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Monday, December 31, 2007

Just a mere few hours before the year 2007 comes to an end.. (:
how excitement!! =D
so i've decided to do a blog post on the best things that have happened (to me) this year!
because, i was bored waiting for the year to end. :P
nah not really, i just felt like doing this post =)
i don't actually know what i'm doing this NYE. I'll probably be dragged off to my aunt's place as usual, where i shall attempt to escape. overprotective family is really not a fun thing to have when one is trying to go out and have fun. :(
The number one spot on my list goes to finally getting to read the final installment of the Harry Potter series, HP and the Deathly Hallows.Having been a fan and avid reader since 1997, i was absolutely thrilled that i would be able to find out Harry's fate in a matter of hours when i had finished the book. :) The feelings i experienced from the time i held the book in my hands to the time i read the last word were indescribable. the series has been so magical, and in so many ways has brought me through life, in the way it brought me such comfort to read the books; in times of loneliness/sadness they brought me comfort when no one could. stupid, it may seem to one who doesn't read the series, or has only followed the films. but i absolutely love the books, and for that i thank JK Rowling for writing them. (: If anyone deserves to be rich, it is her. (: since then i've read HP&theDH at least a good 5 times, and love every word, every page and most of all every minute of it.
Spot number two goes to turning the big 18 along with some of my bestest friends!! :)
(with the exception of Moe, who turned 18 in 2006)

to all my bestest buddies, who made 2007 bearable, and most of all FUN :)
Love you guys, and I'll see you all next year. (:
next year, we'll ALL be able to head out together because we're all legal =D *victory dance*
turning 18 was much fun; my 18th was small, but nonetheless fun and eventful =) karaoke night is always a fun thing to do, especially when everyone has had a couple of drinkies =)
(apart from moi of course :P because i no drinky.) but thanks to allllll you beautiful people who invited me to their 18ths, even if i couldn't make it, i sincerely WISH i could've been there to celebrate with yaa :) to those whose 18ths i went to, your parties were rockin! :)
plans for my "big 18th" partay fell through because uni got wayyy too busy, but oh well, there's always the big 21! :P masquerading here we cometh! :) only 3 more years.. :P
Number three is dedicated to a big change in my life, going off to university for the first time ever =)
From the time i was offered a spot in mass comm, to the final day of my first year, uni has been an absolute roller coaster ride. i made loads of new acquaintances, and maybe even a few new friends =) but on the whole it's been a crazy experience, something SO very different from my scheduled, structured high school life. without teachers grilling you all the time, and growling at you to shut up and do your work, it makes you feel so weird and free. and what with the lecturers/tutors swearing and talking about things not previously talked about in high school, uni is a totally different environment to it. i have learned from my one year of experience, and although at times i have felt like dropping out and becoming a toilet cleaner =P (just joking, not really a toilet cleaner!!) i know that sticking with uni is the way to go. :) no matter how much hard work i have to do, deep down, i know it's for me. =) but i sincerely hope that i get into the Design course, because even though uni is one of the best things of this year, journalism, PR and the MCI units proved to be one of the WORST things of the year. i realised that, my writing talent lay not in the news, but only in creative writing. =\ however, Graphic communications was part of the best things in uni this year, which leads up to:
number four: Photography =)
Finding something that i love more than words can say is priceless. and from the very first shots developed from my good ol' 2nd hand canon SLR (film) :P i knew it was love. :)
there's just something about using an SLR to capture an image, something very different than using a standard digi cam. don't get me wrong, i still absolutely ADORE my Nikon coolpix as it has lasted me since 2005! :) and the shots are still perfection =) but an SLR just has so much more quality, so much more oomph. and i love it.
some of the projects in photography, were just mildly dull, but i still managed to fluke some wicked shots. :) you may not agree with me, you may think my photos are crap, but i love them to death. and now one of my long term goals is to become a wedding photographer. although photography is a challenging industry to enter. =) which is why i'd choose graphic design as my major, that way i can still do my beloved photography =) and hopefully one day achieve my goal. :)oh and special thanks to the two ladies who helped me ever so much with photography. my models Limpy (for ballet) and Emmy (for the musician shoot:p) and to all the critics :) thanks for helping me through 2007 =)

continuing on.. =)
Number five goes to our first totally independent road trip by ourselves! :)
(and by ourselves i mean moi, carrot, moe and mads!) there's just something about having no parents around. everything is so carefree and fun.
the sun shines, the animals leap, the birds sing, the clouds disappear! people dance!!

ok. enough with that bullshit. :P
the koorda show was mildly entertaining, slightly gross at night but nevertheless fun and nonsensical. the tent was really really COLD and the ground was really really HARD.
But it was still an experience. =) and of course, looking after a near delirious person who drank endlessly but forgot to eat was TOTAL excitement. :P just jokinnn.LOOK it's Drunk and Drunker. :P
but the best bit was travelling up to Koorda in maddi's car gertie =P being stuck in a small confined space with people for a long period of time can rarely be considered fun, unless of course you're stuck in a car with your bestest friends riding down the highwayy. :P (although i'm pretty sure it wasn't exactly a highway.. =\ not sure what it was!)
Cruisin' down the road with your mates is just so much fun...
we'll have to do it again sometime ladies! :) perhaps to Esperance aye? :P
number six goes to a very special person, my BFFN =p: AUDREY.
I've been friends with Audrey since year 8, when she came to study at SMC and into my homeroom, Frayne, but we were never extremely close friends, merely homeroom mates who occasionally talked to each other, but knew only little about who they really were. =) although we did give her a lift to the AC social in year 8 =D
not many words can describe this wonderful person.
she was the service captain in year 12, and it is evident that she really truly deserved that position, because of her giving nature, selflessness and true friendship. :)
everyone loves this gal, as do i, and it's just impossible to hate her guts. :P and it's hard to stay annoyed/irritated with her for long! :)
Since this year, when the boundaries of the boarder/daygirl cliques had broken (:P lol :P) i found out that she lived veryyy nearby, and thus, we became great friends by proximity! :P ehhehe.she's wacky and much fun, and it brings me great happiness to chill with her and go shopping and other BFFN stuff. :P she has been such a big help this year, getting me books from the murdoch library when Curtin fails to have them, and of course driving me around to fun places :D and giving me discounted reddies. :P hehehe. (hope this doesn't get her fired in case someone comes across this!!! :P) hehehe.this girl has a beautiful soul, and she is always helping other people.. :)
she will also make a great psychologist when she graduates, because she is one who has her vocation all figured out. :) just as long as she doesn't use the phrase "and HOW do YOU feel about that?" too much :P (lol PJ.)
she may have her own problems, but she will always be around to listen to yours. what a great friend. :) getting to know audrey PROPERLY this year has been one of the best things of 2007. without having a wonderful friend like her, i don't think i'd have made it through the year in one piece. =)

and also i love her puppy Richie. really audrey, i'd have stopped being your friend if you didn't have him :P :P :P
you know i'm just joking =) i love ya so mucho gal!! :) you're truly my BFFN =p
thanks for the 2007 memories =) and for the next 30 years to come hehehehe.
we'll make it through together.
numbers seven, eight, and nine are lumped together, because it involves two things, Singapore and my WONDERFUL Aussie visitors =D
2007 has been a year of firsts, and one of these firsts was some of my bestest friends coming to visit moi in singapore, my homeland, as it will always be =) taking my friends around to see the sights, going CRAAAAZY shopping spree-ing, and just chilling out is SOOO much more fun when we're in Singapore. :P
Shopping sprees with maddi may have burnt holes in my pocket, but my closet was much fuller by the end of that :Pour NYE plans may have fallen through, but it was still freakin' awesome to have had my one of my bestest friends, fellow shoe fetish-er :P and all round shopping buddy with me was just mucho fun. :) i even got to see Olimpia, one of my other aussie mates who went to visit Jayne, a Singaporean friend of mine who went to my aussie school! :P
And visiting Vini in KL was another first, taking the bus to malaysia by ourselves!! :) and of course, more shopping with poopeehead viniiii!! :) (who btw i miss dearly ='( ..)

Explorations of Spore with my dear friend Moe was fun too! Less shopping than with Mads ;P but loads more exercise from our adventures and walks :P
but still the same amount of gorging of food with the two of them!! :P

moe and i ventured to places i hadn't been for awhile, and even places i'd never been to before.. :)
one of the highlights was getting the free hotel room at Sentosa. :)
two different friends, two different levels of FUN :)
simone and her weird bf. :P
i hope the two of them had fun during their visits, i know they did plenty of retail therapy! :P

and Emily's short visit in September/October was also very fun, even if i spent only one day with her and her sisters.. I even got to FINALLY hang with Carly in singapore!! :P we always seem to miss each other when we travel there.. :P it was like some sort of jinx. hahaha.

for the brief time we spent, i hope that they had some fun, i know that they DEFINITELY did loads of shopping.. :) but they were there for hockey and didn't have much time after that to shop.. :) hopefully, next time they come i'll be able to take them to a new shopping spot! :P

adventuring, shopping and chilling with my aussie mates in S'pore was definitely one of the BEST parts of 2007.. :) and Caris, audrey and vini have yet to visit me!!!!!
hahaha damn you alllll :P
and last but certainly NOT least, scraping in at number ten, practising the art of jewellery making!!! :)

this is frustrating yet relaxing at the same time, and a very good way release creative juices, another outlet that is. :) ever since mum brought back the first jewellery making tools, i knew it was love. :P

my jewellery may not be spectacular, it may not be splendiferous, but i certainly enjoy making them :)

and i do enjoy wearing them :D
even if i'm the only one who loves them :) although i have given some away as presents. :)
so that's the end of my top 10.. :) this has got to be one of the longest posts i've ever written. what a jolly waste of time! :P
anyway, i'll see you all next year!! :)
Happy New Year all.
Hope your night is more eventful than mine. =\
love, moi

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