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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

well, we started off the day, sort of early, lol. got to vivo @ about 11am, and headed into to sentosa on the express monorail.
jerri and audz infront of the station!

retarded birdies?
on ze monorail
imbiah station @ sentosa.
we ambled around looking at the merlion and stuff until we decided to go to the 3D extreme log ride show.
random fountain.
jer and audz @ the cool fountain.
lol im aware of the fact that this could probably have worked out better than this. :P
intricate metal thingy. :p
jerri and audz posing on the nice steps. :D
yes, i know i'm obsessed with jump shots. i love these kinds of retarded photos! :)
jer and audz waiting 25 mins for the next log ride.
in line for the log ride
after the 3d log ride, which was pretty awesome, just rather short, we decided to head down the sentosa luge! :D
audz heading down to the luge :p
which is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i love it. but the rain didn't let us claim our free ride :( once we had gotten off the luge, we headed to the beach! (which we realised only AFTER we had finished there, was actually the private beach for the Coastes guests. :P bahah)

yes there is a reason for jerri's outfit change. lol.
she wasn't supposed to be swimming, but fell in and wet her shorts and top so she had to change into my baggy shirt. lol.weeee
eh eh eh?
fun in the water.

splish splash.
jumpy jumpy.

fun with audrey.
free spirit
anywho. after we were done frolicking at the shoreline, we had to go get some thongs for jer, as she had forgotten to bring some! luckily we found some at a reasonable price. then we headed back up the skyride!
the skyride goes pretty high, it was awesome and slightly dizzying! people have dropped their thongs and helmets and stuff, quite amusing.
lol one of the only photos of moi from the day! i was so scared i was going to drop my phone.. haha
decided we should go bike riding after that! :D jer and i rode a tandem bike and audrey rode a cool pink bike, which is only her most favourite colour! :p
@ the refreshment stand.
jer with the oscar fish thingo.
audz and jer with oscar fish thingo. :)
stopped for hot dogs and refreshments, then rode as quickly as we could back to the bike shop to return the bikes.
we jumped on a tram to underwater world after that, and spent awhile there, just killing some time before going to the pink dolphin lagoon.. saw many interesting creatures there!
look @ the funky coloured jellyfish! :D i was like OOOO green jellies! and then..
they turned turquoise! only after that did i realise there were lights in the tank.. haha. i didn't get very many good pictures, the lighting was too dark.
just about the only decent picture. lol.
we also got airbrush tattoos!:) pics another day.
when we were done, it started to drizzle, just our luck. we made our way onto the bus which would take us to dolphin lagoon, but by the time we reached it, it was already raining buckets. :(
the show was delayed for 15 minutes, and we went to buy plastic ponchos as we had to share one tiny umbrella which i thought to bring.

we found a lovely wet seat under the palm tree for the show. lol.
haha she looks etremely happy.
the dolphins were cute though, although the show didnt last very long, they were really adorable.

after the dolphin show, the rain had started to slow down alittle, but it was still coming down steadily. so we had to forsake our luge and skyrides due to the weather. but we decided we should explore "the southern most point of asia".

the bridge to the southern most point of asia.
on the bridge.
i was under the impression that there were more islands beyond sentosa, so i don't know how this island could have been the southern most point of asia? lol, anywayy.
on the lower deck of the towers.. the ocean looked so dark and dreary and uninviting. :(
rain man.
jerri atop one of the 2 towers built there.
i'd like to carry out photoshoots there, it's quite a picturesque little place!
after that, we decided it was time to leave, as the rain would not cease to fall.
went to vivo for dinner, walked around a little, but we were really far too exhausted to enjoy much of the walking around!
we did check out the pretty xmas decor @ vivo! :)
ahh, so that concludes the sentosa trip.

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