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Friday, June 15, 2007

First ever uni exam today!
Wasn't extremely hard, so that was good..
I just was a little unsure about couple of my answers hopefully I got at least 50%!! :D
Fingers crossed for me yeah?
Well, I figured I haven't blogged about my little sister's communion yet, so why not do that and aggravate my migraine :D yes, good move.
So last Sunday, she had her first communion at St Thomas More Bateman Parish, and all the little kiddies looked so cute.. Got up nice and early so I could get her hair and make up done for her.
Hahaha nice fat hands :D
Cut myself out of the photo to spare you the retarded face I had in it..
Final product, very subtle yet glittery. Just the way little girls like it :D

Also put mascara on her !! hahahaha she looked much prettier with defined eyelashes.. :P
Also curled her hair for her which took long enough!
She was like whyy do I have to get dressed up, and boy was she grateful when she got to church!
Most of the little girls looked like they had gone to hair dressers or something to get their hair done.. Like immaculately coiffured.. scary. hahaha
In fact most of them looked like they were about to get married..

Pretty curls.. Actually most of them were starting to straighten out at this point in time..
Lunched at James Street Kitchen, Northbridge as usual.. hahaha.
The food there was fabulous this time, last time was assez disappointing.. bahahaha.
Check out what we got!! I think they gave it to us especially.. ?
Colourful Prawn Crackers!! I've never seen them.. Never been so excited by food colouring.. bahaha.
After we stuffed ourselves silly with chinese food, they brought out the cake!!
Oh man, that cake was disastrous..
I'd forgotten that melting chocolate HARDENS when you put it in the fridge..... -_-"
Look it's the cake!! :D But wait, the worst has not come yet...

Need some help cutting through that rock? YEP..
Bahhaha i'm such a doofus..
They said it was nice cake. I think they were being nice.
Although I know my sister liked it cos she ate so much of the extra cake I had at home.. I think she liked the icing more. :P

My sister is a camwhore. Just like ME! :D must be genetic lol :P

Camwhores! Smile :D

Aihhsian ^_^ (god i hate that cutesy 'peace' sign...)
And just to show that we are very very much related....

My sister pulls retarded faces, just like me. :D
Partly the reason why I cut myself out of the make-up picture :P

Can't wait for this PR exam to be over because it is gonna be hell.. This one is actually going to be hell.
Did my timetable for next semester immediately after Journo exam.
Hot dammit i have a class that goes from 6pm to 8pm like WTF MAN.
What kind of hours are those?!
Cleaned up and updated my DeviantArt gallery, so if you wants to checks it out:
ciao bellas! :D

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