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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ok, MAJOR fiasco at the airport.
Got up after like 4 hours sleep and showered very quickly in order to get out of the house on time. Thought was gonna be reaaaally late.
Arrived at the airport and scurried to the counter, where I found there was a lack of a queue, as usually it is sardine jam packed into the barriers. :S
The airport chick told me that the flight had been delayed.
Oh the joys of airplane malfunctions.
Ok, so this was just the windscreen wiper but hey you need those..
So i had to wait until 2.45.
I saw mum and dad were having a nice chatty with some people wayyy over on the other side of the airport.
Turns out they're some nice people dad and mum knew.
dad decides (because they're on my flight DUH) that it'd be nice if we all took a drive in our car so we wouldn't be wasting time trying to mooch around the really really boring airport. -_-"
Our car, is away at the Car Hospital, and so we have a nice modern courtesy car, which just so happens to be the SQUISHIEST car in the world.
We could barely fit jerri in when we went to pick her up from school and there were only two people in the back seat!!
imagine fitting 6 fully grown humans and one growing child into this tiny confined space.
What dad was thinking, I had NO idea.
So there we were stuck like sardines in a tin can in this highly squishy car.
Thank god for the wintery weather, if it were summer i think i may have preferred to bore myself to death in the airport!
Went to Foo Gwai chinese restaurant all the way in friggin' Applecross.
Dim sum for lunchh.
About to go to Singapore, and my last meal in Australia is Chinese food. -_-"
Not that I have anything against Chinese food in general, it's just that once you've had a taste of Asia, you can never never never really like the aussiefied version of the taste of Asia.
And I'm not the only one who can verify that! o_O
Moe's brother says he can't stand the chinese food in aussie anymore cos he's been travelling through Asia.. (:
Took mindless pictures of the food but I think I won't post them up because I've already done a post on Foo Gwai once before..
So once we were done, we still had a little more time to kill.
So guess what?
YEP, drive HOME again.
To show them around the house...
Which was in a dreadful state after the panicking in the morning and last minute preparations.
So i don't know why they even bothered.
Crammed in to the car and went back to the airport, where we used the funky complimentary Meal Vouchers to buy coffees and biscuits from Dome.
Went through immigration and xraying, and OH THE SHOCK AND HORROR.
The flight was delayed... AGAIN!
Only by an hour this time.. But STILL.
like OMGWTF.
And after a fruitless attempt at trying to connect to the airport's wireless internet from my lappie (u had to pay hehe) I just ended up going through Picasa and deleting nonsensical photos :D (I was so gonna do a blog post if i'd been able to connect to the internet!!:P)
So finally, got on board and sat down.. Finished reading Little Women and to my utmost shock and horror i found that Beth did NOT die!! :O I was dreading it throughout the whole book because of Joey in Friends!! :O :O :O
Also bought a Women's Weekly mag because it was the cheapest interesting one.. :( Didn't realise it was a NZ one, and I was like this is different...
Watched Priceless on the plane, which was absolutely sweet and beautiful and her outfits were so damn beautiful but very very pricey. (: Also watched The Holiday after tossing up between several other interesting films .. :)
It's absolutely brill but a little slow moving at times.. Jude Law is sooo sweet in the movie just makes me wanna go awwwwww.
Also started to watch the Trop Fest 2007 winners short films.. The first one was so cute and sad, the 2nd one I didn't finish because they turned off the entertainment system!! D: gah.
Got through Immig pretty quickly but had to spend some time waiting for luggage.
And now, I am at home, really should be asleep because I have to wake up heaps early to go and pick up MOE!! :D
And now I am frickin hungry as well. :(
Oh wait, I hear the spaghetti bolg in the fridge.
It calls my name.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

1 x large packing list
Clothes: Approximately $200 worth
Shoes: Approximately $100 worth
Appliances: Approximately $infinity worth hehe
Movie watching on plane: PRICELESS :D
ok so not really, I just estimated those prices..
Leaving in one day!! This time tomorrow I'll be chilling with my babes.. :D:D yayyy


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

til i leave for home!! :D
preparing for Jerri's birthday tomorrow, organising the games and shit..
It's GamesNight themed so there's Wheel of Fortune (for kids DUH - and HIGHLY modified to be more fun and exciting), The Rich List and Trivia! :D Ok so i don't have a better name for trivia.. haha. I WILL come up with one. And Trivia will be for adults and kiddywinks.. hahaha. :)
I spent a majority of the night subtitling Jerri and Levina's movie, as well as making up Trivia questions.. Most of the lists I just scabbed off Wikipedia on The Rich List pages. hehe. And I'm going to record sound clips as part of Trivia.. May be I should call it something like... How much do YOU know? :D hahaha.. And I'm trying to figure out how the hell I can make a wheel which spins vaguely like the TWISTER spinner things... o_O
Ahh no worries I shall figure it out.
I shall take loads of pictures, but not neccessarily blog them alll.. :\
Best be off. (:

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Retail therapy today with Caris :D
Started of with brekkie :D Smiley just like caris. :)

Then we made our way to Harbourtown!!! :D Took the bus and train there.. Got wicked bargain from Just Jeans, 2 dresses for 10 bucks!! :D they were both dusk pink.. lol.
Covered the first floor then popped in to Gelare for some waffle :D

Mmmmmm.. Caris's waffles. Ordered the lot :D

I decided I'd only get syrup and ice cream cos i hate creamm..

Choc Chip Cookie dough.. MMM..


After a pretty unsuccessful journey around the first floor, we headed up to the 2nd floor! :D
Tried on numeous items of clothing but none seemed to sit right or look very good!
Bought a cream scarf, brown gloves and a wicked teal beanie thing from Table Eight!!
The scarf was DorothyPerkins for $4.95 what a bargain! :D
Felt a little dehydrated so went to get a bottle of water, and Caris felt like chippies :P

Headed home after, but it was raining so we were cold and wet and icky! :(

Took funny pictures when we got home with the multi shot function! :D and there is my beanie. :P
Now am so very sleepy.. :)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trailer - Camp Chaos :D
Don't mind it, it's highly nonsensical..
Basically, a bunch of shots of the 2 girls tripping, falling, climbing etc etc.. hahaha
I made another one with dialogue too, except I talk.
Only I've used SoundBooster to make it much lower and weird and echo-y so I don't really want to put it here!
And, yes, I did use the Mission Impossible theme, because I lack in musical talent.
So don't be hating on me!! :)
Been working on different trailers because I got bored of the movie... I will finish it though, i MUST.
I figured out how to do subtitling, because the quality of the videos isn't the best.. And it's taken frickin forever, which is why I really cannot be bothered. :P But it will be done..
Going to Harbour Town tomorrow with MARY!!
She attempted to steal my Spongebob keychain toy thing but I wouldnt let her. wahahaha
But yeahhhhhh.
Hope you enjoy the trailer.
Cos there is no way in hell you are gonna ever see that movie.

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Photobucket 9:33 pm ♥

Relatively quick one hopefully! :D

I must be frickin insane because it is nearly 3am right now.

Just finished uploading a video onto youtube.

but first, i must scream.



ok, now that's out of my system.

Despite having gone to bed at 1am then woke up at 6am, I am still, strangely awake.

PR exam was hell, as I guessed, although the multiple choices were pretty breezy.

Went to Big W after with mum and went shopping!! :D hahaha

I swear, they have THE best bargains ever..
Perhaps i shall take pictures of my purchases one day :D

After that, went to Moe's where we had a lot of fun.. I was there trying to help her finish for her art review tomorrow.. We made like two sculptures, then did fcuk all after that :D we watched Friends.. bahaha..

And we also kept repeating line from the stupid 'Handy' ad on TV.


These are tights

This is Neal.


Got home, and immediately got started on the thing i've been itching to do since Saturday..

Started to finish off the awesome movie I filmed with my sister and her friend on Saturday!! :D

Of course, after awhile, I got bored, and decided to make a trailer instead, because, like most movie trailers, you take all the fun bits of the movie put it in and voila! trailer!!

For this one, I sort of used the Mission Impossible theme, but hey you can't blame me for not being musical!

It looks awesome though, I am very proud of it :D

Although the movie is pretty bullshit and random..

Only the two of them find it really hilarious.

The trailer is mostly just the two kids falling, jumping, climbing, tripping.. hahahaha.. but i've made it artistic. i hope.
The actual movie has so much dialogue.. I spent most of tonight putting in subtitles cos i was filming with a digital camera not a proper video camera. lol!: D
And so now , i bid you, adieu.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

yeah i won't even try.. hahaha French is getting worse by the day!
I couldn't even say the exams are going ok !
but meh.
Approximately 33 hours to PR exam. :S:S:S:S:S *don't wanna*
Approximately TEN days, until I leave for Singapore.
Until I see my darlings in LV.
Until.. I go HOME :D
Approximately ELEVEN days, until Moe leaves for Singapore.
Until I go to the airport on my lonesome to await her arrival!!!
And if all works out...
Approximately SIXTEEN days until we go and visit VINAYY!! :D:D:D:D
and now, I shall return to studying.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Today was pretty uneventful.
Woke up and then started studying (half-heartedly). Got sick of that really quickly as usual...
Mum made lunch (Japanese!) in her cool Bento boxes she bought from Takashimaya in Singapore. :D
Lookies teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken sushi, weird carrot and cabbage? salad thing and riceicles :D
New angle :D
Accompanied by authentic Japanese green tea.
Personally, i prefer the one from the tea bag.. this one was quite bitter but Mum likes it.

After more half-hearted studying, headed out to church where Jerri got to go up to the front with all these other kids and receive a First Communion gift! lol.
Then, she clamoured for Chutney Mary's for dinner, and so Dad obliged, as usual..

Chutney Mary's - Rokeby Road Subiaco, Perth WA.
We'd only been there once before but Jerri liked the butter chicken there, one of the only places where she would eat a substantial meal..

Ordered naans, a sort of Indian leaven bread?
The nice highlighter yellow one on top is Garlic Naan.

The CM's garlic naan is pretty mild despite the strong colour..
But the texture is soft inside and crispy outside which is good.

Dad's Plain Lassi
Lassi is an Indian yoghurt drink, and I think it is an acquired taste.. I think it's absolutely revolting, but lots of people in my family like it! *blehh..*

Jerri's attempt to make a turban didn't really work..
Some weird cheesy thing Mum and Dad like!

All time fave indian food: Pappadums!! (or however you spell it..)

Sort of like... the Indian version of Prawn Crackers (from Chinese Restaurants. :P)
but not prawn flavoured of course...

Butter chicken!! Mine and Jerri's fave :D

Lamb Vindaloo: Mum and Dad's fave.

Overall the food was pretty good.. The butter chicken was a little tomato-y today, and the vindaloo was spicy :D the naans were good though.
And that concludes my food fest :D
Must get to bed now, it is officially 2 whole days to study for my last exam.
And i have barely touched the unit, which is extremely bad.
I have decided, i would make a really bad publicist, and i don't think i'd make a very good journalist either.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

First ever uni exam today!
Wasn't extremely hard, so that was good..
I just was a little unsure about couple of my answers hopefully I got at least 50%!! :D
Fingers crossed for me yeah?
Well, I figured I haven't blogged about my little sister's communion yet, so why not do that and aggravate my migraine :D yes, good move.
So last Sunday, she had her first communion at St Thomas More Bateman Parish, and all the little kiddies looked so cute.. Got up nice and early so I could get her hair and make up done for her.
Hahaha nice fat hands :D
Cut myself out of the photo to spare you the retarded face I had in it..
Final product, very subtle yet glittery. Just the way little girls like it :D

Also put mascara on her !! hahahaha she looked much prettier with defined eyelashes.. :P
Also curled her hair for her which took long enough!
She was like whyy do I have to get dressed up, and boy was she grateful when she got to church!
Most of the little girls looked like they had gone to hair dressers or something to get their hair done.. Like immaculately coiffured.. scary. hahaha
In fact most of them looked like they were about to get married..

Pretty curls.. Actually most of them were starting to straighten out at this point in time..
Lunched at James Street Kitchen, Northbridge as usual.. hahaha.
The food there was fabulous this time, last time was assez disappointing.. bahahaha.
Check out what we got!! I think they gave it to us especially.. ?
Colourful Prawn Crackers!! I've never seen them.. Never been so excited by food colouring.. bahaha.
After we stuffed ourselves silly with chinese food, they brought out the cake!!
Oh man, that cake was disastrous..
I'd forgotten that melting chocolate HARDENS when you put it in the fridge..... -_-"
Look it's the cake!! :D But wait, the worst has not come yet...

Need some help cutting through that rock? YEP..
Bahhaha i'm such a doofus..
They said it was nice cake. I think they were being nice.
Although I know my sister liked it cos she ate so much of the extra cake I had at home.. I think she liked the icing more. :P

My sister is a camwhore. Just like ME! :D must be genetic lol :P

Camwhores! Smile :D

Aihhsian ^_^ (god i hate that cutesy 'peace' sign...)
And just to show that we are very very much related....

My sister pulls retarded faces, just like me. :D
Partly the reason why I cut myself out of the make-up picture :P

Can't wait for this PR exam to be over because it is gonna be hell.. This one is actually going to be hell.
Did my timetable for next semester immediately after Journo exam.
Hot dammit i have a class that goes from 6pm to 8pm like WTF MAN.
What kind of hours are those?!
Cleaned up and updated my DeviantArt gallery, so if you wants to checks it out:
ciao bellas! :D

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Watching Neighbours now just because Little Britain dudes are guest starring! hahahaha
First exam tomorrow. :( :(
Been studying most of the day and I'm so burned out and over study. :( So decided I'd take a spare moment to blog :D
Here are some creations i have created in my spare time :D hahaha
Caris sitting on edge of wine glass and also swimming in wine :D hehehe.

Random collage of things

The girl with a 1000 faces MOE! :D
Ok Neighbours is over now.
Back to study!!

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ok, so I said I was going to stay away, BUT, given the circumstances:
1. Everyone is watching Eragon, and it is the most noisiest bloody movie ever, especially since they're watching it with Dad's surround sound system or whatever its called.
2. It is bothering me. (like Snape! heh) and so I find i cannot concentrate
3. I didn't study today, so I'm like fcuk all man.
4. My legs are too tired to move to get my books and laptop.
5. I.. Ok, ran out of reasons.
So I am here to tell you of the bargain i found awaiting me at Garbo.
Less than $5 sale at DIVA!!!!!!!!!
Like holy shit dude...
Finally was able to get my gorgeous butterfly gold bracelet I've wanted for ever so long.

From $24.95 to just $5 bucks!!
And also, pretty gold long-ish necklace!! With fan... :D And lots of. lockets. lol

Best fcukin' bargain. $29.95 to $4 bucks!!

Also bought Jerri a necklace (It has a cross on it) for her first communion, as well as a really cool long pair of earrings which i left at Moe's house. GREAT..
And ALSO. I woke up at 7am this morning, did LOADS of laundry (AND hung it out), cleaned the whole damn house, my eternally messy room, the bathroom, the toilets, the kitchen and the living room, changed all the bedsheets and was at Coles to do groceries by 11am. Achievement, oh yes I think so.
Decided I'd make a cool cake (Well it was sposed to be cool aiight.) for my sister's 1st communion..
Personally, i don't think i had one, but everyone seems to make a jolly big dealio out of it here, so i thought Jer should have a cake too.. haha.
Oh yeah, REASON number 6.
I made a cake.
Not from scratch, oh no no no..
Good ol' Betty Crocker. :D
Managed to actually FIND icing pipe bag thingamajiggies, except when I was experimenting with the first batch of icing, I kinda destroyed the bag and it was unable to function normally..
So when rents and Jer got home, a little too early, the kitchen was in a bloody mess thanks to me..
Mum helped make "makeshift" bags lol :P
And here it is, Jerri's communion cake, VERY dodgy mind you, not my fault I had dodgy piping bags~

I did what I could to save it. The cake itself was pretty nice though!
On Thursday, went to watch Shrek the Third with Moe, it was pretty damn funny.
I couldn't seem to control my laughter, I think Moe must've been quite embarrassed to be seated in my vincinity.
Feast your eyes on the WICKED straw I got with the Shrek popcorn combo!!
Ok, I coudn't actually figure out why no Coke was coming through... Only when I got home did I realise you drink through the one not actually IN the drink. Dumb, but very tricky. :P

Stayed at Moe's house yet again, she was SPOSED to come over the next day, but she was being a lazy arse, so i was all on my lonesome again... Wanted to go to the KARDDYY, and couldn't have gone by meself! lol
So here's a lovely picture of Moe from our random night time stroll on Thursday, and well, she couldn't resist hopping on the playground swing! Then she realised it really was meant for kiddies, and that she'd squeezed her butt quite enough for the time being.

And here's something I'd like to rant about:
While I recently enjoyed a guilty splurge on magazines e.g. Cosmo :D heh
I decided i'd pick up this one when i saw the headline a couple of weeks ago.. So it's a fairly stale mag cover..
Was reading the magazine, filling out crosswords and such in it :P on the Thursday night when I had completed all my assignments and I just felt absolutely wonderfully stress-free.

Who the fcuk is so fcukingly retarded (JOHN MAYER).
I mean, poor Jessica Simpson... I just wrote my essay about this, perfection in the media.
Not only do they choose a most unflattering photograph to feature in the front page, everyone knows that you look much bigger than you really are if you take a low-angle shot. They use this shot in film-making to make the character appear larger, (in the case of movies it's powerful, but they still look heaps larger.. e.g. HAGRID in harry potter. :P) but enough about the magazine, I was just annoyed about the photo.. The article sympathises with Jess, not John, because he is a superficial fcuktard with no brains and no heart.
But good for Jess that she's moved on.
Now I'm not one to follow the tabloid magazines, but one cannot resist occasionally picking one up when they see an interesting headline. (Or, maybe it's just me.. :P)
And, OMGWTF. Eragon credits play Avril Lavigne's song Keep Holding On!
Alright, that's all for now.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Ok, so NOW i am announcing a real 3 week hiatus..
If you wanted to read the pikelet recipe click on Manny & Moo! :)
Off to study now.
Pics from Olimpia's maybe i'll edit later. :) lol

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Uni is OVER!:D
ok, well it's over for this semester..
Now, to just get through exams...
Been at Moe's house since Friday, well yesterday, then just couldn't be bothered to take the trek back up to the bus station so decided i'd leave tomorrow instead. haha.
have to go to Spotlight tomorrow to get mine and maddi's costumes ready for olimpia's 18th tomorrow night!
i hope i'm better by then because i'm not feeling too flash today.
emmy asked me to go over to her house for one of her craazy parents out of town parties lol.
they're having jelly shots.
and not just normal jelly. vodka jelly.
but i'm not a drinker, and i feel like absolute shit.
so i decided i'd stay at Moe's and play pick up sticks.. -_-
hahaha. yeah that sounds interesting, but since uni ended, i've had no motivation to do much else but pour myself onto the couch and watch endless episodes of Friends. And play Uno and pick up sticks hahaha. it may be lame, but heck who cares. i'd like to bum around for a couple of days before i get to study! haha.
when i get home, and probably not tomorrow either, monday morning probably, i'll be blogging a very very detailed post on moe's and my shared bloggie :D so if you're interested, just click on the right hand side, a link under my friends which says Manny & Moo. haha.
especially if you would learn how to make beautiful pikelets like we did. :D heh.
so that's all for today, i think i'm going to go and die on the couch now.

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