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Monday, September 17, 2007

Ahh, so I'm back in Perthopia after rushing from country to country! :P
The wedding was much funn, catching up with family, and seeing people I hadn't seen in ages, and were thoroughly surprised that I towered above most people in my family.. hahahaha :)
S'good to be tall. But I'm REALLY short over here.. Okay, well not that short, just very average height.. which isn't too bad either.. Arrived in S'pore on Saturday, and surprised Hamz very much when I came to deliver some chocolate delicacies all the way from Oz.. hehe.. Also shocked Charms, but I didn't see her for very long.. :(
The wedding day was just slightly hectic. Had to get up early in the morning to get ready for the "tea ceremony". It was a Chinese wedding, so the bride and groom had to give tea to the groom's parents and elder relatives before proceeding to the bride's house to do the same thing! :) Nonetheless, the blushing bride was gorgeous in her pretty white dress, and Jerri got to become honourary bridesmaid because it was rainy and there wasn't anyone to hold the bride's dress on the way up to the house! Everyone around them were holding video cameras or huge SLR cameras lol! Then there was me with an SLR and a tiny digi cam.. hahaha (:

Here, on the way to the lift. Pretty Siyin(cousin's wife)! :) And weird sister. hahaha
We viewed their wedding album too which cost them about $3000, but it came with EVERYTHING, including hair, makeup and outfits.. like whoaa. I so wanna aim for this industry! They had the most beautiful wedding album I've ever seen. The photos were actually printed onto the pages, and it was huge! They went to some places in Singapore, and I was unaware of how beautiful Singapore could be, even in the most random secluded places which they went to for the photoshoot. (: sighh
Pretty picture :D Bit dark though.
Forgive dodgy quality, there was a pro photographer doing their pics and I didn't wanna keep getting in his way, I wouldn't like it if people came barging in and snapping away while I was doing my job either.. And Dad was like GET IN AND TAKE IT NOW.. -_-"
So after the tea ceremony, we went home, had to go to CHURCH. Amazing, how mum finds the time to make us go, even on the busiest of days.. :
After that headed to TM to buy a shirt for my cousin, who had misplaced the one meant to go with his mandarin collar jacket! Bought 6 women's mags for MCI assignment, only cost $21, you'd never get them that cheap here! (: Also bought a little black crop jacket from Isetan to go with my random black and purple dress from K-mart..
Headed home, and tried to rest, but decided I'd better start getting ready or we'd be late. Well, we were late anyway, so it didn't really matter! :P
Did Jerri's hair, a very vague adaptation of a hairstyle seen in the movie Hairspray. She actually had one of her kiddy girl mags which had a how-to-do section for it, so i attempted to follow that with what little hair she had! :P
The final result! :)

Random photo of the back of her head in the car
Yes, lots of hairspray was involved :P
Her hair was totally as hard as rock!
She received lots of compliments at the wedding, and the only person who didn't like it was Dad, but he is a very au-naturel person... Which can be annoying.. Because he is highly anti-make up.
Fine.. You're fault if I look like shit and it's reflected on your genes.
Ehh, look crap anyway!
Back to wedding stuff :D

Here's a collage of the dishes each table received. WHen I heard what a hefty amount of money they paid for this whole wedding thing I nearly fell off my chair! :O I'd never have such a huge wedding, i bet you half the people they didn't even know because they were parent's friends.. :

Random shot of the happy couple pouring the champagne! :D

My cousin's sister, (so my other cousin!:P) nearly made me come on stage to do the toast, but I was like NOOO. Thank god. it looked highly embarrassing! :P
Siyin (wife of cousin) looked very glamorous, and I'm pretty sure she changed at least 3 times during the day! :D

Love the dress with it's colours. :D
I'm pretty sure, that for most Western weddings, the bride sticks to her white dress, but man Siyin had like at least 3 dresses! They were pretty :D Doesn't beat Malay weddings though, apparently they change at least 7 times or something throughout the ceremony and celebrations! :O
But the hotel did the wedding entrance and stuff very well, very dramatic, with the dim lights, candles and roses, and of course, the ever popular dry ice smoke! :P And the swelling romantic music and all that jazz.. And my cousin, silly man, kissed his wife on the cheek when the Justice of the Peace said you may now kiss the bride. so the emcee made them do it again when they came back in their 2nd outfits! lol.. And counted to 10, very very slowly. so the moral of the story is, if you don't want to be humiliated infront of the whole crowd, just do it right the first time. hahaha..
Just to end it off, here is the cutest picture of my baby cousin Ramona laughing. This is special, because usually she is the most painfully shy baby you will ever meet. (:
My cousin was quite drunk at the end of the night and his face was uber red hahaha :D it was funny, i don't think i've ever seen him drunk EVER! :P it was funny, i was laughing at him
After the wedding, went home and packed for early flight the next day!
The flight was quite full, but there were some free rows, so I plonked myself into a windowside seat for a few minutes to admire the view, and took some pretty pictures :D After awhile, I think the bright sunlight made me head ache.. So i went back to my seat.

Flying high, in the sky.
Lastly, I can't wait for this to arrive!!!!! :D
Apparently, my Snitch earrings are waiting for moi at the post office.
WOO!! :D

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