have one thing to say.
i've been waiting five years for this moment..
and it was all over in three hours.
HOLY SHIT i've finished high school.
man now i'm too tired to think.
will deepen post later.
Photobucket 12:10 am ♥

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

so exams have started.. mine don't start til friday though..
which could be a good thing..
been procrastinating lots though.. which is bad..
mine are pretty much bang ... weekend. bangbangbang.
so that's wonderful..
not worried so much about discrete and french.. but i m so gonna screw lit up..
history is just.. meh.
i hope it doesn't get scaled down too much..
so just here to announce a temporary hiatus until next wednesday, when i would've finished school FOREVERR!!
and then uni.. but meh don't count it as school! :D
c i a o
Photobucket 1:31 pm ♥

Thursday, November 02, 2006

i had french bloody TEE orals today..
could've gone better i expect.. but the examiner was pretty nice..
totally fushed up one bit.. but ahh well.
on the bright side.. i officially graduated on tuesday.
muck up day was hilarious and valedictory dinner was pretty damn fun too :D
now straight studying for TEE..
oh god i better not stuff it up..
went looking around garbo today.
found some pretty neat keyboards, n my parents are considerin gettin me one 4 graduation! they're pretty sweet.. got recording functions :D finally..
but they were also considering a laptop.... and for the path i wanna go down.. pretty sure i'll need a laptop more.. :(
but the keyboards are totally awesomeeeee :D
alrights.. guess i better go..
loving my new Skin! :D
channing tatum.. :)
sorry hamz.. don't worry.. just admiring from a distance :P lol
c i a o
Photobucket 9:15 pm ♥


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