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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day one of the KL trip! :)
with about one hour of sleep, we woke up at 4am and then left for the airport @ around 5am for our 6.30 am flight...
ARGHH hahah

lol-ing on the plane..
i read my Twilight Movie Companion whilst everyone slept on the plane...
arrived REALLY quickly, and then made our way to the hotel which was about one hour away from KLIA!

audz outside our hotel.. :)
we couldn't check into our rooms just yet because the people just checked out and they had to be cleaned, so we popped over to "The Mall" for brekkie.
then it turned out the only thing opened was: Mcdonalds.
but the breakfast was atrocious.. bleghh.. note to self: don't eat maccas breakfast in malaysia.
finally, we got the key to our room!! :D

waiting in anticipation (which explains why the camera was shaky. :P haha poor excuses)
happy snap on the bed! :D

zis vas our roooom.

zis vas our bedddd.
zis vas our study area.. and couch. haha
and ze "lovely" view. trust me, it looks a thousand times better at night. you can't see how blegh everything is. hahah

ze pool! which was alot less exciting and cool once you were actually there... haha

The Mall again for lunch, but to Pizza Hut this time!
(yeah, notice how we seem to have only eaten fast food?? blame it on special little man, who is VERY picky.)
audz with the mushroom soup.

garlic bread! or butter, with a side of bread. lol
criss cross chips! yay
spaghetti bolg. :d

jer's chicken wings.. :D

hehe. pepsi.. mmmmmmm..

more spaghettii..
pepperoni! :D
check out how nasty the weather got... all the foggy misty shit.. we were expecting thunderstorms the WHOLE weekend, however, we got rain maybe 2 or 3 times, and even some relatively sunny days! so BAH to weather forecasts.
oops random couch picture.

audz and jerri being mischevious... they're up to something....

hmmm.anyway, after a nice rest, we got ready to go out to mum and dad's fave restaurant:
The Ship

audz is being a model.
we went hunting for it, went to one, decided it was the wrong one, then went to the other one, and then went inside and cancelled our reservation at the first one we went to. hahahawatermelon juuuuice.

jerri's spag bol. which tasted exactly like Sizzlers, and made me want Sizzlers. hahasomeone's steak..
my steak au poivre. :D

jerri's ice cream

the decor of the restaurantpic of the 3 of us :D
but not well lit... the lighting of the restaurant is wayyy unsuitable for taking no flash pictures. :( boohoo.

we went walking around the area after, Bukit Bintang i think, and found some awesome stalls with bags and watches and sunnies and things :D cheapness. :d

some faux D&G glasses! :D
anyways, that's it for day one! :D

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