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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My legs are hurting from standing up for so long
But new job (well, job training) was alright, apparently it was a slow day..
Most people just came to get their lottery tickets checked so we lost money.. gahh.
but other than that it was alright.. i mean the machinery was a little confuzzling but I got the hang of it after awhile.. and i wasn't feeling extremely cheerful today because I had like a million thoughts whizzing around in my head and I was finding it a wee bit challenging to keep remembering to SMILE.
Just like that.
So the boss man was like be happy! and i'm like.. urghh? haha. but then I just plastered a smile on my face and it didn't leave til the end of the shift..
Was only sposed to stay on for about 3 hours but figured it wouldn't hurt for some extra experience since his "right hand man" was off doing the actual training course.. gah lol. but it was a pretty slow day he said, and its usually crazier.. got like a million things to remember when i go tomorrow hope i don't f it up. lol.
off to do some study...


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Monday, April 28, 2008

So, somebody decided to hire me yayyy :P
And REALLY fast, guess they were desperate.. lol.
I just went to garbs this morning and dropped in a resume and had a chat to someone working there, and then I got a call at about 12.30 while I was at uni! :D
I starts training on Wednesday at the Lotterywest place :D WOOO
Yeah, just dropped in to do my victory dance. I must now get back to studying for me test tomorrow!! GAH :(

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Argh. I just spent about 10-15 minutes on the phone with some survey dude.
My ear burns.
How extremely unwise of me to agree to do the bank/financial survey thing.
ANYWAY. the purpose of this was to regale Step Up 2 :D
I kept thinking about that guy 'Moose' (Adam Sevani)who was such a wicked Freestyler!
And was extremely surprised to find how young he was! I thought he must be heaps older..
Love his hair though, it's so cuuute.
Then I found out that they were the ones who challenged the Miley&Mandy show to an online dance battle! lol.
http://youtube.com/watch?v=ngBLWZFTJ7E here's Miley and Mandy's
and here's the challenge from the director of Step Up 2 and Adam Sevani http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a-FBSEFqcM.
Miley and Mandy kicked their asses man.
They had Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan!
Although I couldn't really tell where Jenna Dewan was.. lol. Blurry vid.
No doubt the stunts were cool in the initial challenge, but it was rather messy.. But it was still cool in a way! :) Kudos to both groups, the M&M cru and ACDC.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

As tradition to my tute-free week habits, Moe and I decided we'd catch a movie on Friday! :D
After much deliberation, we decided upon Smart People. Twas an alright movie I must say, however I'm not sure I'm liking the fact that I spent $13 on it.. I reckon I should've saved it for dvd.. the trailers made it seem a whole lot funnier and entertaining. I mean Ellen Page was reason enough to go see it, I loved her character in Juno! But I mean, it was just an alright movie.. I'm thinking not so much worth the $13 Friday night movie cost.
zomg friday 13? lol :P
Yeah, there were some funny bits, but on the whole.. meh.
We headed back to Moe's where her sister and friend staying over were just about to watch a movie: 1408. Now I'd wanted to see this one for awhile, but not so much anticipating it when I'd be sleeping downstairs on the fold out couch. Alone. In very very dark circumstances. :P
But I watched it anyway. There were some terrifying moments, which simply resulted in anti-climaxes. :P And it was a very odd movie.. Stephen King though, expect that.
Like it was hell weird in the beginning, like FREAKY weird, with all the mystery and nasty pictures. but then it just started getting, well.. so unreal that it was like. bah whatever. however there were still some good creepy moments. And VERY unexpected twists. And for some reason whilst I was trying to fall asleep, random scenes kept replaying over and over in my mind. Which yes, to say the least was rather creepy. But I listened to happy songs on my iPod which seemed to take my mind off things a little :P Moe's mum returned (at about 5am I was told but since I was so drowsy when she was asking me questions I had not much recollection of the event, much less what time it was and how bright the sky was :P) and all I remember is her asking me why I was downstairs instead of up where I usually am :P And of course I don't really recall my response :)
awoke at around 7.30am when Moe, her sister and her friend came downstairs and were snickering evilly at the way I was sleeping (face down, diagonally). Earliest I'd been up in awhile! :P Moe and I popped over to garbo for a spot of shopping before she had to go to work.. Bought myself new uggies as my old ones (which have actually lasted me since Year 9! or 10? Impressive no? :p) are falling apart. And I also got a nice thick woolly, albeit slightly sparkly, black scarf from K-mart. Then I made my way home.
After studying, napping, eating, drinking (water) :P, I decided I'd see if moviesister had Step Up 2 showing! And they DID!Verdict
The music, dancing, cinematography and characters are absolutely fantastic
It was alot "cooler" than the first Step Up (although in it's defence, it was also an awesome movie :P) Although I couldn't quite shake the image of "ninja goalie" even though his character was a hell of alot nicer than "Justin" :P
FINALLY after foreverrrr I got to watch it, and yes yes I fell in love with it, as I do with ALL dance movies I watch :P
i mean, everyone who's anyone had watched it apart from me! :P hehe. come on, even my parents (or maybe just mum) and sister had watched it, like AGES ago. And they wanted the soundtrack. Dangflabbit I want the soundtrack.
So yes, Step Up 2 DVD and Soundtrack on my wishlist right now :D
But anyway, a nice end to my nearly ending tute free week. :P Tomorrow is like study overload!! although I admit I've been pretty good with my reading for this test on Tuesday.. Stuff might actually have sunk in this time! :) Haha.. stuff. yes I'm goooood.
And i have got to make it to the Murdoch library asap. gahh. At least I've done most of the work we had this week off to do :)
In other news, job hunt = fruitless.
Kmart = no response. Newsagent = nada.
Going to try the random lotto place. haha :P Cross your fingers

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OKAY haha this post was totally meant to be written on Ol's brand spankin' new iTouch this arvo, but dangflabbit you can't post blogs from it!!!!
Which was a total bummmer.
But oh wellll. the rest of its features are coool.:P
Yeah, just wanted to write that.. Heh.
Woke up pretty late today, and then just had lunch.. Made spring rolls and jumped on the bus to Ol's place.. Stayed there til about 5.15pm and made it home in time for Friends ! :D Yayy.
Audz is coming over tomorrow.. With bubble tea!!! :D And we shall make merry and watch dvds. or something.
I was sposed 2 go to the Murdoch library today, but I woke up so groggy and bleghh that I decided against it.. Shall go sometime soon. lol. Really need to look at those books for my next essay.. The books at Curtin have all disapparated because there are so many of us looking for the same books. GAH. and someone recalled my freakin' book.
I HATE the recall system with a passion, especially when it's my freakin books people recall.
I mean, if it's borrowed, IT'S BORROWED.
You just gotta wait your turn or go somewhere else.. GEEZ.
BAH. Ok enough ramblings. I must continue studying.
I watched next week's eps of Greys and Desperate Housewives because I figured I better watch them since uni is going to start again, and I'd need that time to study for my test on Tuesday. LOL

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Helped maddi with her designing a music concert poster today :D
so very proud of it. :D
click for bigger view.


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Sunday, April 20, 2008

as i was randomly watching videos on youtube today, i found these videos of this guy Ernie Halter who was doing covers of other songs.. initially i clicked on the first video because it was a Miley Cyrus song he was singing and i was like ehh wtf? lol.
but he totally made it his own! He made it really nice and relaxing and his voice was incredible.. and the guitar accompanied it all very nicely. Turns out he actually has a record deal, with an indie record company of course, not major label.. And i listened to some of his songs on myspace, they're so beautiful and his voice is so raw and natural, and the flow of his singing is so nice and natural! I love it! :) Sorely tempted to get his CD. haha.
Plans today changed, didn't go to the movies with Ol, but stayed home and fluffed around on my laptop instead.. I spose I could've started study! But I was kinda sleepy.. Woke up and started to prep to make fried rice, moe came over in the arvo to have lunch and fluff around some more. haha we watched Lovewrecked (again for me i only just watched it couple of days back!). Love it! :)
I got essence of onion in my eye which stung to say the least. haha.
Good news! I found my photography mark sheet from last year so now I don't have to redo the six bloody assignments this year! haha :) Ok, I've got nothing more to say this was such a lame post! :P

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Photobucket 7:48 pm ♥

Well, went to my ol' school pal Chlo's 19th yesterday, except moe and I rocked up right on time... And everyone else was about 50 minutes late! So we were just wandering around the left bank twiddling our thumbs. But we didn't stay long, and it wasn't very exciting because both of us weren't drinking, well I never do, she usually does, but she was being ze responsible driver haha. I think if I don't get my Ps soon my friends are going to start killing me.
Anyway, I was highly unmotivated to get out my camera, possibly due to the unfamiliar environment with a mixture of I just couldn't be bothered, thus this was the only picture I got with me in it:
lol. that's lou she's a boarding pal :) hadn't seen her in foreverr.
And I look odd. but MEH. Couldn't give a rats ass.
Had fun playing with the camera on the china phone whilst waiting for moe to arrive.. lol.
Then it decided it'd change the size of the images.

It's so odd how different angles make my eyes look huge.. And then if I pull the phone down my eyes become like -_- that. blegh.
Ahh.. Gotta love fake eyelashes and liquid eyeliner. :D
Found a random photo I took in church with my motorola phone. I did my sister's hair.. in like January. In S'pore. LoL. That was ages ago.
I do my hair like this sometimes, it's nice and neat.
Dinner! :D
I'm a gooood cook :P
Shh leave me alone.
Well, not much going on the rest of the weekend, cleaning mostly, going to see Step Up 2 with Oli (FINALLY. God that took ages for me to go see it!) and then may possibly start studying. haha.
I wish my eyelashes were REALLY this long. haha. :P

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

As I was checking my email, I clicked on a ninemsn news link that said down with the black parade.. I suspected something about mcr or "emos".
Lo and behold it was about "emos" ("emos" because DIC191 has disrupted my stereotyping hahaha) and how in South America, they were being protested against by every other available sub-culture, so much so there were protests marches, cyber fighting lol.
First reaction: HAHA nice..
Until they took a crack at MCR.
There are SO many more bands with more "emo" music and lyrics!
MCR has awesome music and can be enjoyed by lots of people who AREN'T part of the "emo" sub-culture.
Some of their songs have been aired allll over the radio airwaves.. and people reaaally like them. HMPH.
Don't argue with me!!
On the other hand, this looks like an article I could bring into DIC191 class. :P


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well I was just reading random ninemsn news when I came across this gem.
Rupert Grint was interviewed, and said staunchly that he never wanted to move to LA because it's full of dumb girls like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.
I was just laughing to myself.
I especially liked this part:

“I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot," he moaned.

“She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, ‘But you can’t act’.”

You go Rupert.

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Bleghhh. I hate this feeling.
Anyway, not much has been going on apart from uni.. Had lunch (well, take away haha) with Mads and Moe today.. Twas fun. :)
Can't wait to go see Mads's new crib, it sounds absolutely wickedddd and she has a freakin iMac. loveeee.
Audz came over and we baked brownies and watched a couple of eps of The Simpsons :D LOVE that freakin' show. :) Friends was excellent tonight :D Our brownies were pretty nice, but nobody beats Betty Crocker in the art of instant brownie manufacturing :P
And I put in a resume at Kmart, woo! :P Although I hope that chick I gave it to gave it to her manager before the job opening closed..
Stupid freakin' Coles.

Anyway, I just had to rave about the work of this random photographer I came across on deviantart.
his photographs are absolutely magnificent; the colours, composition, lighting and style are just so.... wonderful.
i'm astounded by his quality of work (:
and when i went on his actual website, not deviantart page, i found out he was also a graphic designer! and his work was simply exquisite. :D
AND he composed music.
Which, when I had a listen, was absolutely stunning.
Just about as stunning and moving as his photography.
Like WHOA multi-talented.
I can only hope that one day, my work could be 1/100th as good as his is.
Talented photographer, graphic designer and composer?
Oh be still, my beating heart!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Needless to say, I'm in a much better mood today..
This arrived!
I've just listened to the whole album and it's an awesome mix of quite girly music, and random songs from the movie (obviously).
Fun songs to just bop along to.
My favourite song is the St Trinians theme song, it's just a wicked song. :D
I absolutely love it.
Pretty average day today, uni mostly.
left our last lecture early because Audrey finished early, so we decided to get out so we could leave with her..
And our tutor was sick in our tutorial, so we had the lecturer come in and try to go through the homework with us. of course the way he explained it was MAJORLY complex, which left our whole class going WTF is he talking about..
And apparently we all did our homework wrong, and he was going blah blah blah about how we were supposed to do it, and no one was really understanding what he was crapping on about.
So we left that class with our brains fried.. lol.
now i'm just waiting for Friends.. :P

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Ok, SUCH a terrible day.
Well, it didn't actually start off terrible.
It was actually going alright until about 5.30 when I went to Coles to ask the manager why this lady rang me in the middle of class and started babbling shit about a store induction and pieces of paper I never received.
And basically, I was told there was a mistake, I couldn't work there because I'm always away at Christmas time.
Why did I get an induction pack in the first place and why did I waste over 5 hours of precious time I could've done something constructive doing the freaking online induction!?
I mean, it was constructive at the time, but since I'm not even going to be working there, now it's just USELESS piece of crap babble that I wasted precious time on.
I was SO SO SOOOO angry. obviously I didn't act angry when I was talking to her but when I walked away I could feel the anger just rising up like bile in me.. I don't know when I've ever felt so angry.
I was moody all the way back home after that, and my mood only improved when I arrived home and remembered Friends was on TV. Friends always makes me happier.
But after that I just went back to be being super pissed off.
So I had to turn to my happy place.. High heels. And curling my hair.
wearing a nice pair of heels and doing my hair made me feel better, strangely.
yes I am aware of exactly how bimbo-ish that sounds, but since I don't actually get dressed up that much of the time, putting on heels and curling my hair makes me happy, in some strange way. I haven't curled my hair since 2006. (gahh my curls are flattening out :( )
the situation wasn't so bad that I had to put on fake eyelashes too.
haha just joking:P
i love them so much, they're not really a happy place thing, I just wear them when I can :D
but anyway.
I'm FREAKING pissed off with Coles, even though I completely understand why they won't give me a job..
I'm not angry about that, I'm just angry about the 5 hours of my life I missed that I could've spent doing something productive. like. sleeping. or something to do with uni.
I'm on a short fuse tonight, so I'm not sure if anything I just wrote sounds absolutely pathetic or just doesn't make sense.
I'm going to apply at the newsagents.
Chances are I'll just get turned away from every job I apply for because I'm always away at Christmas.
fcuk it.
Life goes ON.

edit// if by any chance, my dearest friendle Vinita comes across my blog, all the way in msia...
love u mucho mucho mucho and miss u thrice that amount!! hahaha
ur turning 18 (*cough*)

and monie and i shall work on a new song to remember us by for you :P hehehe. you better drag ur ass down under soon woman!!


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just watched about 10 episodes of Quarterlife
That's all the episodes I reckon.. It''s such a wicked show...
I freakin' love it, it's so addictive..
but baaaaaaaaaaaad idea to start watching at like 12am haha
it's nearly 2.30, i'm off to bed or else i won't be able to continue doing work tomorrow!
on the bright side, i finished one reading for uni + notes. haha (:

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ahh, i love the weekends.
even if i did spend today doing the Coles online induction. haha (:
yayy me! I'm going to have a job! :D
gonna have MOOLA!! :D

Had such a full-on week this week.. So much crap due..
I was fairly organised for the most of it. lol
I just HAD to put the largest assignment to the last, as usual.. :P
and i'm pretty sure I'm going to get a shit mark for it, but meh, I'll attempt to do better on my other assignment for that unit!
On a happier note, I got 84% for my visualizing folder, which was "peer-marked".. lol.
but the tutor has to moderate marks, so if anything, i hope mine don't decrease! :(
moe and i stayed up hell late on Thursday to finish our assignments! :) she left mine after 3am and i went to bed at about 4.30.. i also hurt my ankle/tendon whilst i was assignment-doing.
we were only functioning on digestive biscuits and cups of tea and water. haha
i concocted a random dish that night, oven baked toast with tomato, chicken, cheese, oregano, olive oil and pepper.
it was beaaaaaaauuutiful. :D but only if you can handle eating tomatoes. haha


Also, when walking past Strandbags after uni on Friday, I saw they were having a sale, and I found a black sling bag I'd wanted for ages going for only $19.99!! Half-price!! Yayy score! :)
(don't have a picture at the moment)
Also got a cool new wallet for my sister's bday present..
Or maybe just a random present.. lol.
Me thinks it's quite awesome.
The first to arrive of my eBay shopping spree!!:)
Yet ANOTHER thing for my sister. lol.
i wish i had an older sister that bought me stupid things like this when i was little!! haha :P
Its wicked cool. I like the guitar pick thing happening there. :P
(and NO i did not mean to focus in specifically on her crotch!!)
The bracelet actually fits my wrist, which in comparison to hers, and most other people's is really fat. so I gotta do some minor adjustments before posting it to her. hahaha.
Me wants the rest of my eBay stuff!! :(
Got a 19th next week, and having Caris and Moe over that weekend.. Lots to look forward to! (: And going exploring with Audz sometime in our tuition free week! (: The rest of that week I'll have to knuckle down and start studying for my test and doing countless assignments.. gahh.
The last tute free week, I didn't start studying for a test until Saturday.. Which believe me, is absolutely NO good. Well, I'm sure everybody knows that. hahaha.
and i might make a new blog skin during that time too.. depends. lol. (:

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

weee i'm at uni at the moment, sitting in the mac labs and trying most desperately to keep my eyes open. oh yes, it is currently 9.09 am. got up at 6.45 and left the house half an hour later.. i'm surprised i'm still conscious. haha
tis been a rather hectic week, but surprisingly i've managed to keep meself fairly organised. 3 assignments due tomorrow, and i've completed ONE, just about finished number TWO, but am still lagging in completion for the third, possibly BIGGEST one. which is just usual for me. lol.
always doing the creative assignments before the textual ones. At least the assignments in Design are somewhat interesting even if it is essays. last year i had crap essays which resulted in major procrastination.. but ah well. i'm actually doing my readings this year so be happy damn it.
in other news, i've been having an ebay shopping spree lately!! =D
I've got 6 silicone covers in wicked colours for my Wii remotes and nunchucks (for REALLY cheap, much better than retail prices), a leather case for my ipod nano which was such a bargain! $1.45 man.. The St Trinians soundtrack which I won for just a tad lower than retail price! :), a random hannah montana bracelet and i'm HOPING i win the Wii play game.. (: but it's 3 days so i don't reckon it'll last.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

ok, yes i should be asleep right now, i've got early class!!
but i figured since i was up, and just finished some work i'd quickly do an update. haha
well right now i'm kind of running solely on this piece of chewing gum in my mouth, it's the only thing keeping me focused. yes, i thought you'd like to know that.
uni work is starting to bog me down, i just wish i could crawl into a hole and sleep, because currently, i'm majorly sleep deprived. i'm also highly sick of my printer and looking at stupid squares for Colour. SO glad it's only a ruddy 6 week unit, I may just have killed myself.
had a test on Tuesday, which i just had to study all the WRONG crap for. stupid stupid.
i probably got one or two answers correct. don't get me wrong, i love Design, i have absolutely NO regrets that I switched courses, because it is all very interesting.
but I'm just sooo tired that i hate everything at the moment. so yes, instead of being here i should be asleep. but i guess i'll make up the lost sleep on the weekend hey. oh no but wait, I've still got to clean the house, because it's in a disastrous state at the moment. and daylight savings ended on Sunday, so it gets dark sooo early now. which could be a good or bad thing..
ok, now i'm off for real, i just had to come and rant. it's my outlet aiightt. gah.

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