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Sunday, December 02, 2007

edit// new song for bloggie. Because - by the Across the Universe cast. the lyrics are mildly odd, but there's the beatles for you! :P
Well, well, well.
I'm officially buggered for the weekend!
After days of cleaning my room, (which has yet to be completed!! :P) Moe and I headed over to Caris's house where we had lovely Dominos pizza, and watched HSM 2 on TV! :D Actually, we got ready at Moe's and had a few eyelash issues... :P and we took longer than was planned! But we got to Caris's at around 7.. Headed out to go to the bottleshop to pick up their drinks and the Dominos we ordered! They actually didn't stuff it up this time, amazing! The last time we were there we had to wait 1.5 hours because the order never registered, so we got free pizza..booyah! :D

Moe fake tanned herself and was unusually brown :D She was just about my skin tone (bit lighter tho) which was scary since when we usually take pictures she's as pale as a ghost!

Caris was pumped! :D I shoulda brought her Step Up, she always feels like dancing after that movie, as do I :D
At around 9.30pm, we decided we'd leave to go to The Shed to celebrate Caris's 18th! :) Had to get a maxi taxi, which took 1 hour to friggin arrive! Which, of course, meant plenty of time to camwhore and take random pictures. :P

The 4 girlies who stayed at caris's. well, 3 who stayed over, not including caris!
Legs up ladies! :D

..Guitar Heroes..
After all that waiting, we finally headed to The Shed, where we waited in line to enter. We didn't have to wait too long before we got in, and had to use my disgusting proof of age card. it was nasty. lol. but they didn't seem to care it hardly looks like me in that picture! hahaha. i got stamped and then the security at the entrance wanted to check my handbag but i couldn't hear her for shit so i was like HUH?? But I got in with no hassle as soon as I heard her say she wanted to check the bag. lol. We got stamped with a stamp thingy, and it's still on my arm now.. lol.

bahaha i'm branded. but you can't see it very well on the photo. :(
The Shed was kinda crowded, and noisy, but you gotta expect that! :P and i'm not sure what to describe it as, a bar/club? lol. the girls took about 45 minutes to get to the front of the bar to order their jagerbombs, which i've heard are absolutely gross, but go to your head quickly. :P
We danced for quite awhile, the band called HUGE was alright, playing covers of new-ish rock songs as well as golden oldies. lol. and the DJ came on during their break and afterwards, and that was okay, but not incredible! My left 2nd toe was getting painful, sometimes going numb, but it's been giving me trouble lately, can't quite walk on it properly.
I only took 79 photos the whole night, which was a disappointingly low number of photographs on my camera! Nonetheless, i got some funny random shots. Most of them were taken waiting outside for the taxi. lol.

Photoshopped. Majorly. :P
We danced the night away til about 1.30am, when we decided we'd head somewhere else. but after conflicting interests, chloe and cato decided they wanted to go to Bar 120 in Hillarys or something, and we decided we'd walk somewhere else. But on the way to "somewhere else" Ruth and Alyce decided they'd sit down and put on Irish accents, somewhere outside the Eurobar. :P And they also attracted the attention of some English dudes, who stopped to chat with the fake irish women. lol :P Caris' friend Sonia sent us home after, when Cato and chloe decided they didn't want to go to Bar120 anymore. An interesting ride saw Cato riding in the boot of Sonia's car, all of us hoping and praying that there were going to be no police checking sonia's boot! it was a hatchback of course, not a boot sealed off from the rest of the car!
But we had excellent luck, and there were none on the roads that night. Got to bed around 2.45am, and was awoken by Moe at 8.30am. We headed off, and went to HJs for brekkie! :)

Sausage,egg,cheese brekky muffin meal :D With OJ of course.

Moe's brekky wrap thing, with nasty coffee apparently. :S so she bought a coke soon after :P
Moe dropped me back home after that, and now i'm so freakin' tired, I think i'm going to have a nap before i'm rudely awakened to go to church :P.
When I got home, itunes downloaded a special harry potter alliance podcast for me, and it's to do with the darfur fast.
(i realised that what i wrote made the thing sound as though the HP fans were helping the genocide itself, but i was tired. very tired so i had no idea what i was typing.)
it's so great that the harry potter fans of the world are helping to save the victims of the darfur genocide by donating money to the shelters which protect the people from the militia who burn their homes, kill their families and rape their women. so, inspired by the podcast, i decided to do my bit too, by donating US$9 to them, so i helped to save 3 darfurian? women from the hurt and suffering they may experience from the genocide. i'd listened to a pottercast about the darfur genocide too, but at that point in time i couldn't do much without my trusty ANZvisa. :D i may donate more later. but you should help them out, even if you're not a harry potter fan. these people are suffering, and need our help. HPalliance.
Before i head to bed, here's the random comic i made for Audrey. :)

*In regards to the night of Steph's 18th in Freo, although the comic exaggerates it a little. Just a wee bit. :p

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