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Monday, November 24, 2008

Guess what I caught (for real :P) the day after i arrived back! :D

wooooohoooo :)
i must say, i reckon HSM 3 is the best out of the lot, it's got some really nice songs, and they even managed to make Troy's "usual" solo song, not so horrible to watch as Bet On It.
i love some of the songs, and i would definitely watch this over again! :)
in other news:
i haven't said much about the Twilight soundtrack, other than some crazy fan girl yelping. (inwardly, of course)
but i think its absolutely fantastic! :) but i do have my doubts about where some of the songs will fit into the movie.. however, since hearing on many fansites and articles etc, that the soundtrack is blended really well, i'm not too worried.
it's a really good listen though, as a cd in general, and RPattz's song Never Think is quite nice, despite the random 90second guitar intro... (which i'm not complaining about, it's some nice guitar playing!)... and the mumbliness of it. but meh. Paramore's Decode is a really good song, I really love it! I hadn't listened to paramore much, but i like their sound nonetheless. and I Caught Myself by paramore is also quite a good song. :) my surprise fave out of the lot is Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine? (I think) it's a real chillaxing song, and i just love it so much! i'm going to try hunt down some more Iron & Wine music, in the hopes it's as good as this song! :) those are my main favourites of the album, but the rest of the cd is pretty damn awesome too, those songs were just awesomer. :P i give it approx 4 stars! :)
bella's lullaby is... not what i expected. you have to really let it grow on you. then you can sort of feel Edward's pain. lol. so i'll just have to judge it when i see how it's used on the movie! :)
ahh can't wait!! :D

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

didn't read my flight itinerary properly, so it turned out i missed my flight! because..
it was 4.40 in the morning and not afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank god the next flight was not full and i was able to get a seat..
but the chick said that loads of people do that.
maybe she was just trying to make me feel better..
but anyway, i'm HERE!!! :D:D
and i'm actually kinda tired.. so i shall do a longer post later.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

i'm attending the first ever Twilight event in Singapore!! :D :D
sooo excited
although i won't know anyone there.
and i soooo want to join the comp where i get to win exclusive preview tix to the movie!!


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

only 3 days til i leave for singapore!
lotslotslots to do! :)
in other news, Twilight premiered on tuesday! well, monday, but tuesday for me!! :)
i can't waittttttt
why must you make me waitttt!!

went and watched Mirrors with mads and audz on monday. it was superfreakinscary, but very good. now i'm kinda scared of looking into the mirrors (more so than before :P)
we were the only girls there. hahaha. we love to scare ourselves.
and i dashed to the loo before, and then when i was walking back, i heard a trailer playing that i recognised. very very well.
freakin sprinted back into the theatre, staff must've thought i'd gone mad.
and so i saw the Twilight trailer in the cinemas for the first time!! :D woohoooo
worked my last shift today, woott. onto bigger things, not necessarily better. lol
i'll be away for 3 months anyway, so meh.
ok, i have a splitting headache, so i must be off.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haha i finally figured out how to stop the damn flash on photobooth :D

bought a retarded knit hat for 7.95 :D yayy me
totally didn't expect to see it in Sanity today!!! me and audrey totally squealed and gave the two people beside us a fright. or maybe it was a severely weirded out look. haha i don't know and don't care! :D also got a nice gold nail polish and some funky jelly eyemask from the reject shop.
aren't we just the prettiest (NOT :P)
its like some kinda retarded bubble wrap mask.
anyway, i had a migraine-ish headache which made my face really hurt last night after work, so after watching Ghost Rider and having a go on my new ex-rental The Sims: Hot Date expansion pack, I went to sleep and didn't wake up until 4am. then i didn't get out of bed until 6am.
spent the morning cleaning up a little, then sat down with a nice pot of peppermint tea or two and reread Breaking Dawn. i missed out quite a few details in my first rush through the book, so i read it nice and slowly this time! :) after that i went to booga, primarily to track down boss man and get my pay! :P
but he wasn't around so i just stayed and chatted with one of my workmates for a good hour and a half! :) then walked around waiting for audz.. trying hard not to buy anything. lol.
but the temptation was too strong when we saw the twilight soundtrack :D
Bella's lullaby verdict: not what i expected, but still awesomely awesome.
River flows in you always comes into my head when i think bella's lullaby, but this one is alright! just because bella's lullaby is supposed to be all piano, and this one is orchestra and piano.. but they did clarify this wasn't bella's lullaby per se, but more edward and bella's love theme. so meh. and i'm loving Paramore's song Decode on the album. haven't really listened to the album fully, but it's pretty good from what i've heard! and RP's song is a little mumbly, but he did say it was made to suit the scene, so I guess i'll have to wait and see what he meant by this.
hoyts is doing super early screenings on the 1st and 3rd dec... and i won't be here!!!!!
OHH the pain and devastation.
ahh well, i'll watch like a hawk for sneak previews in S'pore i guess. :)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

i've just been reading posts from previous years.
some of them make absolutely NO sense.
i've been blogging since 2004. nice.
Anyway, i went into the city with megan nice and early in the morning so we could get her birth cert, so she could apply for her proof of age, so we can go out partaying! :D
haha, and also while chatting last night, we decided to get the lunch crew together to have lunch for one of our friend's birthdays, which was yesterday. she turned 18! yay
after getting meg's cert, we went shopping to get ella a pressie!! it took us forever to decide, finally we found the winner at Ice Accessories :D met up with moe and ella, and then decided we would go to Miss Mauds for lunch! :D ordered a sunrise and a kycking panini. it was soooo yummo.
moe and ella had club sandwiches, and megan had this reaaally decadent looking choc mud cake! indulgence.. hahaha but she promised she'd work it off tomorrow! :P she's stick thin anyway, so it wouldn't have made much of a difference! :P
i reaaally wanted this pretty dress from valleygirl! :( it was blue and pretty and had flowers.
but $35. i ain't got that money right now, especially since i just got xmas pressie for special little man (a.k.a lil sis! :p). blew hole in pocket, it did. :S
River Flows in You piano playing is coming along nicely, but it's quite fast to play, so right now i'm playing it quite slowly.. haha. and i bought a guitar cd today! full of awesome guitar music for me to study to. not that i need it right now.. but for next year! :D

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Couldn't be arsed taking a picture of my hot topic twilight shirt, so here's the website picture :P
it's so pretty. :D

and also got this made today at freo! (its already gotten dirty.. gah)
i made moe a team jacob shirt for xmas :D
she lovesss it
wandered around freo with hayley, mads, moe and audz helpin hayley with her photography competition. went to have lunch at Dome, except i decided i wanted breakfast :D hahaha, all day breakfast mooyah :D
didn't do much the rest of the day.. i really gotta start doing something productive. haha

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Friday, November 07, 2008

oh George, look what you've done to my eyes!


Photobucket 5:35 pm ♥

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm liking this new blogskin. :D layout-wise i mean.
and i love the cursive font! :D
i may just keep it after twilight is released, and just make a new image for the header bit.
I bought the SATC movie and St Trinians ex-rental the other day!!! :P
yay me.
looove those movies.
wow my sentences are so short and succinct.
edit// i can't believe people voted yes on prop 8. i'm appalled, and i don't even live in the u.s. so it's not like what i'm saying matters!
but SHAME ON YOU yes on prop 8 people.
it's disgusting that you people exist.
this doesn't make America the land of the free, because now gay people aren't free to be married if they wanted! you're bringing your kids into a world that's wrought by inequality and unfairness. as if there wasn't enough of that already, congratulations dumb asses
on a happier note, yay for obama's landslide victory; may you lead America into the future with great success! :) and make it a much better place. // end edit

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the internet is driving me nuts.
but anyway, look at my new skin!! :D
haha i decided i want to make my own twilight skin, i didn't really like the layout of the other one.. but i'm not sure about the image on my blogskin! kinda whipped it up as a trial really quickly so i could have an image there.. so i may or may not change it..
but yayy
i like this layout heaps better.. and it's got pretty cursive font :D
i've gone twilight insane if you hadn't noticed :P
OOH and my Hot topic TWILIGHT TSHIRT arrived today!!! :D:D WOOO
it's soooo awesome. and it really is quite a snug fit, as the website mentionedd :S not so awesome.
but its purtyyy :) shall get a picture soon, too sleepy right now.
also dug around in the jayjays 3 for $15 pile and scored a cool hoodie jumper, a ruffly top and a Stewie tshirt! :D wooo
work was sooo boring today.
and this stupid indian man, he came and was trying to get prize money for his syndicate thing, but that draw was in may, and i don't know whether the past prizes were around or not, so i asked him for his contact so i could get the manager to ring him but he was just all rude and shit
he's like "that's why i don't like to do business with asians, they're bad business people"
you're bloody asian!
and that's the kind of thing you keep to yourself you retard
it's not MY friggin fault that the prizes aren't in the store and i can't find the record of the draw!
the lady beside him looked absolutely appalled, and i felt like smacking his bald shiny head.
ARghhh he put me in a foul mood the rest of the day. totally seething inwardly.
i TRIED to be nice, i told him we'd contact him, but NO.
fine, don't claim your money.
i'm off to bed, my eye keeps twitching, i think i need some sleep.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Ahh, and now here comes my loooong awaited birthday/fashion parade post! :D
finally, i have a decent amount of time to sit and do what i love best.
upload randomass pictures and yabber on about nonsense.
I turned 19 yayyyy
that was just about a month ago.. woot
and i decided to have a bbq with my family friends and close friendles.

jerri cookin some mushrooms.
brandon.. i don't really know what's going on here.
ze fathers bbq-ing.
yeah i can't really knock anyone about that...
my friends. they're really just giant kids.
the awesome friends who turned up.
minus carly.
quite disappointing that so many others couldn't come, because they were hungover, or too busy. but oh well, still a good day! :)
yayy i got the strawberry cheesecake! :)
loz, mel and andie gave moi this gianormous box of Guylian chocs!
which were mostly consumed by my sister and mother...
sphinx choc! :D
anyway, I got a coupla cool things for my birthday.
1. LARGE box of chocs (which you can see in the pic above)
2. A hoyts movie card, and AWESOME satin dress i was lusting after from TEMT from my darlink audz
3. a freakin' STAR named after moi in the Andromeda constellation (from mads, moe, cato and hayley) :D it's called Angie's Star. mads and i are goin to look for it one day. :D
4. the Sydney White dvd! and wicked lipgloss
5. Moneys! :D
6. A cool pencil case, and HIGHLY glittery design top frm the special little man (aka my sis jerri)
7. A guitar book :D (which i'm told is what i got instead of my electric guitar. haha but im saving for that meself)
8. a wicked ass Guess black and white handbag! :D
and last but not least...
GEORGE the iMac! :D
yes that's right. i named my iMac George.
after sooooo long, I finally have an iMac.
he's awesome.
but anyway, i'm supposed to be blogging about stuff.
I'll continue to attend until I no longer know anyone who is going to be participating in it. :)
Audz and I in ze car. and i'm looking rather manky in this photo... :S
for ol' times sake.

inside the hall.just waitin waitin waitin for the show to start!haha i will subject you to more vile pictures of myself.
ze catwalk.
the theme was something like "Gold Fever" or something.. which explains the lightingooh yay!

i love the lights.
look the fluoro and black outfit is hayley! (mads's sister)
oooo oriental
ooo tribal
oooo mystical
hehe just a cool photo.
yet another awesome photo. :D
anyway, that's the end of those. those were the best lookin ones i took, have loads more but those are pretty crap.
there were some awesome pieces, and some were just a little messy. but who am i to judge, i was never good at this stuff! my pieces were totally crapola! :)
i wanted to bring out the dslr, but i thought that may be slightly overboard! :P so bring on my nikon coolpix! :Dthis dress was my fave of the night. so gorgeous
it looks wearable, some of the others were a little too arty.
but that's following the style of haute couture i spose.
anyway, after that, audz and i went out for dindins with my family and coupla fam friends!
James St Kitchen
best chinese cuisine in perth by farrr. and that's alot coming from me, i'm not a fan of Chinese food in Perth.
special little man & spongebobarhghghghgh
my head is SO big.
and to finish, some random bathroom pictures.

now, back to present time:
Just handed in my LAST ASSIGNMENT for this year!!!!!!!
now i'm freeeeeee to beee freeeeeee.
well, actually i don't have that much spare time, i still have LOADS to do before leaving.
but at least i'm not hindered by tests and assignments! :D
eurgh, now i'm a little nauseous. HJs for dindins, not good idea.
list of things to do (for now):
1. Completely clean my room. it's horrible horrible horrible. and plus George needs to live in there, and right now, he can't!
2. THE FREAKIN WEEDS ARE BAAAAAACK with a vengence. gotta get rid of those
3. Learn River Flows in You by Yiruma on the piano. PROPERLY.
4. Vector portrait of Edward and Bella. & maybe my own twilight blogskin:D
5. reread 1st twilight book ok did that today! :P
6. SLEEP. omg yes. that would be excellent. I can catch up with those lost hours of sleep.
7. Plan for mad's, moe's and mine next year's awesome project.. hehe
yeah that's all i can think of right now.
alright, i'm off, dvd marathon!!! :)
*waves of relief wash all over me*

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just finished my last assignment for the year!
I'm so not in the mood to do a long blog post, so I shall just say, I survived the year! WOOOOHOOO
had 3 exams this week, 2 were pretty good, one was totally pointless and crappy.
and now i just finished my essay which is due tomorrow.
off to sleep for days on end!!!

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