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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Few random pictures that were stowed away in my camera. :P
Made 3 necklaces for C, H et moi the other day.
Mine's A. You can guess what their's are. :P
The rents came back from China, and mum brought me back these cuuute hoop earrings with monokoro boo's on them. Moe will be so fascinated :P

Experimenting with the make up she brought back.
And the xoxo business, well I guess i've been watching wayyy too much GossipGirl :p
Awesome diamante bracelet she brought back. :) Prettyyy.
I'm in the midst of updating my jewellery site with pics of new jewellery I've made these hols.
So TTFN :)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Went to watch Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street today.
My verdict?
It was bloody excellent, from the set, cinematography and actors right down to each note of the music.
And when I say bloody, I mean bloody. If it didn't look quite so fake (which was intended though) it would've been pretty gruesome. Although it was gruesome enough. Tim Burton has once again truly created a wonderful masterpiece. Johnny Depp has an enchanting singing voice, which gave me chills, very fitting to the feel of the movie. And although it made me feel mildly queasy at times, seeing Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp singing a duet totally brightened up my mood immensely.
Fantastical, fantastical.
It's M18, for a good reason. I did read in an interview of JD and TB in the paper, and TB said that it was meant to look not so realistic, more hyper-real, or something along those lines haha. But there was alot of red liquid.. whatever they used. :P
Not one for those who hate musicals, and blood. =D
Helena Bonham Carter has a pretty voice too, but the little boy who played Toby had such a beautiful singing voice. (: so overall, I'd say 4.5 stars if I ever had a say =P
Also watched Meet the Spartans (how you may ask? well HAHA too bad. :P)
Pretty much a hiiilarious spoof of 300 which i absolutely LOVE. (Not only because GB is in it :P)
It's full of the nonsensical spoof shit you'd expect from a spoof film, spoofing other movies.. But Meet the Spartans mainly spoofs 300, following even some fighting sequences, and poking fun at the fact lots of the movie was shot in front of a blue screen, adding in several characters and lines from other popular movies & shows in 2007 (eg. Spiderman 3, Ugly Betty, Heroes!! :P) and also certain events involving celebs (eg. britney spears' shaving of the head :P) Also, it involves skipping spartans, who hold hands and skip whilst marching off to war. :P And it also features a familiar youtube star, whom we all know and love. :P
And never have I seen a movie that advertises so obviously throughout the duration of the film. Eg. ipods, gatorades, budweisers. :P
Not one for you if you don't enjoy things like the Scary Movie series and the like :)
I thought it was pretty funny, but you also must have watched 300 so you understand the sequences as they play out in the movie. :) But I thought it was pretty funny. =D
my enrolment is all fcuked up, stupid department LOST my freakin application. WTF man. how could you lose my application.. GAHHHH. :(
And I'm not even there to get it all fcuking sorted. fcuk.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I had a succession of rather strange dreams last night.
I mean, I was rather restless, and kept waking up in the middle of very odd dreams.
And then when I fell back asleep another really odd one began. :S
I don't remember all of them, but I do recall something to do with a giant Yzma, giant hot air balloon and lots of balloons in general.
highly unprophetic. if that's even a word =P
And one which was in a shopping centre, and one on this long winding path with an old boarding school pal and her mother, who by the way I've never seen/met.. so that may have been just a figment of my imagination. lol.
I'm so confused.
How am I s'posed to decipher them! :P
I think the last one I had before I decided to get out of bed involved ordering lots of mcdonalds for a party or something.
and I seemed to be a pretty busy person on that weekend, I had this planner thing.
A lil bit like 27 Dresses. =P
Oh and to make it just that little bit more 27 Dresses-like, there was this dude who resembled James Marsden in it.
And he was trying to ask me out (over the Maccas counter, mind you), but I had absolutely no time that weekend. SO SO weird. hahaha.
(Don't worry H, James Marsden is still yours! :P)
It went something like..
Me: *places order*
Him: *repeats order* and last but not least may I take your mobile number.
Who does that.
I have such odd dreams sometimes.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

lookie! I crafted this lovely pair of earrings just then =D
I saw the design in Ice Lemon Tee and I just HAD to try and make it.


Photobucket 9:50 pm ♥

Went to watch Atonement today, and I have to say it was a rather odd movie. It jumped alot, and reversed to another person's viewpoint a fair bit. Sad but strange movie. And I really dislike Briony Tallis. But I s'pose I shall have to read the book to completely understand it. Used Dad's movie voucher, now I have 9 left. =D Going to watch Sweeney Todd on Wednesday, from what I've heard so far, it's been given glowing reviews.
Well, the glowing reviews come from people I've asked. haha.
It's M18. So was Atonement actually, but I think the censorship board could have made it NC-16.. Oh no wait, BAH. I don't know. hahaha.
Anyways, before heading to the movies, I had to go drop off a library book, and so there I went. I walked to the bag stall, trying to ponder on whether or not Caris & Moe would like their bags, and struggling with the dilemma of whether or not I should buy different ones. Then again, I was just about broke. :P So I just headed to the shopping centre. I was walking up to the library, when I noticed a big $10.95 sale sign hanging in the Ice Lemon Tee store. So I hurriedly returned my book and headed back down, as I saw the shoes I'd been dreaming of sitting under the giant SALE sign.
Lo and behold.
Les chaussures noires magnifiques.
Don't mind my weird feet. I'm just trying to get the heel. :P
I totally LOVE them. Down to every last speck of glitter and every fibre on the ribbons. =D
hehe. cute.
i also scored a giant grey bag from Ice Lemon Tee for $10.95.
horizontally, it is longer than my torso. :S
Excellent for uni =D
I totally NETS-ed my purchases. First time ever with my new card. =P
And I also dug up this wicked top from some random stall, for only $6!

Had a long (quite long) bus journey back home, but it was oddly relaxing..
Brought the extra popcorn i had back for jerri, but she was whinging about the sweet being mixed with the salty. she's lucky i even brought it back for her! haha.
Now I must be off, dinner time.

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Photobucket 7:44 pm ♥

had a sleepover with C&H yesterday. =D
Had bucketloads of funn. Went out for dinner first though, and then a shopping spree of sorts at the frigging supermarket. =D we borrowed 3 VCDs from Videoezy, all of which were pretty nonsensical. i told y'all we should've got better ones even if i had already watched them!! :P Pigged out on root beer floats and assorted snacks, whilst taking a gazillion pictures, most of which feature me in unflattering pyjamas and facial expressions :P so, yeah none of them will be featuring on this blog =p
but we had loads of fun. :)
ordered maccas brekkie this morning too =) takes awhile to come, but it was all good =D
was falling asleep in church this evening though, how embarrassing. hahha.
had dinner at Pastamania with Ate and Jerri, had meatball linguine, which was alright.
jerri's been missing mum and dad heaps, but she also REALLY gets on my nerve so i have no heart to comfort her sometimes. which sucks because then i'll get screwed big time. BIIIG TIIME.
Anywho, been watching Gossip Girl lately, and i'm watching the most recent episode.
ta ta!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Special Dedication, to a Special person.


Hope you feel a little better! :)


Photobucket 1:30 pm ♥

Thursday, January 24, 2008

had a pretty slowwww day today.
woke up at around 6am to send the grandparents off at the airport.
had a lovely BK brekkie there; they sure piled on those mini hashbrowns. =D
however the iced milo made me feel mildly nauseous. but oh well.
afterwards, mother decided she'd like to go to the market to buy meat as she is leaving for china tomorrow. lo and behold, when we left the market we had not bought ANYTHING to do with food, however we found ourselves carrying bag upon bag of outlet clothing =D oh yeah.
Old Navy & Espirit plain tshirts for very low prices =D
can you say booyah?
and then we finally made our way back home after approximately 2 hours of rifling through racks of clothing. i managed to get a strange terry cloth long jacket/robe thing (i'm REALLY not sure what it's called.. :P)
2 Old Navy plain tees and a pair of ubershort PJ shorts which costed 3 for $10 =D oh yeah. :)
a red Espirit tshirt, and a random white long sleeve top were the last items. :D
and a cool red top, abit more formal than the tshirt stuff, but from a different shop. :P
all in all, a good day for getting some excellent bargains.
mom was shopping for the rellies in china, for CNY presents. some of the things were quite nice. =D
auntie mich called whilst we were in the shop to deliver the excellent news. :)
yayy me. :P
when i got home, i slept until about 3pm, when i awoke starving for some food. hahaha.
went out to dinner with mom n jerri at Sakae Sushi, god i love the food there. =)
anywho. best be off i've got to sleep now, gots to send mom off to the airport. :)

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Photobucket 11:33 pm ♥

thank you audrey, for having faith in me. ;)
without you, i may have been.. finky.. for much longer.
perhaps the laws of attraction really do work. :P
maybe it was that little ounce of hope that shone in the darkness.
or maybe i just so hard, it came true.
by the way people.
that is all.


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ok i so love Quarterlife.
Everyone should go watch it, i think it's a friggin amazing show. =D
drama drama drama.
and a touch of romance and comedy :)
i started watching it sometime last year, but then i stopped.. so yesterday i picked up where i left off. :P everyone go watch it now!!
i heart eric from it. :P


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Went to Ppl's Park this morning with my mum to explore the material stores they had there. and boy were there material stores! everywhere you turned there was at least one material store! bountiful rolls of cloth everywhere. it was magnificent.
and stiflingly hot. if that even is a word.:P
anyway, after a long search, i found some awesome material. =D
(something went wrong with some of my pics.. but oh well i'll just have to make do! :\)
this lovely stuff here is going to be turned into one of those boob tube dresses which is gathered at the chestal region.
this red and white stuff is for jerri, mine is blue and white. :D i dont remember what the technical term for the gathering elastic bit is called, but i do know it starts with an S.
great seamstress i am.
this wicked japanese geisha stuff is going to be turned into a banana sling bag.. totally groooovy. =p
i finally bought material to start making my cool tulle skirt!!!(yes i'm aware that the photo quality is shite) i'm taking supre's design and copying it. for a mere... well, lower than what they sell it at anyway!! bahaha.
even though i'd much rather just buy it. their fault for making it so damn bloody expensive.
hahaha this design is just randomly on one of the new tops i bought the other day.. tis a hoodie singlet. very casual. hahaha.
anywho. i wasn't able to find material to make this lovely skirt from Supre.
i have fallen madly in love with it.

although will someone tell me where the fook to find stretch satin!!
i've never even heard of it.
here's my new hand bag..:D
only 10 buckarooneys
close up of the flower embroidery.
i've been trying to identify the colour of this bag. caris said.. metallic grey. but i'm thinking it has a hint of brown.. lol. and its definitely not bronze.. someone please enlighten me!!
since audrey requested she be mentioned in this post, i had no choice but to dig up a random story to share.
audz and i were immensely bored last night, so we started looking at bridesmaid dresses, you know, for if and when we meet our so called Mr Right and get married. (which won't be awhile i assure you, well for me, maybe not so much audz!:P) it's such an alien concept right now, but oh well, didn't stop me from clicking on Google to look for the desired bridesmaid dress. :D so of we went discussing designs, colour, blah blah blah all the other nit picky details. and i found this one dress which absolutely perfectly matched my desired design!! :D
even the colour is spot on... :D although audrey has informed me that the colour won't look good on her.. hahaha. but i'm still going to save the design. :P (perhaps audrey, when i do get married, your skin tone shall have changed :D) bahahaha.
another fab dress i came across was this one
but i'd change the colour :D
i won't be like other people, whose bridesmaids tend to make them look the most beautiful with horrific dresses. gahh what a nightmare. and i think i'd want either turquoise, teal, some kind of purple or emerald green bridesmaids :D bahahaha.
ok enough with wedding talk, it's creeping me out. gah.
actually one more thing.
dream wedding dress!!
although it comes in cartoon form.. i love the style and the flow. and it's Vera Wang.
i love vera wang designs.
ok enough wedding talk.
hopping back into reality now.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

"Talking about your hopes is not the same as making them happen.
Get going on goals."
so reads my friendster horoscope for the day.
and sometimes, these babies can be eerily relevant. sometimes they just hit so FAR away from the target. lol. :P


Photobucket 11:00 pm ♥

after losing track of time last night, and only going to bed at around 2.30am (lol), i was awoken sometime around midday by dad. he wanted to go out for lunch, and so i grumpily rolled out of bed and went to get ready.. went to Hans and had black pepper chicken chop as usual.
after that, we walked around the place for awhile before we had to go and pick jerri up from school! she had netball today. how odd. haha.
anywho. i bought some awesome tshirts (ok ok MUM bought :P i simply chose.) from IP Zone, which is a very nice casual clothing store. the tshirts were going at $12 each, and they were coool so mum said we could get some.
so here are the following designs i bought. they're just whatever is printed on the front.. it's just a basic round neck tee.awesome witch silhouette design :D
unicorn! :D

look at the wittle pooches!!! :D
SOO cute. i had to have both colours :D bahaha.
well here ends the tshirt section...
was wandering around and then i went into a jewellery store.. (pretty silly now that i can just make my own... but i can't really make cool studs:P)
bought 2 pairs of piggy studs!! and cool stick figures. :D
white piggies.
black piggies.
i was thinking i should keep one white and one black piggy, then give the other 2 to Moe who loves these piggies. :D
last but not least...
well i'm sposed to be using them for cny.. so i'll have to find a new outfit soon-ish. haha. :)
yay me.
when i was at this shopping centre just now with the rents and jerri, we spotted dad at some apple reseller shop, and went in to check stuff out.
OK i have OFFICIALLY fallen madly in love with...
the Apple iPod touch!!!
it's soooooo
i don't care how much it's been critiqued, it's still friggin' awesome :D
and i wants itttt. :)
not sure if it's cheaper here or perth.. so i shall.. research.
and hopefully CNY brings a windfall of $$. :D

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people say that
is good for the soul.
ok so that's not what people say, but that's what i say, even though it's not good for one's wallet. :P
anyways, i've been making loads of jewellery to past the time away, and today we went bead shopping (yet again.) but i've decided to update with some photos today! :)
i was awoken after a dreamless sleep this morning (well,.. sunday morning) and had to struggle to get out of bed.. usually i just get to sleep til whenever so it was odd being dragged out of bed today. :P anyway, we had to go to church, and i was so tired i could barely stand up without wobbling. after church we headed to my aunt's place for lunch. pretty nice lunch although i didn't eat that much, so i got really hungry whilst we were walking around the bead shops. :P
(actually i'm also really hungry right now..) bought loads of charms and beads and stuff from the shops, burnt a nice hole in mum's wallet. haha. :)
we went home after that, without the rents, and i commenced the ritual arrangement of the new things into our plastic containers and new boxes. :D then continued making more jewellery whilst watching the last 3 episodes of Heroes season 1.. thank the lord for this weekend's Heroes marathon :D it was my main source of entertainment. (:
anyways, these few pics are what i've been getting up to these past few days. =D
here is the wicked ass earring rack thing that spins mum bought for me during our previous trip to the bead shops. it's getting fulll :D
Photo kindly taken by hamz.. i look retarded, but the earring rack does not, so hey.
elastic necklace.

another elastic necklace, but this one is more of a choker..
i loves it muchly ! :D
elastic bracelets. :D
yes i'm aware i've been making loads of elastic crap, but they are really effective and pretty anyway :D people DO need breaks from bending wire and losing jump rings ya know!:P
anyway, here are some metal ones:P
velvet cord plastic pearl and heart shaped charm necklace.
oh so fab.

if i do say so meself. :P
velvet cord choker with plastic bronze rings and shapes.

personalised charm bracelet.
belongs to moi.
features rose, ballerina, heart, star and zodiac charm.
close up of the zodiac charm. it reads snake in chinese, and has a cute little snake engraved on the other side. :D
fun beachy blue earrings.
plastic starfishies and blue plastic balls.

cool bronze funky earrings. :D
more funky bronze earrings with sort of tribal pattern on the beads:D
aaaaaaand that's all the jewellery i could be bothered taking pictures of and blogging about them. hahaa.
we were shown this rather interesting.. contraption at one of the shops near the bead shops today.
you can do your hair with it, and make it all cool.. and shit.
amazing! incredible!

yeah haha it doesn't look that great.
looks better in real life.
in other news, i bought my first pair of aviators which i think looked normal on me!!
at last i have my long awaited pair of aviators...
most of the ones i've tried in other places make me look retarded. or should i say, i make them look retarded. haha either way. this pair is cooooool :D bahaha i hope they look alright.
i'm gettin olddd. all my joints r achey. haha.

just to end off with a random picture of my mom's spring rolls.
for all you crazy people who've been lucky enough to sample them..
evil.. bahaha.

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