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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shopping has been awesome!!
wanna see what i've bought? :D
My prettyful NYE accessories!!
Necklace and 2 pairs of earrings! All matchies for my NYE theme! :D
Pretty belt from Alano. You can see scrunched up blue dress gives "material" effect. lol

Cool pearl string from random stall in Tamp.
Totally matches my blue dress.

Cool ring for my friend's birthday present! Probably shouldn't put it up just in case she finds my blog... but she doesn't know about it!! hehe. its so cool it has a spider..

And MY ring hehe its so pretty.. adding some bling to my middle finger.
So, Maddi and I have been going major retail therapy after finding out TEE scores.. well it was mostly therapy for her, but I did buy some things! And we've been making her eat weird and wonderful foods. Ok, not really. heh.
We're off to Clarke Quay for NYE tomorrow to usher in the new year! Woopee! :)
So we went shopping today for cool Mardi Gras accessories and all that. And we've painted our nails funky colours! :) Today played about an hour and a half of tennis at the courts. Had quite a few unsuccessful hits at each other, then we started a little bit of a rally, which was good! :D Having a cool little dinner party tonight, so hope that's good! :)
So, hope everyone has a great NYE tomorrow! :)

Photobucket 5:39 pm ♥

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yayy Maddi has arrived! :)
So, we started the day pretty early, driving off to the airport to go wait for her.
Jerri and I had made a sign saying "MADDI", and were waiting anxiously to catch a glimpse of her coming out to get her luggage. However we did not see her, so Jerri just put the sign down.
All of a sudden, I saw someone smiling widely at me.
"MADDI!!!" i yelled and we started to run over to the arrival doors.
We went to LP for breakfast and had McDonalds.. So as to not shock her with local food just yet! :)
And now we are making an itinerary. Wooo
Fun times are ahead.. :) but must sleep now.
Photobucket 10:53 am ♥

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

and i got 95.05!!! Yeah that's right i PASSED!!!!
ok not exactly..
the Aussie system is so weird. but anyways.
if it gets me into MY course i'm fricking over the MOON
Now to the non crazy side of things...
Went to the airport to go say hello to Olimpia.. got a little confused as to whether she was arriving 8.45 Spore time.. or Aust time.
But she told us Spore time, Jayne was confuzzled too! :D haha
So we waited for about 45 minutes for her to get out.. Had a nice chat:D
THen she finally got out, i gave them their pressies then they had to rush off because they had a party to go to.. :D
Fresh off the plane to a party! i don't think i would've been able to handle it. lol!
Now i just can't wait for Mads to get here!!
2 DAYS!!
it's gonna be LOVE!! hahaha
Anyhow.. I was a total loner, eating my peach hearts and cola bottles.
rain.. i HATE it. officially.
My knees are all sore.. haha..
I slipped once on the MRT.. Luckily there weren't too many peeps around :P
And then i slipped on the way home cos i tripped on some raised brick or something stupid.
Knees are just a little tender atm.. :D haha
Decided i'd just take shoes off and walk home, then put em back on after awhile for fear of stepping on SNAILS.. *shudders*
Anyhow. That's my excitement for the day.
ciaoo bella
Photobucket 11:32 pm ♥

Happy Boxing Day!
Today is the day we all throw our Christmas wrappers away YAY.
Ok just joking.
We're still eating Christmas eve dinner food.
Woke up this morning and rang hamz trying to get her out of bed so we could go to her school to get her books.. hahaha.
finally left, and arrived around 10.55 and made it just in time to Mac.
Hadn't eaten there for soooo long. Got a Big Breakfast. Soo tasty.
It began raining heavily once again, and i thought it had finally stopped... But no, it goes on.
So there we were plodding in the rain, with cold wet and squishy shoes, wading our way through the puddles. Finally made it, got the books, then we were off again through the squelchy puddles..
Caught the bus home, and spent about an hour waiting for the rain to stop, but it just got HEAVIER.
In conclusion, rain sucks. It's ok when there's a little after a long drought-like period, but now it's just too much.
Mazda coming in 2 days! Yippee! :D Poor girl leaves perthopia at like 3am Aussie time.. and gets here at 6-7 something AM.. and vini ain't coming no more. No big though, we're going over to visit her! :)
And going to airport to await Limps arrival! :D
peace out y'all.
Photobucket 1:32 pm ♥

Monday, December 25, 2006

So here's an updated list of what I've got so far! :D
Nightmare Before Christmas wallet!! It's so cool... It's just from the pasar malam in Tampines. I lovelovelove Tim Burton's movies. :)

Nightmare Before Christmas bag, also from the same pasar malam stall. So cool! :)

A purple 'S' ring from my little sister. Clue: 'S' for sister. lol. And ignore the chipping fingernails. It's a self-done French manicure gone wrong.

More jewellery from my little sis. Two pairs of earrings and a necklace. I likey.

Four bracelets and 3 pairs of matching earrings from ze grand-muzzer and faja.
My long awaited LITTLE BRITAIN SEASON 3 DVD!!!! (pic refusing to cooperate)

PRETTYFUL diamonds from Auntie Sue!

PRETTYFUL silver heart studs from Auntie Ailin!

and i just decided to post a pic of yummo brownies I made!!!
Hammz.. Try not to eat the comp screen ok? :)
So, Christmas has been pretty cool, presents wise..
But I know it ain't just about the presents.. lol.
signing off o_O

Photobucket 11:13 pm ♥

Hope y'all have a fabby Christmas.
Had a rather boring Christmas eve party last night... But the food was good! :D
Look at the pretty turkey~
and i also did my sister's hair.. my own creation ~ lol.
haha someone's probably already thought of it.. but i did it myself! haha
She calls it her "Hiphop" style. like wtf. haha.
And i got new shoes for Christmas! :)
They're denim but oh so cool.
and they're size 7 1/2 which is surprising because i'm usually 8 1/2? haha.
peace out y'all.
Photobucket 1:33 pm ♥

Thursday, December 21, 2006

uneventful days are terrible.
i should really get a job to keep me busy.
but christmas is nearing and i gotta play hostess soon.
no can do.
got my presents that i needed, so that's ok.
and i just remembered i left a present in Aust.
which was stupid.
christmas is a time for joy, peace and relaxation.
but now, it is a time for stress, spending and lots and lots of unneccessary hard work.
whatever happened to good old fashioned values.
Photobucket 11:51 pm ♥

No good comes out of biting your lip.
N- other variations of nothing.
it has now transformed into two whopping BIG ulcers.
and my lip feels like a giant, fat, abalone.
which for the record, is neither fun NOR good.
Aside from that.
I got some nail polish today!
How sad.
But anyhow...
Waiting for Christmas is never fun. And I need to get three presents pronto. Which is why I shall go out by me lonesome tomorrow, and get some. Would be bloody boring, but all in the spirit of giveth and taketh. ok that didn't make sense.
but you know what i mean...
So, i should probably head off to bed.
Arabian nights to you..
Photobucket 12:18 am ♥

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Waking up to a room FULL of sunlight, has never sent me into thrills of excitement before.
Yes, that's right. it has STOPPED RAINING.
it has finally stopped.
the clouds have released all their wrath and now they may just go back to their fluffy bunny cloud state.
i jumped out of bed this morning to take in the normal singaporean atmosphere, and yelled "HELL yeah!!"
Clear blue skies, i thought, clear blu- oh wait we hardly get thsoe anyway. there's lots of clouds. but its STOPPED RAINING!!!!
i could just dance around in joy, jump around forever.
but these sunny days must never be wasted. NEVER.
time to go out and play!!!!
or rather.. go out and SHOP!!! lol.
Photobucket 10:18 am ♥

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ok, so the weather has been forcing me to sit at the comp and infront of the tv more often than usual which is really not the greatest accomplishment in the world..
but last night, this 'new' TV programme "Girls Outloud" i think it was called, caught my eye. it had that girl who won something like Asia's best blogger or most read blog thing? whatever it was.. and another girl who i have no idea where she's from. needless to say, i found myself unfamiliar about the program, but still i watched, mildly interested.
and there was this section where that blog girl met her cyber enemies, blogger enemies more likely, and confronted them about what she found so disturbing about their blogs.
ok the first one, that chick who took the naked photos of herself. can you get anymore exhibitionist? and who said photos that don't involve fetishes and nudity aren't artistic? hasn't she ever seen like pictures of landscape and animals and just really casual pictures that look artistic? so you can't blame her for her definition of art, but she doesn't seem like a very artsy type either.
and her ACCENT. oh my god.
it was like british, american, thai, vietnamese, australian, in general European accents all mushed together to make her very horrible sounding accent. she said she talked to herself to find her accent. oh my god, it was the most horrifying 7 minutes of the show.. sorry girl, but you're singaporean. can't you just stick to the singaporean accent?
and the second cyber enemy. she may be a model, pageant winner etc, and her eyes may be so far away from her eyebrows that you can basically use it as a colour palette, but please.
she had the personality of a mouldy lettuce, and she was such an ice queen that i felt cold watching her.
and so what if the make-up artist told her she was so beautiful. I'm not one to criticise people for their looks, but seriously, there are at least one million other girls in singapore who are better looking than her. she maybe skinny and tall, but all that is useless because she is the most horrible looking person.
why she won the pageant title, i don't know. maybe she decided to turn of her ice queen charms for awhile, or maybe she was just posing. pretending to be the "World Peace" girl when in actual fact all she wants is the world at her feet, because that was certainly what I sensed when she came on screen. and seriously. trying to ban someone from Orchard Road, was just a stupid way to gain more attention.
Xiaxue, if that's her name, on the other hand, had at least a noble intention, of making sure that everyone was safe while having fun on New Years Eve.
It is not racism to make sure everyone was safe. all she did was ban the FOAM. the last time i heard, foam wasn't an immigrant, therefore xiaxue had every right to protest.
she didn't try to ban the immigrants, because that is unjust, possibly only a small minority were guilty for molesting, but the FOAM which concealed most of their actions. she was trying to provide a safer atmosphere for party goers, as they do deserve a right to be safe.
and yet that evil minx tried to mess with her noble action.
by banning HER. seriously. that is just plain stupid.
So what if she wants to keep gallivanting around in foam.
go take a bath you stupid idiot.
Photobucket 12:30 pm ♥

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weather is ok today, not as humid as before..
Had horrible sleep last night..
And my sister had like a vomit bug or something from the afternoon to the night..
highly unpleasant, cos i tend to feel like vomitting to if i see others doing it.
happens with crying as well! :S
was out basically the whole day yesterday, not extremely fun, as i was still kinda tired from the plane ride home, even though i'd gone to bed..
forced to go out...
and poor carrot!! sorry about your ankle hope you feel better soon!
some nice cut you got..
ok better go say hello to a new day
c i a o
Photobucket 9:23 am ♥

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home at last.
after an excruciatingly tiring night, lack of sleep and delayed plane flights.
i made it home at last.
pretty much slept for the first hour on the plane, then woke up just in time for "refreshments"
watched Thank God You're Here then Little Britain
best in flight entertainment EVER. lol
food sucked as usual..
it was like MUSH. the rice was like mush especially..
arrived, got very frustrated cos all the toilets seemed to be overcrowded, with people spilling out from within..
then finally made it to the toilet.. harrumph.
got out.. long queues, hot weather, heat rash!!
overall, not a nice welcome to good ol' spore..
but it had rained.. so i guess it was just a lil more humid then usual..
got home, got out of horrid airplane clothes..
turned on aircon and basked in cool air before going out for dinner!
dinner was absolutely delicious..
its great to be home..
Chilli chilli chilliiiiiiiiiiiii
and authenticity of course!
c i a o
Photobucket 11:48 pm ♥

Sunday, December 10, 2006

in Perthopia before i make me way home to sporee
then i can finally RnR properly!
but we're gonna have a crowded house.. so i don't know..
and i hope there are no tennis tournaments on atm.
or i shall jump off the building.
ok ok not so drastic.. but i may lose my hair.
and alsooo
about.. 15 days til XMAS
17 days to JUDGEMENT DAY.. otherwise known as results for TEE day. :S nooo don't want themm
21 days til NEW YEARS EVE!
22 days til the year 2007!!
ok ok.. can't be bothered counting down to my 18th atm.
maybe when its like 10 days before i'll start. lol.
cos right now its probably still in the 300s. :(
c i a o
Photobucket 6:53 pm ♥

Friday, December 08, 2006

my computer is old and unfriendly.
and i did do a whole post about my nice little Leavers holiday
then the computer decided it would be fun to CLOSE my internet window
so all was lost. ):
then i got frustrated, couldn't be bothered typing it all back up again...
and decided that i would just have to wait until i gained access to a nice, fast computer.
where i could put up pictures with speed, and do blog posts successfully without ripping my hair out.
once again, my list of xmas presents has been rejected.
asking for all six seasons of Sex and the City in this awesome pack, did not go well.. i forgot to find out the price and when i did, it was horribly expensive. out the windowww
then i asked for Grey's Anatomy Season 1. mum was a little miffed, however she liked season 2 when moo & I had a nice marathon.
haha i watched season 2 and not season one how stupid.
So finally, asked for Little Britain Season 3.
went to a shop in carousel, ezydvd.com or something, and they had a wicked tin with all THREE season. of course, it was just about $100, so they weren't gonna get it for me.
so most likely, i shall be getting season 3 Little Britain, however, in the event i should receive some money for xmas (;
i shall purchase either season 1/2. but both would be excellent! :D
went to the movies a few days ago with vini, and watched the Prestige.
while it was slightly confusing at times, and no doubt slightly gruesome at occasions, it was one hell of a good movie.
went shopping, and since i have been placed on a ban to shop for clothes and such.. :( sadly..
i got an awesome 3-DVD pack with Walk the Line, Moulin Rouge and Titanic. 3 really awesome movies in one little pack. how wonderful.
and i also got She's the Man after a loooooooooooooong wait.
though i would probably get slaughtered if i told mum.. :S
i've decided to write some stories, first one is turning out the length of a novel, but its contents are extremely meaningless and just overall CRAP. so i think i shall scrap that and start a new one.
gone are the kcp days of composition when one or two pages would suffice... :) i find i can no longer write shorter than four pages. which i find disturbing . lol
i can no longer bring myself to start with:
"That one fine day..."
or the rainy variation
"The sky was dark, and rain started to bucket down, as if heaven itself had opened its doors."
pssht. hahaa. now that just looks nonsensical, but i can't remember the real sentence! :P actually, i think i used those in both English and Chinese compos.
how weird.
c i a o
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