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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I was reading a random Chinese Zodiac site and I found these few charming paragraphs about The Snake.
Snakes are romantic and charming. oooh really?
They are deep thinkers and always mysterious. i think deep.. mysterious .. not so sure!
Snakes are graceful and soft spoken. awww.
They love a good book and appreciate all of the arts. ok freakishly correct
They lean towards all of the finer things in life. oooh really?
Snakes trust themselves above all others and are seldom wrong; bahahaha
but behind a sophisticated front, snakes are very superstitious! err.. yay?

Snakes are good with money and don't have to worry about finances. hahaha wow that's quite wrong
Somehow, when money is needed, it appears. OMG really where?!
In spite of their good luck with money, Snakes should never gamble. yeah, not my thing anyway
They could suffer big losses if they did, but Snakes learn fast. i learn fast. wheee
Once they have made a mistake,they never repeat it. yeah that's true!
They also never forgive you if you break a promise. hmm.. slightly true, but its more forgive, but never forget.
By nature they are skeptical beings but keep their suspicions to themselves. oh yeah.
They are very private and not concerned with the business of others. i am private. but i do concern myself with others' business's hahaha.
Idle gossip is not for them. aww but i do enjoy abit of tabloid! :P
Snakes can be possessive in their relationships with others. err.. no..
They are passionate but jealous lovers. wtf. hahaha.
You can never tell how far Snakes will go to achieve their aims. yeah... right.
They are relentless and their computer-like brains never stop plotting. hmm ok maybe a little true.
When you anger them, you feel their icy hostility instead of hearing any sharp words. WOW bullseye on this one, although i'm not THAT proud of it, it's completely true, and i'm a hostility master :P
They will bide their time for revenge, so watch out! yikes. i sound horrible.
Snakes are elegant dressers, well-mannered, and always discrete. ooh, i sure hope i am.
They always appear quiet and docile, but watch out, they never betray their true feelings. quiet.. yes.. docile.. maybe.. that last thing.. errr. no i can bottle very good. not a good thing tho
Their moves are planned out well in advance and they will hold their position to the bitter end. ooh creepy
They can be evasive, and just when you think you have them, they slip away. HEH. mebbe..

Snakes make good politicians since they can negotiate just about anything. eew i don't WANT to be a politician
Snakes also have a great sense of humor, and even in a crisis situation, they can lighten the atmosphere. i'd like to think this is true.
They never lose their spark even when weighed down by trouble themselves. mmm i'll get friends to respond to this one.
Being pillars of strength,they always maintain their presence of mind during confusion or crisis. and this one too.

Snakes have beautiful skin. HAHA maybe when i was a child!
They possess a cool and classic air about them. err. k not sure about this one.
They love expensive things,too. not really..
Snakes save for the real thing rather than buy an imitation. only in the case of CDs and DVDs :P
Snakes admire power and surround themselves with successful people. Yeah not really.
Their many talents and natural abilities make them sought-after as leaders. Again, no not really
People admire and support Snakes even if they don't understand them. whoa really?
Whatever happens, Snakes always strike out for themselves. not sure i understand this one.
They know how to use people and situations to their advantage. hehe.. i do?
They are destined for fame and fortune. YAY!

All zodiac related text from:

Wow. This zodiac is FAIRLY accurate. Regardless of the occasional miscalculations and randomness lol! I'm just gonna call them that.. Leave me alone aiight!
Some things are spot on, some things are slightly iffy, and some things are just wrong.
But I sure am proud to be a Snake :)

You have the emotional range of a teaspoon.
Hermione Granger.

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