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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

so i'm back in perthopia now, just arrived on Monday fresh off the plane in the arvo. Was very tired on plane and fell asleep for the first hour at least, then when i woke up i started to watch a movie. First one was Little Miss Sunshine, it was very cute, and it's nice to see Steve Carell playing someone very different compared to his other usual characters. I personally love steve carell, so mehh to you if you don't! Then i started to watch the controversial BORAT, note the 'started', it was a little crude for me, but yet it was funny. After that good ol' Disney Channel because i wanted to watch Hannah Montana! I love the whole storyline, it's so cute.. it is a little juvenile, but hey don't blame me i love Disney movies and shows! Mum bought the Hannah Montana CD, it's a good listen..
As usual the plane food was bleghh, and I was happy to be off the plane. Spent a little time drawing too, designing some random clothes..
i have rediscovered my love, yet lack of talent for designing clothes!
no wonder i never really aspired to be a fashion designer.
today, tuesday, went to Garden city in the afternoon and bought the Cheetah Girls 2 soundtrack and the shannon noll/natalie bassingwaithe single with my cool 40 buck voucher from auntie sab and uncle N!! :) thanks so much, i really appreciated it, best present i got for Christmas! :D
And if you're thinkin NOT another disney thing. Cheetah Girls 2 in my opinion was ALOT better than cheetah girls 1. they're so much more mature, and plus the two spanish guys are just WOOO off the hook. i LOVE spanish. :P
Then after watched Epic Movie with simmo! could've been better, it was pretty gruesome and sorta crude, just a hint of crudeness! and the bloody cinema was full of ruddy little tykes who kept chattering. like what the hell!! i thought they were all meant to be in school!? then i realised, Hah they only start tomorrow.
supposed to meet carrot tomorrow, except i can't seem to contact her, so too bad if she rocks up and i'm tucked away in bed! :p
and my old school has become even more retarded now.. last year was the ruddy double periods and this year its frickin DAY SIX. like WTf?!
even i don't get it.. so strange.
SO HAPPY i'm not in high school anymore. i gotta head to curtin to do my student ID and stuff like that.. hmmm.
well that's about all there is to say..
arabian nights to y'all! :)
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Friday, January 26, 2007

I realised that my blog entries can be sometimes insepid and meaningless...
but hopefully i can make them more interesting when uni starts!!!! :)
right now, my life is just BORING.
soo i shall make up some complete nonsense just to fill space and waste time ok?
Bear with me now.
one day i decided i'd try and record any dreams i may have by writing random short stories.
one day, i shall put them on my blog for you to read.
one day, which is definitely not today, i shall write these stories.
and one day, i shall make cool things out of clay, paint them, take pictures of them and show them here.
All these 'one days' hopefully will happen one day.
the other day, i thought of an idea. i could give myself a photo project. i shall take a CD, and use the song titles as themes for my photographs. then i shall compile them and show them to you, or i shall put them on deviantart.
To view my sad lonly and pathetic gallery, go to www.angiepantz.deviantart.com :)
for now it is quite empty, hopefully when i start photography, there will be gazillions of lovely photos! :)
the first album i shall use is The Black Parade. I'm in lovelovelove with the album (and MCR!!) and i play it again and again and again on my ipod when i'm on a long car/train/bus journey. soon my eardrums will break. :)
i rarely get the pleasure of just sitting down going on a looong journey listening to my ipod...
i love taking long journeys, and while others may not understand, it is not my problemo.
just me&myipod.
So shut your eyes, kiss me goodbye and sleep.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

this week has been a little stressful..
with the arrival of the Curtin offer package on Monday because i live bloody overseas!
then i opened it an a ton of paperwork fell out onto me.
ok no not really, but you know metaphorically speaking, there was many bits of paper and i was like "Ehh?"
So filled out the HECS-help form(Govt helping to pay off some uni fees), thinking i was eligible for it, then i was like Oh wait no only those who have humanitarian visas are eligible. so i just went on to the other things which were accepting the offer online and such. then i had to authorise auntie mic to do my enrollment shit which turned out to be a little more annoying because now they tell me that i AM eligible for HECS-help. so then i got stressed because i needed to be enrolled and i was like AHH.
so mum and dad ran off to DHL to get the thing posted and THANKFULLy they got it there by the next morning, God bless DHL and whoever got the form there.
then this morning, Auntie Mic finally was able to enrol me, so now i had the hard task of trying to pick classes online, which if you ask me is a bloody STUPID idea. I didn't understand much of the stuff but with mum yelling for awhile we finally figured it out.. except that i couldn't pick Photography classes online, which peeved me off. and so far with the classes i've registered myself in, i have a four day week!! totally awesome. but then here comes big old photography needing to fill 7 BLOODY hours a week. so most likely, there goes my Mondays.. :(
so much for missing out on Monday Blues..
so i have to go pick photography classes when i get back to australia... simone and i are planning to run wild on the Curtin campus next week and find out where everything is, and probably go have lunch somewhere or other.. maybe the cool chinese place across the road from the campus :)
AND AHH another ranty. now i need a "standard 35 mm" camera, which i just found out (because i suck at all this weird technology lingo) is a bloody FILM camera. so what use is my digi cam huh????!!?!?
anyways. enough with the angry ranting.
i'm actually quite excited that i get to be a big grown up uni student.
although my mentality may need a little work, i'm still like a little kid.
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today, I just found out that a girl I went to high school with passed away in a car accident.
She was bound to start uni tomorrow and an unfortunate accident took her life away just as her new one was about to begin. The two in the front were just injured but her and her father passed away.. It was really sad to hear about it, her poor friends were so far away and her mother and brother weren't there. i can only imagine the pain they'd have to go through...
I can't ever imagine not saying bye to the ones i love and care about.. What if one day i just keeled over and died? Ok that was a little morbid, but possible..
And the authorities said neither were wearing seat belts. which makes me wonder.. because not many people care about that anymore.. most of my friends just shun the fact that seatbelts are there for a reason.. But hopefully they're at peace now.
do me a favour y'all... please pray for them..
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

So Maddi has left already, i hope she got back safe because she hasn't been replying to my sms.
Guess what i'm blogging on!!! :)
My brand spanking new Laptop i got for my graduation gift!!! :) im so happy. Laptops are the world's greatest inventions..
sitting on mum and dad's bed watching some freaky chinese movie.. its about ghosts and such.. and also talking to vinipoo..
the thing is she's stuck in kl for a couple of years and she's a lil depressed.. she wants to be in perthopia with the rest of us.. i just hope things work out for her.. :(
so many problems now. i just wish they could all disappear.
if only..
so maddles and i went to watch, well we were supposed to watch "The Illusionist", but then we got there and realised it didn't even open until two days later!! so i had to watch Night at the Museum again not that i minded really, it was a really funny show.
then tonight, went with my family to actually watch the illusionist! overall quite an interesting movie... it was a little stranger than i expected but oh well...
oww my eyes are burning, i should probably get some sleep, but i shall keep talkin to vini and helpin her be happy.. :)
arabian nights to you all
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

well uni offers are out..
it's so depressing.
i didn't get in....
so i'm finally gonna get to do Mass Communication!
Journalism, Public Relations and Photography.
so happy!
everything is falling into place.
well ok not EVERYTHING.
just university crap.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i officially have the most BORING life in the world..
i'n stuck in this god-forsaken rut and i can't climb out of it..
can't go out anywhere, i hate watching tennis and its on 24/bloody/7 now.
can't go to mcr, can't do this can't do that.
my life is a fricking boring piece of ASS.
i've read all the readable books, surfed all the surfable sites, ate all the edible foods.
can't watch tv cos bloody TENNIS IS ON.
why can't they watch it at my cousins house?!?!
not sleepy, itching to go out..
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Friday, January 12, 2007

went on a nice exploring trip today...
and it was pissing down with rain.
so not remotely exciting.
went to orchard road.. walked around for abit..
then went to p singapura..
had pizza.
ok.. so boring.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

YAY i'm back!
KL was major funness.. :)
But also major nastiness.. there were pretty dodgy people there, and i don't just mean vini..
hahahaha nah just jokes.
but there were some nasty characters around.
which reminds me.. NEVER to take public transport round KL again..
hmm.. but we had lots of funnnn shoppping!! so i'll update y'all day by day.. heh
Day 1:
Took the aeroline bus to KL, was quite smelly, smelt a lil like stale wet laundry.. was freaking disgusting then it suddenly disappeared.. they showed Cat in the Hat. hahahaa.
got to Corus, had to direct vinbum to the place, by giving her the "big mother Chinese temple with the bright orange roof" as a landmark, (that one was a winner, unfortunately no one knew its name. lol) then we went on a nice loooooong drive to her house, freshened up and hit a family partyy which we stayed at til the witching hour was long gone... They got slightly happy on lime and vodka on the rocks... hahaha.
Decided we'd prank vini and drive off without her in the car to scare her.. it was fun. heh
Day 2:
Today went off to KL by bus, which was freaky shit because the bus drivers and taxi people and people who hang round the place trying to flirt shamelessly with vin n maddi.. (thank god i'm ugly and intimidating hehe).. went off to Petaling Street where we viewed the fake goods hehe..
got Step Up and DEATH NOTE!! yayy finallyyyy
and mads got a fake guess bag. except when she got home she realised that it had the Guess logo the right way on one pocket and a mirrored image on the 2nd.. so handing it to her sis.. hahaha
and we all bought funk ass fake glasses.. i got Ray-Ban, vini got Chanel (ithink) and Maddi got Gucci (ithink?) something like that.. haha
then off we were in a taxi to make our way to Ruums, which is actually a club, but is used for Blast Off which is like the group/band version of the Idol Series for Malaysia tho.. but first a stop at T.G.I. Friday where we enjoyed some potato jackets, and a large strawberry margherita for mad and vini.. haha.
Ruums was awfully smoky, not very good for asthmatics but i survived.. most of the bands pretty much sucked but Ghetto Republic, the group vini supports cos of her friend who's in it, and currently the top group was awesome. wishing them much luck for the future episodes~!
Then made our way to Hard Rock cafe taking random pictures on the way. Headed over to another family party, a lil less quiet, but still very pleasant~
Then we headed to vin's other house, which was relatively empty cept for the 2 beds we pushed together n had to share.. thank god for sweet aircon.. hahaha
Day 3:
After getting vin outta bed cos she refused to budge, we began to prepare for another day . firstly, vin brought us on a trip to the past, as she led us down the secluded path from her childhood schooling days, which included of course, walking down a steep drain. thank god it was dry! :) then we made it to the train station, where we took a train to KL, and endured strong hunger pangs to wait for the LARGE lunch which awaited us at Hard Rock cafe, which sadly came with a very large bill! but what can you expect. (by the way, the Twisted Mac and Cheese is to die for~_~) then we headed over to Berjaya Times Square. now this mall is bloody huge, so we only got up to about the 5th floor.. it killed us all, so we got home, after an incredibly sardine -can like journey back to vin's house on the train.. and walking to this bridge where her mum was to pick us up was less than entertaining, as we all had to link arms and hold hands which must've looked just slightly odd... haha.. but when we got back, we all freshened up and watched Step Up!!! weeeeeeeeee! then i felt like dancing.. and we all slept in the same room cos they had the aircon.. i had the lovely mosquito ridden, fan powered room. but no biggie. i slept with them the last 2 nights... ahhaha..
Day 4:
Today, we awoke and after getting ready, took the bus out to KL once again.. this time, we went to Midvalley by monorail.. spent about 5 hours there and ended with Dominos pizza! :) there i bought my Step Up soundtrack, which is wicked and totally hott!! and a nice plain roxy belt too.. and i got some bangles which will hold all our fun times and memories for us.. we all have one each! :) cheesy but oh so funky.
then went back to Petaling Street by LRT and got some other stuff too! pretty chanel bracelet, tshirt n poster for dad.. and i reaaaaaaaaally wanted Grey's Anatomy.. but ran outta money.. :'( oh so sad.. shouldn't have bought random shit.. but at least i got two dvds.. haha..
then arrived back and went out for late dinner at random hawker place near vin's house...
strange woman there who imitated mads' laughed kept me entertained! :D but there was a few drunk lookin peeps.. and sounding.. so the trip finally ends..
Day 5:
Just took the aeroline bus back.. got stuck in traffic on way to Corus, took 2 hours to get there! when it would;ve only been about 1 without the dratted jam.. but oh well..
and got stuck in jam on bus too for about one hour.. so got back to spore a lil late.
and i lost my fricking passport!! not my fault. i put it in my bag.
someone must've taken it cos i don't have any holes in my bag. i was so depressed..
we arrived, had some lunch at hans, because i still didn't know about passport missing i was happy.. yeah parents went slightly ballistic.. but i guess they had reason to..
so that's the end of my trip.. today was rudely awakened and told i had to go meet my parents at the ICa thingy to get my new passport made.. did that had lunch then came home..
did some work for mother while watchin death note..
then went to cinemas to catch death note 2 with maddi!! :D
so fricking awesome..
we're officially death note fans.
and L is very very weird.. some of the crap he was eating just looked revolting..
but maybe it was the sugar which was making him smart.. it was all he seemed to consume?
let's all eat sugar!! :D
to infinity and beyonddd *blasting off*
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

i keep forgetting its 2007..
we finally have tix to Malaysiaa leaving in 3 days so you won't be hearing from moi..
pray for us, that there won't be floods.
been shopping a bit.. but otherwise tis been quiet..
hope everyone's new year is happy and cheery. and may God bring you good things.
arabian nights to you all.
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