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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Today was pretty uneventful.
Woke up and then started studying (half-heartedly). Got sick of that really quickly as usual...
Mum made lunch (Japanese!) in her cool Bento boxes she bought from Takashimaya in Singapore. :D
Lookies teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken sushi, weird carrot and cabbage? salad thing and riceicles :D
New angle :D
Accompanied by authentic Japanese green tea.
Personally, i prefer the one from the tea bag.. this one was quite bitter but Mum likes it.

After more half-hearted studying, headed out to church where Jerri got to go up to the front with all these other kids and receive a First Communion gift! lol.
Then, she clamoured for Chutney Mary's for dinner, and so Dad obliged, as usual..

Chutney Mary's - Rokeby Road Subiaco, Perth WA.
We'd only been there once before but Jerri liked the butter chicken there, one of the only places where she would eat a substantial meal..

Ordered naans, a sort of Indian leaven bread?
The nice highlighter yellow one on top is Garlic Naan.

The CM's garlic naan is pretty mild despite the strong colour..
But the texture is soft inside and crispy outside which is good.

Dad's Plain Lassi
Lassi is an Indian yoghurt drink, and I think it is an acquired taste.. I think it's absolutely revolting, but lots of people in my family like it! *blehh..*

Jerri's attempt to make a turban didn't really work..
Some weird cheesy thing Mum and Dad like!

All time fave indian food: Pappadums!! (or however you spell it..)

Sort of like... the Indian version of Prawn Crackers (from Chinese Restaurants. :P)
but not prawn flavoured of course...

Butter chicken!! Mine and Jerri's fave :D

Lamb Vindaloo: Mum and Dad's fave.

Overall the food was pretty good.. The butter chicken was a little tomato-y today, and the vindaloo was spicy :D the naans were good though.
And that concludes my food fest :D
Must get to bed now, it is officially 2 whole days to study for my last exam.
And i have barely touched the unit, which is extremely bad.
I have decided, i would make a really bad publicist, and i don't think i'd make a very good journalist either.
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