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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ok, so I said I was going to stay away, BUT, given the circumstances:
1. Everyone is watching Eragon, and it is the most noisiest bloody movie ever, especially since they're watching it with Dad's surround sound system or whatever its called.
2. It is bothering me. (like Snape! heh) and so I find i cannot concentrate
3. I didn't study today, so I'm like fcuk all man.
4. My legs are too tired to move to get my books and laptop.
5. I.. Ok, ran out of reasons.
So I am here to tell you of the bargain i found awaiting me at Garbo.
Less than $5 sale at DIVA!!!!!!!!!
Like holy shit dude...
Finally was able to get my gorgeous butterfly gold bracelet I've wanted for ever so long.

From $24.95 to just $5 bucks!!
And also, pretty gold long-ish necklace!! With fan... :D And lots of. lockets. lol

Best fcukin' bargain. $29.95 to $4 bucks!!

Also bought Jerri a necklace (It has a cross on it) for her first communion, as well as a really cool long pair of earrings which i left at Moe's house. GREAT..
And ALSO. I woke up at 7am this morning, did LOADS of laundry (AND hung it out), cleaned the whole damn house, my eternally messy room, the bathroom, the toilets, the kitchen and the living room, changed all the bedsheets and was at Coles to do groceries by 11am. Achievement, oh yes I think so.
Decided I'd make a cool cake (Well it was sposed to be cool aiight.) for my sister's 1st communion..
Personally, i don't think i had one, but everyone seems to make a jolly big dealio out of it here, so i thought Jer should have a cake too.. haha.
Oh yeah, REASON number 6.
I made a cake.
Not from scratch, oh no no no..
Good ol' Betty Crocker. :D
Managed to actually FIND icing pipe bag thingamajiggies, except when I was experimenting with the first batch of icing, I kinda destroyed the bag and it was unable to function normally..
So when rents and Jer got home, a little too early, the kitchen was in a bloody mess thanks to me..
Mum helped make "makeshift" bags lol :P
And here it is, Jerri's communion cake, VERY dodgy mind you, not my fault I had dodgy piping bags~

I did what I could to save it. The cake itself was pretty nice though!
On Thursday, went to watch Shrek the Third with Moe, it was pretty damn funny.
I couldn't seem to control my laughter, I think Moe must've been quite embarrassed to be seated in my vincinity.
Feast your eyes on the WICKED straw I got with the Shrek popcorn combo!!
Ok, I coudn't actually figure out why no Coke was coming through... Only when I got home did I realise you drink through the one not actually IN the drink. Dumb, but very tricky. :P

Stayed at Moe's house yet again, she was SPOSED to come over the next day, but she was being a lazy arse, so i was all on my lonesome again... Wanted to go to the KARDDYY, and couldn't have gone by meself! lol
So here's a lovely picture of Moe from our random night time stroll on Thursday, and well, she couldn't resist hopping on the playground swing! Then she realised it really was meant for kiddies, and that she'd squeezed her butt quite enough for the time being.

And here's something I'd like to rant about:
While I recently enjoyed a guilty splurge on magazines e.g. Cosmo :D heh
I decided i'd pick up this one when i saw the headline a couple of weeks ago.. So it's a fairly stale mag cover..
Was reading the magazine, filling out crosswords and such in it :P on the Thursday night when I had completed all my assignments and I just felt absolutely wonderfully stress-free.

Who the fcuk is so fcukingly retarded (JOHN MAYER).
I mean, poor Jessica Simpson... I just wrote my essay about this, perfection in the media.
Not only do they choose a most unflattering photograph to feature in the front page, everyone knows that you look much bigger than you really are if you take a low-angle shot. They use this shot in film-making to make the character appear larger, (in the case of movies it's powerful, but they still look heaps larger.. e.g. HAGRID in harry potter. :P) but enough about the magazine, I was just annoyed about the photo.. The article sympathises with Jess, not John, because he is a superficial fcuktard with no brains and no heart.
But good for Jess that she's moved on.
Now I'm not one to follow the tabloid magazines, but one cannot resist occasionally picking one up when they see an interesting headline. (Or, maybe it's just me.. :P)
And, OMGWTF. Eragon credits play Avril Lavigne's song Keep Holding On!
Alright, that's all for now.

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