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Monday, August 04, 2008

had a pretty slack weekend! didn't do that much uni work, i mean come on, it's the first week and i've ALREADY got assignments?! haha well anyway, i spent most of saturday doing chores. grrrrr.
and then on sundee, audz came over and we went out to Freo for luncheon! :D yayy. went to old shangers for lunch, had mee goreng and audz had sushi! majorly healthy... hahaha
watermelon juicy! :D
mee goreng!!
after our lovely lunch, during which i splashed extremely spicy chilli oil into my eye and in the process of removing it my tears washed my eyeliner off, we headed into the freo markets!
our only yield came from the lolly shop right infront near the entrance. :P
some candy coated hershey's kisses.
and audrey's rather long pink stick of roc candy, which kept her hunger at bay :D
she eats small meals, gets full and is hungry 20 minutes later, and eats again!
and YET she is still stick like.
bloody hell.
methinks she has some kind of worm. hahahah
we then walked around freo for abit, going to target to find boots for audz. i also fell in lovesies with a pair of creamish wedges. :D which i bought of course.
boost juices after.. :) yummm
and so begins the retarded camwhoring...
in ze car.
after that, with nothing left to do we decided to head home.
we then decided, it was high time we took my car out for a spin since i don't drive and there was no one to drive it!
so off to the applex foreshore we went!
hadn't been there for agessss since last year i reckon.
we got there when the sun was beginning to set, as the lingering rays of light bounced off the skyscrapers of Perth.
small, but beautiful.
makes me happy to live in such a peaceful looking place.
it may be boring at times, but Perth is a lovely place to live.
sunlight is so pretty. i love taking pictures of sunsets. i really wanted to take a picture of this couple who were sitting by the river, the sun was framing them beautifully and it really was a picture perfect scene.. but i didn't want to seem like a stalker of some kind hahaha by the time i had formulated my plan the sun had sneaked behind a massive cloud, and we didn't see it again.
ciao bella!
we had our lovely picnic with us too! (basically anything edible we found lying around the pantry. hahaha)
audz's delectable concoction. haha
we then had a fun photoshoot with the fading sunlight! :D

yeah i know, slightly dodgy..

haha okay this was just random picture taking too.. :P

retardo maximus.

sleepy head.

dancing in the wind.

i wonder why the sky is blue.

so we went back home after the sun had gone completely, and moee came around for dindins. fried riceicles it was. :D and we decided we'd do our assignments for mondee. took much longer than it should've, partially because we had TV distracting us.. :P and also we were finding it hard to delve for inspiration when we were both like blehhhhhhh.
went into uni hella early the next day because moe had to go to a photog lecture, and I didn't, but i just went along early anyway! :) rest of the day was quite mehh. after class, went to garbs with audz and posted hamz her early bday pressie! :D hope she likes it! i remember she wanted it but i don't know how quick her taste may change :P had salt and pepper squid and mashed taters for dindins. interesting combo.. lol. ANYWAY. when I got home, guess what i found on the doorstep!!!!

It has FINALLY come!!!
And i absolutely lovelovelove it!!!

it's quite sleek, but also kinda thick but it's still a really nice size. the only thing i have to get used to is the whole touch screen thing and feeling nothing but glass against my ear and face when i talk on the phone. hahaha. otherwise it's a pretty damn good phone. but i think the previous owner also included some whizzbang fancy pants stuff in it and left it there. they also left me like a million messages that i had to go through individually and delete.. thanks man, thanks alot! but really, i LOVE the person who sold me this. it arrived in bloody excellent condition, barely a scratch on the screen, and everything still looking all shiny and new. can hardly believe that this was an unwanted gift!! like what the?! i'd be stoked if i received this as a gift! but i'm going to have to get used to life without my trusty pink motorazr.. its seen me through thick and thin, and has yet to fail me! but i sense it's end is nigh, it's starting to act up. but it's still a wicked phone.
but now i can fit HEAPS of mp3s, bluetooth PROPERLY, and it has a wicked camera! 5megapixels is pretty good. but nothing can beat my trusty nikon coolpix for quality happy snaps. hahaha
the sound quality is excellent, and i'm totally loving the whole phone. the only bummer is the person did not send me the attachment for the earphones, so i can't listen to FM radio :( boohoo. but oh well, i spose i can find that somewhere in shops. but the LG viewty is sooo pwetty.. haha.
it doesn't photograph too well though, probably because of the reflection off the glass. cos it looks so much nicer in reality!
so yeah, that's the end of my ramble.
i can totally bring it out with moi so i don't have my phone and camera, i just have my phone! :D yayyy. extra space in tiny clutch bag! :D woooo.. but i love my camera too much.. :S and i'm always the unofficial photographer.. hmm oh the dilemmas..
and another oh so random thing about it...
it has a dodgy version of guitar hero called guitar legend!!
but i can't quite figure out exactly how to play it. audz seemed to know what she was doin but i was like huhhhh?? lol.

I painted all my nails this kind of sickening baby pink...
i was like totally BLEGHH at first.
but i think it's growing on me now.

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