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Thursday, April 12, 2007

edit// So i just remembered i didn't write anything about my babysitting venture. haha.
Had the kiddies over, and basically left them to watch Spiderman, Spongebob Squarepants and the Hot Chick or go on the computer while i made popcorn, mee goreng, spring rolls and choc chip cookies! hahaha. Then Audz came to visit me, here is a token picture of her trying to play the guitar and sing my song. Bahaha Audz i lov ya.
Then Moe came over, and decided to stay the night. We then decided to make a welcome song for our most beloved joint blog. :D Haha.
After an early morning rehearsal of several old classic songs, followed by the chipmunk-ation of those songs, Moe and I headed off to the movies! :)

Had Red Rooster for lunch, then after that we had our newly instated tradition of having a go at the arcade games at the Hoyts cinemas. Gosh i love Hoyts for putting those there! :D So we wasted $2 on Daytona racing, where Moe beat me just at the last few seconds!! I was like DAMN i was beating you just about the whole way.. Daytona is evil. Ok, not really, i'm just a bad driver.
Then we went on to play Ghost Squad, which is officially my FAVE shooting game. Believe me, I'm not naturally violent or anything, I just love these random shooting games. But the guns on this game do tire you out after awhile. And my gun wasn't working properly today!! ): Wouldn't let me shoot sometimes so Moe was getting all the shots by herself! haha. Poor Moe. Then after loitering around, made Moe take her 1st ever NeoPrints with me! Neoprints in Singapore are SO much better. The lighting was hell dodgy in this one, but meh. I promised i'd take her when she comes to visit me like how Mads and I went crazy with them! Heh. (: S'pore is hell pro. :P

THEN, we finally went into the movie. After a couple of film trailers, it started. On the whole it was a pretty cool movie, however, the cinemas were full of raging hormonal teens, and it was pissing me off so much how they were carrying on. And there was people throwing popcorn. I felt like standing up and just throwing my drink at them or something. FCUKING TEENAGERS.

OK, Haha whatever I'm still one of them blah blah, but i think i'm just slightly more mature, at least i don't throw popcorn and i'm aware that there are other people in the cinemas who would like to HEAR the movie, and enjoy it in peace. OTHER than that.
The movie was pretty cool, as i said before, however, Moe and I weren't sure if the soundtrack was meant to be that quiet, and all the other sounds be extremely loud? We could barely hear the music most of the time, but the dancers?/ actors made up for it with their coolerthanubercool dance? moves. Well, the thing they were doing in the movies wasn't actually classified as dancing. Twas called "stepping", and i've only vaguely heard of it, so i was like what?
But yeah, pretty good movie, pity about the music!
I gives it 3.5 stars! :D

After the show ended, Moe and I parted ways, and i spent a shitload of time trying to get Auntie Lo & Uncle N a present for their 25th anniversary. In the end, I got a pretty white/cream photo album, obviously meant for weddings! (close enough) and decided i'd use those rub on letters and some pretty silver stickers i found in Kmart. Also, went to both Diva and Equip to buy some silver jewellery for their gala. haha.

Here is my new jewellery! :D Just really loooong silver earrings and a cool silver bangle ($7.99 from Equip).

Close up of awesome long earrings! ($12.95 from Diva)

After leaving Garbo, took the bus back home and went to Gone Bazaar. There i purchased two beautiful blue wine glasses for Auntie Lo for her 50th birthday. I figured she needed something spesh, and they were pretty cheap!! (: Only $2.95 for such pretty glasses. And i got a blue box and silver tissue to package them in.. (:
So prettily coloured!

For the album, i bought this mother peach coloured box and also some black and silver tissue to package it in. (:
And a nice card, some funky silver ribbon flower thing and white ribbon with silver love hearts! (:
I like the card and the silver rosette muchly (:

Look at pretty hearts on ribbon!

So pretty damn pro, or so i thought. Got home from Auntie Mich's house not long ago, (ok, so maybe about 3 hours ago) and started to do the photo album. Stickers went alright, except my rub on letters turned out WONKY!! And their an absolute bitch to scratch off, clean and scratch back on! Good thing i bought so many darn packets. So as a result, the album is a little smudgy, and also quite wonky. But hopefully, it still looks ok. (:

Here is a picture of the album, I think it's so pretty! :) And it looks ok in this angle.

Wonky or not? :S

And here is a nice random picture of this years Easter hoard!!
Yayy a grand total of TWO chocolates!!

Yes, there are too many Easter chocolates to count. :\

Hahaha. I don't like chocolate that much anymore, the most exciting present I got was the cool Yellow Mini Cooper. Mini Coopers are my dream car. (: Someone buy me one!! haha.

Haha! Look, Mini Cooper can open it's doors and it's bonnet!! How swanky..

And i love that new Mini Cooper ad with the genie, i think it's soooo random but hilarious. The genie is totally nuts and makes weirD noises like Moe and I. hahaha. And cos i'm such an absolute darling, I made easter presents for Auntie Mich's 3 kids and Moe (which by the way you left here Moe!!!) full of around 8 Cadbury easter eggs!Pretty gold tissue!!
i'm so good aren't i. hahahaha. jokes.
Well, that's about all for today. I haven't done any assignments for uni yet, so I'm basically SCREWED. Hopping off to bed now, so i can wake up and do some work!!!!
Arabian Nights to y'all! (:
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